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  1. I would start by calling your family doc. He will be able to steer you toward your counties sources. At this time it is likely you will have an appt for at least a couple weeks down the road, and they will schedule your 2nd shot at the time of your first. By chance are you a veteran? if so you can call the VA for an appt.
  2. I cant say anything about the price, it is so dependent on where it is....It would be outrageous for where I am (tug hill). I would call neighbors and be honest...you are looking at the property, and inq. about any security, water, etc. issues. I did so when I bought, and the local folks were fine to talk about it. It wouldnt hurt to inquire with the local police barracks about particular problems. They are everywhere, but some areas worse than others.
  3. This is the time of the year to hit the woods....you can see through a long range of woods, find the long term tracks, still find the mast trees and food sources...as well as more easily see others tree stands/sites.
  4. I have hunted it frequently in the past, work and live in the area. There is a deer population, but the surrounding area is quite populated. I wouldnt choose to deer hunt there, but I am thinking that archery season could be productive. There is ALOT of access to the land. During small game season it is is very active with bird hunters, getting a good stocking of pheasants. You mention "The house is close"....so you live nearby? Have you been out on it at all? Get out and wander it. All of it. This is the season to start. If I lived closer, I would be there very frequently walking
  5. I have a list of all my arms with thier histories, serial numbers, where acquired, etc. As well, I have noted what should happen to the arm if I pass, and I have the names of auction houses I have worked with for her to contact. I keep it maintained on my computer and keep a printed copy in our safe. Very sadly, there is no one in our family who shares my love of heritage and hunting/arms, so my first directive (with several arms excepted) is my closest friends each have a pick, with particular arms already designated.
  6. I dont worry about it other than when I am up there to actively hunt. If the dogs are around throughout the year the deer get used to the scent. We are all woods, so the likelihood of the dogs seeing a deer to chase is minimal. The deer are much more alert and stay away. Occ. at night when we let them out I know they spot deer...they take off like a bolt. They are Rotties, so they dont go far and the deer have them way outclassed. No concerns about the deer for hunting season at all, but when I am up there hunting (and my dog always goes with me) I keep her close to the camp. If i let her out
  7. A stock raised deer is just...live stock. One high fence outfit will buy from stock farms to stock their own lands, certainly landholders who can afford to high fence thier property will stock the same way. In some circles "mine is bigger than yours" is all that counts, doesnt make any diff. to the taker how they get it. Just the same trophy deer mounts sell at auctions to get mounted on some liars wall, or some folks just want them for the decoration.
  8. Hmmm, I will have to do an inventory when I get home tonight...
  9. I have and have red his book several times. Great stuff. A real woodsman.
  10. Mein gott! what the devil were you sniffing? Monkey poo? Sweat? Bananas?
  11. Okay, I will admit my wife and I love them. We are both huge fans of the old monster flicks (although I can do without the cartoonish child oriented Godzilla flicks (Godzilla vs the Smog Monster!). They fall under the category of Popcorn Movies...saturday afternoon fun flicks. No thinking required. I do remember thinking as a kid though, how wimpy are the Japanese when their idea of a monster is a huge butterfly (Mothra)?
  12. Daveboone


    Started handloading for .357 and .38 sp about forty years ago, now I load for pretty much all centerfire cartridges. .38, .357 m. 9mm, 45 acp, 30-30, .308, .270 Win., 8x57 Mauser, 45-70, 22-250. I am hoping reloading supplies start loosening up, I am just getting into .270 and need powder, projectiles and primers (I figure I am ok for my other calibers, but dont want to get into a new load without replenishing the stock).
  13. Buy as big as you can...you will use it, but try to plan for placement in an out of the way dry place...foolish to display it prominently in a hallway or living room. Just as important...make sure your home itself is as secure...deadbolts, windows that cant be accessed, basement doors /windows to pop open, etc. It only makes sense to secure your HOME first, and then get the guns secured (of course reversed if you are worried about people/kids inside the house).
  14. Do you sell certified organic lint? And also, I am allergic to wool....
  15. Ive had porcupine several times. Quite a meaty critter. Best barbequed, very fatty. You need to be careful because with all the fat, if you dont do alot of trimming, it burns easily. Actually tastes alot like woodchuck, and similarly muscled.
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