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  1. zag

    Youth baseball thread

    2nd to last game for the mcbr team. They won easily tonight, son pitched a solid 3 innings giving up 1 hit, 3 walks and no runs. At the plate he walked lined out and hit the top of the damn fence. Poor kids had I bet 5 balls that were almost over this season. Last games tomorrow against a much better team than us, hopefully they can make it close.
  2. zag

    Youth baseball thread

    Yeah it seemed like the rain stayed just south of the Thruway. It didn't stop raining here till like 5 pm. When we called to cancel the game the league cord was shocked we were calling it.
  3. zag

    Youth baseball thread

    We're you still playing in Webster?
  4. zag

    Youth baseball thread

    Both games were called due to rain, surprise surprise. This weather sucks @ssssssssssssss
  5. I thought u said it was big??
  6. zag

    Youth baseball thread

    Lost in the finals this am 6-5 rec league is finally over. Double header tomorrow depending on weather, then the season wraps up after Monday and Tuesdays games. Then onto the travel tourney team for the summer.
  7. zag

    Youth baseball thread

    Baseball's been a blur lately. The split tonight's games, one tomorrow to hopefully make the championship and 2 Sunday. I finally signed up for game changer so I can see the stats, son's 2nd in batting avg at .525
  8. zag

    Youth baseball thread

    Good deal TC! Son lost the finals game. They were down 10-1, son pitched 2 innings gave up 1 run and hit well, they started off slow and got close 11-7, now they play Thursday in the loser bracket, if they win then they head to the championship sat. Travel team got beat Fri night, son pitched had 1 strike out no walks and gave up a ton of hits including a gs, he didn't finish an inning. Sat they lost by alot to a team that wasn't better than us, coach just pitched kids that normally don't pitch, waisted game imo. Sunday was close, lost 8-7, son pitched the 4th, it was frustrating to watch as he kept giving up infield hits to errors, I think there was between 5&7 errors that weren't outs.
  9. zag

    Youth baseball thread

    Got rocked last night against the best team again, son pitched less than one inning, gave up a grand slam. Hit well, had another CF shot that landed at the wall. This am is rec league playoff, if they win it's in to the championship if they lose they fall to the looser bracket and can still make it that way.
  10. zag

    Youth baseball thread

    Won tonight's playoff game, son pitched 1 inning and did well, got a hit on every at bat, hit one to the fence in cf, I thought it was a goner. Travel game tomorrow, round 3 of the playoffs sat am.
  11. Yep it's a good place, I work down there once a week.
  12. zag

    Getting back into cars

    Ahh the drag racing days down in Leicester, I miss those Wednesday nights! Good for u John, I often fantasize about getting back into it. My mustang has been sitting in the garage un registered for many yrs now.
  13. zag

    Youth baseball thread

    That's awesome congrats to her. That's awesome they keep the stats, stats are never mentioned with my son's baseball, maybe to young still.
  14. zag

    Youth baseball thread

    Monday was the start of playoffs for the rec league, although it was close for a few innings, son's team had a 2 out rally to take the lead. I think they won by 9, son played well. Tonight is a rain out, so tomorrow is round 2. Have games now tomorrow, fri, 1 or 2 Saturday and a game Sunday.
  15. zag

    Youth baseball thread

    Here is a typical situation when they are little, bases loaded and the batter hits a pop fly to right field, kid drops it (error) then over throws the first baseman (error) the catcher grabs the ball and proceeds to throw to third to catch the base runner and the 3rd baseman doesn't catch it (error) kid runs for home and scores an in the park hr.