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  1. F every damn one of them follow the science bull shit people!!
  2. Thats definitely one side of it! We are taking the approach of do this to get experience at these types of events so later on he knows exactly what to expect! We plan on doing very few of these as he’s just 13 and has a lot of development still to go!
  3. Omg yes it would, he had a deep shot to center on his first at bat and had a bases loaded triple on his 2nd at bat. He was pretty pumped about his play!
  4. Well were at Lake Point sports facility in Georgia representing team PBR NY. Son is playing against PBR Tennessee. His first at bat was against a kit tossing fast balls at 75mph. He lined out to center field and I’m hopeful that will help calm his nerves going forward. Side note RA Dickey is in the house sitting just down from us!
  5. Like it a lot Bob!! Hope you get lots of interest!! If i was in a position of having a good amount of free time id be all in! GL
  6. Things have been busy for us. We were in Lake Placid/Tupper Lake for a wood bat tournament this past weekend. His 13u team went up against 14u teams going 2-1 but it wasn’t enough to make it to Sunday based on runs for and against. This weekend were in a tourney at Niagara University so that should be fun! Couple weeks ago we went to a PBR tryout event in Cortland, this tryout is for the opportunity to go represent a team from NY in the futures games for kids 2025 and 2026. So there were a ton of kids that came to the event, I think around 60 kids. Ben had the highest batting exit velocity
  7. We were just talking about this an hr ago. Our last house our pump ran non freaking stop the majority of the time. Our new home does not have one!!
  8. Well said Cory, I’ve experienced watching kids go from great to good and good to great each yr. I know a local kid who hit home runs like nothing last summer and this yr can’t do much right. Its interesting to see how each kid (DEVELOPS) differently and at different times.
  9. Yep, great observation!!
  10. Spent a lot of time tent camping back in the day at WG, we’d bring a couple 30 packs and drink all freaking weekend without a care in the world! To answer your question I think there is a buttermilk falls not to far away. Never been but look it up!
  11. Welp, yesterday for some Americans as it was the last day they will ever have 10 fingers, bhaaaaaa
  12. Well his team won Thursday nights game and were off until Monday when the host a Niagara Falls team at a local college field. I have been having many conversations with a guy who’s a former mlb’r and college coach who’s super knowledgeable about many areas of the game, recruiting and so on. He has a vast network of friends in the mlb and college level. Anyways he’s been very kind to answer all my questions I keep asking him about processes and what to focus and not focus on with my sons development and so on. So the other day he asked me to send him a video of him hitting (I’ve got shit t
  13. I think the playing up really depends on the child. Some need to stay in their age group and shine and some need the challenge of a higher age group. But really at this age don’t think to hard about it. Ive learned the baseball process is a long marathon and kids abilities change each yr and theres now rush at this age. Example, my sons team, one kid who had the highest bat avg last fall now has the 4th lowest this yr and the kid with the highest bat avg this yr was 5th from the bottom last fall. Your main focus should be on skill development now through age 15 (imo). Lots of fielding and b
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