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  1. I support AR's. Its turned areas around where I hunt.
  2. I updated the post. Amazing deer.
  3. Thats cool. Only reason I wanted it higher is if I use the scale you loose like almost two feet.
  4. I gotta find the post but I had a few build pics. Simple, wish it was higher though.
  5. I had action all morning. At 7 a big buck comes flying by, he wouldn't stop, but at 100 yards his rack was very clear. Bunch of does came by off and on for an hour. Then I heard running, few does popped out and it seemed like two bucks were chasing them. Only saw the bucks for a few seconds, then they were chasing on the ridge below me out of sight. 30 min later I see a buck, toss the scope up, he was a nice 6. Waiting another 10 min or so and the 8 came out. Had a good sized body and decided to pull the trigger for my first ever two buck hunting season.
  6. Story later, going to cut it up now.
  7. I just heard a shot far away. 6:24 -
  8. I just heard a shot far away. 6:24 Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  9. What time did you hear the first shots today.
  10. Turkey in a tree by my stand just gave me a mini heart attack. Good luck boys