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  1. Just remember the 180s will drop quicker...be sure to sight your gun at your normal range. There will likely be a significant change. Generally the heavier wt bullets are for bigger heavier animals, bear, moose, etc. but certainly the deer wont know the difference.
  2. Each one I see breaks my heart.
  3. I think we are all assuming that this IS for deer? I hate to sound contradictory to anyone, but I would pick up a box of several brands to try. And even though slug guns rock the shoulder from a rest, I would sight it rested for best consistency. Winchester slugs measure slightly larger than REmingtonss (I forget exactly how much) and in my guns shoot the most accurately. Try a few.
  4. I can get a buck to hold still for a girth tape measure just about as long as I can get a date to hold still for a bust measurement... And just the same I am lucky to see either a 2nd time.
  5. you dont specify the season, ...but just the same... ML season opens mid month, this year 10-17. I havent missed an opening day in 43 years.I certainly see more deer later (I take opening week ML off and the last week in December) but I still will see deer. I only get a doe permit about every other year, so to me ML is my 2nd deer. I fill that tag and still have a tag (sometimes two) to keep me out through to the end. I will often pass on deer early just because I have to hunt...I dont have to shoot anything.
  6. First wish....more time to use the boat and clean glitter off strippers....I will join Lawdwas' campaign.
  7. I used to love to hunt them. I had a Llewellyn setter that honed in on them quicker than a dropped cookie. I dont any more because simply....they taste like...dog poop (or what I guess that tastes like). Sure there are a million recipes to marinate them, etc. but would you marinate a genuine dog turd to make it edible? (same as my outlook on Corona beer. It is a horrible tasting beer, that the lemon only slightly covers for).
  8. West Monroe in Oswego County? Right up the road from me. It is split into both northern and southern tier by route 49. There is a big mix of woods/ wetlands, with a large chunk of state land on the north side of Oneida Lake. There are a lot of deer in the area, and portions of it are quite heavily hunted. I avoid the state land like the plague for deer hunting, but there are a lot of deer in there if you want to get well away from the crowds. Study topographical maps. Lots of small game hunting possibilities too, which are good for scouting the areas. There are a number of large dairy farms, all are decent folks and if you present yourself as respectable and a good sort, you probably have a higher than average chance of getting access. But don't wait until the last minute...which is coming up quick. Just north a short drive east of 81 and Parish is Happy Valley Game Management area. State yes, but it is a huge area and in recent years gets very little pressure. You need to work for you deer, but we have done quite well there in years past. You may want to explore that area too.
  9. Ya know, I have seen that affect many times also...the younger deer appearing to almost be in shock. A fair number of those incidences were at close range. I wonder if they arent sort of overwhelmed by the muzzle blast and cant put together what happened. I have seen other mature does in the same group respond the same way, especially at dusk.
  10. I am guessing that you glued your shoe sole? After the fact, but Elmers is water soluble. Shoe goo, BArge cement, several other products work very well on sole replacement and glueing.
  11. My camera is up year round. I have bucks that only come around every 3-4 days, or every other week. If the camera is up long enough you can figure this out. Bucks have a lot bigger base than does do.
  12. I go for the biggest doe I can find. They eat just fine. It may change pattrns for a bit, but there are a number of them around at any given time that it certainly doesnt hurt the areas herd.