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  1. Many people are already "very angry". So what. They don't convert that anger into votes. We have our NYC commies that decide how elections will be coming out. Heck, even out here in upstate NY we have more than our share of libs. It gets worse every year. There really is no end to it.......until eventually we're in so deep in this socialist quagmire and fuzzy thinking that there is no turning back. Maybe we're there already.
  2. No, it was not in the 1980's when compounds were introduced to the NYS bow season. And it was not a generational thing either. I was there when that all happened. I remember when there was a lot of talk about how the compound would become a precedent to start including everything into "Bow season". And you know they were pretty darn far-sighted people who were right on the money. There may even come a day when bow usage will be simply merged in with gun season. I guess a lot of that will come after my time.....thankfully. But I hear more and more people questioning why a "bow season" is
  3. Well, I am not so sure that I could survive the mosquitos that we have right now. I have never seen them so vicious. I don't think the deer would be interested in approaching a critter that was swinging wildly trying to keep from being drained of blood. I suspect that the DEC is not getting what they wanted out of this early season. It kind of is turning out to be a lot of controversy created over nothing.
  4. So with all the controversy and theorizing and such about this early season, what are your observations. In our part of 8N, I doubt that the deer are even aware that there is a deer season open. I have heard more shooting from squirrel hunters in past years. I checked out a very popular state hunting land parking lot and it was completely empty at 1:00 PM. Two questions: 1. Where the heck are all the hunters? 2. Did all this crazy messing with seasons really accomplish anything at all other than stirring up controversy So what are the observations of othe
  5. Well, I will not be affected by the new laws regarding blaze orange. During firearms deer seasons, I am always a glowing orange beacon.....lol. HOWEVER..... We must not assume that because it is a law now that the lack of blaze orange is a signal that the coast is clear to shoot. Remember that there are people out performing outdoor chores and hikers and mountain bikers and the law does not apply to them. Nothing replaces good safety mentality. Check out the background behind whatever you are shooting at.
  6. To be honest, I don't believe that there has been any scientific study done on the effects pro or con regarding masks. There has been a lot of layman speculation and guesswork, but I haven't heard of any credible studies actually being conducted. Has any of you heard of such studies? On the other hand, Trump's vaccines have been studied to death, not only by lab studies but also actual vaccinations of millions of people. I had no fear of the big dreaded and horrifying needle.....lol.
  7. Doc

    Early season

    Is it firearms only, or can you hunt with a bow during that season?
  8. It is probably more likely that deer get back to diurnal activity after gun season is the shortage of food leaves them little choice at that time of year. I don't know about anyone else, but Actual gun hunting days seem to be pretty darn quiet after opening weekend, and the only deer moving at all are those that are kicked up by other gun hunters still-hunting. Well anyway, we will see this year. There won't be any guessing after we actually see what happens, one way or another.
  9. Most of the land that I have ever hunted in recent years is state land. Yeah, with all the non-hunting uses of the state land that I hunt, things have definitely become tough going.....especially bow hunting. There are quite a few mountain bikers and hikers canvassing the entire hill now and it is getting damn difficult to stay away from them. But private land has been shrinking so quickly. Some of my favorite private parcels now have houses built on them and everything is ringed with posted signs and even some big game farms that have fenced and posted hundreds of acres. I don't really h
  10. Doc

    I remember

    I remember when crossing the road out front we used to stare at any car that happened to go by because chances are it was somebody we knew. Now it seems that that same road is just a constant stream of cars. And when the fall leaves are in full color, you may not be able to get across the road at all without a good long wait. I remember climbing half way up the huge hill in the dark on opening day and looking down on the highway below, seeing the continuous long line of headlights that looked like a huge snake coming down the valley. Now opening day traffic doesn't look much heavier that
  11. Yes we can guess, but soon we will know, one way or another. I know that all through the crossbow arguments, everybody talked about all the old guys who want to hunt during the warmer weather. Well, now in those chosen areas they can. Is that argument really true? Well I guess now we will put it to the test.
  12. Well finally something we agree on. The bow season will indeed morph into whatever technology that we can come up with and there really is no limit on that. Nobody will draw a line in the sand and say enough is enough. That is why I believe that with these kinds of attitudes, we will see everything imaginable (including firearms) thrown into our so-called bow season eventually. It is getting harder and harder to justify any need for a special "bow season". Yes indeed, the precedent was set with the compound, and the crossbow will set a whole new round of precedents. Each step leads to the next
  13. Ha-ha-ha-ha.......This Trump Derangement Syndrome will never end. He certainly got under the skin of the socialist wing of the party, to the extent that they can't seem to shake it.....lol. Actually, I can understand their all of their blathering about Trump. The fact is that the only way they can try to coverup the endless parade of screw-ups by poor ol' Sleepy Joe is by non-stop filibustering about an administration that no longer exists. Don't you people realize how pathetic you all sound? My gosh it is time to confess that you voted for Blundering Biden simply because he pulled one ov
  14. Is that what determines whether or not a person is anti-crossbow? I believe that the crossbow is a perfectly acceptable deer hunting implement........In the proper season. I hate to say it, but that was a rather stupid question given the context of the discussion.
  15. My biggest curiosity about a gun season occurring before bow season is the question of will the deer go into their survival mode early because of it. Part of that "survival mode" is nocturnal activity. This is something that I have noted in our area every gun season. The deer take on a completely different attitude after opening day. Will this now impact bow seasons? We'll see.
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