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  1. I had a meeting today with Department of Game and Island Fisheries. We will be helping with quota hunts throughout the state next year. Being able to see your fellow hunters in your group on your phone is a safety feature everyone should have. We have already heard of 10 different ways DeerLogic has helped hunters with safety in the field this season.
  2. Best place to find sheds in the off season??? Anyone finding them in certain areas??
  3. Deer are pounding these turnups in the late season. It took about 3 years for them to start hitting them, but man we are getting some great pics of some great bucks that have not been on the farm all year. Seems like they are coming from all over for the turnups.
  4. My wife took down her second deer of the year. She has been hunting so hard, with very few opportunities. We all know how those years can be. But I will say when she gets the shot, she takes care of business.
  5. I wanted to share my latest mount, and how she is showing off her Christmas spirit. I took this bear last bow season at 22yds. She only ran about 90 and fell. Awesome Black Bear!!!!! Anyone else decorate your trophy's??
  6. DeerLogic in Realtree camo, and we also got it done in Mossy Oak. What do you think??
  7. Thought about this the other night when I was getting down. I was going to leave my bow in the tree with my back pack and come back the following morning. Decided not to leave the bow, but left the backpack. It was completely frosted over when I got back the next morning. Wonder what that frost would have done to my bow? Especially, if I had to make a shot right at day break??
  8. We had a heart breaker happen on Monday evening. My brother knocked down a monster buck we have been following all year!!!! We searched for about 3 hours that night, and another 3 Tuesday morning with nothing. I wish this was not part of hunting, but it is. We have all lost deer, and it seems like it will haunt us forever. I was hunting a buck for 5 years, and at the end of the season with 2 weeks left, he was hit by a car. The buck scored 174, and that rack was actually no where near his best. I was crushed!!!!!!!!! To this day I still remember the encounters, and sightings of that buck. Even though I didn't get him, he made me a better hunter. Anyone else have a buck that is still in their memory?
  9. I came home today to a Fedex sticker on my door, and two boxes on the porch. As I picked them up I noticed that one was a dehydrator I called the wife and asked "Who it this for????? She was not to happy that it was not packaged in anything, but I was pleased to find out it is MINE!!!!!!!!!!! MINT!!!!!!! Jerky ideas anyone?????
  10. Had the pleasure of running into my buddy again last evening. Seems that the reason they are so active in the area this year is that a bunch of people have been night hunting. That just sucks on so many levels, I wish people would just be legal. Above all I just wish everyone would be sports man. I think it is so funny how people do stuff like that, and when they shoot something that is big they act like its a trophy. Glad I'm a sportsman, and take pride in the hunt leading up to the harvest. I just wish everyone did. Although I know every hunter in their heart knows if what they are doing in the woods is right or wrong. Just do it right!!!! So much more fun
  11. Found this cloudy water area along a creek bottom about a week ago. Every time I went by it, it was always cloudy. The creek on both sides is clear as glass. So after about two days of going by it, I went down to investigate. I found a bunch of bear tracks, and black hair all around the edge of the water. Obviously this cloudy water is from a bear, or numerous bears. Anyone have any idea what they are doing?? Looks to me like its a bath, could be something to get bugs off. Not sure?????? Any ideas??
  12. I had a cool experience this morning. I was walking out of the wood, with my climber, back pack, and gun. When I looked up the hill, and to my surprise stood two game wardens. They got a little chuckle watching me coming up the hill with all my gear, as I said give me a minute I'll be right there. First thing I did was remove the primer from my muzzleloader, when I realized they were there, and I was approaching them. Shows respect, and safety to the warden to make sure they understand everything is safe. So I finally made it up the hill out of breath, and sweating like I had just played a football game. I know these two guys got a kick out of watching this action. After the gentleman checked my licenses, we proceeded to have about a half hour conversation about DeerLogic. I was showing them data that was logged in the area, and they were most impressed when I showed them 3 hunt group members in other areas hunting. I'll tell you what these guys were pretty cool. I hear so much negetivity about wardens. But personally I have never had a bad experience with a warden. These people are the ones that are out there protecting us, and our wildlife. I will say that most people that look down on our wardens, are more than likely the ones breaking the law. Keep your nose clean and follow the law, and everyone can have a great relationship with their local wardens. We at DeerLogic have the up most respect for these men and women, and thank you for all you do for our great sport of hunting. Anyone else have a cool warden story??
  13. My Brother Did IT!!!! I do not even know where to begin. WooHoo!!! I decided to go hunting this afternoon and I took my son Ryan with me. Ryan has helped put out trail cameras and food plots in the past, but he has never sat on a stand with me. So, this was Ryan's first hunt with his daddy. We got to the stand about 2 hours before dark and I set up a makeshift groundblind close to a scrape and heavily used deertrail - both of which we had entered into DeerLogic. About an hour later I made two calls with my Doe Bleat Can from Primos, and I heard the deer get up less than 100 yards and started walking towards us. He got to 50 yards and I made a perfect shot with my Remington 1187 - the deer didn't take another step. Both Ryan and I were slapping high fives and hugging - Ryan said he couldn't believe we got a Whitetailed Deer.... We went over and checked out the deer pulled out the DL and entered our bucklog with a big CHECK in the harvested section to let all of our huntgroup members know we got a deer. Mitch was calling me within minutes - MINT!!! What a Hunt - this will go down as one of my best. Ryan is hooked - just like I was when my daddy took me. I feel so blessed to have this chance to share my passion with my sons... The deer is a 9 pointer - not that it matters I always say you can't eat the horns!!!!
  14. My Brother Doug sent this email to me today: I am taking my youngest son out for his first afternoon hunt with his Daddy. I love being a dad and I love being able to take my sons hunting. He has been out with me setting up trailcams and field testing DeerLogic, but this is going to be his first time ever sitting in a stand with me. I don't care if we even see a deer - I just want to see the thrill in his eyes of being "out there"..... Doug.
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