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  1. Stolen deer

    Can you imagine some lowlife that will probably be spinning some yarn about the great hunt that he had. It's a shame!
  2. Live From The Woods 2017 edition!

    That's pretty tough hunting when you need a periscope to see over the snow.
  3. Live From The Woods 2017 edition!

    There is something I will have to check out. Was that a whole-body suit or just a heated jacket?
  4. Late Bow Season

    If there is any season where the crossbow/muzzleloader would be appropriate, I would guess weather like this would be it. I will be looking for success stories with the bow here with our forum members just to show that it is possible
  5. Live From The Woods 2017 edition!

    Yes there must be some way that it can be done, but I find it real hard to imagine. I find myself having to change my sight settings when the weather changes to the point where I have to start piling on the layers. There is a strain to reach a complete anchor. There is an awkwardness to the whole shot set-up, and a definite variation in accuracy (not making it any better, I might add). Maybe there will be some success pictures appearing here to prove me wrong. But so far I haven't seen any.
  6. Nyack "Coywolf " update

    Probably the biggest "demonstration of ecological illiteracy" is the failure to recognize coyotes as being at the top of their food chain here in NYS, with no natural control other than communicable canine diseases and starvation. The only other population control is the so-called "He-Man Coyote Haters". As in all issues of hunting vs anti-hunting, there are damned few animals that die peacefully in their sleep of old age, and it is the lucky critter that meets his end with a bullet. A little bit of knowledge of the effects of rabies, distemper and mange gives you at least a small clue about the fact that these coyotes are not really the cute looking puppy-dogs that we see as family pets anymore than the deer are Disney's version of talking deer. They are animals that occasionally require some thinning. And those that do not get removed are likely to be relegated to an end of crusted up mange, or wandering around in circles being driven mad by rabies, and a similar end with distemper, or a lingering death of slow starvation. There are no wandering veterinarians with syringes of cures out there in the wild world to keep these cute little doggies healthy and not spreading diseases back and forth. So before we get all wrapped up in the anti-hunters world of anthropomorphism, let's understand that the coyote world could probably use a few more of those that we disgustedly label "he-man coyote haters". We can try to do the job of coyote population control or we can kill them with kindness by simply allowing them to multiply completely out of control because we think they are cute little fuzzy doggies. I have always believed in the role of hunting and trapping as we continue to rob the wild critters of their environment. If we are going to eliminate their habitat, I think we automatically inherit the responsibility of trying to keep their numbers in harmony with what shrinking lands we have left for them. Setting coyotes aside from that service simply because they remind us of Fido is not really doing them any favors.
  7. Live From The Woods 2017 edition!

    Right now the thermometer says 2.5 degrees F. Yesterday and the day before I saw 13 degrees in the morning. I am trying to imagine anyone going out dressed for that kind of weather with a bow and still able to draw it back to full-draw and maintaining any sort of form to successfully hit whatever they are shooting at. Has anybody ever successfully shot a deer with a bow in those kinds of temperatures?
  8. Nyack "Coywolf " update

    I understand that coyotes look like our fuzzy domesticated family dog, and they do produce cute little puppies, but it is important to remember that they are wild animals that belong in the wild. The appeal of coyotes is often used by the PETA crowd to tug at the heartstrings of the Disney in all of us, but that only reflects an unrealistic view of wild critters and how they relate to the human population.
  9. 22 LR for yotes at night

    How about one of those "big game" air rifles. They claim to have plenty of power, and I would imagine the sound is probably not really all that bad.
  10. Nyack "Coywolf " update

    I have to say that wild animals living in urban areas are always a potential hazard to themselves and the other normal residents of those areas of condensed human activity. Especially those that have the meat-eating equipment that coyotes have. The problem is the same as any predator that becomes too familiar and unafraid of humans. It becomes a case of a ticking time-bomb awaiting just the right circumstances and the right predatory personality for a mis-calculation by the coyote resulting in a tragedy. The real problem is that these urban populations of wildlife are impossible to control.
  11. Late Bow Season

    13 degrees out there. I am trying to imagine the layers upon layers of clothing I would have to have on in order to stay on stand for more than 15 minutes. And then I am trying to imagine how I could ever pull my bow back and still maintain any kind of consistent form or avoid clothing interference to accurately get the shot off such that I could get anywhere near the vitals. How on earth do you guys do it? I know that for me it would be absolutely impossible.
  12. This is something that I have to constantly remind myself of. Hunting and fishing are recreational activities, and whether I eat or starve is not something that is at stake. Taking a relaxed attitude will make the activity a much more enjoyable pastime.
  13. Well, we have had republican governors here in NYS. Yes, it's a rare occurrence, and most of those Republican governors were more liberal that most But it is possible to elect a Republican governor in NYS. What we need is to get out the upstate vote. Will it happen? ...... I certainly hope so. Brian Kolb is a great guy!
  14. Ready to go yote hunting

    I will tan the hides and make something out of them. Or more likely my wife will make something out of them. But first I have to start getting one or two. Mostly, it is another activity of challenge like most of my hunting is. Also, it makes the damn winter go by faster.
  15. Ok, I have bedeviled the deer herd long enough. It's time to dust off the .223 and check out the caller, and go out and educate some coyotes for a while now. Anyone else starting to think about it yet?