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  1. Congrats Jay on a great buck!! I sent g-man a direct message last night and said he’s a good man for his kindness in opening his land to others to deer hunt. He puts a lot of work into his land each yr and it pays off in spades for everyone!!
  2. My first yr bow hunting I slept in one morning while my dad & brother when hunting. When they came back that morning I was just getting my butt in gear and headed out. Shot my first deer (6pt) that morning. Maybe I should use remind myself that some morning!
  3. After your experiences and reading T feathers post about showing up late morning I wonder why the hell I’m getting up early:-)
  4. Well I tried my damn best to put him in position to get a decent buck. He wasn’t gonna shoot a small one, his standards were pretty big in the beginning and towards the end said he go as low as a 6pt. We were close on a handful of good bucks but they always were just a little to far away. Im still super proud he took that doe at 25yrds a few hunts into the season with ease. I called the dec twice Friday to see if he can still bow hunt during gun season and late season but nobody has called me back yet.
  5. Nope, but it’s all timber and steep hill side. All I can give ya
  6. I believe that spot you circled is steep hill side.
  7. Congrats to everyone!! Saturday morning my brother saw 7 doe, I saw 3 and a spike and my dad got skunked, not a lot of shots at all throughout the day. Sat evening we all got skunked. This am my dad and I got skunked again and my brother saw 3 doe. This afternoon my dad saw one of the slammer bucks (I ran across once during bow) on his walk into the woods for the afternoon, came across him and a doe bedded not far off the trail, my dad only had a neck shot while it was standing there then it took off with the doe and he didn’t shoot, he didn’t wanna wound it. He called me right after it happened swearing how big a buck it was and how that got his heart going at 72! I told him to hunt as much as possible in this area as I doubt him and the doe are far off. Neither my brother or I shot a doe as were hoping to get our kids with us for a few hunts and take one then.
  8. Yes, good luck everyone and stay safe. We had some strong winds recently and the other day found a bunch of dead ash trees that had fallen so keep an eye out for any dead ash trees near your stands
  9. I vividly remember picking up Remi to surprise our 3 year old son on his birthday almost 10yrs ago. Every boy I think needs a dog and although Remi was a girl dog she sure acted like a boy all these years. She been the typical great lab all these years who has given us such a great experience all these years I hope she feels the same about us. We have all loved her so much especially our son. I could go on and on with great memories! Remi’s health has been going down hill the last yr. First her eye sight started deteriorating about 2/3 years ago and it slowly got worse to the point she doesn’t have much sight at all. She also had a growth start in her mouth last yr, it started real small and got huge in a hurry. Now it’s so big is engulfed her front teeth and lord knows how she still wolfs her food down. After numerous different vet options and potential costs to try and remove it we decided to put her on some meds to hopefully make her feel better for as long as we can, that was almost 2 months ago. She continues to decline and this growth just keeps growing wild. We’re going to finally put her to rest after thanksgiving before we move. I think I’m gonna give her one hell of a meal the night before, steak, potatoes a desert, something fun as she loved food! I’m not looking forward to how our sons gonna handle this, fortunately we have another lab so that should help. Here’s a couple pics my son took yesterday.
  10. I’m hanging a stand tomorrow for opening day, doing this on a hunch looking for a particular buck! We put a redneck over the food plot so I’m putting my dad there so he should be able to go all day comfortably! We’re installing a 2nd redneck tomorrow an assume my brother will be hunting out of it.
  11. I must say I appreciate the larger font!!!!
  12. That stinks, sounds like it’s a dead deer IMO. Maybe try deer search next time, I have direct contact with one locally FYI.