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  1. First Time Stippling...My VP9

    Looks real nice . You did a great job !
  2. Daytona 500

    I never got into NASCAR . My daughter and son in law were ito it and went to races in Daytona , Dover and a couple other places . They named their 1st born son Timothy Richmond ( 1st and middle name ) . At 4 years old he could tell you who drove what number car or if you gave him a car number , he could tell you who drove it . They had two dogs named Charlotte and Bristol . Luckily they didn'y have a 3rd dog or they might have named it Talladega ! When I was a mod on the Down South Hunting Site ( not active any more ) , we did the Fantasy NASCAR and I was the Champion for two different years . Whoopie !
  3. ever been lost?

    My son has some property in Italy Valley that is bordered by a lot of State Land . One summer my wife wanted to go on a hike up across the State Land . We walked quite a ways and found the parking lot where hunters parked during hunting seasons . Took a break and she wanted to take a different way back . We walked a ways and got turned around and had no idea which direction to go . If we went back towards where we thought the parking lot was and missed it we could be deeper in the wooded state land and really lost . I decided to walk toward the sun that was to the South and hope that we would come to the gully so we could follow the trail ( I hoped there would be a trail ) back towards my son's property . WE found it and all was well . Don't go into an unfamiliar big woods without a compass or GPS .
  4. Even better than the air gun!!

    Keep Wooly out of this > I don't think he would appreciate being referred to as a Mammoth or a Target !
  5. Even better than the air gun!!

    Too bad they didn't show him shooting at a target .
  6. She Shot My Buck

    Song Video ---- “She just rolled the window down and lit him up!” Big shout out to writer and performer Kevin Blake Weldon for this fun look at what’s really important to us! That’s just a load of fun, sir. Remember fellas: if she’s looking in your phone it might be because she’s trying to find your trail cam pictures. Ladies, you wouldn’t do this to us…would you??
  7. I was never a "water drinker" . After 3 procedures in several years I started keeping track of water and drinking less coffee . My wife bought a FITBIT for me last fall . I have it synced with my phone and keep track of the water intake . I havn't felt any pain in the kidney area in a while and trying to keep the kidneys flushed out so I don't get any more of the kidney pain . Dilly Dilly !
  8. Treestand Crossbow Holder

    Does anyone use one ? I was looking at Hunting Clearance Items at Walmart yesterday and saw the Allen Treestand Crossbow Holder for $9.00 . It was originally $20 . Picked one up and plan to drill a couple holes in the side for the mounting bracket as I would attach it differently .
  9. 2018 Shed Thread

    Probably like the old Gold Rush Days when people would trample each other to get to a spot .....
  10. 2018 Shed Thread

    I looked for sheds yesterday when I was checking my trail cams . It was rough walking on thick and thin ice as well as some muddy areas . I trudged through some thickets and didn't find any . I went through some downed cat tails near a pond and found part of a skull from a 4 point . Not many bones by it .
  11. A few Turkeys

    I think they come from a field adjacent to the woods . My youngest he heard them making a heck of a racket when he was bow hunting there in October . He saw them come in from the farmers field and some came down from the trees north of him in that same woods . I havn't Turkey hunted in a few years as that's the time the black flies are out . We may give it a try . I will call and he can shoot .
  12. Made it home

    Nice looking deer mount .
  13. Happy birthday Deerthug !

    Happy Birthday .... Have a great day !
  14. More Geneseo Turkeys and Deer

    Maybe , but there is no high fence .
  15. Geneseo Trail Cam -- East side of woods