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  1. Ha-ha-ha....When did I get promoted to the Trump campaign legal team. I hate to tell you, but it is not my responsibility to present evidence. The Trump team has professionals to handle that responsibility. And I am trying to find a delicate way to put this, but your attempts to again restate a falsehood does not make it true regarding your claim that courts are rejecting ALL of the lawsuits. They have not even been all presented yet. And before you continue trying to put words in my mouth, I have never said anything about how "widespread" or not I believe these illegal practices are. As individual citizens, neither you or I can credibly ascertain the extent of the fraud and manipulation of votes. And we will never know until at least one or more of these impending cases comes up before an honest non-political court and actually gets heard in a public fashion. I am not sure what it is that frightens you so about such open investigation and scrutiny. I am convinced that election crimes have been committed and I am interested in seeing those prosecuted, which apparently you are not. Whether or not the results change the winner is not my concern. I am more interested in seeing corruption unmasked and maybe even have justice meted out to those people who would mess with the voting system. apparently you would rather not like to know anything about trying to clean up corruption in the election system. It is just a difference in opinions as to whether election fraud is okay or not. Apparently it is no big deal to you. The whole damn system could be broke and apparently that would be fine with you. I'm sorry, but I do not share that same attitude.
  2. Do not lose faith in the country. Our system of government makes it possible for us to survive even while being deeply divided. We have never been 100% united. We never will. I have not seen another system of government that is better. But I will say that I do wonder what makes people try to defend the flaws. I do give Trump credit for trying to shine light on the extent of vote manipulation. It is a problem that will not be solved or even worked on until it is widely demonstrated. But we have survived far worse problems than this and still emerged a one single country, stronger than ever. We will get by all this if we are persistent. Yes, I get a little touchy when I see people trying to cover up fraud and corruption and even conjure up arguments favorable to these kinds of offenses. But I know that these kinds of people are still in the minority and I absolutely resist letting those forces of destruction win.
  3. I admire your massive knowledge of what the Supreme Court will or won't do. It is amazing how authoritative you make your "guesses" sound. I still am curious as to why you keep on thrashing around trying to convince people that allegations of fraud and voting irregularities should simply be ignored. It is hard to believe that any citizens of this country would adopt such a "head-in-the-sand" attitude toward crime, but yet, here you are, trying to make the argument that fraud and voting cheating should simply be ignored. It's not really an admirable attitude. I say let it play out (and of course it will) and stop trying so hard to defend the crooks that are intent on bastardizing the voting system. Frankly, I am getting sick of those apologists for the crooked ways of politics. I personally applaud any efforts to shine the light of day on the activities of these cheaters, and I have very little sympathy for those that would like to see all that continue without investigation.
  4. The state land next door was taken over by mountain bikers. Apparently a huge club of some sort got DEC permission to hack and blaze a heavy maze of trails all over the side of the hill and all over the the top. Some how they managed to run the trails right next to all of my most productive stands that over the decades I had located and exploited. Then with these new heavy rutted up bike trails and the trees splashed with different colors of paint, The hikers began to heavily use these bike trails too. Screaming, laughing, and shouting back and forth to each other they increased the density of the trails to the point where it was almost impossible to get out of earshot of them throughout the entire area. So almost 60 years of studying and learning of the area is pretty much trashed. So I do understand the complaints and do sympathize. However, around our area, when gun season begins they all abandon the trails ...... Probably afraid of getting shot by the crazy red-coated hunters. But bow season has changed significantly for the worse over the past couple of decades. It's just a sign of the times I guess and likely is not going to get any better.
  5. It is not true that "all of the lawsuits have been rejected". There are 11,000 incidents of voter fraud, most of which have not even been presented in any court yet. So let's at least try to keep the claims as honest as you can. If there was only one, I would expect that you and other democrats would want it to be investigated and any perpetrators arrested and prosecuted regardless of whether or not it had any impact on the final result. Personally I want these cheaters and vote manipulators made an example of regardless of which affiliation they come from. I do not understand why you do not.
  6. I don't know. I am not part of the Trump campaign legal team. Just like you, I have absolutely no idea as to what kinds of information is in all those sworn affidavits any more than you do. The amount of time will eventually be settled in the courts. Our "opinions" of what is an adequate amount of time really have no bearing on your question. It will take as long as it takes. With something like the sanctity of the vote at stake, I do not really understand what your hurry is. There is nothing illegal going on. All that is being done is according to the legal process. Would you rather we spend the next 4 years doing all we can to stall the function of the government. Now that dems have set that precedent of not accepting a duly elected president. Remember "Russia-Russia-Russia" all based on a concocted dossier that Hilary bought and paid for. Maybe some phony impeachment activity is more your style than questioning sworn to instances of voter fraud. Or how about we start burning down the establishments of innocent small business owners. That seems to be the democrat/ socialist way of contesting an election whose outcome doesn't align with their agenda. I mean, you are complaining about a few weeks of examination of the sanctity of the vote when you and your bunch of socialists kept the U.S. government in constant turmoil for the better part of 4 years. I have to wonder what kind of hypocrisy it takes to even ask your question.
  7. Remember how giddy we all got when the government decided to tax tobacco to change citizen behavior. It worked like a charm, didn't it? Well the government took note of how well they could move around any and all citizen rights with punitive taxation. Now they will use that behavior modification technique on guns and ammo and shooting accessories. And it will work just as well. All this without there ever being any need to mess with that pesky 2nd Amendment. This is only the beginning.
  8. I am speaking of every democrat that It is not hypocrisy to be concerned about the integrity of the U.S. voting system. If there are sworn affidavits alleging fraud or failures of the system, I can't really understand why members of either party wouldn't be interested in finding and correcting things that impact the accuracy of results whether it changes the outcome or not.
  9. So the pinkos are now successful in politicizing a vaccine. It almost sounds like they are hopeful that it doesn't work. What kind of geniuses get that sort of hatred working for them. Frankly, I will be as close to the head of the line as I can get. I am in the high-risk part of the population, and I don't have the Trump Derangement Syndrome to the point of imagining up some conspiracy theory regarding mass homicide organized by Donald Trump. You people are starting to get severely ridiculous.
  10. It wasn't just idle chit-chat when so many of us warned about this. Those that voted for Biden can now see all of these warnings (and many others) coming to real parts of our lives. And this guy isn't even President yet. And heaven forbid, if the Republicans lose control of the Senate in the Georgia run-offs. it is not just imagination when people speak of unheard-of gun control acts. The gun owner harassments will make it just plain miserable to own any kinds of guns. They don't have to repeal the 2nd Amendment to destroy private ownership of guns, and it doesn't really have to be AR-style guns only. Somebody once said that "We get exactly the kind of government we deserve", and they were absolutely correct. Before the new regime is finished with us, the confiscatory policies on guns will be the very least of our losses in this country. We tried to warn about all of this. The commies and those that can't see beyond the end of their noses thought they knew better. Well here is a preview of where things will go now.
  11. And it should also be pointed out that lying on these sworn affidavits come under the same legal penalties that apply to the crime of perjury. So they are not to be taken lightly. But, I have to wonder what the democrats are afraid of. Are they really all that terrified that investigations into these allegations might shine some light on some of their less-than-legal tactics. I think it's time to put a spotlight on the democrat's disregard for decency and honor and the rule of law. I also think that the panicked squeals coming from the democrats sounds a lot like terror of having their mis-deeds being finally uncovered. All this noise sure does smell like a warning flag that there really is some reason for concern regarding the questionable tactics that may have been used during this election by the left. The more they protest, the more I want to see a full investigation started immediately.
  12. Generally speaking, the first necessary things involving investigations are simply allegations. That is what starts the ball rolling. And as far as what evidence is present and available, I suspect that you really don't have any credible secret sources that are whispering in your ear about what has or has not been gathered for prosecution.
  13. Actually there has been plenty of evidence and allegations offered. It is up to courts to determine the future action on these allegations. And that is the proper process that is going on right now. It sounds like a worthwhile investigation that is long overdue to me. Do not be so quick to criticize the system for doing what it is intended to do in an attempt to safeguard our election process. At least these allegations will be settled a lot quicker and cheaper and with a whole lot more decency than all the concerted interference, and negativity, and the almost 4 years of trying to cripple and destroy the proper functioning of the U.S. government that the entire Democrat party was complicit in throughout the entire Trump presidency.
  14. I do not pretend to have some kind of insider information on the strange stories of suspicious tampering with votes and voting procedures, but I certainly think that extensive investigations of each alleged violation should be done to safeguard the process. And it should be examined for both parties. I get real suspicious when it turns out to be one party that is throwing up road blocks and complaining the loudest about taking the time and effort to investigate these things. It seems to me that the Democrats should be just as concerned as the Republicans about an issue that could affect both parties. I applaud President Trump for pushing the issue. It may not change the results of the election at all, but the integrity of the vote will at least have been examined.
  15. The one thing that we as New Yorkers have first hand experience with is just how far these people can get with gun banning and gun owner harassment while still working their way around the 2nd Amendment. We are so focused on the difficulty of repealing the 2nd amendment that we have lost sight of the many advances that the gun-grabbers have already made even with the 2nd amendment firmly still in place. Well now that the socialists are in power, we can see what this all translates to on a national level. Thank God for the appointments to the Supreme Court that President Trump made. Perhaps some of these anti gun-owner laws will begin being successfully challenged in court.