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  1. Sorry for your loss, it not a fun process but I’ve learned to always have 2 dogs at a time, i think it makes it all a little easier to deal with.
  2. Spread the love Larry!!
  3. Well I put down 5 big bags of scotts triple action and hope it takes care if the dandelions. I have 5 yards of fine black mulch coming later this week!!
  4. Zag

    Flag Poles

    Our neighbor texted my wife that she loves the flag pole and wants one too, now its referral time!!
  5. Zag

    Flag Poles

    Check this out, while taking a pic of the house from the road this little ray of sunshine shot downright to the flag pole! (Sorry i zoomed in so my house pic isnt on the web) Being my grandparents home since its inception and my grandfather being an Army vet I would imagine pops was looking down today!
  6. I have about 6 or 7 turkey loads left, hopefully I only need one shot so I'm good many yrs!
  7. Zag

    Flag Poles

    Well what can I say, Red is the man!! I reached out back out to him once the weather was starting to break and he came to do a site visit and give me some recommendations. Today was install day and I couldn’t be any happier with Red, the work involved and the pole itself. It’s awesome so thanks again Red!! Now I have to move some rocks around and flower and mulch around it, then work on a light to shine on the flag at night!
  8. Zag

    Dog names

    I bet my wife shoots that one right down :-)
  9. Zag

    Dog names

    Ive been thinking about lots of baseball words but nothing sticks yet
  10. Zag

    Dog names

    I just threw up
  11. Zag

    Dog names

    We originally wanted a black male but its damn hard finding pups these days. This litter had all 3 colors but the blacks were all female. Just a few miles down the road from Canadice too. My son wanted duke, so maybe next time around!
  12. Zag

    Dog names

    If my wife wins the naming rights maybe ill go with May.
  13. Zag

    Dog names

    Well my wife came up with Georgia May, it’s decent but im not entirely sold on it.
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