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    3 Things I am passionate about, Family, Deer & turkey hunting & habitat improvement. Then anything else that involves the outdoors.

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  1. Nope you still can get ammo directly to u. Gotten multiple boxes shipped this yr.
  2. Ended up busting a ton of doe where I wanted to sit so I ended up at the food plot. Finally saw my first set of horn’s. Small 10pt that just needs another yr for me. Wish this guy came Columbus day weekend for my son.
  3. So my son says dad I took a picture of a tree and it looks like a bear clawed it. Nope thats a buck rub!!
  4. Its 39 and really quiet in the woods. Bumped some walking in and saw 3 new scrapes!! Gl all
  5. You will find retirement busy and that’s a good thing!!
  6. I jumped on the dwacw train yesterday afternoon, it jumped to almost $80 early this am, I sold most and kept a few shares.
  7. Buddy just shot a nice buck. My dad saw a really big one chasing a doe across the road this am!!
  8. It is deathly still tonight. Super quiet, I hit the grunt call and feel like it traveled 1000’s of yards.
  9. I have one for my iPhone, rarely does it ever load all pics without hassle unless there are limited pics. My pull yesterday had 375 and it would start and stop and repeat and repeat until after like 5 min it loaded all to import.
  10. Well we struck out this weekend. Could have taken tons of doe early this weekend but we were holding out for horns. Last night he was taking anything but they never showed up to the food plot. Stinks for sure, I was praying to everyone imaginable to bring him a buck.
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