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  1. Our system of government is still a robust system, and nothing has happened that cannot be fixed through voting. I think this election will prove that as long as we can get the Republican and independent voters off their butts, We have it in our power to become watchdogs in the voting process and influence the results the way we know that the majority want. What we cannot do is to throw in the towel and slink away complaining but not acting. We all know voters who have the same values and opinions as ourselves. We need to make sure they vote. This election will show what the future will look like. It is up to us to make sure that Republicans do not become the party of whiners that do not use the political tools that we have been given. It is also necessary to influence as many other Republican voters to vote. The system doesn't run on its own.
  2. Thankfully there was no panicked stampede. There would have been a lot more fatalities from trampling. But that is an interesting observation.
  3. Alabama???? The farthest I ever travel anymore is to Canandaigua and back......lol
  4. The way that the Democrats and the media have been applying the hate speech against Trump and his supporters, why does this surprise anyone. We have been fed the line that Trump is Hitler and that his election was a clear path to the destruction of our system of government. He has been compared to Hitler. Dems have run all kinds of stories that Trump would refuse to leave the presidency when his term is up. You know that with that kind of constant drumbeat coming from every corner of the Democrat party and with the willing news media accomplices, I'm sure the shooter considered himself a patriot that was saving Democracy. It takes far less to send some of these weirdos off the deep end.
  5. Interesting concept. I wonder how the cost of the ammo compares to that sold at gun stores and such.
  6. When you run a constant campaign villainizing someone with hate speech for about 3-1/2 years at a daily nationwide scale, and you have the eager cooperation of most of the news media and even some of the major government agencies, the results become quite predictable. I have been wondering what took this event so long to happen. It appears that the bullet was off by a very small part of an inch from making the shooter completely successful. The guy thought he was saving Democracy.....Or so he was told by the Democrats and their willing accomplices in the news media ever since Trump got into politics.
  7. I have been saying that since before the debate. As they say, be careful what you wish for. I know that we are running a risk leaving him in charge until the until after the election, but the one thing that HAS to be accomplished is to get Trump elected. Our country depends on it. The best shot of that is against broken Biden. It will be interesting what kind of tricks the Democrats find to use on one of their own to get rid of him.
  8. Has anyone here come across a poisonous snake here in NYS?
  9. Yeah, I understand your dislike of snakes. I don't mind if I can see them from a distance, but they always seem to wait until I am almost stepping on them before they take off. That always freaks me out. There is one snake that I encourage, and that is a black snake. I was told that they go after rattlesnakes and they eat rats and mice. They also seem to be quite docile. Grass snakes are tolerable. Water snakes are too darn aggressive for my liking. But for the most part, I take a "live and let live" attitude toward all snakes and deal with them as little as possible.
  10. Sometimes they react the same way to people on ATVs. They often just stand there staring as you go by.
  11. Well, you got me beat again. The best I can do is 55 years of marriage. Unless I count both marriages......lol.
  12. Doc


    Why is it that when I used to have a boat, a big crowd of people always gathered waiting for me to back the damn thing up and get it launched? It was always an embarrassing fiasco.
  13. Doc


    Wow......That's a beautiful boat! By the way, where do you find the catfish?
  14. I have been thinking about exploring the fishing in the canal. Are the fish safe to eat out of the canal? There are various public parks and pull-overs available that I would like to try, but I have heard stories about dangerous pollution p[roblems in some of the fish.
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