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  1. Hmm. The Winchester 94 30-30 stock version was the tactical weapon of choice for many generations of lawmen, and gave pretty darn good service.
  2. My 45-70 (Browning falling block) loves 3031 with a 350 g. Speer Round nose. I think I would rather not know how the Encore bucks with the big .458.
  3. We havent been getting the deep sub zero killing frosts like we used to, thus many more of the little buggers surviving through the winter. They have always been here. I pluck one off regularly...like all antibiotics, we can be doing more bad than good by running to the doc for every sniffle or tick bite. A tick needs to be on for 24 hrs to transmit Lyme disease. Most of us shower much more frequently than that. Pluck the little sucker off, wash, and watch the spot. Of course you are going to have a small local red irritation spot for a couple days, but you watch for a "bullseye' developing around the bite. Then you go to the doc.
  4. I have to have my coffee...but limit to only two cups in the a.m. I certainly am no "connoisseur", and have never been in a Starbucks, etc. I usually have my generic coffee maker ready to go in the a.m. as I walk by it, but it died a few weeks ago. I am now using my Revere Ware coffee pot, and am in no hurry to replace the coffee maker. It is a ten cup job, and really should down size it.
  5. ? Two of my bears were well over 200...250, three hundred respectfully. I found their meat to be delicious. I think that many folks simply dont treat bear meat like real meat. They frequently dont gut it/skin it promptly, leaving the bear to show as a trophy hanging intact, and the black hide soaks up the suns heat and retains heat, with the layered fat, can turn a bear quickly . Smaller bears cool quicker. Garbage fed bears tend to have a different taste.
  6. Watch the auction houses....Hennessy in Geneva is one, otherwise just google, google, google.. If you have other ammo to swap, you would probably be better off.
  7. I love bear hunting, and have been lucky enough to go in NB a fair bit, and had opportunities in Newfoundland. I have gone "bear hunting" in NY, but really only as an excuse to be in the ADKS, but almost all bears are "stumble ons". Bears vary widely with following their food choices, and unless you have an orchard/crops within bears territories, they are almost impossible to pattern. In Canada and out west, they are often spot and stalked on huge clear cuts/ tundra, etc. where there is a natural and long lasting berry crop. That is how I have seen bears in Newfoundland....grazing almost like a cow, just scooping berries in their mouths. A veterinarian friend who was a very avid bear hunter told me blueberries + bears. No blue berries, and bears cant live there. The ADKS have them, but not in the sustaining quantities that make hunting them practical.
  8. Those are great! Craft art is very ....inconsistent. My sister is a truly gifted artist, and may spend literally days on a Eucranian dyed egg....artworthy and time worthy almost impossible to price, but she is lucky to get twenty to thirty bucks for one. Likewise, she does very complex bead art, making small purses, bracelets, etc.....like wise, twenty to thirty for basic pieces, not much more for the larger pieces. She has been criticized by other artists for pricing so low, to bring down the value of the art. Her outlook is that she loves doing it, her time is free and she at least is selling them, as opposed to a lot of others who do not. Selling in person you can get more...You need to make sure you are getting any costs of materials and recourses back, after that you should consider it gravy. I would think twenty - thirty bucks would be in line. You will probably sell more to the wives and girlfriends than the guys. Dont make up too many...make sure it is worth your while first with what you can get.
  9. It didnt hurt that the Germans were flying Messerschmitts as opposed to Polands, Russia, etc. tepid offerings.
  10. I briefly checked "the other" out....different neighborhood, same neighbors and issues. I have a difficult time imagining making these sites that much of my life to get so involved.
  11. Cool. Was this through an outfitter? If so, possible to get some more details on the operation? Always looking for more fun (but mine would be black powder, not bow).
  12. I have an odd way of thinking....the rifle should match the cartridge for size.... That carbine looks proportioned to a 30-30 , etc. For a 9mm, it seems it could be half that size. Dang, my Sig 938 compact 9mm was flawless in an action a third that size.....
  13. I love the 77s, but replaced all the triggers with a Timney. I had a .308, 300 Win Mag and currently a .270. They basically are just a reverse engineered Mauser 98 (which is a good thing). I always loved the .22s, but never could get my hands on one.
  14. Thats me back yard and stomping grounds.
  15. Back when it was legal, my father in law almost single handedly wiped out a local deer herd feeding them. He put out corn behind his house...which was about 500 feet from a heavily traveled road. Almost daily once the herd found the food source, one to two deer were killed crossing to get to the corn. Not a pretty site.
  16. I have a little Stevens .410...great fun little toting gun for jaunts/targets of opportunity. Silly, but I love how a box of shells carries so easily.
  17. This time of year is great for squirrels. Do a bit of snow tracking if there is any. Bring some hot dogs /cheddar brots, have a campfire and a toasted marshmallow or two, success even if no squirrels are found
  18. I had always wanted an Encore in .308, but got distracted from it. Fine rifle.
  19. sand the rust off, Rustoleum high temp. paint.
  20. Most of my rifles wear Leupold. Never an issue with any of them ...EXCEPT for a Redfield Revolution (made by L). I was not at all happy with it and quickly sent it back.I have one of the newer Leupolds 2x7 ....the model that replaced VX2 and VX1 scopes....It certainly wasnt up to the quality /crispness of adjustment, etc. that my other 1s and 2s were, but absolutely holds its zero.
  21. Young bear, likely kicked out by mom this year. They wander a lot looking for food sources. He could have been ten miles away the next day. One stray pic of a critter is cool, but it does not tell you they are residents in the area.
  22. No! Do not crush the pellets! T7 is available in powder form.
  23. The triple 7 primers were designed especially for use with ....777. That said, see what works. Regardless of what primers, I found though that I never got complete ignition of three pellets when shooting them. I would find them lying onthe ground smoking. Two pellets no problem, but much better accuracy, ignition and economy shooting powder.
  24. What a beautiful animal! I wonder where it was taken? Now the challenge is to decide how best to display it to best advantage.
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