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  1. Trail Cam Questions

    4 GB cards work for me . I have a crapload of them as well as 8 GB cards . I buy mine on EBAY . I also have a few 8 GB micro cards . I have 4 card adapters that show locked but physically aren't so I trashed them and purchased 6 replacements on EBAY . the only SD cards I have had a problem with are ADATA brand . They come apart .
  2. Crazy damn drivers

    I was driving from Webster a bit ago on Rt 104 . A woman was coming off the on ramp so I pulled into the passing lane to give her room . This dipwad pulled across the slow lane and into my lane and almost took of my front end . I hit the brakes and the horn . Luckily no one was behind me and that wimpy ass horn on the Subaru has to go . Farther down the near Ontario Center a vehicle in the passing lane was going slow and a guy in a sporty car put on his turn signals and turned into the slower lane . Then the jerk that was driving slow pulled in front of the sporty car without using his signals and the guy in the srorty looking car had to hit his brakes . Sorry but I had to vent !
  3. Trail Cam Questions

    I don't care for the Wild Game cams . They only take one picture at a time so you can miss a lot . They also don't have the capability of using a strap and require Bungie Cords .
  4. Gotta love it.

    Great looking buck . Hope you get him this season .
  5. Trail Cam Questions

    I bought 3 Stealth cams at DICKs that had a 8 GB card and batteries for a total of $140 that were on sale and had a $30 trade in plus $10 off $50 . I made the big sacrifice by shopping at DICKs .
  6. Good Timing

    It's tradition . It is totally accepted in the area . I bet you even make fun of the Amish and Mennonites "costumes" .
  7. Trail Cam Questions

    I don't have the model of Primos cam that you showed but I have had 4 Primos cams and they all crapped out . I used them for trade ins . I have a couple of Stealth cams out and one is going on 6 seasons . The cams that take 8AA batteries seem to have good battery life . Walmart has a cheap Tasco for less than 40 dollars that takes good pictures but isn't lockable . SD cards are extra for most all of the trail cameras . What you see on the cameras during the summer changes by the time of the season opener as some crops are harvested and the deer change their feeding pattern .
  8. whats your first date for hunting this fall?

    October 1 for me . I just checked the calendar to see what day that is and it happens to fall on a Monday this year . Not sure where I will hunt on opening day ( Walworth , Geneseo , Mendon , ??? ) .
  9. Good Timing

    They have cut trails across my SILs property and hunt during Bow Season . I was in a tree stand years ago and heard the hounds and the horn . A few female riders came near the stand and didn't know I was there . I told them where the rest of the riders were and they thanked me . there was a couple of foxes on horseback ( pretty females ) . What was neat was to see a few deer get pushed out of the woods and I could see that over 600 yards away . Two different fox came across an open field . they would stop , backtrack , jump to the side and go in a different direction . The riders would skirt the field rather than go across it in case there was anything planted . They DON"T kill the fox .
  10. Good Timing

    It's pretty much a Tradition and a formality to wear the clothes . Someone would look pretty stupid chasing the fox wearing jeans , a tee shirt and a cowboy hat or camouflage .
  11. Good Timing

    Here are a few pics a friend took during a Fox Hunt .... well , maybe the last pic wasn't part of the GVHC
  12. Lighted nocks. Who uses them ?

    I have them on my Bow arrows as well as the Crossbow bolts . If you don't get a pass through you might find the broken part of the arrow with the lighted nock .
  13. A couple bucks

    Looks like they are hanging together
  14. Good Timing

    I might give it a try again after Deer Season . I tried it before and called in some fox but I am not allowed to shoot fox at my sister in laws because they chase them on horseback .
  15. Lawdwaz has a birthday today !

    Happy Birthday !