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  1. Keep the scope you have, and put the money into ammo for the range. That is where most new hunters skimp. Various ranges in various lights, aim small to group small...from a rest until you are consistent. There is very seldom an opportunity in the field that DOESNT offer some sort of rest, if you practice from the bench, kneeling, sitting, even standing.
  2. It has been a number of years since I have actively hunted the area, but there is quite a bit of state land nearby. Just to the west near the south end of Skaneateles Lake is Great Bear Swamp. Further north east of Tully and Truxton is Morgan Hill State forest, which is quite large wooded hills. I have no doubt there is alot more land closer in, but Morgan and Great bear are probably only 20 to 30 minutes away.
  3. I think Bassetts are like most dogs..you get out of them what you put into them. They are so mellow it seems they are a bit...slow, but they are as teachable as any dog...that is the fault with alot of breeds, folks dont try to do anything with them.
  4. Alaska is on the list...not enough time OR Money ! We have been saving for three years for our next spring trip to South Africa for plains game and to do the game reserve thing, partially because my wife wants to go to. 10 days with a private outfitter/ guide with five species, 5500.oo (Kudu, Impala, Zebra, Black Wildebeest and Wart Hog!!. We finalize air travel in a couple months. Of course air fare and trophy shipping is separate. It will be at least several years after that before I would think of another go away hunt, and probably wont wander from the NE.
  5. Outstanding! I have long thought of a caribou hunt, preferably in Quebec. I have been twice to Newfoundland and each time we had quite a few caribou sightings, once wandering within about 20 yards of one who just let us wander by....she certainly didn't know what we were. I understand NF still does have a very limited hunt, but generally all of the eastern herds have taken dramatic falls in population. From what I understand, the field biologists really aren't too worried, as they have a long history of similar population rises and sudden falls and are anticipated to recover. The terrain itself is so beautiful it makes it worthwhile.
  6. One of my all time favorite action movies. When they announced that Arnie was going to film King Conan I was more excited for a new movie than...ever! He could still pull off the role as the aged KIng he was to become. then I was twice as heartbroken when the producers pulled out.
  7. Yep, nothing I am interested in anyway. I have always wanted a .22 in PPK (not offered) , but other than the gesture from the co. nothing to entice me.
  8. Saturday we will be fishing the north end of Cayuga Lake, just off Cayuga! They should go right overhead at 2:22.
  9. I was pleased that my wife watched the episode with me...I just said this says better than anything what hunting is all about.
  10. There were a couple episodes based in Alaska, hunting caribou. The host was with a son and father team. At one point on a beautiful day they had a great bull caribou wander above them, and the father(who was with the host) didnt even reach for his rifle, He said to the effect, "my hunt is complete. It just cant get any better than this", as the bull wandered away. that is what it is about. Later in the episode, the father does shoot a big bull, and it was fine to see the gentleman truly get overwhelmed and pay his respects to his game after his success, as opposed to idiots high fiving and hooting it up. Even my wife enjoys watching the show, who could care otherwise.
  11. one of my favorite shows. He shows great ethics and love of the outdoors, as well as sharing it with others. Great variety. I dont binge, so I am out. Lucky if I watch an hour of tv a week.
  12. I had a beard for a number of years on and off. Since I have been working in health care (RN), beards are kind of gross, when you think of what can ...and does, get splashed on you. Much easier to wash your face when in doubt then a beard.
  13. Yep. Certainly looks it. FN was taken over by the German occupation while they were there, but they also re-proof marked a lot of the captured arms. My 1922 was manufactured in the early thirties but carries a Nazi stamp. JJB, is your pictured handgun yours, something your are looking into? I do not know much about the collecting value, but as a shooter, I wouldn't think it would be very desireable….if it is war time manufacture. Even though the HIgh Power is a great handgun, quality of manufacture would be in question and it probably would have more worth as a collectable. Actual dollar value I am clueless. Try to find a Browning, FN or similar web site where they have a more specialized interest.
  14. Very cool! I sent for the info...dont know if still I will be able to afford one, but have always wanted a PPK!
  15. Not a model 1922. I have one. The 1922 has an extended 2 piece top slide, and a grip safety, and is quite a petite little thing. As well, this piece has a single action exposed hammer, 1922 is striker fired. It looks like possible wartime production though....pretty rough finish, and I believe a german proof mark on the frame. is there a caliber marked on it? sometimes if not on the slide the FNL will have it stamped on the bbl.
  16. My camp has no running water. for years we just collected rainwater into two 65 gallon bbls, We just used it for flushing the toilet and wash water. We wouldnt run them dry if we were carefull....no flush for a pee. This year I found a heavy angle iron rack that I am able to elevate bbls from. the first one acts as a settingl tank then feeds into a 2nd one, which I just finished plumbing to the toilet. The wife is apprecitive, but unless we are in a rainy spell, same rule....no flush for a pee. It looks like what you have will give plenty of water, as long as the water supply is above the outlet. And we have happily learned a quick wet down, fast lather with campers soap and rinse to suffice....usually uses less than about 3 gallons.
  17. I saw the first one of the season crossing the road yesterday. Gotta say, I have always been a turtle fan. They seem to be a bit of an underdog. Just the same though, I am keeping my open for a nice big snapper for soup. I have to check on the season dates though, still too early, and you need a BIG un.
  18. That's it. They had some monster bulls at one time. There is (was?) another big ranch up near Henderson Harbor
  19. Red squirrel meets its match with a Red Ryder.....
  20. A number of years ago we got a real nice very well made stainless steel percolator with a bail from Cabelas.Check out their camping /home dept.
  21. Weird bunny. one of the ears is blurred out and it has something in its mouth.
  22. Cool. We had a Bison ranch up the road from us for a number of years, but it shut down as many of the exotic species ranches did, back in the 90s.
  23. For myself, all the reasons you list are reasons I wouldn't go. Deer hunting (or any hunting) shouldn't have to be easy. Something is going to die, we should earn it. My favorite time to deer hunt is the last week. As well, in the end of september, fawns are still with the does. Leave em be for another month.