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  1. Sunday night I had a small raccoon in the back yard under the bird feeders . Took a bit to scare it off . Tonight I went out to water some of the garden . There was a small fox under the feeders . I wonder what's next !
  2. Best trees to plant to attract deer . https://www.deeranddeerhunting.com/content/articles/one-of-the-best-trees-for-deer-the-origins-of-the-dunstan-chestnut?utm_source=Deer+%26+Deer+Hunting&utm_campaign=1d9324fcbd-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2023_05_26_04_59&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_-1d9324fcbd-[LIST_EMAIL_ID]&mc_cid=1d9324fcbd&mc_eid=af1648a591
  3. I got a pair of Walker Game Ears several years ago . Only used them once and didn't care for wearing them . I only use a sound deafening headset when at the range . As for regular hearing , I have a set of hearing aids that I got about 3 months ago . A bit afraid to wear them bow hunting as I would probably lose one or both . The nice thing about them is I can listen and talk through them without picking up my phone .
  4. Last weekend of Turkey Season . Good luck to those going out to get a bird . I usually get my turkey at Tops or Aldi's .
  5. Grouse - Congrats on the double . I am still debating whether to play with my newly acquired 22 air rifle or give it to a grandson .
  6. Sounds like they are picky eaters . Hope your spraying works .
  7. Hmmmmmm ! I wonder which one shot the deer .
  8. Shoots 100 - nice videos . Looks like fun at night .
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