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  1. I had my opening day spot picked out near Honeoye but my son just tested positive for Covid . My backup is to hunt one one my stands in Geneseo with my oldest son opening day . I want to get out at least once before I have my knee replacement .
  2. It was a very smart move having Josh sit out the fourth quarter in the second game. It was a blowout and there was no reason to take a chance on him getting hurt in meaningless time . It has been a long painful bunch of years rooting for the Bills only to be let down with Wide Right and Four Straight Super Bowl Losses. Go Bills and Squish the Fish !
  3. Since the price of aluminum has sky rocketed, those aluminum foil hats are going to be pricey .
  4. We think we are getting over the COVID. Wednesday we take the train to Limerick, stay overnight and fly home Thursday. Will have to take another test first .
  5. We have a Generac whole house generator. It does a five minute self test once a week. I don't mess with it and have it serviced yearly. We get about three power outages each year.
  6. We landed in Shannon Airport in Ireland September 10 . We stayed in Limmeric and moved north on the Tour. Saw several sites and stayed in different hotels . Toured Belfast and headed for Dublin. My wife was feeling ill yesterday, September 16 , and took a Covid test. Positive. I took the test and same results. We were scheduled to tour and dine at the Guinness factory last night but couldn't. We are quarantined and are stuck in Dublin for five days. We wore face masks while on the Tour Bus and still caught the Covid . Sweaty, clammy and tired. Damn Covid !
  7. As far as I know, only burmjohn has the power. Lots of luck getting hold of him . He doesn't answer any messages that I have ever sent to him . Sent from my SM-G975U1 using Tapatalk
  8. If you have to drive very far and it's real warm , stop for a bag of ice and put it in the deer's cavity . If you put it in your SUV , check for deer ticks 1st .
  9. I honestly don't know . Has anyone ever counted to see how many a person gets ? Curious to know . I have done 17 in this thread ............
  10. Thank you all . 81 years old and still on the green side .
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