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  1. Henne was looking pretty good when he came into the game to replace Mahomes . Maybe he will be in a new State Farm commercial .
  2. It was a BAD missed call . The Touchback rule needs to be re-addressed . That seems pretty dumb the way it is now .
  3. I bought a Dyson Ball vac for the house after my wife gave up on the Roomba she had purchased and hated . It was named Bob and would get stuck in a few places .
  4. But Crissy said Tucker doesn't miss ! Most accurate kicker in NFL history .
  5. The hard ones are when they have you type in the numbers / letters you see . Almost impossible . Sometimes they play tricks with what you see in the picture squares .
  6. Sounds like a great deal . Surprised no one has grabbed it yet .
  7. I didn't see that any where . I would have more faith in Antonio Williams than Yelden .
  8. Steak brings friends together ........
  9. Sorry for the loss of Ana ............
  10. Doesn't belong in Humor Thread Trump has told staff not to pay Rudy Giuliani over irritation at being impeached again
  11. You can post your Gulianni post in another thread . No problem .