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  1. I always see tons of rabbits near the south shore; Wantagh, Jones Beach.
  2. What specie are you interested in?
  3. I have a Hunten. Has worked in single digit temps. Not sure how well it will do after that. The number 1 concern I have is the lower current of batteries in cold weather. At some point, all batteries stop operating; especially if they are low on charge to begin with.
  4. Fox picture and videos of a 6pter who was very interested in the camera. Don't use windows media player to view the videos - provides a poor quality video. Try VLC or another media player. Buck1 vid2.AVI Buck1 vid4 12-30 0013HRS.AVI
  5. This was back in spring 2012. Let me know what you find!
  6. Here are a few more trail cam shots from Nassau county north shore... Night Buck.AVI
  7. Near Cunningham Park on Union Tpk. This was told to me by a colleague - so take that how you want. I believe him.
  8. Curious to see what sort of animals have been spotted in Nassau. Post a picture or verbalize your sighting. The attached picture was taken in Oyster Bay. I've heard of deer heading as far west as Fresh Meadows!