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  1. We have a Yamaha 450, 550 and a Moto 700, I prefer the Yamaha 550, more than enough power. We have always had little to know issues with them.
  2. Bobcat

    Cool as a cat
  3. Beatin the heat plan

    Nice man
  4. Anchorage Alaska

    Jealous, send pics
  5. Beatin the heat plan

    First swim in the new pond!! The first 2 ft was bath water, cold as hell under that!
  6. Beatin the heat plan

    Well I've repeated the steps a few time, now eating some blt's then heading to the new pond we put in last fall
  7. Beatin the heat plan

    Well the jack and cokes are cold and so is the pond!! Life is fine!
  8. This dang heat wave and me game planning for the weekend, after sons baseball game in the am it's going to be.... Mix a drink, sit in the shade, then pond, then drink, shade, pond and I'm repeating all weekend!!
  9. AJ at cmac for me
  10. walk behind tiller

    It can be done but it's kinda time consuming, I did what your thinking a few times with a food plot blend of corn, sunflowers, sorghum's. I filled it up, spread the seed then tilled again. Then I drove my tractor over it 100 times to get it level and packed. Each time it worked great. Good luck
  11. Awesome New Mag On Babe Ruth.

    We were in Cooperstown and one shop had a pic of him holding a turkey after a hunt, my son bought it.
  12. It was about 5.8, we kept adding lime. Check out the liquid lime, I might try that instead.
  13. I have done wti Alfa rack and was very happy with it.
  14. Coyote den?

    Naw it's brush fire season, agway sells these smoke bombs, looks like a flair. Then find a way to eliminate the entrance.