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    Deep.in the adirondack /catskill mountains of NY
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    Huntingfishing(walleye)hikeing,camping,mountain /rock climbing ,reloading shooting custom rifles,&shotguns,snowmobiling 4wheeling , enjoying life

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    Franklin/hamilton county ny Me,pa,mm,mt,id
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    Browning x,bolt hells canyon speed L/H 6.5CM,22-250,6.8Western browning cynergy 12,20,28,410 browning bps 10,12 Ga
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  • HuntingNY.com

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  1. Ok got to ask what is the other sight?
  2. Guess you should have dragged it out while looking for your stuff or brought the stuff with you
  3. Good luck to all that applied. I'VE never played the points game never will
  4. It was when I took my rifle /bow hunter safety 45+ yrs ago
  5. TLR

    Been awhile

    took a 6 point whitetail with my bow here at home with my bow, spent some time in the lund this summer chasing walleyes on champlain and Erie, getting our GSP ON some ruffs and a few woodcock. preparing for waterfowl. Season, we are Also takeing part in the Dec Young Forest Initiative program and working with a, local RGWS coordinatorAnd local forester, Just got back from a, 7 day hunt, for elk and deer in montana, I took a small 4x5 bull elk and my wife got a, real nice 160 class whitetail. Still debateingv if we are going to hunt rifle season deer here or spend the season Doing some upland game & waterfowl. hunting in Maine, minnesota & wisc.
  6. Been a while been busy with life and enjoying the outdoors, Nice to see the sight still up & active
  7. Look west Montana,Idaho,Colorado,Wyoming etc multiple species great return in investment and low taxes
  8. TLR

    Moose in NY

    That would be the Lisbon swamp ? Great waterfowl hunting
  9. that would be the 280 AI NOT the standard 280 rem there is a 200-250 fps velocity difference I own both The AI is the better round by far
  10. TLR


    None çant stand beer
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