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  1. There are 3 and sometimes 4 of us hunting my SIL's property . One neighbor hunting his property East of us and 1 or two sometimes hunt on the property West of us . As far as I know , no one is hunting the woods North of us . Not hearing a lot of shooting but my sons and grandson have taken several deer off of my SIL's property this season and previous years .
  2. I have the camo Jet Sled . My oldest son has a black Jet Sled . I also have two of the Orange or Yellow Toboggan sleds in my SIL's woods plus 2 new ones in the rafters in my garage . I had put the two new Toboggan sleds on Craigs List for $30 each and didn't get any takers . They go for almost $50 elsewhere .
  3. On many scopes there is a dial at the back of the scope to change the Eye Relief . Some of mine do have that .
  4. Went hunting with my oldest son and Grandson in Geneseo Friday . Sat for 5 hours and saw nothing . Had the wind blowing in my face . Around 4:20 , Matt shot a nice big doe . Blake saw a couple of fawns and never shot . That's it for me until this coming Thursday . I gave Matt one of my anterless permits since I haven't used one . Gotta git'r done ........
  5. We use to get power outages at least 3 times a rear . Glad I bought a whole house generator .
  6. I had just got out of the Marine Corps a couple months earlier and started working at Xerox in Webster . They announced the shooting over the speakers . The whole plant went silent .
  7. It looks like a Deer Mouse . Notice the spike near the trap .......
  8. The nursing home had a rummage sale and I got this cool gravy boat just in time for Thanksgiving for only a quarter!
  9. Sat out from noon until 5pm overlooking a gulley lot . Didn't see a thing . My oldest son shot a fat doe from my tower bling at the pond . It was cccccold !
  10. My oldest son and I plan to do an afternoon hunt in Geneseo today . It's a bit nippy out but you can't shoot them from the computer in the house .
  11. They have that Knife , blades and pouch at Sportsmans Warehouse for $39.95 . https://www.sportsmans.com/camping-gear-supplies/knives-tools/knives/outdoor-edge-razorpro-l-35-inch-folding-knife/p/1369427
  12. Sat in a ladder stand today from 6am until 3:30 pm . I had enough for the day . Saw a doe through the woods at 8:30 then another at 9:30 . Couldn't get a shot . My 2 sons and grandson all got a deer . I failed . When I got up to where I was going to park my ATV , I saw about 6 deer run into the cut down bean fields about 400 yards away . Got hold of my son to get hold of my grandson to let him know deer were headed his way . A short time later , bang . He shot a small buck . Almost forgot to mention , it was cold out !
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