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  1. fasteddie

    Happy birthday reeltime!

    Happy birthday !
  2. Grasp the pebble from my hand Grasshopper !
  3. fasteddie

    Todays chuckle

  4. fasteddie

    Todays chuckle

  5. fasteddie

    Funny animal pics

    This is only funny to those that don't have a dog .
  6. Sure if you were strapped to an appliance dolly and several were pushing .....
  7. Moog could be "The Freezer" .......
  8. fasteddie

    Tripod suggestions

    Other than a Bi-Fur Pod that I made , I prefer the shooting sticks that I bought at Cabela's . They are adjustable from 21 to 62 inches and havea swivel head .
  9. fasteddie

    Tripod suggestions

    My youngest son bought a Caldwell DeadShot Field Pod for me . It can be used for a Rifle , Shotgun , CrossBow , etc.. I have not used it yet . It has a lot of adjustments . Saw it in DICK's for $100 .
  10. I am still waiting for some brilliant member to post that it's fake !
  11. fasteddie

    Amazon's Echo

    I bought a GOOGLE Home for my wife . It will answer a lot of questions and play music without paying . It's funny talking to it as it is always learning and I try to be a smart ass with it .
  12. fasteddie

    Tasco 10MP trail cam

    I setup one of the Tasco's in the house to test it . Like other cheap cameras , it takes a nice flash picture ( you don't see the flash) . The next two pics are dark .... visible but dark . If it was set for one pic at a time , it would be equivalent to the WildGame cams . Havn't tested it daytime .