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  1. Essentially they are unchanged each year. Go to the DEC website, and they explain the exact system for upcoming deer seasons.
  2. The saddest part is that Dicks started out as a hunting/fishing store (in Binghamton NY if I remember correctly?). When they opened in Cicero NY, fishing and hunting were still their main stay.
  3. You have permission, you are ahead of the game, but we seldom can change peoples long term thoughts....but you can head them off. An offer to post the property at the access sites? Put a camera up or two to help their security and peace of mind? My property borders state land and a neighbors. Both propertys are posted. The previous owner we were both happy to allow the other to wander/hunt on the property if no one was there (easy to see if cars are present). When asked, the current owner was very politely hesitant to agree to the same (to my dismay....his nearest corner is a great funnel area). I could see he was uncomfortable with me asking. I quickly stated, " You and I both have our own camps for the same reason. We want to know who is on them. No problem. Smiles returned, good relations maintained. And I honor that.
  4. If the critters dont keep up with the news, I doubt they will notice anything. We have cloudy days...alot.
  5. I had a wrist rocket growing up, that I carried on my paper route. It is amazing how accurate you can be.
  6. MOst of the movie studios were in California.....
  7. Nope. Cast out, slowly work it back in. I do have a boat which helps open options. Some guys swear by jigging for them for the big elephant perch, but I have always been jiggy deficient....
  8. Anything for heart is good. Tongue is just a big muscle. You slice off the outer skin, then just drop it in the pot with pickling spice, vinegar and water per the recipe and simmer away. If not pickled, it just tastes like beef.
  9. We usually use perch minnows....but get just as many with a little gob of worm. When the weather is real cold we used to use an ice dot with mousie grubs on them, tied above a minnow.
  10. RCBS used to be a very easy to deal with company....I havent needed to do so in a few years, but I would give customer service a call and ask them if it was supposed to come with both (does it say on the box?) . Yep, small press for small primers, large for large. Put a dab of vaseline on the hinge point for lube...it will bind and break eventually without it.
  11. I wont be out for trout, but i sure hope to get out for perch over the next couple weeks.
  12. I do not like Roundup....but it works good on poison ivy. Every other year or so I have to attack it, creeping into my yard from the neighbors or the woods behind me.
  13. We used to love to go to Sampson state park on Seneca, and fish off the wall for northerns and trout. I was really hoping to get there this year, but havent due to way too much work prepping our house for sale.
  14. Great! I hope to get out in the fingerakes in the next week or two.
  15. A few years ago outside of Watertown, I was admiring a 1930s vintage HD that was parked outside a hardware store. It was very much a "rat", but totally brought into riding condition, safely and legally. While I was admiring it, an old salt walked out of the store...the owner. He was happy to share the bikes history. He bought it as a basket case in the sixties, went overseas and forgot about it. He rediscovered it about ten years ago, and with some friends help got it running (one kick start!). He researched the bike to discover it was sold to the City of Watertown Police department...and was even able to identify the officer it was issued to. Even cooler, he has a great photo of the officer on the bike escorting President Roosevelt when he visited Watertown in the thirties!
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