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  1. I was in Webster yesterday > I stopped at Dick's Store and got a big surprise . I haven't been there is a couple months . I went back to to Hunting Area and it was loaded with Kayaks . No guns , no hunting apparel , nothing hunting related . I talked to the guy back there and he sais it's the same with the Greece store . I talked to my lady friend at the front cashier and she said that's the way the Dick's stores are going . I told her that I am greatly disappointed and would be doing my business with Sportsman's Warehouse from now on . She said Dick's is losing a lot of business to Sportsman's Warehouse . I have at least $100 in Dick's gift cards .........
  2. So , Is there any news on Full Inclusion yet ?
  3. I bought the Lee Auto-Prime tool years ago . I searched Lee Auto-Prime and see where the priming tool is now completely different . Mine came with two trays for large and small primers . Here is a picture of it upside down .
  4. When I was a kid , I could rub poison ivy on my arms and never get it . My Dad worked for NYS Highway dept . He always got poison ivy every year . I guy he worked with could chew the leaves and not get it . People have died from doing that . When I was about 50 years old , my son was helping me put up a pressure treated wood stand on a huge tree . I was cutting and pulling vines off the tree not realizing it was poison oak It was hot out and we were perspiring profusely . I ended up getting poison oak . Since then I have been able to get poison ivy & poison oak .
  5. I gave my old aluminum arrows to a couple of Boy Scouts . I had also sold a dozen or two on Craigslist . I have been shooting Arrow Dynamics Big Game arrows for the past 15+ years .
  6. One of my daughters has bees . She was giving away bottles of honey and selling some . Some of the work requires lifting which she can no longer do . My oldest son helped her and now he wants to raise bees .
  7. Double Post gone ..................
  8. While watching a TV sniper movie , the Sniper has the front end of his rifle almost half covered with snow . I have never had this problem . It seems like it should have been cleaned off since it was so obvious to see . A movie blunder or would it be okay to see through ?
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