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  1. It was about 5.8, we kept adding lime. Check out the liquid lime, I might try that instead.
  2. I have done wti Alfa rack and was very happy with it.
  3. Coyote den?

    Naw it's brush fire season, agway sells these smoke bombs, looks like a flair. Then find a way to eliminate the entrance.
  4. Coyote den?

    Forget the cams, drop one of those big smoke bombs down the hole and sit back.
  5. Central A/C question

    I had a quote of about $3k for our ranch. Now that we have it I'm not sure how I could live with out it!
  6. Throw N Grow

    I use a York rake, pretty easy to
  7. Nasty Wound Killed Him

    Crazy, thanks for sharing that
  8. Television Disposal In Your Town??

    I'd throw it to the curb for a day or two some one might take it.
  9. So I’m putting in my papers

    Congrats, do as much as you can after may 25th!
  10. March Madness

    Just checked my ESPN bracket, I'm at 97%, not bad but I had Virginia going all the way. Close Duke game now. I think I'm going to pull for Michigan because it brings me back to the Fab 5 days when I was a kid
  11. Sore back, now what?

    Lots of Advil. I get the same thing maybe once a yr. I'll take 3-4 Advil every 6 to 8 hrs and use the heating pad on and off. Sometimes I'll hit the chiro as well. YouTube lower back streches. I found a pretty attractive lady who walks you thru stretches.
  12. Live from the rifle range

    I won a Mossberg Patriot night train 300mag last night at our banquet, I can't wait to fire that thing up!
  13. March Madness

    Yeah no kidding, not enough from them tonight
  14. March Madness

    Cuse hanging around tonight!!
  15. Hunting new land in 2018

    Google Earth the spot, and walk it. Look for old rubs and scrapes. Look for any spots where the woods transition from pines to hardwoods. I have a great great spots in those areas