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  1. fasteddie

    Happy birthday WNY Bowhunter

    Happy Birthday . Have a great day
  2. fasteddie

    Ready for the SZ opener on November 3rd

    I don't want to get too soft or I will have to start wearing one of those pussy hats .
  3. fasteddie

    Moving a stand mid season

    A few years ago , when my mother was alive , I was hunting her property in Groveland . I saw deer traveling about 80 yards from my stand . I had a ladder stand in my trailer and set it up closer to their trail in the late morning . Shot a doe from that stand in the afternoon . My oldest son likes to move his stands when it rains or when it might rain . He figures the rain will help wash away any scent from the stand or area .
  4. fasteddie

    Portable Stand For Sale Near Erie

    17' height and only $8500 . What a bargain .
  5. fasteddie

    Ready for the SZ opener on November 3rd

    Not sure where to check for a crank . I have the Centerpoint Sniper 370 .
  6. fasteddie

    Ready for the SZ opener on November 3rd

    I have yet to try and see if I can draw my Crossbow . A regular procrastinator ... that's me .
  7. fasteddie

    We Grow Big Does Up Here

    This gal looks pretty hefty
  8. fasteddie

    Lots of birthdays today

    Happy Birthday fellas ! Have a Great day !
  9. fasteddie

    2018 Baseball Thread

    Price was scoreless for 6 innings . Yeah , he got lucky .
  10. fasteddie

    2018 Baseball Thread

    Price had his highest inning pitch count in the 4th . He's determined ! Sox need to get at Verlander .
  11. fasteddie

    Anybody in there ?

    Helllllllllloooooo !
  12. fasteddie

    Favorite stand snack

    I prefer to take Raspberry Fruit Bars ......
  13. fasteddie

    2018 Baseball Thread

    Make that 3 scoreless ......
  14. I paid into SS ever since I was 14 . I retired at the age of 57 and started drawing SS at 62 . Been receiving SS for 15 years . You never know when your number is up . No regrets !
  15. fasteddie

    Close to house

    A friend placed a trail cam on his table on his back patio . Got a pic of close encounter .