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    Falconry, traveling, Muay Thai, Bagua Zhan, Xingyi Quan, boxing, weaponsmithing, old books, permaculture, farming, food.

    I have lived in many place and have seen many faces. You won't find me on your profile visitor list because I'm not concerned with you. What'd you come here to look for?

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    new york
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    mossberg mvp, keltec pf9.
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  1. Haha that was great. Pygmy: don't want to smoke with you. Lawdwaz: don't spread that info too often your hand holders here might get jealous.Ants: that's right you don't have that privilege here, how sad. Steve C: great rule to follow; worry about yourself you'll survive longer. I'm glad some of you could have a private moment online to feel enthrailed by being cyber class warriors, I try to be helpful when I can. For those who didn't do as well as others, keep being a lemming you'll soon fit right in.
  2. I just moved to the suffolk area and am trying to find any groups/individuals/butchers etc. that sell wild hunted/caught game. Any information would be great, thanks.
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