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  1. OK, that looks like a consensus. A couple of questions, though. Mainly, why? And do you have experience with the Tri-Star? Or is it just a loyalty thing (not to discount that, I believe strongly in loyalty where it is due)? Anyway, I'm opening up my list a bit. Charles Daly Superior, Monte Carlo Trap Special (Beretta made), SKB Century Trap.... Thoughts?
  2. Government? Which government? If you're talking about NYS government, I can certainly agree you have a point. Comrade Cuomo and his lackies in the legislature (and the AG's office) are doing everything they can to attack gun owners, sellers, manufacturers, etc. And the hacks they appoint to the courts are lending a hand. So, Dick's could say, "We will no longer sell firearms, ammo, etc., in NY State." I would understand that, and let it be a lesson to the electorate (sadly, most of whom would agree). And clearly there are other states in the same boat. The Obama administration issued all kinds of anti-gun rules. But we're thankfully not living under that regime any more. I think the people running Dick's are plain and simple "liberals", more accurately, authoritarian socialists. Like so many other large American corporations (how the hell did we get here!?). It's not just that they are bailing on this market, they have hired anti-Second Amendment lobbyists to lobby for gun control laws in DC. ! I only ever bought one gun from Dick's, and I immediately regretted it. But I did buy a lot of ammo there. OK. Fine. More business for the LGS. That's better anyway. But let's not harbor any illusions about who these people are. They will destroy this country if they can.
  3. OK, this may be the wrong forum, but I know there's a lot of knowledge here. Moving from misc guns we've been using for trap, thinking of one step up. Can't afford a Citori. Looking at single shot guns. I can get a new Tri-Star T-15 variant or a used Browning BT-99 for about the same price. Which would you choose? jm
  4. Nice, I've always wanted one. My local gunsmith, very highly regarded, once said to me that he thought the Marlin 39 was one of the finest rifles ever made. GLWS.
  5. Getting rid of all "hunting" stuff in 125 stores. Will probably kill Field & Stream altogether. An enemy of the American people, please don't spend a dime there. Please.
  6. jmark

    did I sin?

    What's the point in selling guns? What're you gonna do with the money? Waste it away on something else, probably, something that won't have the longevity and usefulness. I think I have about 30 long guns. Some are family heirlooms. Some are collector pieces. Some I just like. Some I use. I just don't see selling any of them. In fact, I'll probably buy 3 or 4 more this year. Just have to get another safe....
  7. jmark

    Hunt dates

    Jeez, I thought this was gonna be about getting a date to go hunting with you. Oh well...
  8. jmark

    Another Massive Storm Coming Wednesday

    Ha. Kinda an homage to Robert Earl Keen. Awesome! He once gave a concert in my honor. True story. Long story. REK rocks! Edit: I realize this doesn't have anything to do with anything. Still, could someone pick up a box of tampons and some Salem Lights for me?
  9. Hm, that's not what your wife says?
  10. jmark

    7.62x51 (308) ammo

    Yeah, I think you're right. Maybe it's x51. Which would make more sense I guess since it says NATO. Be fun to shoot some of it and see how it does.
  11. jmark

    7.62x51 (308) ammo

    Milsurp stuff. Can be questionable. My Mosin is sorta picky, seems to like the new stuff better than the old milsurp. FWIW, and I don't mean to be contrary, but you can buy new, more reliable ammo for less than that - example: Sorry, if that breaks the rules, please delete my comment.
  12. jmark

    7.62x51 (308) ammo

    Is it 7.62x54R?
  13. I bought one of the Egard watches this morning, after reading about this and seeing the video on Ideal Media. From the comments to the video, seems like I have a lot of company.
  14. jmark

    I’ve had it!

    I would just shoot the dogs. Seriously.
  15. jmark

    Wishing this was legal!

    Never mind - I found the reg. 100-200 lbs. Makes no sense at all.