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  1. Wow she’s getting big!!
  2. Yeah its nuts and leagues need to adopt zero tolerance for the parents and the coaches.
  3. I saw a parent / ump argument posted on twitter the other day and heard about a local coach freaking out because a ball was called follow. Please don’t be one of these parents. Its a terrible look.
  4. Great to see so many families playing ball!! Love seeing the posts! My kids has been hitting ball just not solid ones yet, trying to get hands / knob to ball and more on plane. Pitched well the other day, 1 hit, 1 run, 2 walks and 7k’s thru 4 innings. Just got home from his strength and conditioning coach workouts. Guys was a former ball player and works mostly with baseball kids, he’s been really impressed with his size and strength. Coach came out in the parking lot to say hi and said he did 255lb on the track bar, me having no idea said back, is that good? He looked at me like with a weird l can’t believe u asked me that question look and said yeah for an 8th grader that’s really good!
  5. Oh yeah!! Right now it’s school ball then June were knee deep in tournaments! Really looking forward to seeing how he does this yr. He’s gained a ton of weight and is working out on his own and has a strength and conditioning coach he works with twice a week!! He is 6’1 and 165lb and strong as a damn ox, and he’s still 13 for another month!!
  6. Read this book, trust me
  7. That sucks. There is too much organized baseball at that age, no reason for cuts or this team is better that that team. One kid being better that the other at that age doesn’t mean shit!! There is a movie we watched a few years ago, ( true story) kid got cut, ticked him off and he worked is but off to be better next yr, kid ended up in the mlb. Keep him involved if possible.
  8. Its amazing how many places are 1000% growing and prospering where just about any NY city is a dump. NY is dying a slow death!
  9. I made the mistake of looking at my w2 and all the taxes I paid, add in my property taxes and its over $30 grand, not including a yrs worth of sales tax. Probably the best move the guy made!
  10. Nice, I think Tennessee is 100% in our future destination plans. I am sooooo sick of NY and bending over for taxes. Heck you start paying as soon as you enter the thruway.
  11. How many did I see along our drive to Florida? None I've about had it with certain people jamming all electric down our throats.
  12. Aww. Keep us posted on the season and any future softball plans for Emma!
  13. Also if you are paying more than $1000 bucks for 8,9 u its to much
  14. More practice and less games at that age!! I wouldn’t worry about travel ball till 10 or 12u. Read the book it will help trust me!
  15. Also nobody is looking at 9 yr olds and thats facts. Who ever told you that is an idiot!! Also after reading the book, twitter is a great place to learn tons about all things baseball. Really u say? Yep tons of baseball people on here spreading helpful info. Dm me and I can give you some handles to start with. Also don’t worry about competition so much, kids change a ton from year to year, focus more on him enjoying the game first and foremost. Better comp comes later when you son gets to the big fields. Again read that book, its like $7 bucks on Amazon. Well worth the info!!
  16. Haven’t heard of them. If your kid is 9, 1000% read the book I posted about above. I wish I read this before my kid started baseball.
  17. Was it worth the music/tv and what not?
  18. Suck my wake, feel like I’ve heard that before.
  19. No freaking doubt!! A lot of people just follow suit and don’t think. I still drive my 2013 f-150 with 185k, id like to upgrade but I’m not really interested in dropping my pants at the dealership door.
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