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  1. Good Morning, I have had several calls from folks wanting to stop by and pick up supplies. Which I appreciate cept the drive is rather long, 1,000 miles. I/we moved to just east of Athens GA in May 2014. My posistion from Xerox was outsourced august 18 ,my last day was Nov. 17. 2014. I decided to retire,went Galt so to say. I'm still on gunbroker and ebay as bpbreloading. The original bpb facebook page was locked down. Fb wanted me to prove who I was. I can still ship inert components to new yorkisstan. Doing a little shooting,working on a few of my firearms. Other than that ssdd lessothe firearms bans and ny bs. Have meet a few people from ny at the gun club, all formerly held prisoners of new yorkisstan.You have fun! Thanks Regards, Blackpowderbill
  2. 500 to a 1000 rounds and I can knock the sights off and call the shot. It's all about feel...
  3. Found a bunch more round ball. I can split the lot up but shipping will not be included. These are old stock Hornady and Speer RB. 100 booolits per box 7 boxes Hornady .440 1 hor 445 3 Hor .530 1 speer 495 3 speer 535 6 speer 440 1 speer 433 1 hor 433 1 hor 375 1 speer 375 25 boxes Total THAT’s 2,500 boolits for .12c each or $12.00 per box All for $300.00 shipped ____________________ New 5 boxes of Speer .454 $90.00 shipped ___________________ 60 boxes or 3` 20 box cases of Remington Game Master 285gr FBHP that’s flat base hollow point muzzleloader lead conical style. $315.00 for all 60 shipped or $5.50 per box of 20 boolits I can get 3 , that’’s 60 boolits in a small usps flat rate box. Shipping $6.00 no insurance Or I can remove the Game Master’s boolits out of the plastic box and probably get 100 loose boolits in the SFR box. Shipping $7.00 insured Give me a call or email me at [email protected] Thanks Bill
  4. 42" Land snow plow manual lift & tire chains. New PTO pulley and cooling fan this past winter. Newer tires, not all replaced at the same time. Comes with extra tranny oil and I think a spare deck bearing. Needs a seat cover. Needs new deck height adjustment part.You can still adjust the deck height but the knob is broke off. manufactured in 1999 ? 18hp JD Briggs twin engine Give me a call my phone number can be found by going to my blog www.blackpowderbill.com it's in the header picture. or email me at [email protected] Located in Walworth 14519 Thanks for looking Bill
  5. LOL a failure to read the add properly is some how Gander Mountains fault??? You all know the game yet the only thing seen is the GREAT price. Cabela's isn't any different.
  6. I have 3 --1 lb pound cans of ACC #7 I can part with. $30.00 per pound. area 14519 Email me if you are interested. [email protected] Thanks Bill
  7. I found a bandolier of 7.62 LC lot 13324 on 5 round clips. Also is a handful of clips from when I was shooting M14 in the Navy. 60 cartridges come an get em. I can ship for $15.000 FedEx with a signed statement your not a nut case and can possess live cartridges and a copy of drivers license. email me if you want them. [email protected]
  8. Hi phade, Hull, Georgia just north of Athens. I've been dinking around that's about it. I retired from all my association duties and posistions last year since I was planning on moving. Thanks ! Bill
  9. This SG is is great condition. $475.00 They were only manufactured for 2 years. I shot a lot of 48's~49 & 50 with her! It will come with 2 chokes SK,IC 3" chamber See video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8qSxnBHqxU Email me at [email protected] Reason for selling: Haven't shot clays in several years, don't need it,retiring & moving out of state. my zip code is 14519 All transfer regulations apply Thanks Bill
  10. This is a 2000 2wd manual tranny with Over drive. Just under 54,000 miles 6 cylinder 2 new tires New gas tank AC broke the guy who owned it befor me never used it , said it ate up his gas mileage. He only drove it 14,000 miles in 4 years. Some rust from sitting not as near bad as other NY vehicles Black w/ Tan interior Bed Liner Good brakes Truck runs great $4,500.00 OBO My zip code is 14519 Craigs List add has pictures http://rochester.craigslist.org/cto/4551409448.html Reason for selling ~Moving out of state and I don't need 3 pickup trucks. you can email me at [email protected] Thanks Bill
  11. And now you are the protester. That is ironic. arrowflinger , go home will ya! Back over to Syracuse outdoors! I'm not the protester of anything. You’re the self appointed central NY savior of everything. If anyone is a protestor it's you! You add noting to the discussion but personal attacks in an attempt to distract and keep the thread alive because you can hide behind a key board using an anonymous name. Why don't you step up and tell us who you are it may add some creditability to your argument, or it may not. LOL Then I can take your name and FOIL the legislators in your area to see how many letters and calls you've made in an effort to hinder hunting in NY. Ya know I spoke with a guy a few weeks back who mentioned a guy on the forums from your area. He quoted you word for word but he could not remember your full name. He said all this guy did was go from forum to forum ranting about crossbows and any other thing he felt would start an argument. I’ll have to call him and ask if he remembers who it was he spoke of. Yep arrowflinger, only agree's to a few items in a thread to continue the thread on another usless topic. :-X Brings nothing to the but wants to eat everyones elses food. : Probably one of those guys who got involved in an association then bailed after a year because he couldn't get his way. :'( Sad in a way , and people ask why soprtsmen get crapped on all the time. I'll tell ya what , you've chased half this forum off with the same BS topics as are on other forums. So you take your puffed up chest and remember why NY is in such sad shape. I'm done on this forum~ :-*
  12. Michigan? LOL Yea MI. I know forums are better than TruTv.
  13. How times have changed. I couldn't travel in uniform in the mid 70's without having to fight my way past the peace-nicks and the in your face loud mouth protesters. It always intrigued me how those protesting for peace didn't think twice about starting a fight. They were more than willing to have there teeth kicked in, in the middle of an airport. Well, until it actually happened. I could have given two squats hat they were doing , but they just had to invade my space.
  14. Subject: S3318 ATV Bill on Transportation Committee Agenda Your support is needed for this Bill. (This is not a normal Legislative alert from the NYSCC Office. Notice of this bill being on the committee agenda was not known by me, until Saturday morning. This notice was generated by Chuck Parker) The following Bill S3318 Is on the Agenda of the State Senate Transportation Committee for March 1st PURPOSE: This bill raises the defined weight of an "ATV" to 1,500 pounds of dry weight to allow certain "UTV's" to be registered in New York. http://open.nysenate.gov/legislation/bill/S3318-2011 The Transportation Committee Chairman is Charles J Fuschillo Jr 8th Senatorial District. Please contact State Senator Fuschillo and express your support for this bill. http://www.nysenate.gov/senator/charles-j-fuschillo-jr/contact . This needs to be done by Monday February 28th. Thank you, Chuck Parker President, Oswego County Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs 1st VP, New York State Conservation Council
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