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  1. incredible book on the aftemath of the battle "A strange and Blighted Laond"....I forget the authors name...written by one of the guidesat Gberg, about the field of battle and the local repercussions. The scene he painted in your mind describing the field after Picketts charge was sheer horror.
  2. The view from Little Round Top puts the whole battle field into perspective.
  3. When muzzleloaders first became popular with thier own season, it was cap and ball. Seasons changed and equipment changed over the years due to hunter demand. Shotgun season went from smooth bore to rifled shotguns to now rifles in many areas. I no longer bow hunt...took a few with my compound, didnt like the high tech bowhunting approach and took up the recurve for awhile, and enjoyed it much more, but couldnt shoot to be good enough to hunt responsibly. Therefore I tend not to get into the xbow debate much. BUT...considering the primitive nature and intent of bowhunting, I do not think that xbows should be used during thier season. Unfortunatetly also, all...and I am saying ALL xbow hunters I know do not put the practice in with thier bows to shoot proficiently and are very prone to shooting irresponsibly due to the "rifle like accuracy and trajectory" of the xbow. They suck with them. of course there are plenty of responsible shooters out there, but it seems many of them use it strictly as a crutch, and a poor one at that.
  4. My wife and I saw him a few years back at the Lewis County Field days. Great fun show, a very talented professional and gracious performer. It was the only concert we have ever gone to that my wife got excited about. Two of my very favorite songs: Long haired Country Boy and Trudy. Fire on the Mountain is probably my favorite album.
  5. I am always in awe of guitarists like his skill. I wonder if that solo is just flowing from him or if he wrote it as such?
  6. I have frequently seen nice used boats selling for about half or less what you would expect...and the pics are always of what looks like southern locations with palm trees, ornate brick driveways, etc. Not CNY scenes. I responded to one once...always cell phones. They are eager to move it and are out of town, send my bank info and they will ship it to me!
  7. I probably check in here more than any other but I really like Bushcraft USA. It is more of an all around woodsman site for outdoor skills with alot of hunting/fishing and shooting tossed in. Pretty mellow site. Africa Hunting is a huge website, primarily on ...of course, hunting Africa, but it covers a bit of everything. Very helpful in planning/preparation for our trip next year.
  8. Pretty sure it is a lowly garter snake, just a very light one.
  9. I got major goose bumps walking the "sunken road". as Marlo said.....The Horror......
  10. A lot of folks who go to Gburg are unaware that Antietam is only about 45 minutes away. It is considered the best preserved of the battlefields, and is a beautiful area. Much smaller area. Gettysburg is always worth a return trip, so much to see.
  11. I had to pull my tree stands....I have a few I leave on the public land nearby...a seldom ventured corner, no one has ever bothered/found them to my knowledge. They were logging the area up to a couple weeks ago. I need to see if they have finished. They sure have changed the scene. I threw some throw and grow down on the logging roads, but we haven't gotten poop for rain since.
  12. The battle of Gettysburg started...If you have never been there it is a worthy destination for a day or a week.If you cant make the trip the movie"Gettysburg" is quite accurate historically with great actors.
  13. If I was so gifted...reloading supplies. But I also need a good pair of hiking boots. It seems most of my footwear has been on its way out this spring.
  14. Honestly, the world hasn't affected us dramatically anyway. We aren't eating out as much which is good, we don't wander too far from home. Family is well. I am very happy that I am starting to see friends socially again, even if it is just for a beer or two after work. That said, I don't think any of this will affect hunting much. People who don't hunt and are worried about meat, would need to get a hunter safety class, figure out a place to hunt and learn how to. And then get it processed, which is the bottleneck for meat supply anyway. I have been taking two deer a year the past few years. We eat venison a couple times a week, enjoy it, but really don't want to eat it more . I will if opportunity present shoot two more again this year, like the past few I will make more sausage and prepared meats to change things up.
  15. cecropia . Big and beautiful the caterpillar is equally impressive.