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  1. Update: Guido has been sold, Luka is still available.
  2. I have 2 dogs for sale. 1. GRHBCH Preacher Book Lackawanna Guido - 'Guido' is a great hare dog and run cottontail too. He wants the front, good hunt, no extra mouth, good in the kennel, 14 1/2", Male, DOB = 4/12/2010. $550 2. M&M's Luka - 'Luka' is medium fast cottontail dog, good hunt, great on check, good line control, packs well, Male, 13", DOB = 7/12/2012. Sire is FC Brush Busters Dream Chaser. $450 For more information, please call Jimmy at 484-550-2957. " style="font-family: Helvetica; font-size: 12px;">]" style="font-family: Helvetica; font-size: 12px;">][/url] Guido is on the right, Luka is on the left in the first pic below. Luka is facing away in this pic.
  3. Is there any current or recent logging/timber cuts around Altmar/Pulaski? I looked on Google Earth and most of the close WMA's and SF's look mature...
  4. No debate on dogs. I have two English Setters. I run them in all breed AKC trials. AKC trials are closer to me and more convenient. However, I would not put a lot of merit in trials to base your opinion on a breed. Below is how I feel about AKC and American Field: AF - Older group, not much money as an organization…may fade away in the next 10-15 years IMO, FT judges (Anyone willing to do it?)…cover dog trials (winners are picked without any wild birds pointed?) AKC - Mixed group, Lots of $, FT judges must be certified (reach level judging/exam/apprenticeship) Anyway you look at it…lots of politics and some champions I would never breed to...
  5. He is a great dog! btw….Does the AKC have a National Championship like the American Field?
  6. pauplander

    Fishing Lodge

    Does anyone know a nice lodge between Deposit and Masonville? I am looking for a private bedroom, shared den with fireplace and/or tv to hang out and bs with other guests after fishing….
  7. What about winter grouse…Anyone hunt for them this time of year or is it a bust in the winter?
  8. I had my beagle out today. It was 17 degrees, but I saw fresh rabbit tracks everywhere but she never opened up on any of them. Does she just suck or was it too cold for scenting? I also walked several evergreen stands today with my ES and never flushed a grouse. What habitat do you target for late season grouse?
  9. Mike you are right ….I grew up in NJ and that always bothered me that the license did not coincide with the Fed stamp….
  10. okay thanks…NY and PA are the same….NJ goes from Jan 1 to Dec. 31st like the Fed. Duck stamp
  11. I am out of state. If I purchase a NY hunting license, does it go from Jan 1st to Dec. 31st? or is it seasonal?
  12. How is Bear Spring WMA for pheasants?
  13. pauplander


    That is a shame…btw where is a lodge or B&B in sw del. county that is good? Any good restaurants you could recommend?
  14. pauplander


    I didn't want to drive to Tug Hill. Are there any hare in Delaware county?
  15. Clown just turned 4 years old and is finished. He has been professionally trained and has had numerous wild and stocked birds shot over him. He is steady to wing, shot and fall. He has been forced fetch trained and will retrieve ducks/geese in cold water. He has a very strong NSTRA pedigree. I will provide a 14 day guarantee. If you are not satisfied, return him. He is a bold, hard hunting foot hunting dog. He is beautiful to watch in the field and has style. He attained Prize I as a puppy for NAHVDA Natural Ability. He is intact and can be used as a stud dog. He has a beautiful temperment and great with other dogs and children. He is house trained. Please call James at 484-636-9938 for more information.