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  1. Damn it stop signing up, I saw it a few days ago when I ordered from them on line. I think it's bogus guys:-)
  2. Ended up seeing a different 8pt and that was it. This guy had just climbed over the hills of honeoye on my way home
  3. Had 3 doe come in hot. Not a min later a Small 8 pt came in chasing.
  4. My dad likes making these little boxes to put stuff in. I could live with out them but they are nice to put my glasses and bino's in I must say.
  5. First sit in the new plot stand!! Looks like my mock scrape has had some action so I can't wait to check the cam later. Plot looks good yet heavily browsed at the same time if that makes any sense. Not feeling well so it's gonna take a big deer to get me going. This was the stand I fell from moving it to this tree, so I hope it brings me better luck.
  6. Good luck everyone, I've been down and out since Tuesday with a nasty flu like cold. I'm trying to get back on the horse today and maybe hunt tonight.
  7. Son and I are out, I put him in a stand near me. I walked him over and made sure he was in them walked to my stand. No sooner did I climb up my tree he sends me a pic of a doe. I have oaks in front and food plot behind!
  8. Decent night for me, tons of deer sightings plus a hawk and owl. May get out one other sit this weekend.
  9. First sit of the yr, 4 came thru on the new lane way, exactly like I expect them to!! Would have been a chip shot
  10. He was delivering bags of corn, trophy rocks and deer attractants I ordered on line plus lots of hny t shirts for free. Just kidding his ex is friends with my wife.
  11. In my driveway of all places, hahaha and got to see the hellcat!! Small world that's for sure!! Nice to meet you!