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  1. This am was a dud. Son and I moved a stand. My plan is to hunt a fair amount w,t & friday and thru the weekend. Hopefully Ben can get his first buck. It’s been a challenge.
  2. Just saw an albino weasel. Weird and cool right?!
  3. Son is gonna smoke his first buck in the morning. Feeling it. Spot is getting hot in the mornings with buck activity per trail cam.
  4. My thoughts on this warm and windy morning hunt…. Its like going on a date with a super hot chick your really into but within a few minutes of the date your getting vibes she ain’t into you at all.
  5. Rarely do I get a good wind for this spot but I got one today!! LFG big bucks
  6. A ton of stupid drivers. Had a guy 2 weeks ago pull of the side of the road just over a hill. I go around and he proceeds to make a 2 pt u turn literally just over the crest of the hill on C Factory rd. Someone could have crushed him coming over that hill.
  7. MO is a big commitment due to the distance unless it eventually becomes a full-time residence down the road. GL
  8. Zag

    Kids age

    My son was probably 5 or 6. Hunted only out of a blind. He couldn’t last 45 minutes each time.
  9. We hunted all day Sat, could have shot lots of doe’s and spikes but my son wanted a 6pt or better. Yesterday we hunted the afternoon and saw one of the spikes again. Going out this afternoon for one last attempt at a buck.
  10. Son and I will be hunting hard all weekend. I have seen more bucks around my house the last month that I did the entire last year. He has harvested 2 doe with his bow but no buck yet. Hopefully I can help get him some horns.
  11. How fun it must be watching, congrats!! Keep posting em up here!
  12. No worries with arm strength. My son never threw with a full pitching motion, he kinda brought his arm halfway pack then threw, hence giving up some speed. Finally this summer at 14 he’s finally come around to a full motion. He hasn’t had a pitch lesson in years btw so this has been a natural progression. He was always the 3-5 best pitcher on his teams and now he’s moving up the depth charts for pitching. This games start to matter more going into hs than 12u and under. So really no worries imo. Throw a football with him, basically a weighted ball, thats a great fun way to build arm strength and sprinkle in some long toss. Another awesome pitching option is the Mustard App. Created by Tom House. Its free and has arm care stretching videos and more. You can video your sons pitching motion and forward to them for evaluation and it tells you what to do for areas of improvement. Its a must have app imo.
  13. 1 bubble bee and 2 wasps. Didn’t see any of them until after I mowed. U will see a hole and bee’s flying around it.
  14. Them sob’s are aggressive.
  15. Today we brush hogged some trails that have been neglected the last few yrs. In the process of cutting trail and pushing brush back with the front bucket we uncovered 3 ground nests. Not sure how none of us got stung along the way. My dad 2 weeks ago got stung a bunch from a different ground nest. Be careful and keep an eye out.
  16. Hey, sorry I hadn’t been back since my last post. It’s been a wild few weeks of baseball.
  17. All I know is thats its a wood bat tourney and were playing up at 15u teams
  18. Yeah, it was just crazy to watch. Fortunately I video every at bat so I have them!!
  19. Well I wanted to post updates along the way but its just been to damn busy! Season is going well for Ben. Team has been struggling a bit for a bunch of reasons. We have been all over with tournaments. This week we’re heading to Lake Placid for a wood bat tourney. Then next Thursday starts a PBR tournament in Toledo OH. Son tried out for the PBR Jr Futures games in Cortland last week. If selected he would go to LakePoint in Georgia at the end of the month. He ended up doing extremely well and was picked! He played 2 simulated games. First game the opposing pitched was throwing 79/80 fb, kid struck out the first 5 batters, I was anxiously watching Ben the 6th batter as he loves fast pitchers. Anyways he hits oppo shot down the right field line for a triple! Big sigh of relief knowing ur kid did well in that spot. Next at bat was a ground out. 3rd at bat was another triple right center one hop to the fence. Now I'm feeling like he did well enough for an invite. 2nd game: first at bat was another right center field triple, next a check swing hit to 2nd baseman, last at bat was another right center field triple. It was a wild day watching him do so well. Went 4-6 all triples. He was pumped afterwards, I’ll never forget that day no doubt! So after Ohio we head to Georgia for the week as he represents team NY.
  20. I recently did my permit re cert. first time in like 8yrs. Nobody came after me. I may never again. Co&% sucking demorats
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