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  1. Another reason I dislike our local team. Im watching them on game changer today as a lot of the kids are my sons friends and he could have played on this team but we chose not to. So I turn on gc and I see the starting pitcher and remembered he pitched the day before, anyways he’s getting beat up pretty good and he ended up pitching like 80 pitches over 3 innings today and close to 40 yesterday , at 12 yrs old that shit ain’t right. I texted my sons coach and asked what kind of pitch count he would have and he said less than 80 and the kid would not have pitched for days prior. I badly wanted to text all the coaches and tell them my thoughts but I’ll mind my own business.
  2. To late. I have only done traditional bagged lime. Not sure how long Cornell takes, Ive used whitetail institutes tests and they are pretty fast.
  3. I get it and I don’t get it. If your good I would think it doesn’t really matter what school you play for, but I also see where many schools just don’t have large quantities of kids to pull from so the talent is small and the teams not competitive at all. Which is what we have in our town. Team has a couple good players but can’t compete with the larger school and lose a lot. Not fun watching a loosing team yr after yr. That one reason I like the travel team as it’s competitive baseball.
  4. Our program is run by two current college coaches and has been top notch so far and I have seen some so called elite teams take some not so elite players as $$ talks!! I’ve also seen other parents moving kids because one program has a connection with a private school and they want to get into that school. Your right on!!
  5. Yeah I think this is our last yr of it. Hoping my son makes the modified team then his 13u travel team and never look back. Everyone thinks their kids the best which I understand but some of these parents walk around with big ass blinders on!!
  6. Anyone else find travel teams refreshing vs playing on a local town team with a parent coaching? Local teams you might get a good coach or bad one who can’t put together a good line up and their kids always the best? I love our travel team because there’s no favorites it’s all about development and winning games and there is no biased line ups!
  7. Back at it in their retro jerseys
  8. Played well for the first game since last August. Went 2-3 with an rbi, pitched 2 innings, 2 walks, 1 hit and 5ks, played 1b, p and rf.
  9. Ha were in Penfield too just a different park! I’m drinking a pre game beer in the truck as we speak!!
  10. Excited!! He may not look it in the pic but he’s 5’6 and turned 12 the end of May!
  11. We have our 1st game tonight!! Another tomorrow and a tourney this weekend. So pumped!!
  12. Plant something that will continue to grow while being browsed.
  13. Last yr i was super busy with my sons baseball and didn’t have a lot of time to invest so I just bought a bio logic bag and some other one at tractor supply and threw it down. I had done a soul test before they started and it was around 5.5ph so we put down 1500lb of lime before we planted.