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  1. Since another Mod and I can't agree on what is or isn't Inappropriate content , I have decided to take a Long Indefinite Leave of Absence . This should make several members happy . If you have any problems with the site contact wnybuckhunter . Buh Bye !
  2. Administrators 104 331 posts Posted 2 hours ago · IP (edited) Reminder - This is a mostly family friendly site - stop the cursing / attacks. Its pretty simple, keep it clean, the site is public and I'd like to keep it as family friendly as possible for a number of reasons. If you can't express yourself without cursing constantly and/or posting inappropriate content then YOU are the problem and I'll be more then happy to remove you. Thanks, Joh
  3. I will continue to delete the disgusting pictures , filthy jokes , and other vulgar crap . If it continues , it may mean losing some members . If anyone has a problem with this , PM the site owner . Maybe you can get me replaced ............
  4. I think you have a sick mind !
  5. I know a Wayne County Farmer who gets his apple crop workers through the Green Card System . He keeps things legal so he stays out of trouble . Farmers won't have a problem getting legal seasonal workers if they go through the system to do it . No excuse for hiring ILLEGALS !
  6. The Bills re-signed several of their free agents but I think they are running out of money . A few of the free agents signed for less to stay with the team .
  7. Happy Birthday Moho81 ...... Have a great day !
  8. I bet the Opossum saved the batteries by covering up the camera so it was unable to sense any movement and trip the camera to take pictures . I have cameras that take hundreds of pictures of nothing just because a vine , small sappling , etc moved and triggered the camera sensor . .
  9. Several Americans have been seen sneaking into Canada. Canada's Prime Minister has made the decision to build a wall
  10. Sounds like a good deal . Thanks for posting the information . I called the Wayne County Health Dept several years ago to see if I could get a shot to prevent Lyme Disease . They told me that there weren't enough cases of Lyme Disease to warrant the need . I asked how many cases it took and she couldn't answer .
  11. If Pepé Le Pew is catching heat from Cancel Culture, wait until they find out these are actually pictures of Joe
  12. Welcome to Hunting NY .
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