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  1. Simple quick google search ...using two different search engines and three different sources.... Life expectancy at birth for year 2020. Canada ranks 21st...give or take a couple Germany ranks 34 USA ranks 43...give or take.
  2. I havent hunted as much this year as past years by now because I was lucky enough to take a nice big ML doe, but as of tonight I am at the camp for most of the next 9 days getting serious.... This year though, I have certainly seen more hunters in the woods, most from out of the local area ( I know my neighbors). I think between that and the warmer temps, the deer are hunkering down more. My game cameras are certainly showing plenty of deer up through this week.
  3. Working in health care myself, I have had quite a bit of opportunity to talk with Germans about their system and Canadians about ours. No system is perfect, but especially the German model was created new from scratch post WW2, as was their entire economy and political system. it works, people like it. The Canadian system is a blend of the old (ours) and new, and is also a great improvement. The standard flat tax rate on all goods and services pays for it ,and no one goes without any thing, and you are free to have your own private insurance and go to private providers if you choose. Chronic care meds (ex.....insulin, DM care supplies, which cost us about 6500. a year) are absolutely free. The problem with our system is it dates back as old as our free enterprise system. It is like Microsoft ....patch job on patch job on patch job.
  4. . Members 286 288 posts LocationBallston Spa Report post Posted 9 hours ago (edited) I do. I finished reading “Promise Me Dad” and it made me like and respect him that much more. I’m just now reading another book about him “The Book of Joe” by Jeff Wilser, and again, I like him more the more I learn about his life and career. I’m not looking to change your mind, since I’m assuming you don’t like him, but saying “No one likes Biden” is an inaccurate generalization. Edited 9 hours ago by Splitear As do I. At least I can respect him. All I ask is for him to reunify our nation. WE were always great, (maga was Trumps first and greatest lie), but our greatness is in our unity. E Pluribus Unum.
  5. Dinner at our house for the past 28 years. I am cooking 28 lbs of turkey and parts, scratch stuffing and gravey. Wife makes the smashed potatoes and apple pie,, two sisters are coming with a relish tray and cheese/ crackers. We keep it simple. Everyone stuffs on the turkey, dressing and gravy anyways. Small group the past few years with the kids out of the house. We used to have up to 27!! It was a bit much, but we had a campfire outside that a fair number of us too advantage of while the kids watched the Smurfs (or whatever) on TV.
  6. Very True! Just like deer, there are alot more small ones than big ones, and if you arent used to looking at them all bears look big in the woods. It took me a few years to get used to looking at them before I got my 305 lber. Just as difficult is judging their hides to be sure they arent rubbed. If they look pale or whiteish, they are rubbed. It is unmistakeble if compared to a good glossy black hide.
  7. Recommendation...lots of good outfitters out there, but before committing get references....as many as you can....and call them for their experiences, both successful and unsuccessful hunters. Sightings, how many baits maintained, how were the meals, who gets you to the site and back, etc. I have never hunted Maine but been just over the border in New Brunswick a lot. Great folks up there and the border crossing is a breeze (assuming no COVID or legal problems on your end). I would love to go back every year, but just don't have room for the bears! Dont sweat the gun you use...black bears arent hard to kill, just hit em the same as you would a deer. Ranges are normally close (< 50 yards). I am partial to my 45-70 but the good old 30-30 is a very common bear round.
  8. DEC has same powers as NY state troopers...but "suspicion" to them is probably very different than "suspicion" with a trooper.
  9. When I bowhunted last....almost thirty years ago....you could absolutely get three bucks. (one bow, buck and rifle. At that time I in person clarified with a DEC officer, as the tags for bow and ML both listed either weapon....that you could legally use both tags for ML OR bow ! Probably one of the reason the regulations were changed. I never did. At that time DMP for a while were also buck or doe in a bunch of areas. I have no doubt that you are correct about current regulations. I havent had any reason to be concerned with the technicalities for multiple bucks in many years.
  10. One guy couldnt legally shoot that many deer in NY anyway. One buck for regular season rifle, one for bow and one for ML...but all different time frames. It would be telling if they were all shot in the face... Of course it is legal to transport someone elses deer, but it better be tagged and you need to have written note for transport (I think that is what you need....never had to worry about it...)
  11. We had a rule not to leave our stands until 9:30. About nine the locals left thier stands and moved them through us...BUT ya never know, and we shot plenty right after sunup.
  12. But you found it! Good for you. One of the reasons I prefer to hunt in the snow....but doesnt look like I am going to have any next week.
  13. Bow/archery tags for either sex are strictly for use with those implements during thier respective special seasons. During "Regular Season", either northern or southern tier, it is buck only unless you have a deer management permit (doe tag).
  14. Opening morning (used to be Tuesday) and thanksgiving....traffic on the throughway and 81 like it was rush hour, with every vehicle full of red /orange hats. The old drives did move alot of deer...if you sat still, chances are you would still see something getting moved around. A few locations we went to it seemed as though there was a hunter behind every tree. Down on Connecticut Hill, the barrages would start way before first light! That was scary!
  15. And just as important as being safe, shoot strait! Dont waste ammo! (remember the old days in the southern tier when you werent ready for a day without several dozen rounds of slugs weighing you down? At least we dont hear those barrages like we used to...)