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  1. zag

    Logging Time

    Took a quick drive up tonight to see how it looks after another week of growth plus see if any seed germinated from re seeding last weekend. It's getting better, next yr I'm definitely seeding way more than they say you need.
  2. zag

    Yeah Baby

    I was thinking about taking a drive to check out our plot.
  3. zag

    Yeah Baby

    Carefully spreading it, I accidentally dropped a bunch in a clump and it burned up that area killing the brassicas. I believe you also have to spread it when it's dry.
  4. zag

    Yeah Baby

    Certain blends say to add a week or two after germination starts.
  5. zag

    Looking for a new Pickup

    Go Ford, rumor has it Chevy dropped to 3rd on the truck list, fords been on top for a reason.
  6. zag

    Logging Time

    I would start with a Dec Forester first. My understanding is they can mark your timber to make sure a logger doesn't take all the good and leave the bad.
  7. zag

    Logging Time

    Well I got my first look at the plots since spreading seed a couple weeks ago, it didn't rain for a week and a half after seeding (damn rain went all around us two days later), coming in fairly well, I'm gonna have to reseed some areas that are light. Seeded some trails now that they are done working.
  8. zag

    Happy Birthday Lawdwaz!!!!

    Drank quite a bit of whiskey in your honor tonight!! Your welcome :-)
  9. zag

    Happy Birthday Lawdwaz!!!!

    Happy b day Larry!
  10. zag

    Youth baseball thread

    Tallied up some stats for my son this past weekend, batting Ave .642, 9 rbi's 4 walks, no strikeouts 3 home runs.
  11. zag

    Baby Biz

    Congrats, right after start working on a boy!
  12. zag

    Youth baseball thread

    Lost by one in the bottom of the 6th, fun weekend
  13. zag

    Youth baseball thread

    That was my son who drove the trying run in, it's tight
  14. zag

    Youth baseball thread

    Down 14-7 in the bottom of the 4th