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  1. Wonder if he even had a license.
  2. jmark

    Red neck

  3. jmark

    The Closet

    Ha! Pretty funny. I once had a girl give me a somewhat similar ultimatum. I went out and bought a sailboat, and named it "Her-Ring". It didn't go over well.
  4. Yes... but... I'm a lawyer, and reading the damn regs is not so easy. Maybe I'm just dumb. Quite possible, my wife says so all the time. But really, you have to parse the damn rules very very carefully to fully understand them. It's not like they're written in a plain and simple manner....
  5. That's not actually correct. A state cannot, for example, pass a law that says women cannot vote... or Hindus may not have their places of worship ... or that newspapers may not criticize sitting judges... or that a person cannot purchase a firearm for self-defense. Just as a few examples. The reservation to the states of powers not expressly granted to the federal government - that is, the Tenth Amendment, which is part of the same Bill of Rights that contains the Second - cannot in any way allow a state to actually infringe another constitutional right. That's a different issue entirely. The Tenth Amendment is not an expansion of state rights per se - it is a limitation of federal rights. The notion that states may pass laws restricting gun ownership or use comes from a very different principle - which is that, generally speaking, no constitutional right is "absolute." All rights are subject to "reasonable time, place and manner restrictions." Which is why, although a state (or municipality) cannot pass a law to prohibit people from "peaceably assembling to seek a redress of grievances," it can pass laws dictating where, when and how such assembly may be done. Such laws are then subject to scrutiny under a range of judicial tests, such as, does the law in question reasonably relate to a legitimate state interest? The exact level of scrutiny depends on the federal right being "infringed" by the local law. State laws restricting gun purchase, ownership or use are subject to that kind of analysis - are they reasonable in light of the interest served as compared to the level of restriction of the constitutional right in question? That is, the Second Amendment. This is obviously a rather vague and open-ended question, which is why we have such a bizarre range of gun laws in this country. There is some fairness and truth in the notion that, one may "vote with their pocket book" and leave a state where the laws offend one. This was basically Rehnquist's philosophy - that the states are a collection of individual local "experiments." The question is always, where are the lines drawn? Personally, I think the Second Circuit (and others) have been dead wrong, many times on this, including re the SAFE Act. We can only hope for better going forward. Also, btw, whoever said Roberts has never joined in a 2A decision is very wrong. We can start with Heller...
  6. jmark

    Knife Sharpening ?

    I use a cheap V sharpener from Harbor Freight on non-serrated kitchen knives. Combination of wetstones on good knives. Scary sharp method on wood plane blades. Makita rotary sharpener when I feel like taking my time.
  7. jmark

    Ok entertain me here..

    I usually hang out in midtown Manhattan at lunch time if I want to see chickadees. Lots of 'em there. Better on summer days (they wear less).
  8. jmark

    Visited again by DEC

    This post is useless without pics.
  9. jmark

    Bullseye Competition

    My son shoots NRA Youth Competition. Also shoots various state matches. Won the Gold two years in a row in the Connecticut State Games in his class. He's damn good. I don't have many pics on this new PC I'm on, but here's a couple from one of our Friday night outings at the club. It's a ton of fun. He shoots and Anschutz 1912. I shoot a vintage 1403. No scopes, all iron sights. Distances range from 50 feet to 100 yards. Rimfire competition is a blast!
  10. jmark

    Visited again by DEC

    I think if you wanted to you could probably sue the guy for making false LE reports. Just a thought...
  11. jmark

    View from the new home

    Nice. May you live long and prosper!
  12. jmark

    How many is to many?

    I don't have 100 acres, although I back up to 200 and someone I know and like very much lets me and my son hunt on his 100. My son (14) and I have talked about this a good bit. We've taken two this year - a doe during Youth Weekend, and a buck on opening day. He shot both, and he's satisfied for the season. We have quite a nice supply of venison from that. I might take one more during muzzle. I would probably target three a year, for my family and maybe some to give away. No more. Except for possibly holding a tag for an occasional big buck as a trophy (and meat), if I get that lucky.
  13. jmark

    A Catskill Mountains Buck Video

    Really nice video. The kids are adorable, and it's great how you involve them. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Dang, I'm gonna have to get a bigger freezer!
  15. From the DEC site (emphasis added): Q: May I use my Regular Season deer tag during the special seasons? A: Your Regular Season deer tag cannot be used in the Early Bowhunting or Early Muzzleloading seasons. It can only be used in the Regular Deer Seasons in the Northern and Southern Zones to take a buck. Except, the Regular Season deer tag is valid for deer of either sex in Westchester & Suffolk counties, in areas restricted to bowhunting only (WMUs 4J and 8C), and during the late seasons with the appropriate bow or muzzleloading privileges. So, is this saying that a regular season tag is valid during the late seasons, assuming you have a bow or muzz privilege?