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  1. I thought about doing that but it pissed me off that the Father was such a jerk . I wonder if he has pulled this off before .
  2. When I left our hunting property , I stopped at the gas station in East Avon to grab a coffee and wash my hands . There was a customer at the counter with a couple 16 or 20 ounce cans of beer . His son ( maybe 10 or 11 years old ) put a bottle of Gator-Ade on the counter . His dad said he didn't have enough money for that and find something for a dollar or less . They went back to the cooler to look . As I was paying I said to the clerk that the father could have given up one of the beers so the kid would get his drink . The clerk said he was thinking the same thing . What an awesome Dad ! Sorry , I just had to vent and share this ..........
  3. Another exciting day in the Great Outdoors . Saw 3 doe next to the road bu a corn field at 6am today . They were less than a half mile from where I parked . Met my 2 sons that hunt and we headed for the woods . Sat until 11 and decided we had enough . I saw 2 doe in the thickets where I was sitting . My oldest son saw 6 turkeys where he was . It was wet and muddy back in the woods and it sprinkled a couple times . I was able to stay reasonably warm in the damp 40 degree weather . We discussed doing an afternoon hunt this coming week . At least I got out . When I got home , I looked at my Cuddeback emails and saw where 2 or 3 doe were in the north west corner of the woods where we have a gun stand . They would have been too far for a bow shot . I have had lots of deer pictures on my other trail on the property . Lots of tracks . Both sons are meticulous about scent control . The deer just aren't cooperating .
  4. Here ya go ............. I think she was trying to order a burger . Found out later she was a college student studying Geology .
  5. My SIL made a few calls and found out who the two guys are . The father of one of the riders said they won't be riding on her property any more . One of her neighbors said he was glad she found out who they are as he found ATV tracks on his property and wasn't happy about it .
  6. I am with Moho81 on this one . Too old to let an opportunity pass by !
  7. What ever happened with "one shot-one kill"? As Ex Prince Andy would say , "You don't need 10 bullets to kill a deah ! (deah is how he pronounced it)
  8. My oldest son and I went to Geneseo to put up a ladder stand are relocate another . While we were there I pulled cards from my regular cameras . When I got home I downloaded the cards . Got some pictures of a couple of yahoos riding ATVs through a btrail that we had made a few months ago . The property is posted and these jerks are tresspassing during bow season . The woods are wet and they tore up the trails . What part of posted don't people understand . I sent the pictures to my SIL and said I should post them on Facebook but she said no and she said she will call a few of the adjacent land owners to see if they know who the tresspassers are and if they have permission to ride their property . The ATV guys were on camera Sunday October 10 .
  9. A friend had this on his trail cam . First look and it looked like a two headed doe . If it had been , it would have made a neat mount .
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