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  1. It's happened,a,couple times,in Montana,with Roosevelt elk and I know someone here in NY.that has released pen raised whitetails on private property.it happens quite a bit.but seeing how its ACTUALLY illegal.to release pen raised deer into the wild is why you dont here much about it
  2. Hopefully he didnt wait to long after the photo session to gut either one of them(niethier deer in the photo has been gutted ).be a,shame.to have all that meat wasted
  3. only my wife and myself hunt our property and we know where the boundaries are ,we own the property we created the sanctuary no reason to mark it
  4. I don't mention units on line If Montana's out fitters and guides,get their way diy hunting for non residents,is no longer going to be possible and with the current anti public lands billionaire govonor I'm pretty sure they will get what they want And my bad I forgot everything about Montana is super duper secret especially the elk hunting
  5. I'll always miss Montana, i wont miss haveing to look over my shoulder after,shooting an elk or deer hopeing a grizzly isn't comeing to check out what's for dinner ( in certain areas,of Montana,they learn shots mean food) but I'll go back every year for 2weeks to hunt with friends and family that live there
  6. TLR


    I own a,7 mag (cooper m92 back country 6lbs 10oz,/w leaupold ,vx5hd 2x10x42) but just don't shoot it much do to its recoil.its my closet queen
  7. TLR


    280.is an awesome caliber ,I shoot the 280 Ackley imp (original chambering not the nosler version)shooting federal 155 grn T/A,@3035FPS &HRNDY 162 ELDX,@2990 FPS FROM 12 yrds, out to 625 from.whitetails here in NY to moose in Wyoming &elk mule deer in montana its, never let me down and I've never lost an animal or felt under gunned with it
  8. Yup.I did the same thing 15 yrs ago moved out west, just moved back to NY 3 months ago like you I'm sure I'll regret it but I was born and raised,here it will always,be home to me
  9. Western style hunting in NY minus the grizzlies and wolves
  10. They won't be open long, if the states,gun laws,don't destroy them the.unions demands,will get rid of the union offer a,decent wage /benefit package without the union ,and it may succeed
  11. TLR


    I have the 22-250.ai 24inch 1/8 twist custom barrel and it loves,h4350 and 60/grain partitions
  12. TLR


    Anybody here,roll your own ammo? I load for several calibers from 22-250 to ,340 wby mag on a redding T7 turret press& their ultimag single stage running redding.series s competition dies hogdon powders, Peterson brass,,federal 215m primers, & bullets. From fed & hrndy
  13. Naww,you'd,fit right in out west notvunususlnin Montana,to see,guys/gals,driving while blowing.on an elk call
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