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  1. Looking for a lease to join. Preferably western NY. Any info out there?
  2. any good deer taken from around new michigan or pharsalia this season. Is there much for far land and ag fields around pharsalia?
  3. thanks for the help guys. any good deer so far this year
  4. Planning a hunting trip to 7m for the 2014 bow season. I have been studying up on the public lands availible to hunt and am just wondering how the locals in the area feel about giving permission to a couple of respectful hunters. I see a lot of farm land around there that would seem pretty good to me. We'll see when i go scouting next spring.
  5. As far as the iPhone app goes, I worry about losing signal with the phone were the handheld would have better reception in mountains and deep woods. Every have trouble with that
  6. I like the garmin because they have the sd card slot for hunting maps which will overlay all public land, private land and who it is owned by, all wmu boundaries, and every hiking trail and tenth class road you can drive a four wheeler down. Not sure about the other ones. Need to do more research still.
  7. Any recommend gps units out there. Thinking rino 650 or 655t. Not sure about the touch screen though
  8. Thanks for the input guys, best of luck to you in the woods this year
  9. New to NY deer hunting, found the online syllabus a little confusing. what is the bag limit for bow rifle and muzzy season? Special lottery tag required to shoot doe with muzzy and rifle. Pertaining to 7m
  10. the state interactive mapper on the nydec website is pretty good and those are all printable versions i believe
  11. probably wont be going until the 2014 bow season so ill take a trip down and do some scouting in early spring. I thought I heard from somebody that all of southern tier was shotgun and muzzleloader only. Then I looked at dec website last night and it looks like only certain counties are that way. Is this true? Sorry, I don't mean to sound ignorant but I live one state away. What are there for tree species down there? What is most predominate?
  12. being that it is pretty rural, is a place to stay for a week while I hunt a lot to ask for. what is the average size buck/doe in that area. is it pretty risky to leave hunting equipment in the woods for a few months at a time around there like tree stands or a camera and what not.