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  1. Happy Birthday UpStateRedNeck ! Have a great day .............
  2. I haven't had to resort to a cocking crank yet but might need it in the future if I am still around .
  3. I think the best hunting gear investment I have made was a Milwaukee Heated Vest . I bought it last year and it worked like a charm . It kept these Old Bones warm .
  4. Unless I read it wrong , the NY Outdoor News article said the CrossBow Bill is put on hold again . It might not come up again until next year .
  5. I leave most of my cameras up year round . Since I have had a problem with one of my knees , I haven't checked my cameras in Walworth and Geneseo in several months . No doubt many of the batteries are probably dead . I need to do something before batteries corrode . I won't put the CoddeLink cameras back up until September .
  6. I have the 4 Jarts in my garage but not the rings . If I needed to , I could buy a couple of the cheap Hula Hoops to use for rings at the Dollar Store .
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