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  1. Yeah its been nuts and I think that trend will continue for the year. I wish i had more to invest there are so many opportunities still.
  2. I use Charles Schwab, always been good to me. No trade costs and they have an app with facial recognition that gets me in fast!
  3. Ive never such a thing but i hope they get released around me!!
  4. This morning I sip coffee while watching the bird feeder and were born just 2 ways!
  5. Ive made out like a bandit on most of my picks, ones up 96% ytd. Im also trying my luck on some penny stocks. I view it like buying lotto tickets except the odds are probably higher than the lotto!
  6. Good to know as Im either a 13 or 14 and comfort isn’t easy to find. My current pair or Irish Setters are absolutely terrible.
  7. Ill give you one cent per card!! Jk, most are not worth shit. I always look the card up on eBay to get a general price. I think there are still places that make the old books with the est values.
  8. Yeah i saw that, sad for the family but what the hell have people turned into with this crap. Remember when gender reveals happened in the delivery room!? This crap is outta control. Nobody really gives a flying shit if your having a boy or a girl, just as long as it’s healthy!
  9. Congrats Jerry, if you thought you were busy while working wait until your retirement. You will keep yourself so busy you will soon wonder how you worked every day and got thinks done at the house!
  10. His kid is our full time catcher, thats all he plays!
  11. I hear that a lot but we must have found the right one, coach calls it as he sees it (isnt pd or the owner) and the overall program cost is a little over a grand.
  12. I talked with his travel coach and said most of the kids on his team could make jv, might not get a ton of reps but gains more experience. Im not worried about reps as he’ll be playing alot of ball with his other teams. Im gonna have my PR rep (my wife) call the JV coach and see if they will even look at a 7th grader. Will see what happens!
  13. I think the split time is the best way, part time here part time down south. My wife and I talk about investing in a home around water, somewhere in Alabama, Tennessee, NC or SC or Georgia. If its on water we could buy now and use it as a rental. High rental prices plus low interest rates nows a great time I think. We’re heading down that way next month and visiting areas to someday live is on the agenda.
  14. Yeah your right, there was for me to play jv football as an 8th grader. Did the nurse find nuts?
  15. So school baseball is back and I heard tryouts are going to be coming soon. My son is 12, 13 the end of May and in 7th grade. Obviously modified is the 1st option 7-8 graders. Option 2 is JV. Am I nuts to have him try out for Jv? He is 2nd youngest on his 13u team and did really well in the jump to the bigger fields and stat wise did really well. He’s about 5”10 and 120 of muscle. @NYBowhunter @crappyice you too might have some good advice for me.
  16. It bothers me because gender is not very complicated and really it’s quite simple. You come into this world with just 2 options male or female. I’m tired of all the babying, labeling and all the bs that goes on because we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings and I also worry what this places looks like for my kids when I’m long gone and all this bs only gets worse. Now this form we have Q = not sure, wtf? NB = Non Binary again wtf? GNC Gender non conforming again wtf, or GNL gender not listed, really out of the 9 options they gave you yours isn’t listed? It’s a freaking joke!
  17. So my wife asked me to print some covid form for her. I look over the fist page and man does this crap fire me up, check out the gender questions. What happened to male or female?!?! Wtf does gender non comforting? Wtf does non binary person mean?!?! Wtf how can someone check not sure / questioning. Sickining IMO
  18. No fun, sorry for your loss
  19. Are the raptors all 6 banger turbos now?
  20. Since I quite smoking a little over a year ago I’ve been enjoying the small black and mild wine flavor cigars, not much bigger than a cig. I miss smoking while tinkering around so these have been a good cheap fill the void. Nothing fancy
  21. Hmmm so really no difference from our suburban! My next F-150 needs to be a little different and not the same as everyone else’s, I’ve been looking at the limited but being a speed junkie maybe I’ll look at the raptor.
  22. Love everything thing about the raptor except the gas mileage!!
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