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    3 Things I am passionate about, Family, Deer & turkey hunting & habitat improvement. Then anything else that involves the outdoors. Also love sitting around a campfire with good friends, a bottle of whiskey and a pack of smokes!

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  1. zag

    2018 Baseball Thread

    Way to go biz... Must have been trying to imitate u
  2. zag

    Live from the butcher block

    Hind quarters for steaks, ur missing out!
  3. One lone die passed by just before dark, checked neighbors large field on walk out and there were 3 yotes in it, never seen 3 at one time before, not good
  4. Yeah, I was excited to get out no deer are coming to my party
  5. I'm in route to my stand and I'm feeling really good about this hunt!
  6. zag

    MEGA lottery

    Ok I'm holding u to it! How bout the swedish bikini team delivers it?
  7. zag

    MEGA lottery

    No u can come.
  8. zag

    MEGA lottery

  9. All sound advice. Alot of people don't realize you can be hundreds of thousands ahead by waiting but most take right way with fear they won't live long enough but really you have to plan long term regardless.
  10. zag

    Beating the crowds

    Hahaha love this scene
  11. I'm so jealous of you guys hunting.. ugh, last week of my sons football and next weekend is the last baseball game, then it's basketball which doesn't have a big impact on the weekends!
  12. X2 tf, I usually like to target doe early bow season as it gives you some live shots situations that you can learn from and can build confidence when the buck does come by.