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  1. I read it last winter. Very interesting read, but I got a bit tired of his..."style" after a while. I loved his show and regret his end, but probably would not have enjoyed his company.
  2. I found your rifle in the round you wanted at this place....799. I purchased my Mauser online (549.00!) and had it delivered to a local area firearm dealer for about six hundred total. Sauer 100 Rifles - EuroOptic.com
  3. ATbuckhunter, there is no reason whatsoever to recommend one over the other than my being a huge Mauser fan and I could never afford the M8 or a modern produced 98. If you liked one of the three offered rounds you might just be able to save a chunk of cash over the Sauer is all.
  4. Mine is up year round with little exception. I find it more entertaining than TV.
  5. Right now you still cant find ammo of any sort anywhere regardless, or most components.
  6. Sorry, packed away for the season with a emptied rooms contents in front of it. Here is the NRA review though.
  7. Well Wolc..I only recommend that when you cash your ticket, book a moose hunt in Newfoundland so you know why you will eventually end up with a place there too!
  8. The Sauer 100 is the same base rifle as the Mauser m18 (which I bought last year). The Mauser is actually made by Sauer and is off the same production line. I am a lifetime Mauser 98 fan and love my 8x57, but also have long shot and loved the .308. Thus I ended up with the M18. Wonderfully accurate, the best trigger pull I have used (most all the rest of mine are upgraded to at least a Timney target trigger), I love the removable magazine. I found mine for less than half the recommended selling price. Look around, take your time. the 7mm is not as common so probably commands a higher price. I would suggest you try to find the Mauser . As I recall it was only available in .308, 30-06 and .270. Certainly .270 would be a fine 2nd fiddle to the 06, but of course cant carry the same high end bullet weights.
  9. I have been quite lucky to have spent a fair bit of time in bear camps (Quebec, New Brunswick, Newfoundland). Never once have I seen a .243. Guides like big...and love 12 gauge slugs for bears. Bears are not hard to kill, but they are very heavy boned and the fat absorbs alot of energy and closes up wounds. Bigger is better. Comparing the 7mm-08 to a .243 is ....no comparison. The .243 is very popular in southern states because the deer run much smaller. There are folks who use it in the north and do fine and brag it up...watch the responses to this reply...but anyone I ever met who shot a .243 had never shot anything else to compare. You want a fat heavy bullet for the most energy if you are buying a rifle thinking of bear.
  10. It wouldnt be one property. I would find a nice property on the St. Lawrence River (1000 Island region) primarily for fishing and family use. I would find a property in the northern tier, perhaps Tug Hill region, perhaps the borders of the ADKs that allowed plenty of elbow room for day ventures and quality big woods hunting. Lastly I would have a property probably in the southern finger lakes region where I could make use of the late season ML hunting as well as easy access to Cayuga and Seneca lakes. I would certainly consider a lease in the FL region. Then.... depending on the size of the lotto...I would find a place in Newfoundland in the northern peninsula. Moose, Caribou.
  11. In Maine (Kittery Trading Post and Cabelas) you can buy a firearm without a hassle on the spot, fyi. You might check them out.
  12. Good gear, great prices....snap it up boys, tough to find out there right now (I have it all though).
  13. I always kind of liked her, can disregard her politics personally but could care about her show. That said, Heck, she is Jewish, so I think any opinion she wants to offer on the subject is fair and honest, but certainly not antisemetic for gods sake., but I do kind of get what she was trying to say but am totally fine with her apology.
  14. I would recommend getting out during the early NT muzzleloading season. Woods are pretty thin then. That aside, the public lands I frequented in the eighties and nineties are empty now. Dog gone few hunters any more. This is primarily the game management areas of Oswego and Jefferson County. Likely, other areas are similar. The closer to cities of course, the more they are used. Nothing wrong with inquiring with the State Forest Rangers and DEC officers for recommendations of lightly used land
  15. The club is having an open shoot saturday 2-19. Come on out and check it out. It is the first winter shoot I will be going to, so should be interesting.
  16. Daveboone


    The only buck I ever had mounted, I shot on a crystal clear 10 degree snowy day deep in hardwoods. The buck was following an old stone wall with hardwoods along it. What a perfect day. I have quite a few very good pictures of the buck, and have considered finding an artist to depict it from the spot. It is one of my favorite memories.
  17. I never had a model 29, but I have an early seventies production model 28 (.357) which uses the same frame. Wonderful firearm. It was dads only pistol. Honestly...despite the great action, I prefer a single action such as Rugers Blackhawk. It is just a much more natural pointing handgun...and lets face it, double action revolvers are almost never shot double action.
  18. Yep, but when I read it (and I think from the lack of response from others) we all knew what you intended.
  19. When I have the opportunity to have friends up to the camp, I welcome it as we dont have a chance to get together very often. Aside from that, its a toss up. When hunting alone I dont have to worry about where anyone else is or my habits. I can be greedy about my favorite spots without feeling guilty about it. But if I had my druthers, I would have company.
  20. Biggest reason I hunt is because I just love being out there and seeing the deer. 2nd because we love venison. I am very proud of some of the deer I have taken, and the relatively small bull moose I shot. But I dont think I consider them trophies. That would demean the animals I love so much. I look at the antlers/ mounts and think of the beautiful animal I killed.
  21. Put it further away from the house and if possible hanging near multiple trees, bushes. Scattering some seed on the ground may help too. Try adding a suet feeder.
  22. Great work! I love the gear crafting myself, but have to limit myself to more plain jane gear. I am making a pair of horns for the flinter I am building, and hope to do some simple scrimshaw with it...likely just my name done in traditional styling. Your horns are stunning. Can I ask how many hours approx. into the larger one? Probably limited time to spend on such things is as big a limit as talent, in my case.
  23. Robby, I notice that one of the rifles you posted pics of is a righty, and the other lefty. Are those your rifles? You can shoot them switch hitter?
  24. Sho' nuff. My go to for ML season is my Lyman Great Plains n .54 caplock, but last spring I also got the newer version of the GP rifle in flintlock, which I have fallen in love with. At that time I also joined the closest black powder club to shoot weekly, which did wonders for my skills (Lock Stock and Barrel near Fulton). I am currently building a Kibler long rifle kit in .58 flintlock, which i should have ready to shoot by the time weather starts to break. I shoot strictly patched ball and black powder.
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