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  1. Never missed a beat, food to see ya
  2. Never had fb, only social media is here until a couple weeks ago I fired up my Twitter acct mainly to get a better grasp on baseball things for my son and to promote his baseball accomplishments with the thought maybe some college scout sees it someday and checks him out.
  3. Ben's 2 days of practice then a 3rd day is a workout, plus were full swing basketball, never a full moment! Deff excited for some baseball!!
  4. Well his teams been practicing since oct. I thought I'd post a couple pics, one is from winning the weekly batting contest and the other trophy was for winning the exit velocity contest by a wide margin.
  5. And when in doubt spotlights and vehicles!
  6. Good to know, I had to call spectrum for our internet and they were trying to sell it. They did say the price doesn't go up after a yr. Prices did sound better, having 5 phones on our plan I'm happy for any bill relief, I'll have to revisit.
  7. Fresh tracks? Im most confident it's this guy. A good way to alienate yourself less than yr in to the neighborhood. Rumor I heard was he is in the military and can be gone for long periods of time. As I appreciate his service I dont appreciate trespassing, especially on a 4 wheeler where your tearing up someone else's land.
  8. I'm not sure if he went into the fields but he definitely was going up past the turnaround and into the neighbors woods and thru our woods at least one time. My dad caught him one day and he had 2 little kids with him so he didn't lay into him but questioned what he was doing. I put the posted sign right in the middle of the lane way to hopefully give him the hint. I haven't seen evidence of him coming back up. Dirt bag move to just start trespassing on a wheeler in your new neighbor hood. I came down the hill one day and he was at the detached garage that's my the road, he didn't even turn to look at me. Odd behavior. Did he drive thru the fields to?
  9. Thanks guys, I'm really looking forward to next season and he REALLY is to, he's talking about it as I type. So we have lots of work to do getting stands (have to my a bunch more) ready. I think next weekend will go get his arrows and release and get started on teaching him how to shoot a real bow.
  10. Must have missed you, son and I were over on that side yesterday too.
  11. They have to be close enough to see and communicate with you without a radio or phone.
  12. I kinda want to document my son's first yr bow hunting from Xmas when he received his first bow to hopefully a successful hunt next fall. With now 2 football concussion and not playing next fall we should have quite a bit of stand time. He's been taking non stop about deer hunting so I'll post out progress as we go. First pic is from Xmas when he got his first Hoyt. Yesterday we headed to the land to pic out a few spots (picked by him) near my current stands. He picked 2 spots and we started working on one. This spot has a natural clearing on a small ridge top that is within site of my stand and the new food plot. So we worked on clearing out a little more as he wants a small plot here. Maybe this gives them a reason to stop and give him time for a shot.
  13. Haha Mabel sounds like miss Budweiser of 1910!