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  1. Well his 13u has played 4 games so far and have really kicked the crap out of these teams. This team is darn good and will be super fun to watch. My kids the 2nd youngest on the team and I’m really excited to have some better players that he can compete against!! He’s going well for playing on the bigger fields!
  2. Zag

    Tajmahal begins

    Well we’re de getting it finished with little time to spare. Went up relatively easy.
  3. Glitter and strippers sounds fun!!
  4. Can I get a word count??? :-)
  5. Washout stinks. Fall ball next or that’s it?
  6. Well we won the 2nd game with ease. Happy with how my son did swinging a much bigger bat and the bigger fields today. Went 3-5 with a strikeout, 2 walks and a rbi in both games!
  7. We used Corey at Furture Forrest. Highly recommend him!
  8. Well first game on the big field was a win, son went 2-3 with a walk, and pitched the 7th allowed 1 hit 1 run.
  9. Well our first 13u game / double header is sat morning against another local travel team. It will be all the kids first game together and also on the big field. Not sure about the other team. Coach was saying that most of the kids batter 3 or 4th on their other teams so we should have some darn good players!
  10. It goes from 35 to I think 70 or 80
  11. Well I’ve been pretty impressed and I shouldn’t be. He’s been practicing is but off even when I’m not around making my wife come watch him. He’s pretty dialed in at 10-15 yards. Now will start taking bigger jumps back. I’ll probably keep his distance to around 20yrds. I think with his lower poundage this is a good limit.
  12. I’ll be over with a bottle of whiskey to enjoy with ya.
  13. Well they won the championship at the last tourney for 11u. So this tourney you can only pitch 2 innings per game, he pitched so well he started all 3 games and pitched his best performance. 6 innings, 3 hits, 2 runs, 1 earned run, no walks and 8k’s and the best part was he only threw 72 pitches. Was decent with the bat batting over .400 with 4 RBI’s. after 3 games we had to go watch some friends playing at the town fields then he wanted to hit the cages. Kids a hard worker!
  14. Yeah it’s gonna be different for sure. He’s got size, power and determination to get better every day so hopefully it’s enough to land hits in the outfield.