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  1. jmark

    did I sin?

    What's the point in selling guns? What're you gonna do with the money? Waste it away on something else, probably, something that won't have the longevity and usefulness. I think I have about 30 long guns. Some are family heirlooms. Some are collector pieces. Some I just like. Some I use. I just don't see selling any of them. In fact, I'll probably buy 3 or 4 more this year. Just have to get another safe....
  2. jmark

    Hunt dates

    Jeez, I thought this was gonna be about getting a date to go hunting with you. Oh well...
  3. jmark

    Another Massive Storm Coming Wednesday

    Ha. Kinda an homage to Robert Earl Keen. Awesome! He once gave a concert in my honor. True story. Long story. REK rocks! Edit: I realize this doesn't have anything to do with anything. Still, could someone pick up a box of tampons and some Salem Lights for me?
  4. Hm, that's not what your wife says?
  5. jmark

    7.62x51 (308) ammo

    Yeah, I think you're right. Maybe it's x51. Which would make more sense I guess since it says NATO. Be fun to shoot some of it and see how it does.
  6. jmark

    7.62x51 (308) ammo

    Milsurp stuff. Can be questionable. My Mosin is sorta picky, seems to like the new stuff better than the old milsurp. FWIW, and I don't mean to be contrary, but you can buy new, more reliable ammo for less than that - example: Sorry, if that breaks the rules, please delete my comment.
  7. jmark

    7.62x51 (308) ammo

    Is it 7.62x54R?
  8. jmark

    Egard watches answer to Gillette commercial

    I bought one of the Egard watches this morning, after reading about this and seeing the video on Ideal Media. From the comments to the video, seems like I have a lot of company.
  9. jmark

    I’ve had it!

    I would just shoot the dogs. Seriously.
  10. jmark

    Wishing this was legal!

    Never mind - I found the reg. 100-200 lbs. Makes no sense at all.
  11. jmark

    Wishing this was legal!

    Why is that illegal?
  12. jmark

    NY says to kill...

    Try it and let us know.
  13. jmark

    NY says to kill...

    Yeah it was on Fox today. Anyone seen any of these creatures?
  14. jmark

    Show us your rig!

    Killer Instinct Furious Z355 (well, it was hanging there, so...) Elite Aigil with Trophy Ridge 5 point and dropaway rest Hoyt PowerMax with Fuse 5 point and dropaway Just getting back to archery after a long hiatus. Want to get a recurve next. Some of the bows picture here are gorgeous.