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  1. Does the DEC have a website? I would think with a bit of digging it wouldnt be too difficult to find.
  2. No need to split the pelvis or sternum. A long thin blade allows cutting around the rectum to easily pull through, and I can blindly reach up to the top of the chest cavity to separate the esoghagus, etc. I prefer to hunt cool weather, so with a stick or two to prop open the carcass it cools fine. As well the carcass does a pretty good job of partially enclosing itself to keep garbae out. Especially when opening the pelvis, the legs flop all over, and the chest can act like a scoop.
  3. Okay, I am at least a bit interested. I love my muzzleloading, and my preference is my Lyman Great Plains rifle with round ball. That said, even with my TC inline, it is a royal PIA to pull the breech plug and clean...really, I think the old fashioned soap and water is easier in the Lyman. With this, you can remove the powder charge in between and easily knock the projectile out. I am not sure if the Firesticks are a one time use thing coming preloaded or if they are reuseable. I wouldnt be interested if one time use, would be if reuseable.
  4. whenever we are in the region we make sure we stop. I have done very well on some firearm purchases there...but then I am looking for older used stuff, and don't mind wear on them. I found two (actually more, but only came home with 2) pre 64 model 94s well under what we would have found them for around here.
  5. "Last Stand" is awe inspiring.....I bought a few used copies to give to friends...it is a must read. to loosely quote from the book: "This battle will be studied by our enemies and taught in our schools, so all know how Americans fight when their backs are to the wall in a hopeless situation".....poorly quoted, but I think I get the gist of it.
  6. Obrien is the absolute best. Each book holds up on its own, but I am rereading them....starting with the first, which helps understand alot of the back story. Lambert is great also, just written in a more modern style. The first few books kind of put me off with his...amorous adventures, but he matures and so does the story. I forget the authors name, but the Richard Sharpes adventures are great too..he is a foot soldier under Wellington, starting in India and following Wellingtons career through to Waterloo.much lighter reading, but he is a great character, As he advances in rank in the books, it helps to read them in order.
  7. I probably have about a dozen going at any one time....I am currently reading to finish "Road to Huertgen", which is a world war 2 memoir, but I love historical fiction. The Dewey Lambert novels are great on the napoleanic naval battles, as are Patrick Obriens, but I also love travel adventure books, esp. motorcycle oriented, and historical adventure/ hunting books.
  8. He wrote one of the all time great motorcycle travel books, Ghost Rider. I highly recommend it, regardless of your taste in music.
  9. 1933 1898 Oberndorf Mauser in its original 8x57. It was somewhat sporterized when Dad got it in the 50s with an excellent aperture sight on it, but over a period of years I modernized it with a low swing safety and scope mounts. It wears a 1.5 x 5 VX 3 Leupold. The old 8 mm is tough to beat, and loves to be handloaded. I load 175 gr. Sierra Game King spitzers. The gun is in far from its original condition...in what I read the year it was manufactured, was just before Germany really started to gear up its military, and these were manufactured actually to civilian specifications to bypass treaty limitations. As well as the scope and safety, it has a Timney trigger, upgraded firing pin and spring, alloy trigger guard with button release magazine The barrel had been turned down pre Dad, and front sight removed, with a synthetic stock added (Dad had put it in a Herters birdseye maple stock, in his configuration the gun weight over twelve pounds! Now it is closer to 7 1/2. I am pretty much done with it, but I need to give it new paint...still unsure of what, but probably a matt ceramacoat. She takes my deer (including my first buck in 1983) and two moose so far, and I hope to take it to Africa in spring 2020. I actually have another model 98 (1943 Steyr armory, as I recall). A friends dad paid 50 bucks for it in the mid 70s, I acquired it about 5 years ago. It was also wearing a Herters stock, plain walnut but was already drilled and tapped. I decided to try to keep it in the same character..a 1950s era sporterized Mauser, thus lightly done. I am leaving the stock, but bought a new dropped handle bolt to better use with the scope, a low swing safety and put a Redfield 4 power vintage 1950s scope on it. I shoot the same load. I hope to hand it off to my friends younger generation some time, but none are interested t this point. bummer.
  10. Cool! A number of years ago, my uncle offered me his Springfield .22 semi auto. I declined it as I had a surplus of .22s already. Some time went by and in some of my dads stuff I found the factory hang tag/price tag from a Homer NY hardware store, for the Springfield .22! Dad had bought it for my Uncle for highschool graduation, if I remember now. Boy, I sure wish now I had taken the .22 for that connection (Unc sold it at a garage sale shortly after).
  11. As I age, I think I am less...thrilled about being way up. That said, I have two stands that are only 8 foot, and considering where they are I wouldn't want them higher (on knolls looking along and down into brushy areas), two ten footers in wooded areas and one sixteen footer in an open woods. Each is as high as needs to be for appropriate visibility and best background cover. And sure, steel corrodes....I just took two stands down this year to steel wheel and rustoleum to keep them in good shape...doesn't everyone?
  12. Folks showing up with their brand new semi auto pistols, and think they are sighting in by rattling off a magazine as fast as they can, but not understanding why there aren't any holes in the target.
  13. Find out if a camp up on blocks is considered permanent. Depending on the size, you can put up / purchase a very comfortable sized shed/ camp for a great price if you shop around. Look at Dura Sheds (pretty sure that was the name). That is what we were going to go with initially for about a 24/24 shed/ camp shell, but ended up buying with a 24/36 foot cabin on blocks in place.
  14. This is Daisy, my 8 year old Rottie. She pretty much goes where I go. She is real tiny for her breed, only about 70 lbs, but that makes her very portable (and much healthier than the biguns).