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  1. No, all intestine. He was still very warm when we found him. Intestine hits can actually live for a couple days sometimes.
  2. 9/30/22 I received a call from an experienced hunter this morning and we arrived a little over 12 hours later. He realized he shot a buck too far back and was able to watch him stand in one place for 20 minutes. He then slowly walked away while hunched up. The hunter was unable to see what trail he took into the woods, but knew the general area. After the deer was out of sight, the hunter snuck away in the opposite direction without even looking for blood. Well done!! Kunox was not on his game tonight for some reason. He initially seemed unable to focus, but after numerous restarts, he finally buckled down and went to work. There was very little blood on this 200 yard track. The buck was found in its first bed due to the hunter not pushing it.
  3. 9/30/22 Luna had a turn this morning. This 7 pointer was gutshot from the ground last night. We went in 12 hours later this morning and he was still alive and had to be dispatched. He went a very short distance and stopped and bedded down when we jumped him. The buck had only gone 100 yards from where the hunter and his brother backed out last night. These guys did things right. They didn’t realize he was gutshot, but were smart enough to back out when they jumped him. They also had ribbon with them and marked the blood as they tracked last night. Way to go guys! We were more than a mile deep, so I was glad the hunter brought his jet sled this morning as it made our drag out much easier. Great morning workout and it gave Luna plenty of time to chew on a leg as we dragged him out.
  4. 9/29/22 Luna and I tracked a buck last night for a young bowhunter. Unfortunately it was a lost cause from the start. Only 4” - 5” of penetration would not get the job done. An occasional small drop of blood was nice to show the father and son that Luna was on his buck on this 1.1 mile track through lots of prickly ash. This 8 or 9 point buck will be seen again.
  5. He worked REALLY hard this morning. Sleeping now.
  6. 9-27-22 #1 An 18 year old huntress shot a 7 pointer last night, then the skies opened up with a 2.5 hour deluge. She and her Dad were able to check out the arrow before the blood got washed off and saw substantial blood, but there was the smell of guts. We arrived at 8:30 this morning and learned that her Dad went out looking this morning, then her cousin. Luckily, they were looking in the wrong direction. This buck only went 275 yards, but there was zero blood on the track. Kunox is a good boy! #2 While on the way to the first track, I received a call for help on a big 8 pointer that’s was shot last night. Rather than drive all the way home to swap dogs, Kunox lucked out and got two in a row. The hunter shot the buck at 28 yards from a 16 foot height, and could clearly see that he hit him high. The hope was that he hit the top of the lungs. Kunox worked his tail off on this one, covering 2.7 miles. It became obvious that coyotes were involved as Kunox kept stopping to mark, something he doesn’t do unless that’s the case. We were working most of the time in tall thick grasses, where often Kunox would totally disappear. More that once he stopped and asked me for a lift when it became impassable. As the crow flies, the track was 990 yards. The track ended at a property line we couldn’t enter.
  7. 9/27/22 Luna has seniority, so she got our first track of the season tonight. New Tracker Mike joined us to get some experience. I had a bad feeling as the hunter described the shot on the initial phone call. 6 pointer at less than 10 yards that immediately went down at the shot, which often indicates a high back hit. 20-30 seconds later he got up and walked away before the hunter could get another arrow in him. The arrow was found nearby and showed bright red blood. The blood trail consisted of sporadic drops for 60 yards, then nothing. Luna took us to last blood, then worked the area before picking a line. She followed it for a couple hundred yards before going back to last blood and doing a restart on her own. This happened over and over. We never saw another drop of blood or a bloody bed. After 1.43 miles of circles, we pulled the plug. The hunter and his cousin are going to put cameras out and hope to get a picture of him. I believe he is still on his feet.
  8. No bear tracks yet, but early bow for deer opens tomorrow so I expect some calls!
  9. That stinks! Get better soon!
  10. Hahaha. Happens all the time, but the dog rats them out :-)
  11. Almost every one we’ve found has still been alive and we had to dispatch. Love tracking bears….exciting!
  12. Luna and Kunox are back for season number eight. Bear season opens on Saturday and we are chomping at the bit to get out! When in doubt, back out without grid searching and make the call! Good luck to everyone this season!
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