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  1. I love the 77s, but replaced all the triggers with a Timney. I had a .308, 300 Win Mag and currently a .270. They basically are just a reverse engineered Mauser 98 (which is a good thing). I always loved the .22s, but never could get my hands on one.
  2. Thats me back yard and stomping grounds.
  3. Back when it was legal, my father in law almost single handedly wiped out a local deer herd feeding them. He put out corn behind his house...which was about 500 feet from a heavily traveled road. Almost daily once the herd found the food source, one to two deer were killed crossing to get to the corn. Not a pretty site.
  4. I have a little Stevens .410...great fun little toting gun for jaunts/targets of opportunity. Silly, but I love how a box of shells carries so easily.
  5. This time of year is great for squirrels. Do a bit of snow tracking if there is any. Bring some hot dogs /cheddar brots, have a campfire and a toasted marshmallow or two, success even if no squirrels are found
  6. I had always wanted an Encore in .308, but got distracted from it. Fine rifle.
  7. sand the rust off, Rustoleum high temp. paint.
  8. Most of my rifles wear Leupold. Never an issue with any of them ...EXCEPT for a Redfield Revolution (made by L). I was not at all happy with it and quickly sent it back.I have one of the newer Leupolds 2x7 ....the model that replaced VX2 and VX1 scopes....It certainly wasnt up to the quality /crispness of adjustment, etc. that my other 1s and 2s were, but absolutely holds its zero.
  9. Young bear, likely kicked out by mom this year. They wander a lot looking for food sources. He could have been ten miles away the next day. One stray pic of a critter is cool, but it does not tell you they are residents in the area.
  10. No! Do not crush the pellets! T7 is available in powder form.
  11. The triple 7 primers were designed especially for use with ....777. That said, see what works. Regardless of what primers, I found though that I never got complete ignition of three pellets when shooting them. I would find them lying onthe ground smoking. Two pellets no problem, but much better accuracy, ignition and economy shooting powder.
  12. What a beautiful animal! I wonder where it was taken? Now the challenge is to decide how best to display it to best advantage.
  13. I always say my best season is when I get to enjoy being out and hunt all season long and get a deer the last week end. My worst season...filling my tag the first day. Thank goodness for my early ML season where I hunt so I can potentially get meat and still have a tag for the end of the season.
  14. 1/2 before sun up is none too early...less likely to spook them going in...new day, ya never know. They could have been just the other side of the camera all morning. Be still ,hunt the wind, leave the electronics behind. It will be warm, so movement will most likely be in cooler temps.
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