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  1. Ok I think I can picture what it would look like. So if there were seeds inside there would be no way to try to germinate into a seedling? Thanks for your input!!
  2. I haven't seen a chestnut since maybe an early teenager. I was super excited to stumble upon this on state land today. I forgot how sharp the shell is. There was quite a few on the ground!
  3. Zag

    Tajmahal begins

    Didn't have alot of time today but I got these logs cut and moved to the site, I'll shave to bark down at some point. These will run from the loft the the deck for support!
  4. Zag

    Tajmahal begins

    This arrived yesterday!! This sob will dig to China if your not careful. Was shooting to dig holes this weekend but a couple things came up, so maybe next weekend!
  5. I'm not a big socil media guy, you guys are my only internet friends but I did venture to Twitter. Check out bob lonsberry, good stuff I think.
  6. Ahh the wallpaper jokes biz, hahaha
  7. Zag

    Tajmahal begins

    My goal is to make this sob blind/cabin 1000% mice proof.
  8. Yep, not all pensions are guaranteed to stay the same, thanks for sharing farmer. I also know a teamsters retiree who's monthly about was reduced quite a bit. Do not make choices without speaking to a reputable advisor.
  9. Agree with Phade, every pension plan is different and every participants different, single married, if nys pension there is the pop up option. Really would need to know alot more info other wise know one can rightly give you good advice. Take fellow workers opinions with a grain of salt, everyone's has different feeling when it comes to money. My suggestion would be to meet with a Financial Advisor and run your situation past him.
  10. Zag

    Tajmahal begins

    It turned out to be a great day to be in the woods!! I picked out the exact location of the cabin and measured out the 6x6 post locations. I didn't want it located right on the edge of the plot, so I tucked it back a bit and I'll build up some more dead branches in front to hide it. Buying a new auger for the JD tractor Monday so maybe as early as next weekend I can get the holes dug and get the 6x6 posts set!!
  11. Zag

    Tajmahal begins

    Any thoughts on heat? I've been back and forth on a cubic mini wood stove or a wall mounted propane heater.
  12. Zag

    Tajmahal begins

    Ha, window was a little larger but the price was so darn good I couldn't let it go. Worse case I can tint them a bit, but behind me will mostly be a wall so I think I'll be ok.
  13. I've been dreaming about an enclosed blind over looking a food plot for yrs, one furnished with nice windows, tongue and groove interior walls, wall heater, loft to sleep in, lazyboy recliners and so on. Well with all this slow down it's time to get this started!! I want this for so many reasons but mostly for my dad. He done so much for my brother and I and he loves his land and everything that comes with it. He's also over 70 and now only gun hunts and sometimes can't sit as long as he like to. This would give him all day comfortable sits if he chooses to. Although it may be a small cabin when done. Luckily my brothers an architectural engineer and after sending a pic of what I'm thinking and brief chat he whipped up some plans. 8x12 footprint, 8x8 hut with a 4ft deck. Yesterday I started looking for some window options on Craigslist and found these beautiful windows 73x65 for the wall facing the plot, it was a hell of a good price!! First purchase down!! I'll post pics of the process along the way.
  14. Zag

    Toilet Paper

    Over. Now let me ask you this... When taking a dump, do u crap then piss or piss then crap???