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  1. Or, anyone can buy one here……https://www.born-to-track.com/book/order-info.htm
  2. Here’s a great resource for you. The pond is looking great!! https://forums.pondboss.com
  3. He’ll definitely be missed. He led a great life and left a legacy to be proud of. I got both my dogs from John and Jolanta.
  4. Admin - please delete! Thanks
  5. Good idea, I’ll see what I can do. Most of these guys are still working and have young kids, so they won’t be able to take every track they’re called about.
  6. The Watertown paper came to the farm the other day to help get the word out about tracking dogs in the area. We have 5 new teams in the region! 3 of them were able to make the drive and be here for the interview. Is it September yet? https://www.nny360.com/sports/recreationalsports/blood-tracking-dogs-help-hunters-find-lost-game/article_027ae6a6-6d0e-5b1b-97af-6557c4eaf0d8.html
  7. That’s a great tribute....very well done. So sorry you’re going through so much. Hang in there.
  8. It’s criminal to be vaccinating children.
  9. You could not be any more pro vaccine or highly qualified than this scientist who is raising a huge red flag, yet nobody listens. This video is an hour long and I recognize most people won’t watch it, but I strongly urge you to. In a nutshell, he says the vaccine was developed to produce a specific antibody for the original strain of coronavirus. This antibody overpowers the non specific antibodies our own immune system produces, rendering them useless. As we’re getting variants of the disease, our own immune system and the vaccine specific antibodies are worthless and unable to beat it.
  10. Great looking pup!!
  11. There’s no way I’m letting them put an experimental drug in me.
  12. Keep an eye on new acquisition pitcher Garrett Whitlock. He appears to be the real deal as evidenced by a great spring training that has continued into the regular season. He and his wife rented a condo in our community this spring and I had the chance to get to know him.....very respectful and humble kid. He’s a big bowhunter and is coming to hunt my property in November.
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