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  1. Community advice request.

    I know that it just isn't right the way that he treated you, and nobody likes any form of abuse of power, but I would let myself cool down a bit before taking any action and ask yourself a question about whether you really want to make an enemy of a law enforcement officer of the DEC. That is one of the most far reaching legal arms in the whole realm of law enforcement. To me it doesn't sound like this guy is completely mentally stable. Take it as far as you want to, but understand that he has resources that you don't, and give it lots of thought.
  2. Get second opinions!!!

    When does something like this cross over into malpractice? We are always complaining about the litigious antics of patients being one of the reasons for high medical costs, but who is to say that this mis-diagnosis will not result in some life changing perhaps even crippling problems or worse. Lyme disease often has lifelong reactions and complications and a lot of these complications are time-sensitive. I think that if it were me I would me more than just angry.
  3. Hunting camp

    My first hunt camp (back in high-school) on the hill was a brush lean-to. My buddy and I spent a week up there in about 6" of snow. then a bunch of years later, my Brother-in-law and I used a real upscale hunt camp: Then we went all in with super accommodations. my 12' x 12' cabin : This one even had a bathroom. Now we have come a full circle. Hunting camp is now back at the house. It's not near as much fun anymore.
  4. What happened to these members?

    I think in a lot of cases, members forgot that this is just a forum comprised of opinions and took everything spoken here way to seriously. But even more likely they simply had life get in the way and decided to do something else with their free time.
  5. Too many turkeys

    Look at all those turkey dinners!
  6. What happened to these members?

    And then there was good ol' Bubba who always had the attitude that it had to be "his way or the highway"....ha-ha-ha. Looks like it turned out to be The Highway for him.
  7. Actually, plenty is being done simply by fans boycotting the games and the purchases of team products. And that action will hit these goons in the pocketbook where they will actually feel it and react to opposed to a meaningless email that gets discarded with the push of a delete button. stupid as those guys are, eventually the pinch of reduced sales will force them to finally figure out that using the flag and anthem for their protests equates to lost revenue and income for them. At least I think they will figure it
  8. Anyone Still Cutting Grass?

    Ha-ha-ha..... You mentioned a push mower. I remember when that used to mean the old reel type mowers that you pushed by hand to make the reel blade rotate against a stationary knife blade to cut the grass. Luckily, I was too little to have that job. That was Dad's job until he decided to do the lawn mowing with the 8N and the sickle-bar mower.
  9. 73 and only a couple months from 74.
  10. I have several patents, but unfortunately the company that I worked for owned rights to all patents and all intellectual property that employees came up with that related to or could relate to their business. It was part of the terms of employment. And of course they had a battery of patent attorneys on the payroll to do the searches and file the patents. It is not a cheap process, so if as an individual you are going to hire an attorney and move through the process yourself, it is a huge gamble, and you had better have the cash to convert it from a patented idea to a marketable product. Or you need the confidence that some entrepreneur will pay cash for the rights to the idea. I have many inventions laying in my shop downstairs that I have actually used that I watched others eventually patent and market. Probably the best one was a magnetic arrowrest that several years later someone marketed as the Terry Rest. They sold a bunch of them. There was also a bow level that I never perfected. It worked on the principle of a pendulum wire that would quickly align with a scribed vertical line to show when bow was canted or not. I also did sights and lighted sights and a whole lot of other products. There also was my tube sight that could only be looked down through in only one way, which got rid of a whole variety of grip variations and torqueing problems. It was an early version of a "front/rear" sight. There were problems with coming up with a workable prototype with the limited tools in my shop. None of these and other products were ever pursued because of patent costs. So I just used some of them for my own use, and they served their purpose until somebody came along with better ideas.
  11. Anyone Still Cutting Grass?

    Mowing now is mostly just to blow the leaves off the lawn so that they don't get so thick that I can't handle them. But yes the grass is still growing. End of the month, things will be put away for the winter.
  12. As I understand it, Boy Scouts membership is sliding badly, probably due to some very bad decisions incorporating policies that are popular in the left wing community. This whole thing may very well be simply a ploy to glom onto a new source of members. Girl Scouts should be pissed! it's their membership that is being raided.
  13. Bow hunting with rain gear on

    Does it work?
  14. Do You Vote? Are You Registered?

    I have not missed an election in the 54 years that I have been eligible. Registered to the Conservative party because that has always reflected my primary values and most of my core principles. All of that and I still live in a commie state represented by all these people that seem to feel bad that we have any rights at all left. But, I can truthfully say that I had no part in electing these clowns. At least the local elections always seem to come out the way that I vote. Small victories here and there .... lol.
  15. Well, it certainly is warranted. I'm not saying that I agree with it, but if all those calling bowhunters selfish exclusionary elitists and all ticked off that someone is trying to tell them what weapons they can use in a bow season are to have any credibility at all, they too would be shouting "Come one...come all, everyone is invited!" Otherwise, they too by there own definition are exclusionary, selfish elitists that are only interested in telling people what they can or cannot use during bow season.