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  1. There are always some sneaky snakes in my shed too...make me jump a mile every time, but I know they are harmless, and let them be.Way too many mice, etc. around, and they help.
  2. Is the garage heated? How do your taxidermy heads hold up ?
  3. The old Coleman white gas (coleman fuel) stove is a work horse, but they can be gimmicky, shouldnt be used inside, and have a learning curve to simmer/ light cook with. They do require periodic maintenance, and keep them clean. A propane version is much safer if you arent used to them (( no flare ups, no gas to spill) and are fine adjustable easily.
  4. The important thing is getting all the air out of the bag before sealing. I have eaten three year old meat with no problem, but choose to make chili/etc. out of it. Although fine, it may not pass for #1 prime.
  5. Sorry, I am confused...Off shore usually refers to ocean fishing...Western NY has Ontario and Erie, close but no cigar...whacha mean?
  6. Lets see those pics and more details! I hope to get into the back end of Lows lake for a few days , or possibly Big Burnt lake off of Stillwater reservoir....been way too busy the past couple of summers, need to get bck to life!
  7. We just moved to Cortland. Our family is from there, so I am pretty familiar with the town in general, but never previously lived there. Anyone recommend a safe but mellow shooting club nearby? My main thing is traditional black powder shooting, but also centerfire and some handgun. Also looking for recommendations for local waters for pan fish/pike fishing, that arent crazy busy to launch at. Thanks!
  8. When I worked in a trauma center, every fall we would have several hunters with (usually pretty severe) injuries from tree stand falls/collapses. Spines, hips, pelvis fx, skull fractures....the arms and legs you dont worry about... Metal ones are much safer, but change those ratchet straps regularly...and only when someone is holding the stand!
  9. Looks like a pretty nice one for the fall!
  10. Essentially they are unchanged each year. Go to the DEC website, and they explain the exact system for upcoming deer seasons.
  11. The saddest part is that Dicks started out as a hunting/fishing store (in Binghamton NY if I remember correctly?). When they opened in Cicero NY, fishing and hunting were still their main stay.
  12. You have permission, you are ahead of the game, but we seldom can change peoples long term thoughts....but you can head them off. An offer to post the property at the access sites? Put a camera up or two to help their security and peace of mind? My property borders state land and a neighbors. Both propertys are posted. The previous owner we were both happy to allow the other to wander/hunt on the property if no one was there (easy to see if cars are present). When asked, the current owner was very politely hesitant to agree to the same (to my dismay....his nearest corner is a great funnel area). I could see he was uncomfortable with me asking. I quickly stated, " You and I both have our own camps for the same reason. We want to know who is on them. No problem. Smiles returned, good relations maintained. And I honor that.
  13. If the critters dont keep up with the news, I doubt they will notice anything. We have cloudy days...alot.
  14. I had a wrist rocket growing up, that I carried on my paper route. It is amazing how accurate you can be.
  15. MOst of the movie studios were in California.....
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