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  1. Honestly, i have used 777 for quite a number of years, and would just as soon use blackpowder...easier more reliable ignition, and despite supposedly not needing the care of black powder, I think 777 requires the same clean up. I do think it buys you some time before you have to do a thorough cleaning. BP immediatly...777. maybe later that day. Some guys use just windex with their black powder guns too. There are alot of different home agents that work. With my rifles (primarily black powder now, ) I have found just using hoppes black powder solvent/lube works fine. BUT both my inlines wi
  2. Back in the early seventies when I was new into scouts, Dad bought me a huge stag handled "hobo" type knife...I lost count of the tools in it, but something like twenty! awl, saw, bottle and can opener, cork screw, spoon and fork, a few different screw drivers...it was about the size of a grown mans fist. It didnt have a knife blade in it.
  3. Upstate a black powder arm can be purchased and delivered to your door. I have done it several times, most recently two months ago. Same for black powder and primers (you will have a hazardous shipping fee). Black powder pistols are another matter. Last I knew you did NOT need to license them unless you had components to load and shoot it. Below is some information that details the ownership of "antique" or ML firearms. I am not sure of the source, but you can always back reference it. It sounds like you do not need to register black powder firearms (unless a loaded pistol/revolver).
  4. Just like the first clip mentioned...bad guys (and sometimes good guys) died, kids shot guns, most of the bad guys were former nazis or stunted /deformed aborigines. Pterodactyls, jet packs, volcanoes. And it only got better! And my wife wonders why I HATE power rangers, etc. Growing up I was sure scientists had super cool jet planes and packed iron . I didnt know what the hell a scientist did, but I damn well knew I wanted to be one!
  5. Actually that is exactly what I was referring, but not very clearly. I believe it is the original tag holder who is limited by what they can sign over, not the recipient. Good point to clarify, not that I have any interest in looking for tags like that.
  6. In theory, as many deer as you can get tags signed over to you if you (speaking non specifically) like to kill that much.
  7. In the correct seasons/regions. Actually one buck bow, one buck muzzleloader (if you have bow and ML tags) and one rifle. Please dont just because you can. I can, but it would be a real slob of me to do so when in my area other folks struggle to get one.
  8. Okay...dont misjudge...Mein Kampf. Understand I am absolutely as anti- Nazi/fascist as you can get, but I cant help but be fascinated by what AH mindset must have been like...and it seemed like the logical place to start. I put it back ....I was just too concerned with appearances. I have to say I am horrified by the recent news of the high school kid whose yearbook was pulled because he listed MK as his favorite book. Horrified because the district censored him. WTF? isnt that part of what we were fighting against AH in the first place? Book burning, etc? So the kid listed it
  9. His Conan movies were great! I was really looking forward to the King Conan movie, which was in pre-production a few years back....Conan (as the books told the story) ageing into a KIng. Arnie could still have pulled it off...maybe not to the degree of forty years ago, but still.... It was pulled supposedly due to likely only being a "one up". What ever happened to just making a movie because it would be a great movie?
  10. I also on several occasions have used NY based auction houses. They took photos, posted them online and took care of all paperwork. The guns then went for going price, and the auciton co. got 20%, a MUCH better deal then you will get from any gun shop. Forget pawn shops, etc. Selling to gun shops, etc. you will be lucky to get 25 to 30% of their actual value. I happily have used Hessney's in Geneva NY several times, and actually have some there now. With current gun/ammo supply shortages, prices are very good...likely at an all time high.
  11. I was lucky enough to be invited every year to my Dads friends camp for opening w/e in the western ADKs. We looked forward to that every year, and loved every minute. Deer were few and far between, but the bull was everywhere!
  12. In my neighborhood, ya drop a foil wrapper and a scrapper snatches it up. A fridge or stove wont have time to cast a shadow.
  13. Actually it sold last night (sat. 5-29). Hated to see it go, we had alot of adventures in it from Green Lake in Tully, to the Salmon River, Finger Lake chain, Lake Lila, Stillwater, Lowes Lake and Bog River Flow, ....Simply put the old girl was replaced by a younger and lighter Mad River Malecite which is much easier to move around. I had a number of calls on it (from Craigslsit) but everyone wanted me to commit to a price sight unseen....I only dicker in person. Old school.
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