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  1. I am not against electric powered vehicles either, as long as I am not waiting 40 minutes for one to charge, or my house doesn't burn down while I am waiting for the batteries on the fire trucks to charge up. I just want to know all the angles on these things before we start pricing fossil fuels out of existence. Doesn't that seem like a much more rational approach than declaring war on fossil fuels and hoping for the best without knowing all the facts and limitations of the arbitrarily mandated switch over. The other thing that no one seems to want to talk about is the percentage of homes that are heated with fuel oil. And how about the idea of declaring war on the primary ingredient in every plastic part manufactured? The list of questions and potential deadfalls involved in covering our eyes and hoping that we get lucky and some miracle occurs that solves all of the potential unintended consequences.
  2. Look, I am not an economics expert or any kind of guru of the energy business like a lot here believe hey are. All I know is that we went from energy independence to shortages and dependence on our enemies for something as vital as energy. We have a president that publicly declared a war on the fossil fuel industry. We have a president who took open, public actions to back up that threat. I'm not sure it takes much more expertise than those observations to figure out where this all started and how we are all impacted and by who. Biden recently stated " We are changing people's lives". He did not say he was changing them for the better, and the results clearly show he is not. Come-on people use your brain. Make a few observations at what is going on around you. The problems that exist at every turn are not really all that hard to see and figure out if you aren't all muddled up in the close-minded attitudes of your past politics.
  3. I kind of thought that there were a lot of questions about this forced action of switching over to electric cars that were not being asked or the answers not reported to the public. That is why I started this topic. It appears that we are trying to go into a whole new technology without the required baby steps. That is not really a very smart thing to put the U.S. population through. It is kind of like everything else that the government is touching these days. There usually is an evolutionary process that ensures a well thought out final product, and I think we have been working towards that. But to kill off one major energy source when the next one is no where near ready, that sounds like the scatter-brained thinking that drives our government these days. Wait until winter arrives and all the people heating with fuel oil find that the government has made fuel oil impossible to afford. Not really a problem....right? Just throw more free money at it and make another whole segment of the population dependent on the government for staying alive. Not to mention the extension of inflation. I am starting to get concerned.
  4. I would like some specific facts about electric cars that are supposed to be the salvation of our planet. It is every difficult to find actual owners of electric vehicles to get credible (and honest) answers to these questions. The following are questions that the proponents of electric cars are not really explaining, and yet we are being pushed very hard in the direction of electricity being taughted as the perfect fuel for all things in the future. I am just curious about hearing the rest of the story. 1......How long does it take the batteries to charge compared to filling up a gas tank? 2.....How long do the batteries last before they have to be replaced? 3.....If you are on the road and your battery is starting to badly run low, where do you go other than home to re-charge? I did see a recharging station at a mall quite a ways from home, but that is the only one that I have ever seen. 4.....What is the cost of a new battery when the old one finally dies? 5.....What is the real relative impact to the planet in terms of producing the cars and the batteries when compared to fossil fueled vehicles? 6.....What will be the real impact to our electric grid system when all cars are powered by electricity? 7.....If you get caught in a blizzard and have to spend hours stuck in a snow bank awaiting rescue, how long will the battery keep you warm and alive?
  5. I have not been involved in a private gun sale in quite a few decades, ( approximately the 1970's or 1980's) so a lot has happened since then. Also, before go merrily on my way in ignorance, I should probably also ask about pellet guns. Any new regs on those too?
  6. Well, thanks a lot for all the replies. I never realized just how far behind I am on the current gun transfer laws. I knew I could count on you guys for the straight scoop. I knew pistols were all snarled up in harassment laws, but I didn't realize that they had already spread their crap to long-guns too.
  7. My Brother-in-law just sold his house and has moved into a small apartment. He wants to get rid of his guns along with most of his other belongings. He has several rifles and shotguns and a couple of muzzleloaders to get rid of. So the question is can long-guns be sold at a yard sale or is this now prohibited by NYS gun laws? There are no handguns or AR style guns involved.
  8. His "handlers" were not pleased that he actually said something that he was not a part of the party line. They should have had that Easter Bunny there to stand in front of him waving its arms in his face to keep him from actually speaking an independent thought. Well I guess they have him under control again since that got walked back almost immediately. I am still wondering just who it is that are pulling his strings.
  9. Oh.....scary.......The libs have pulled their favorite race card on this covid post. Oh the horror of it all. Now we are supposed to shrink into a corner and stop calling these diseases by their location of origin. What the heck, the race card works on everything else...right? The weak functioning of progressive minds have a peculiar reliance on calling everyone that disagrees with them bigots and racists. You people have made a mockery of the term. Thanks Nomad for pointing out the stupidity of these kinds of claims.
  10. Well dammit, I'll say it. Joe Biden, head of the Biden Crime Family, is an agent of China and is working diligently with the Chinese in their attempt to weaken the U.S. to a second place position in the world. Oh, I am being facetious of course.......or am I? When you start listing all the things that he is undermining here, it certainly does make you wonder. The only thing that makes this allegation lacking in credibility is that Biden doesn't have enough brain cells left to be that clever.
  11. I am old enough to remember the old push reel style mowers and the days when my Dad used to mow the lawn with the sickle-bar mower and the 8N Ford tractor once or twice a year. Gas powered mowers were for the rich folks. So this idea of paying jillions of dollars for feeding the lawn so that you're able to mow it more often is something that I can't really get into. I don't do a thing to promote it to grow faster and taller. Yes a lot of the green is because of the weeds, but I guess I really don't care. The price of fertilizer will be going through the roof, and those 5 gallon cans of gas are starting to yield a healthy dose of sticker shock, and as I get older, my time keeps getting more valuable. So I just can't get into the weed killers and the fertilizers and other lawn chemicals. If its not as green as others when August gets here....so what.
  12. It is interesting that these shootings seem to occur daily across the nation. These stories are becoming common daily news now, and now the incidents are increasing at a geometric rate. I can easily remember when these incidents were unheard of. So what is evolving in our society that places human life at such a cheap level. I think it is more than just mental illness. There is something brewing under our cultural evolution. I think we had better start digging into what the heck is going on with our society and stop settling for easy answers like guns and mental disease.
  13. Yes, I have seen some pretty scruffy looking deer when this time of year rolls around. Going from the winter coat to the summer coat is not a very pretty thing.
  14. I guess the thing that stands out to me on this issue is that deer do not just stay on any one land-owner's land unless he has it high-fenced. So what you do on your private property does impact the hunting on neighboring lands. So with that in mind, wild game is indeed public even when on private property...........right?
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