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  1. So I was talking with my dad tonight and we were kind of reflecting on the season, sighting, coyotes and birds. My dads almost 70 and he spent a good amount of time on stand during gun season and he mentioned how he didn't see or hear any chickadees, heck now that he mentioned it I don't recall hearing them either. So he asked me to ask you if you noticed or didn't notice them this yr either.
  2. Ok thanks for the info. We had some American Chestnuts but I believe they have all died. I remember early in my hunting days I remember found one. At the time I had no idea what they were.
  3. Same here, I was going to add apple trees to the edge of our plot that should be completed by spring. Miller's in canandaigua had great apple trees for a fair price it's to bad they sold out. As far as seedlings it was always 50/50 in my experiences. Pine trees or dogwood ok but bearing trees I want more of a sure thing.
  4. Maybe I was lucky the last time but I planted a dozen apple trees a few yrs back (4-5ft range) added the slow release fertilizer and they never missed a beat. Yes it was a crap ton of work as each hole dug was like 4ft in diameter but if it gets me to bearing fruit faster I'm in. For the Chestnuts do u go with Dunstan or Chinese?
  5. Musser forrests has a good selection of pines and the price seems decent but somewhat small stock
  6. Awesome job guys. Really cool you guys pulled it off!!
  7. zag

    Plot advice needed.

    For me I'd really have to see the grounds first hand. I'd leave the bedding alone and maybe look at expanding your existing plot. Not sure if the timber is harvestable, if so have it logged and have them remove the trees in the expanded plot.
  8. Now that the seasons basically over were all shifting to habitat work I'm wondering who you order your trees from and how many u getting? I'm specifically looking for Apple, Chestnut and persimmon trees this yr with a 4-6ft height. I haven't decided how many yet.
  9. Yeah good deal. Usually their seed is at a good discount this time of year.
  10. Is the 8x12 to big and to hard to see out all the windows? I'm in the planning stages for one now and want some space but want it easy to see out each window easily
  11. It's actually not bad, it's been way colder this season. I'm in for a quick sit then tied up the rest of the day. G luck all
  12. When I'm hunting 0, after I leave hundreds
  13. I often fantasize about teaming up some organizations and get a robot deer to setup around here and just call the Dec once someone bits