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  1. Doc

    Dog Attacks Deer on Ski Slope

    The deer/dog confrontations that I have seen like this one are not a very pleasant way to go. Many of these take place over a long distance. With a bite here and a chunk of meat there until the deer eventually drops of exhaustion and is finished off by being eaten alive. This is not like a lion or cheetah attack where the predator grabs its prey with a single bite and crushes its neck bringing a fairly quick kill. This is a slow lingering death that takes place over quite a length of time and distance. I would imagine coyote kills are done the same way. I couldn't believe that no one interfered. Of course it was already too late That deer was as good as dead already.
  2. Doc

    Today's taste of Winter

    I was just thinking how that crust is heavy enough to support coyotes and free-ranging dogs, but not the deer. Even without big numbers for snow depths, there still is an advantage for the predators.
  3. I never shoveled driveways until my early 20's when I moved into the city for a couple of years. Then my buddy and I shoveled snow on the weekends for beer and cigarette money. Back home, the driveways of the farms were too far apart to make it worth the effort. Plus every one had tractors with plows. But I did get the honor of shoveling snow where the plow couldn't get. Just like all the other chores around the farm, I didn't get paid for that either. I don't think I could ever find any kids to shovel our 1000' driveway. It would take them all winter just to do it
  4. Doc

    It sucks getting older..

    It is true that there are some things that suck about being lucky enough to be getting old, but always remember absolutely beats the alternatives.
  5. Doc

    Any ideas what this is???

    I'm pretty sure it is a house cat.
  6. Doc


    I've got a feeling you ain't seen nothing yet. You have a whole new platform for technology to build on, and the prices will continue to rise as long as people continue to buy into this new techno-craze.
  7. Doc

    Crossbows obsolete

    Ha-ha-ha...... now it starts. Yes we can all start in again with the personalized definitions of what legally should be defined as archery. But we all know how well that worked out for the Our individual definitions mean nothing. We are not the ones who write the laws which establish the actual weapons that get stuffed into bow season. You can talk about bent leaf spring power and strings and fletching or whatever else you want to throw into your own personal meaningless definitions, but the truth is that the genie is out of the bottle and we do not have the real control to define anything.
  8. Doc

    Crossbows obsolete

    The arrow is hollow, so it would be more accurate to say it is "Pushed from the front".
  9. It is now clearly infanticide, plain and simple thanks to the evil Cuomo that WE voted in for governor here. Now that he knows that he can do anything and still get voted in, he has gone completely berserk. They have now moved into an area of insanity that makes full-term abortions enter into what one would hope the courts would define as pure murder of a fully viable and functioning human being. Imagine that, a Governor sanctioning baby murder. Some how in NYS, I am not all that surprised. It makes it very difficult to admit to anyone that I am from this state.
  10. Doc

    Whatcha got for a temp ?

    Some more of that global warming that Gore was talking about?
  11. Doc

    I’ve had it!

    I generally give coyote hunters a pass when it comes to trespass. They are generally performing a service of controlling a species that pretty much sits at the top of the food chain and have no other controls than hunters. As I understand it, using hounds for hunting is the most effective control, so I give them a break. But, I do understand that everything has limits at which point the hunters and dogs become invasive. Hopefully a bit of common sense on both sides will prevail. I think if someone was coyote hunting with dogs during deer season and they were working around my stand, I probably would develop a pretty hard-line attitude real
  12. Doc

    I’ve had it!

    That is not a problem on my property. When I post, I have an unofficial rule that at least 2-3 other signs are visible from any sign along the line. The old "location ignorance" argument does not work well when you do that.
  13. Doc

    advice for a NY bear hunt

    Back in the 80's, we went down to PA for a deer hunt. We found a corn field that had about a quarter of an acre mashed down flat with bear scat all over the place. There was a single trail leading into the field that was squashed down to mud. If you could stumble onto something like that, the bear hunting would be quite simple. We did see some bears on that trip, and down in that corner of that corn field. No need for bait if you can find that set-up.
  14. Doc

    Happy birthday Doc!

    Thanx everyone. It's hard to imagine that I made it this long. And I am still able to climb that nasty "killer" hill out back, and draw my bow without screaming in Just a bit like the energizer bunny. Let's see how long I can keep it all going. I probably won't be setting any records, but it sure is fun trying.
  15. Isn't this the same guy that invented the "automatic" crossbow?