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  1. Check out our NY hunting team, we are taking applications for pro staff and feild staff! and at Thanks!
  2. doesnt seem like there are many of us ha.
  3. generally speaking most small game hunters me included wont venture much farther than i need to in order to get a bag limit on squirrells or rabbits ect. gnereally, that being said and me knowing that that is the case most of the time ill take the extra step in going deeper into the woods on other known points of interest! and with the small gamers hunting shallow woods if im way back chances are the deer wont be high tailing it any more and will be alert but at a walking shootable pace good post slayer
  4. welcome to the site, i to am trying to get the wife out bit of a trouble but i think peer pressure will do her in haha. what region are you from?
  5. im in region 5 never have a problem finding and tagging out on my share!
  6. ive got two DMP's for 4T and i am deployed and cant use them! its columbia county
  7. i grew up in elizabethtown new york and shot at (missed) the biggest baddest buck id ever laid eyes on! when i was 17
  8. exactly my though i was going to go to maryland but since ohio is the same distance and more land i figured why not pursue the ohio reputation!
  9. yea very true haha wed do some crazy stuff we hooked up a mattress on skis behind a big red 250 in the middle of summer didnt end well hahah
  10. i sit all day! most of my deer have been am kills on the other hand my uncle seems to kill all his in the pm
  11. yea thats what i am doing im deployed and missing new yorks season! so i need to make up for it and luckily for me ill be home in time for the ohio late archery season im going to get the either sex tag and antlerless tag and hunt the wayne national forest ive been talking to some guys about it and that place seems to hold some monster deer and in late season theres not many hunters around!
  12. OH ok lol yea thats far out west man almost at the great lakes! you ever hunt ohio? (seems your not far from there)
  13. thats awesome, i think you misread how i meant what i was trying to say, i didnt mean anything negative i just was saying expect some non believers due to the last scenario.
  14. Awesome buck, congrats i hate that i even have to say this but watch out for non believers after the wayne long buck, nice deer tho man congrats!!