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  1. The interesting thing is that he really doesn't need to say HOW is is going to do these things. All he has to do is sometime through the campaign just say that he will. We learned from his first term that when he says he is going to do something, he does it. That was the novel thing about his presidency. He actually at least makes an effort to do what he promised as opposed to the Biden trojan horse.
  2. I have not figured out whether the moths "move on" or just die off from disease or starvation. Does anyone know what causes the population to eventually collapse?
  3. All these wildly different looking guns all basically function the same. But as you go down through them all, you can quickly figure out which ones the gun-banners would target first. Their thinking is 100% based on appearance with no real logic being applied at all.
  4. Just throw it into the bow season. That's a good catch-all place to throw weapons that don't fit any existing definitions.
  5. Long, but very interesting video. That guy seems to really know his stuff.
  6. Yeah I guess that's probably right. I guess the problem is that I just don't understand the system that they use. I do understand the importance of the DEC recognizing the seriousness of the hunter decline. The whole management system of wildlife depends on always having an adequate number of hunters. You have to wonder if that will always be the case, if the numbers keep going in the direction that they are going.
  7. Do they count every license purchased as being a different hunter? I actually have a whole bunch of licenses all by myself. Am I being counted as a whole bunch of hunters. My personal observations over the years From the time I used to stand out by the road waiting for the school bus, to today, I think I have seen an absolutely huge drop in the hunter activity. Does anybody ever make an attempt at calculating how many hunters there really are left? Has anyone plotted the decline over the decades? Is anyone trying to predict how long it will be before hunting is not an effective wildlife population control? It seems there are places where that is already the case. Is anyone looking down the road to figure out what to do when hunting can no longer keep wildlife numbers under control? They'll always be able to manipulate season lengths and bag limits, but there may come a time when even those measures are not enough. So, how good of a handle does the DEC actually have on the dwindling number of hunters, and what are they trying to do about it? Anybody have any insight into this subject?
  8. The Kansas Department of Parks and Wildlife consists of just 7 people and can pass such things all by themselves? ......Seven people???? And the reasons behind it were just about as stupid as anything I've ever heard. They are worried about privacy issues on public lands? What nonsense! Sounds like something that might come to NYS.....lol.
  9. Yeah, this is what I was afraid of. It is something from a forum that has very small distribution, and we are expanding the ideas stated in that opinion piece for them. Certainly we have to keep an eye on such nonsense, but we really do not have to give it further credibility and coverage by repeating it. That is how a lot of these things gain momentum and become a real live issue. If these ideas are going to get picked up and begin to gather some kind of momentum among people of authority who can actually make such nonsense become law, let's not be the ones that help it all gain public conversation. At least that's the way I see it. Let it fade back into oblivion where it started.
  10. Yeah but I would like to know where the article came from. Do we know anything about the credentials of the author? Is it a person of any authority or just a letter to the editor from some PETA person. Is it some article off somebody's website? Or is it something from a high ranking Dec official? It makes a big difference as to how seriously anyone should take the contents of the article. One thing you want to be very careful about is to not elevate some random comment from some "nobody" and creating an issue out of something that nobody else would ever otherwise read. I'm not saying that it is not interesting and useful to keep an eye on what the opposition is thinking. Just be careful about elevating a single isolated random set of thoughts into a forum for spreading the idea.
  11. It all becomes crystal clear when you ask that simple question: "Are you better off today than you were during the Trump years?". The answer is a resounding "NO!" for anyone who wants to be honest about what's going on these days. It's not a trick-question.
  12. I hope that forecast is a bogus one. 2 feet of snow would be hard to deal with given that it would likely be heavy and wet.
  13. Actually, the drainage on the hill is pretty good with ravines that are not too far apart handling most of the run-off. We had an old horse trail that ran straight up the hill. I wouldn't even guess when that was actively used. but it was before tractors, I am sure. It has held pretty darn good over all the years it has been in existence. It's only the most recent couple of years that it has shown any erosion at all and that trail still was being used for ATV travel. It was a little washed out in spots, but with a little caution it could be used. Now I have some nice wide roads that wind their way up the hill instead of going straight up.......Much safer. I am not really familiar with "water bars", but I didn't see anything put into the roads for water diversion, but at every turn in the road, the water dumps off the road, so it never gets a chance to build up any volume. So erosion should be minimal.
  14. This year I got all the way into March without having to plow my 1000' driveway once. That in itself is a 47 year record. But I wanted to get through a whole year without plowing. Of course March was the spoiler.......It always is. Some of the worst storms that I can remember have happened in March. In fact one March, I had to get a payloader in to clear a three foot dump of some very heavy wet snow. Let's hope that don't happen again. This year's March dump was only about a foot deep, but it was that ice cream consistency that does not plow very good.
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