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  1. Daveboone


    Several years back I found a decent snapper crossing the road, and for the first time cleaned him up. I was amazed to end up with close to four pounds of beautiful red meat from him, and butchering was quite a bit easier than I anticipated. I got a recipe online from the Louisiana bayou chef Emeril (think I got that right)….soup was delicious, but the meat definetly needs tenderizing / long slow parboiling. What was most amazing, was a full six hours after chopping its head off, the heart was still beating!!
  2. Daveboone

    One Opening Cape Cod 6/15

    Boy that sounds great, I haven't been out on an ocean fishing charter in close to 30 years.... Please update us as to how you do! What is the report on cod and haddock ?
  3. Daveboone

    Eggs In The Darnedest Places.....

    Last year robins built a nest and had eggs on the spare tire underneath my pontoon boat. I had been looking forward all winter to my spring perch fishing, and the wife but down the law about bothering them.... Nature took its course though within a few days. It looked as though racoons got into the nest. At that time it got relocated.
  4. Daveboone

    Late night visitor

    here doggie!
  5. Daveboone

    Praying mantis have hatched

    I still get excited when I find one. I have always hoped to find a Walking Stick (insect), but have yet to. A friend found one of all places, on his car one morning.
  6. Daveboone


    I would enjoy a bison hunt. Locally, I know of one pay to shoot up north, where you can get a bison meat hunt (oh jeesh, I am dating myself now....its has been about 10 years) about 1000 pre butcher at that time. I guess just to fill the freezer it isn't too bad, but I am with you, I would love to hunt it out on the plains...I would have to use my falling block 45-70 though.
  7. Daveboone

    “ Fragile “

    Remember the good old days when you ordered something my mail? Expected delivery 8-12 weeks!
  8. Daveboone

    The Deerhunter

    It is important to remember that the movie wasnt about deer hunting...it was about brotherhood and loyalty, with Bobby Deniro the glue that held them all together.
  9. Daveboone

    Yours or your kids first gun

    After I got my hunter safety, Dad had a friend pick up a bolt action JC Higgins 12 gauge goose gun for me, which he refinished the stock on. Dad was only an occasional hunter, and not a successful one at that, so pretty much any gun was good enough. I carried that telephone pole for small game and deer until I found most of a Winchester model 94 sticking out of a trash can one day. We ordered up the needed parts and thank goodness I had that for deer hunting, anyway. I actually shot a huge southern tier doe my first season carrying the JC Higgins...dad was close to seizures when he saw it! I bought a Savage bolt .22 for my son to start with, followed by a Stevens 20 gauge side by side. As he took an interest in muzzleloading I built him up a Dixie Gun Works 40 cal Cub rifle, which was alot of fun.
  10. Daveboone

    The Deerhunter

    Some time ago I read an interview with the director, and he was never happy with the hunting scenes. He apparently really wanted to catch the majesty of the mountains and the feel of the brotherhood, (If I remember right the Cascades were substitute for the actual PA hills...) and they had a heck of a time finding a buck deer. the first one was a whitetail, but an immature spindly one, and he wanted a trophy. Thus, the stag they used....the clumsy deer death scenes were due to the darting of the animals.
  11. Daveboone

    Bergara Rifles

    No matter what I was taking, with a hunt in October I would have had my gun dialed in by now with a lot more shooting to come. My suggestion...take one of the others that you are already confident in.
  12. Daveboone

    The Who

    I would love to see them, but cant afford the tickets right now or the time to go see them! Crap. I admire that Townsend and Daltry still are together after all these years, and still love performing.
  13. Daveboone

    Deer meat this year.

    I shot a mature buck this year who was still rutting. He was promptly dropped off at my processor (absolutely no question I get the same deer back), It hung in the cooler for about a week before processing. His meat absolutely has a bit of gaminess too it, and is tougher than the doe I shot three weeks before. Typical for other big bucks in the same condition I have shot in the past. That is why every year I am first a meat hunter....give me a nice mature doe or 1 1/2 year old buck. I am not saying I wont shoot the big boy if he comes by, but for the table, I shoot for meat quality.
  14. Daveboone

    Weird !

    I also couldn't figure out what was wrong, or possibly, till I read the following notes. I have frequently seen much smaller fawns/ yearlings. Considering the relatively short growth time from birth in the spring to fall, if you have a late conceived doe, (even several weeks/month) they are going to be significantly smaller than their fellow babies.
  15. Daveboone

    AeroSmith-- Dream On.

    I saw them at the Syracuse NY War Memorial in their NIght In The Ruts tour. (still have the T shirt...don't fit so hot anymore!). Over the years they have racked up quite a catalog of hits . It has been quite a while since it came out, but "Jamies Got A Gun" was and is quite a powerful tune. No matter the talent of the artists, I think it is tough to fight ageing....raging hormones, love found and lost, etc. does wonders for the emotions that supercharge so many groups/ artists younger years. Clapton is one of the few who I think still is producing outstanding stuff...but his life has always been a rollercoaster. I certainly hope he finds some peace on his Scottish salmon waters.