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  1. Fawns

    Finally got one but it was too close to the camera for a real good look .
  2. Hiking staff

    Beautiful art work on the staff Wooly . I envy your talent .
  3. "Crotch Rocket" motorcycles

    Here is a Redneck Crotch Rocket
  4. "Crotch Rocket" motorcycles

    Here are a couple of heavy weight bikers
  5. "Crotch Rocket" motorcycles

    Two of my sons have motorcycles ( not crotch rockets ) . The guys on regular motorcycles seem to be okay . The Crotch Rocket guys seem to be a bit nuts hauling butt and weaving in and out of traffic on the expressway .
  6. Help me find these

    I want to pack light for the Alaska trip . Many years ago , there was an article in Popular Science where a Japanese inventor came up with a brilliant idea .... 3 legged undershorts . They lasted 6 days . You would put them on , the second day you rotate the legs and again on the 3rd day . On the 4th day you turn them inside out and do the same rotation . I wish I could find the magazine article . It was a hoot !
  7. Facebook idiots get ticketed by the DEC

    Like mama used to say , "stupid is as stupid does" .
  8. It's a race........Beat The Spammer

    Members keep clicking on the threads though ...........
  9. Worst Employment Ever Held

    That is one old joke . Did you take the panty hose off of your head after you sized them and said " Deisel Fitter" .........?
  10. What is scary is the fact that some of these Idiots will breed !
  11. It's a race........Beat The Spammer

    One of them faked me out . I banned one jerk and then realized there was another one with a similar name . I hope we get a tool to work with to eliminate this nonsense .
  12. It's a race........Beat The Spammer

    They are gone now as well as their posts .
  13. Can't Remember.......

    I poured some Honey on your cams . I bet the bear found them .
  14. No doubt that there would be some liberals that would believe this .