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  1. zag

    Youth baseball thread

    Lots of turds out there unfortunately especially with sports
  2. zag

    Youth baseball thread

    2 yrs ago our son wanted to play rec soccer, he had only done it one other summer. Anyhow one game were playing a scrimmage against another team and my son was destroying it, he had something like 8-10 goals honest to God, one shot nailed the goalie right in the gut. After about the 4th or 5th goal he scored, I started getting embarrassed with each goal. Fun looking back on it now!!
  3. zag

    Youth baseball thread

    Awesome, food for thought I get my son lessons for each sport, he will listen to a coach long before he listens to me. Maybe it's different mindset with girls but if she is doing well it might be a good option down the road!
  4. zag

    Youth baseball thread

    A lefty and righty, cool deal!! Keep us posted on his progress!
  5. zag

    Youth baseball thread

    Right now it's rec and travel, then summer travel with a few tournaments in Rochester and buffalo, then on at cal Ripkin in MD. Then fall ball and football again! My son sounds similar to your grandson, I think my son's 5'3 already and can almost throw 60mph, I can't imagine him throwing 80. Hope you gs heals and gets healthy!
  6. Since my son's baseball just kicked into high gear thru early Aug I thought I'd start a thread for him and anyone else's kids or grand kids playing ball this yr. Since I have no friends besides you guys and gals I have no one else to tell. Tonight was his first game playing on the major fields (12u), he's still 10yrs old. He went 4-4, 5 rbi's and to top it off hit a HR on his first at bat and first swing! He made 2 great line drive catches while playing short stop and pitched pretty well. Games 2 and 3 are Saturday!
  7. zag


    Great deal but I'd bet none of those we're his.
  8. zag

    TSI work

    Yesterday I got the last bit of tsi done! Phew that was our last stand to complete and just in time with youth baseball about to kickin full swing. All the tsi and logging last fall plus the food plot in process should help!
  9. zag


    Haha exactly, it's like they know only one speed and it's bad all around
  10. zag

    Think my wood has worms..

    Never got the worms but one time in Cancun I found this chick, I guess she was a hooker but I don't remember paying, anyways boy did it burn when I peed. Oh sh&t you were talking about worms in the wood carving. Grr nevermind me
  11. zag

    Baby grizz

    It's only uncomfortable until you do it!! Sound like theirs money to be made my friend!
  12. zag

    Baby grizz

    Nothing you can't do that's for sure! BTW still love my huge carved skull you did!
  13. zag

    HuntingNY Tournament Challenge

    Yeah wasn't a good outcome, my bracket was crushing it early on but the wheels are falling off now
  14. zag

    HuntingNY Tournament Challenge

    Great Tennessee Purdue game right now, trading baskets