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  1. I think I would have to take the rail off . I am working on a platform to be able to shoot over the rail .
  2. Unless those bales are packed Super Tight , my arrows would be getting busted up on that back wall .
  3. Thursday winds NW 9 mph . Not good for Honeoye Falls stands . Not good for several Geneseo stands . A day ago , the wind forecast was from the WSW . Need it to change again .
  4. I'm too stubborn not to go out when it rains . It can hopefully change in a few days .
  5. Morning showers forecasted for Geneseo and Mendon .
  6. Hauled some exercise equipment to my youngest son's home near Honeoye . I thought I would swing up past my oldest son's place in Honeoye Falls to see how it would be shooting out of the tripod stand . Took my bow , a couple arrows , quiver and and a haul rope with me . Grabbed one of the cheap foam targets that I gave my grandson and headed to the tripod stand . since the rail is about 4' high , I have to have the bow out and over the rail in order to shoot . This movement could spook the deer so maybe the rail should come off until Crossbow season . Not sure what to do .
  7. Her color has nothing to do with it . She is Radical Left ..........
  8. I have a Delta MacKenzie Kill Zone Target . It's holding up so far .
  9. Have you ever watched the NEWS and seen Biden get asked a tough question and have his handler call the end of the interview . Biden is a puppet and wouldn't last long as president . Then Kamala Harris would take over . That is one scary thought of having her in charge !
  10. My 3-D deer target is shot out . I was looking at several different 3-D's for replacement . Looked at the reviews and so many were negative . Statements like "they don't hold up for many shots" . So , I am in limbo about buying another 3-D deer . Anyway I had replaced the kill zone in my old 3-D and it is toast . Trying to make do with what I have for now so I painted the kill zone on the back end of the 3D . It should last until October 1st . Now , I better hope that I don't forget and shoot at the backend of a real deer .