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  1. About twenty five years ago, I hunted with a friend in Georgia for a couple weeks. It cost me 200.oo to join his hunt club (500 acres with permanent stands, most of the time we were the only ones there) and about seventy for my license, which was good for five deer...only two of which could be bucks. At the time I thought it was a bargain. I got three deer...but was very surprised how small they were, A full grown buck was about the size of a first year fawn here.
  2. I didnt hear anything saturday a.m. until 7:15 or so, and it was off in the distance to the east, but hunting season has been open since mid october where I am at.
  3. My philosophy is hunting time is limited, and there arent any deer in the cabin. I have taken some of my best deer in the most miserable conditions. I have to admit I love to hunt the slop. That said, I do not go out with high winds ...risk of falling branches, etc. I wont say I enjoy goint out in the crappy stuff, but you do what you have to do. That said, I would much rather hunt the calm right after the storm.
  4. Avoid cotton anything like the plague. I have a big mix ,most of it pot luck. I like my Bass Pro cold weather long johns as a base, heavy marino socks. I have a couple of fleece sweat pants and shirts worn next, and a pair of heavy stretch fleece next for pants, with my goretex bib over. A heavy fleece sweater on top. I dearly love my Woolrich parka, but if it is really wet/windy, I have a goretex parka on top. Pain in the but when I have to pee..... boots, the best I ever had was a pair of 2000 ml/wt or whatever rubber packs for warmth, but be sure to change your socks frequently...even wool gets damp from moisture, and that is what cools you. When we dip around 20 degrees or lower, I put toe warmers in, a larger disposable warmer or two in my chest pockets, and a third in a handwarmer muff. Dont forget the head...I am partial to the Stormy Kromer (sic?) hats with a balaclava over, tucked into my parka and over the head with the hat on still. Stoke the furnace before you go out....big breakfast to feed the fire.
  5. Yep, despite having gotten tips from a professional, you really need to just do it...alot. I found that partially freezing the quarters makes the meat much easier to handle, separate and slice like I want. Dont freeze until it is solid, just firming up good.
  6. I dont see it mentioned specifically, but I am guessing you are bow hunting? If so, you are being a damn fine disciplined hunter by not taking shots you dont think you should take ...for that matter, the same goes for xbow or firearm. There are plenty of hunters who let fly at every observed deer, and the woods are full of wounded critters to show for it. You are seeing deer, so I am not going to tell you to do anything differently. I gave up bow hunting many years ago, after hunting with some success. Simply put, I couldnt put the time in to be as proficient as I wanted. I went more heavily into black powder which I love. Similar concept, but a bit more forgiving.
  7. No affect whatsoever. I look forward to hunting like a kid to Christmas, year round. I do not...ever, bring any electronics into the woods with me. It distracts from what I am there for. there are several outdoors oriented web sites I enjoy visiting, but honestly I dont think I have ever learned anything worth while off of them...with the possible exception of my traditional muzzle loading forum. I may use the weather forecast/moon phase information of the internet, but it doesnt make it more enjoyable...I always have utilized that information...the internet just makes it quicker to access. Many folks try to use the internet/social crap, etc. as a primary learning tool, instead of just getting out there and doing it. That has never worked for me.
  8. I totally agree with what has already been said about powder vs pellets. Also, I got much more consistent accuracy with heavier projectiles...My groups shrunk by half when I went from 245 gr. power belts to 295...I am sure it is due to the longer length, providing more stablity. I would recommend trying the same move. (heavier /longer projectile, with powder).
  9. experienced hunter who can pick his shots...ok. If the firearm might be used for anything bigger than white tail...much better choices. It doesnt have mass for heavy penetration or bone breaking.
  10. Just look it up via the counties tax office. It would be close enought for a general idea. If you are checking out the property, the ownder should have a map and it would be surveyed at time of sale.
  11. Breakfast is my favorite meal...when hunting, sometimes before, sometimes after the a.m. hunt. for me, it is going to include venison steaks (served RARE only, if you want them well done, dont show up) eggs, sausage/bacone from the local Mennonite market, french toast and perk coffee.
  12. Wind aint happening without changes in barometric pressure. I think critters are aware on some level of dropping pressure, and are more active before fronts come in. Rising pressure after a change...not so much, but the critters are moving because the weather is better allowing it. As far as me hunting...I will try like heck to be out before and after a front, and will hunt in breezy conditions, but not once the trees start swaying and branches falling. I love to hunt the sloppy weather. It has treated me well over the years. As an aside...I certainly hunt according to the wind direction. There are times deer dont seem to catch me, but they have enough times that I plan around it.
  13. We used to spend alot of time with our .22s wood chuck hunting, then in the fall squirrels. For many years my trusty Marlin 39 reigned supreme....its open sights were all I knew. As money flowed a bit more, I had a stable of semi .22s, all scoped. Marlins, Savage, Ruger, etc. Accuracy wise, they all were pretty even when scoped. I sight for 50 yards for head shots on squirrels, at 100 a wood chuck will get hit solid, but not much oomph left, even with the CCI mini mags which are all I shoot.
  14. Grouse drumming, followed by the peep peep peep of a little flock of chicadees bobbing about nearby.
  15. I carry a small 2 aa light, white. I know where I am going, and there will not be any other hunters in the area.I very seldom need it in the a.m., I have it more for if I shoot something at last light.
  16. We have been down that....very nice. Might be low, be prepared to drag a bit.
  17. they can be unfriendly.
  18. We have gone up to the Moose River in past years for ML. Always enjoyed the time in the woods...productivity...eh. Where are you paddling in to? Due to poor planning, opening week end we are up to the 1000 Islands for a long week end fishing for the opener of ML, not a bad thing...but I have the rest of the week off following for hunting. I will be up to my camp on the Tug Hill for most of the duration. I am hoping to break in my flintlock this year.
  19. Get some prussian blue...it is a machinists " paint", that is applied to one surface, to see where it is making contact with another. Apply it generously to the trigger/safety, and place into stock. Where it hits you need to shave/sand, etc. I used it when final fit bedding the flintlock I built last winter, and it was invaluably. Likely, you have a very large margin of error around the trigger and safety....that would be a non -=bedding area of the action. hack alot out, no damage done.
  20. Just to mention...if you include Africa in "across the pond", my wife and I went to South Africa this past April, and had an absolutely amazing trip. Hunting there could be on private or public land. Most is on very large tract private lands...tens of thousands of acres (though some are much smaller...closer to the pay to hunts in the U.S. I chose an outfitter that was 100% fair chase spot and stalk, wild born and sustaining populations. I had a simple common modest bag...Impala, warthog, kudu and zebra (NOT A HORSE!!! Three days of the most challenging stalking. Moose is a gimme in comparison! I added an Nyala. We were treated like gold, first rate food, accomodations and company. We would go back in a heartbeat. Unfortunately with the change in govt. and politics...the way of life of the white farmers/hunters will be coming to an end down the road.
  21. Almost all game is owned by the landowners and regulated closer than thoroughbred horses. I am somewhat interested in a stag hunt in Scotland, mainly because I would love to see the country. It is affordable, very guaranteed, they put you up usually in the old manor houses/castles where you are treated like royalty. Half of my interest is because my wife would so enjoy the setting. newer opportunities in eastern europe have opened up which are a more wild experience including for rams, bear, etc.. Eastern Russia has massive bear and moose, similar strains to Alaskas, but needless to say...no one is booking right now.
  22. Hoffmans! The only brand we will eat...almost. Something about the way Heids in LIverpool though, improves on even them. One Texas hot with a weiner, and one snappy! I have to admit, Costanzas venison hotdogs are outstanding.
  23. I have long wanted to get into metal detecting, even have some friends who do it...just too many other things going on and not enough time. The magnet fishing would be easier for me to do though....at least a bit when out fishing.
  24. Cool. I have seen pretty much every other critter, still waiting for my first bear. Nothing really in the area to attract them though except some measly apples.
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