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  1. Get some prussian blue...it is a machinists " paint", that is applied to one surface, to see where it is making contact with another. Apply it generously to the trigger/safety, and place into stock. Where it hits you need to shave/sand, etc. I used it when final fit bedding the flintlock I built last winter, and it was invaluably. Likely, you have a very large margin of error around the trigger and safety....that would be a non -=bedding area of the action. hack alot out, no damage done.
  2. Just to mention...if you include Africa in "across the pond", my wife and I went to South Africa this past April, and had an absolutely amazing trip. Hunting there could be on private or public land. Most is on very large tract private lands...tens of thousands of acres (though some are much smaller...closer to the pay to hunts in the U.S. I chose an outfitter that was 100% fair chase spot and stalk, wild born and sustaining populations. I had a simple common modest bag...Impala, warthog, kudu and zebra (NOT A HORSE!!! Three days of the most challenging stalking. Moose is a gimme in comparison! I added an Nyala. We were treated like gold, first rate food, accomodations and company. We would go back in a heartbeat. Unfortunately with the change in govt. and politics...the way of life of the white farmers/hunters will be coming to an end down the road.
  3. Almost all game is owned by the landowners and regulated closer than thoroughbred horses. I am somewhat interested in a stag hunt in Scotland, mainly because I would love to see the country. It is affordable, very guaranteed, they put you up usually in the old manor houses/castles where you are treated like royalty. Half of my interest is because my wife would so enjoy the setting. newer opportunities in eastern europe have opened up which are a more wild experience including for rams, bear, etc.. Eastern Russia has massive bear and moose, similar strains to Alaskas, but needless to say...no one is booking right now.
  4. Hoffmans! The only brand we will eat...almost. Something about the way Heids in LIverpool though, improves on even them. One Texas hot with a weiner, and one snappy! I have to admit, Costanzas venison hotdogs are outstanding.
  5. I have long wanted to get into metal detecting, even have some friends who do it...just too many other things going on and not enough time. The magnet fishing would be easier for me to do though....at least a bit when out fishing.
  6. Cool. I have seen pretty much every other critter, still waiting for my first bear. Nothing really in the area to attract them though except some measly apples.
  7. Before buying any new firearm in this day and age, I would be sure to look carefully into ammunition availability. No way would I buy a rifle without being able to buy ample ammo at the same time (for sighting, then several seasons worth). It is said that our current supply issue is going to resolve...and appears to be improving, but who really knows? Myself, I am sticking strictly with what I have and reload for...and have ample supply for. I know several shooters who were all excited about their new rifles which are still unfired for lack of ammunition.
  8. Black powder/substitutes are all intended to me measured by volume, so use a black powder measure. You can certainly set up a smokeless powder measure for the same volume, but the amount will vary if you go by weight.
  9. I have shot them all, including 777. I have found unburned pellets downrange smoking from all the pellets. I dont think it is from the pellets themselves, i think it is from poor ignition of the forward pellet.
  10. If you are primarily a meat hunter, I think the quote even holds. I prefer a nice older doe for size and eating, and will pass many smaller /younger ones earlier in the season. Early on I have passed on good does ...and gone hungry. My area isnt known for big trophy bucks, but a few wander through later in the season. Unfortunately, a lot of the "meat hunters" around me dont pass on the first one...or the 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc.....
  11. Traveling through the maritimes in Canada, it is very common to see the floating salmon farms off shore. I was always interested in learning more of how the operations worked.
  12. If the same as last year...more like what rifle am I NOT shooting a deer with... The plan though.....54 cal. patched round ball in front of 80 grains ff powder, open sight Lyman flintlock.
  13. I have a Pedersoli made Lyman Great Plains Rifle in flint. I love it. If you havent shot flint before, there is a steep but fun learning curve! I suggesgt going to the Muzzleloading Forum for tons of advice on them. Especially early on shooting make sure you are shooting from a bench/rest, and be relaxed through the follow through. Mine has a very fast lock, but the follow through is crucial for accurate shooting. Have fun! My favorite source for muzzleloading supplies is Track of the Wolf. Good prices, very fast shipping. STock up on fliints when you find them...they are much more readily available than percussion caps lately, but also get sold out. Check Pedersolis web site or the ML forum to find out what size flint for yours.
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