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  1. Nope I'd wait, really what's the hurry, March is your best germination option.
  2. Buffalo Bills

    I love it, holler loud for me too!!! They can pull this off!!
  3. Buffalo Bills

    Here's to hope they head to new england
  4. Well I walked the property a couple weeks ago with our forester and discussed logging and implementing my management plan ideas and we tweaked a few things but for the most part it went well and I think will be moving forward. In the end they will log it, clear cut a 1-2 acre food plot and not really cost me anything because they will take all the trees in that section. So I'll keep posting as we progress on this.
  5. Rose bowl

    Big Jake fromm fan, he's quite the true freshman qb and will be a NFL stud qb in time and he's a deer hunter. Go Georgia
  6. Buffalo Bills

    Go piss on someone else's parade not this one....... Go freaking bills
  7. Corny idea??

    Thanks, I hadn't thought about that but gosh if that tree died that would be terrible!
  8. Corny idea??

    Ok I'll do that thanks
  9. Corny idea??

    Thought about that but it just doesn't sound good with both names.
  10. Corny idea??

    So my dad had two best friends. One passed away maybe 5 to 6 yrs ago and the other passed away unexpectedly on Xmas Eve. Both were avid outdoors man. Obviously he's pretty upset his last best friend is gone well before his time. My dad had a pond put in this fall and I was thinking about maybe naming the pond after one of them and name the food plot the other, maybe make up a nice wood sign with the name?? Good idea or no?
  11. My 9 yr old son scored his very own ladder stand. Some of you may remember the pic of his sketchy makeshift stand he built in our backyard so he could sit out back and watch the deer after school. This will be much safer!
  12. I got the Amazon echo, I tried talking dirty to her but she wasn't buying it so she's playing tom petty radio now!!
  13. Daughter wants trail cam set up 12/25

    Leave a note on it from santa saying something, or tell her Santa's magic and t cams don't work
  14. Netflix suggestions

  15. Xmas in Dixie by alabama first comes to mind but also Alan Jackson let it be xmas Eagles please come home for xmas