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  1. Daveboone

    WHO'S WHO HERE NOW??????

    I kind of thought Papist was Storm/Hawk...They certainly are from the same hood... Why on earth would anyone change their name anyway?
  2. Daveboone

    Rochester fire fighter exam

    As I remember, Onondaga Community College in Syracuse had a firematics oriented program for individuals interested in the field. I know also that at least one (Liverpool Fire Department, my former department) had a program for the college enrollees to board at the station, in trade of being on call when in residence. great way of getting experience. I don't know any more details, the program started after I left, but opportunities exist. I know quite a few guys who created their own careers after starting as a volunteer, and taking advantage of free training opportunities. Those who don't want to do the books though, usually just hump hose.
  3. Daveboone

    started any scouting yet???

    Never stopped from last year. My camera is up year round, every trip to the camp I am out observing the trails, tracks and what is growing, what is getting eaten.
  4. Daveboone

    Any m-1 Carbine lovers here ?

    I remember back in the nineties for a few years you could pick one up at Dicks Sporting Goods for about 119.00. I sure wish I did. At that time I bought a Chinese SKS for about the same. That was surprisingly a really well built and fun rifle, but I traded it on something. Wish I still had it.
  5. Daveboone

    Hot dog eating contest

    You can say I am a party pooper... I think these contests are disgusting, and only show the world what gluttons we are.
  6. Daveboone

    It's about that time...

    I only have a couple 1/3rd acre or so spots, which I just don't have the time or tools to annually plow / prepare for feed like I would like too, but I keep them cut down usually twice a year and the deer like the new wild sprouts... I have wild apples, and have supplemented them with some more and try to keep them pruned up, brush cleared away and each winter cut back more surrounding sun blocking trees. I have also slowly cleared and planted white and red oaks which seem to be doing well. I only have ten acres of woodland (overgrown farmland about fifty years ago) which doesn't give me much to work with, but the deer already use my land so I am trying to build in attractants and some mast that will hold them.
  7. Daveboone

    Does you survival gear work??

    I think for most of us survival gear is just what we are going to need to cover our butt in an outdoors mishap. Each of my coats (hunting/fishing type activity) have a paraffin soaked piece of cardboard and a lighter or matches, and at least a cheapie zipper pull compass. I also habitually stick rolls of birch bark in my pocket when I find them. Simple, reliable. Years ago when I hunted more in a group, we enjoyed a mid day camp fire to warm up by and singe some meat over, and I still enjoy doing it when I can. If I fall, get lost or what have you, I am confident I can make a fire in most any weather to overnight it. I always have a length of paracord, planned for dragging but it will work to help improvise a shelter. Water in NY is a no brainer. It is every where, and Giardia / creeping crud or whatever will be a secondary worry to staving off dehydration and its related confusion, weakness, etc. for a day or two until I am found or get out. I cant imagine not having a pocket knife at least with me....365 days a year. Mans oldest, simplest tool, it doesn't have to be fancy or expensive. I have gutted numerous deer with simple scout knifes, fillet knifes, electrician knifes, jeesh, they all have a sharp edge. But that is the most important part....keeping it sharp, and knowing how to sharpen it. Damn few people know how anymore, and most just hope a new knife stays sharp. Dumb and lazy. Most important....make sure someone knows where you are, or should be. I frequently hunt alone, but am usually in the same spots. We have poor cell phone service, but I can usually get out a one or two word text saying "All OK".
  8. Daveboone

    Does you survival gear work??

    It is a good point to practice with what you plan on having...especially the most basic tools and skills. Once you become proficient, then practice on crappy conditions...in the dark, in the rain, etc. I have eliminated many tools/ knives, firestarters, etc. from my gear in this way. Keep it simple and durable.
  9. it is grammar. German but no political affiliation.
  10. Daveboone

    4 days at the cabin.......

    Sounds like my last few week ends. On the first, I put in a nice new deck on the front, which hopefully next year gets enclosed to a screened in porch. I planted a few apple trees, oaks, and chestnuts, and transplanted a load of day lilies and trilliums from our home. THis past w/e, I replaced the steps into the back porch, and tore down the rider mower and got her running again...thank goodness, I hate the thought of replacing it. I cant complain though, I have gotten ten years out of the 75 bucks I paid for this one (mid seventies vintage Dynamark). When that was all done, I had to replace a few soffit boards to keep the varmints out, a pain in the butt to do when you are working alone up on a ladder! a few more boards to go, but they wait until next year, spray foam has the holes closed for now!. At least next week end when we go up, it will be to just relax.
  11. Daveboone

    Got Me A Maine Moose Tag!!!

    Don't sweat your '06....its plenty . They aren't that hard to put down, just go a heavier bullet. My 8x 57 Mauser dropped two to the first shot (175 gr) , and my buddies 30-06 with Federal premium Barnes bullets, (167 gr. if I recall correctly,) did the same.
  12. Daveboone

    Got Me A Maine Moose Tag!!!

    Cool! Maine is a once in a lifetime! When is the season? How long is it? Whatcha going to use?
  13. Growing up in the seventies as I was getting into hunting, small game was far more popular than deer. The success rate for deer was a small fraction of what it is now, due to lower numbers mainly. The huge number of farms, fallow land and a more active lifestyle kept us out on week ends from the end of September right through the winter, chasing rabbits, squirrel, partridge, what have you. We considered a deer season as successful if we saw a deer. With the increase in predators with their legal protection, prey species are fewer and more aware, and all the farms we used to have access are largely gone. It is difficult to interest kids in small game. We don't go as much as we used to for lack of productive areas. By the beginning of the eighties, deer populations were booming everywhere, and we began to expect to see deer consistently, and seldom went without venison (Dad started deer hunting in the forties, and when he passed away in 82 had never had a shot at a deer....not uncommon then). Now deer hunting is highly promoted by commercial / retail outfits and manufacturers. It is a steady money draw that is much more easily advertised and promoted than small game.
  14. I guess my 50 cal. ml with patched ball, 90 grains black powder. dropped right on the spot (several times). Although relatively slow moving the big round balls actually transmit their power very efficiently. Otherwise, I have always been a very firm believer in owing it to the animal to be sure of a clean kill....not "challenging" myself. I was raised hunting with pumpkin balls out of smoothbores in the southern tier, and although a 12 gauge slug appropriately applied has devastating power, a deers will to live can be amazing...multiple heart shots /boiler maker shots that the deer have gone very considerable distances. I believe shot placement is by far the most important part of taking a deer, but even premium bullets don't have the say in all circumstances once they leave the barrel.
  15. Daveboone

    Any History channels , Alone fans

    I was watching this season...The salmon guy really seemed like he was starting to unravel a bit. I remember the young woman who was one of the last contestants (I never did finish the season) who was really doing great, knew her plants inside out, built a drum to play to keep her spirits up. At the beginning of the season there was a fellow who seemed like he probably was going to breeze the ordeal, but tapped out very early on (within days, if I remember right) not wanting to be away from his family.