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  1. Thanks for the kind words everyone! It was unfortunate the season had to end early, but the knee is getting better every day. My wife was sorry I hurt my knee, but happy we got to come to Florida earlier than normal. Thank God lateral movement doesn’t hurt my knee, golf is not off the table. Kunox is now in gecko hunting mode.
  2. I’ve ordered some booties and they will be here on Tuesday. I’ve already tried 3 different styles but nothing stays on properly, due to short leg syndrome. I’m hoping these will do the trick.
  3. Poor Luna. Cut her paw last night on a nightmare track. Buck pushed for a mile by hunter, then he went back out and grid searched after I agreed to come.
  4. 11/10/19 #1 A hunter and his Dad waited a couple hours after the shot to start tracking this buck, and they jumped it within a couple hundred yards. They did everything right....from flagging the blood as they tracked, to backing out immediately after jumping it. Luna took us past their ribbons and just under half a mile to the dead buck. This was a leg hit deer and it looked like he had been chased around an alfalfa field late in the track, there was blood everywhere. There were no other injuries, he bled to death. #2 A hunter shot a buck yesterday morning, found a few brown hairs and a very small piece of flesh. He was unable to find any blood after a good look, so assumed he grazed it. This morning on his way out of the woods he came across blood and followed it for as far as he could, then called me. Luna and I headed over after the first track, and about 15 minutes in, she took me across a paved road. There were no tracks in the snow where she took me, so I took her back across the road. After some exploring over there, she again took me across the road, this time to somebody’s yard about 25 yards away from where we went the first time. The snow was melted in the yard, but not the woods. I told the hunter we need to get permission to enter, but a neighbor told us the bank owned it. Being unable to get permission, I ended the track. I did ask the hunter to take a peak in the woods for sign to verify Luna was right, and he located blood. I got a text later saying he was able to follow it for 300 yards and it never bedded down. #3 I was called by this hunter as I was on my first track, with the second track lined up. I had family arriving from out of state this afternoon, so I declined the track. When the second track ended up being so short, I called the hunter back and said I could take it after all. Naturally, 3 guys had been out grid searching for quite a while by then. I stopped by the house on the way to this track and swapped dogs. The hunter said this was a big buck and the picture he showed backed that up.....it was huge. The buck dropped at the shot, flailed around, got up and ran off. Uh oh.....don’t like the sounds of that. There was minimal blood in a small area about 50 yards from the hit site, then nothing. Kunox and I worked the area extensively and came up empty. I believe this is a high back hit and they may see him again.
  5. 11/9/19 A hunter shot an 8 pointer last night, but couldn’t find any blood. He followed the tracks a short distance into a thicket, then backed out and called me. Luna and I arrived at first light this morning with the temperature at 18 degrees. This one was disappointing. Luna clearly was on it and took us into a wet thicket that eventually got too deep for her as she was breaking through the ice. She picked up tracks coming out of there heading to a 30 acre cedar stand and wanted to follow them. We worked the cedars, never seeing blood or a bed, so we did a restart and again she took us back to the cedars. At this point Luna was showing the effects of being in the ice water for over an hour and was shivering badly, so I called it. The hunter is drying his clothes then going back out. I recommended he go back to the first area Luna took us. I’m regretting not giving that area more attention before Luna got too cold.
  6. 11/8/19 I was called tonight by a hunter that shot an 11 pointer he’d been waiting for. He and three buddies looked for over an hour, but all they could find was a little brown hair. There was no blood, and they couldn’t find his tracks from after the shot. Kunox started at the hair and went into tall thick nasty swamp grass and downed trees, but could only walk about 10 yards in before being unable to get through it. I looked around a short distance and didn’t see any sign so I took him back to the hair. He did the same thing, then turned around and went the opposite way into a thicket. I let him look around in there awhile, and at one point he went hot. Investigation showed tracks too small for our buck. I took him back to the hair and one of the guys said he thought he had smelled the buck in the area Kunox had first gone to. I put Kunox down and he went back to the swamp grass, so this time I carried him around to see if he could smell anything. Sure enough, back goes his head and the sniffer went into overdrive. I watched him as I walked and he took me right to the dead buck. He was only 50 yards away, but you couldn’t see him until you were literally right on top of him. Great bunch of guys....I’d track for them anytime.
  7. You’re welcome, Mike...the pleasure is all mine!
  8. Thanks everyone......we’re having a blast doing it!
  9. This is our 5th season. The first 2 were pretty lean as we learned what we were doing.
  10. 11/6/19 100th career recovery I was called by some friends tonight that were unable to find any blood from an 8 pointer one of them had shot. They had gone in about 50 yards before backing out. Luna and I headed over and were taken to a food plot and pointed in the direction the deer ran. Luna picked a trail and 80 yards later the leash went slack. I looked around a tree and Luna was chewing on the dead bucks leg. I almost felt guilty having such an easy track.
  11. 11/5/19 Well, the 100th recovery of our career will have to wait for another day. Tonight we tracked another leg/shoulder shot buck. The hunter said the buck was favoring a front leg as it left the field. Long story short, Kunox did his part, but no recovery.
  12. 11/4/19 We seem to be experiencing a mini drought. This is not surprising as it’s amazing how things go hot and cold for trackers. We had two tracks today, both shoulder hits yesterday evening. #1 Kunox started at the hit site and took us 340 yards to a wound bed. We didn’t jump the buck as Kunox never got excited. The deer made a big loop and then I believe it crossed a swamp. Kunox took me back to the swamp after a few restarts so I figured it was time to get wet. After crossing, he went hot as we bumped a deer I never saw. I can’t prove that was our buck since I never saw any blood, but I believe it may have been. #2 The second track was for a reportedly monster buck. Kunox took us the way the hunter and her husband had tracked last night, then continued beyond. There was torrential rain last night that had washed away all but a drop or two of blood at the very beginning of the track. I let Kunox take me a few hundred yards with no sign, then did a couple restarts. He took me into a thick bedding area 50 yards away with lots of rubs, but we never did any good and eventually called the track.
  13. 11/3/19 #1 Hunter shot the buck with a .243, 26 hours before we arrived. This was Luna’s first track since her paw injury sidelined her for almost three weeks. She quickly took us to last blood, then struggled to get us through the heavily grid searched area. I eventually took her 100 yards further to the edge of the swamp to see if she could pick up a line there, but the area was way too thick with briars, deadfalls, etc for her to even walk. I picked her up and walked the edge, heading toward an area that wasn’t as thick when I saw her nose kick into overdrive. I put her down and she led me to the dead, gutshot 8 pointer. #2 Our second track was for a buck shot late yesterday afternoon. The hunter has trailed light blood for 300 yards, then grid searched. Luna took us beyond last blood and showed a few drops a short distance away, then nothing. We searched extensively, but did not recover this buck. I hope they see it again. #3 This young hunter took a 200 yard shot at a running deer and missed. At the shot, the deer stopped and the hunter connected with his second shot. A few drops of blood were found just inside the woods, and a light grid search produced no results when the trail was lost. Kunox went to work on this one, but unfortunately we came up empty. When I questioned the hunter further, I learned his .308 was sighted in 1” high at 50 yards and he had held right on the vitals at 200. He had never practiced at that distance. #4 Another one we came up empty on. This 48 hour old track was for a buck that appeared to be hit in the leg, based on the pieces of bone found. The buck had bedded right inside the woods, but had been bumped when the hunter searched for it. They had tracked for 360 yards, then grid searched. Kunox was able to advance the track, but we never found the buck.
  14. Sorry to hear you can’t get out there much. Glad you're enjoying the stories!