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  1. How Does Your Garden Grow

    Yesterday I was out wallowing around in the snow measuring and driving stakes in the ground, laying out the garden. There's a pretty severe case of cabin fever setting in that is bordering on insanity.
  2. technology

    I suspect that as a percentage of each kind of vehicle running around out there that one accident with the automated vehicle is probably quite significant. These start-up failures are going to be quite traumatic for somebody. I just hope I am never on the receiving end of either style of vehicular
  3. He and his kind would rather hang out a public open invitation that says "There are no guns here, so come on in and help yourself to the carnage"
  4. I have no problem with strengthening the background checks for gun purchases, but how about funding the activity such that extra waiting times is not necessary. No one ever looks at making government agencies work smoother, smarter, faster and more efficiently. Instead their first thought is to increase the harassment value on gun owners. That makes the effort fit in with the other harassments that gun owners already endure. And let's face it, harassment is exactly the purposes of most of the gun legislation and not serious efforts at thwarting crime. They cannot eliminate all guns through legal, constitutional means so their recourse is frustrate gun purchases.
  5. Here's One For Ya

    Sounds like the new system that has taken the place of the Citizen Task Forces that used to be sometimes used to gauge public opinion on required deer populations. Apparently that didn't work out so great so they are tweaking it a tiny bit to get input from all the anti-deer forces and the hunters to justify permit numbers and other population-cutting activities. Well, maybe that isn't really all that fair until we see results from this new procedure. Hopefully it won't turn out to be just a lot of venting from residents that have just sustained a few thousand dollars worth of damage to their prize
  6. Bullhead

    The bullheads are always biting best a week before someone tells you they are running. How many times have I heard people say, "man, you should have been here late last week". Around us it is a pretty small window of time. It's a lot like the smelt the time you hear of it, it's over. Bait, we used to kill them down in West River and swamp (north of Naples) using big pollywogs. I have also heard a lot about chicken livers. And of course there is the old standby of night crawlers. I think the pollywogs worked well in swampy areas because of the natural populations that they are used to feeding on. They are harder than heck to keep on the hook when you cast them so cast very gently.
  7. Back in my day......

    I finished up my trapline and chores just before boarding the school bus. I was always walking around the school hallways with a big old hunting knife on my belt. Try doing that Nobody thought anything about it back then.
  8. your govenor

    This idiot never saw a camera that he wouldn't pose for. What a ridiculous looking weirdo.
  9. Hunter "Blaze" Orange

    On three different occasions, I have come across guys in full camo including face-paint. And this was on some very heavily pressured state land. I have to say that it is very un-nerving to all of a sudden find somebody that is only a few yards away when you first see them. I always have to wonder what the heck is going through a guy's mind when he knowingly does something stupid like this. I have to think if he is so uncaring about his own safety, he must have absolutely no concern for mine.
  10. Yeah that's the bottom line. We all set our limits at a different place. I just don't feel comfortable blazing away at a running deer. Obviously a lot of people do. Those 5-shot volleys that I hear occasionally says that there are people who hunt like they are on a cleared and back-stopped rifle range .....ha-ha-ha. I do get a kick out of those who claim to know exactly everything that is behind the deer that they are shooting at. Unless they are hunting in a cleared gravel pit, that likely is not really the case. It makes a nice little phrase during hunter safety training class, but if we want to be honest, we are really only sure of what we can see and what is visible at any specific split second. But like you say, do what you are comfortable with.
  11. Now, that really does look like fun. But I suspect that with my not-so-great eye/hand coordination, I would go broke with repairs and replacements. Are those videos "real-time" or are they sped up. The speed looks tremendously fast. I think I would be all smashed up in a tree inside of a 1/2 minute or so. I never could play video games that required flying. It requires abilities that I just don't
  12. Hunter "Blaze" Orange

    I cannot count the times that I have seen the blaze orange long before I could see the form of the hunter. Many times that has been the queue that it is time to move or put some distance between us to avoid hunting too close. On the other hand I have had a few occasions where I didn't see hunters in full camo, and got way too close for safe hunting until thankfully they said something. So blaze orange is not just something to avoid target misidentification. It can also be a clue to unsafe conditions setting up around you. Another part to that is that it sometimes can tip you off that you are wasting your time when you see that little piece of orange up where you are expecting deer to be coming from.
  13. I guess it all depends on whether he is running at me with a giant club.
  14. March Madness

    Ha-ha-ha......The only March madness that I have ever experienced is the madness that comes from the cabin fever that is taking it's toll on me right now.
  15. Anybody sell a "Grafting for Dummies" book. I don't even understand the lingo