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  1. What's for dinner tonight?

    Cajun Shrimp and Crawfish over red beans and rice, slaw and sweet potato fries. From my favorite restraint in Franklin TN, the Franklin Chop House.
  2. Fathers Day

    I had a good day, got to spend time with my kids, went to breakfast with my Dad, had dinner with my gf's Dad, took a nap in between. Spent most of the day Saturday out on Honeoye Lake swimming and dragging the kids up and down the lake on tubes.
  3. Darned Voles

    Ive had the pellet gun going lately killing chipmunks. I shot 6 one day and 8 the next and they are still all over the place. Our cat has been tearing up the rodents outside as well, he keeps leaving them on our front sidewalk. Mice, shrews, chipmunks. Our dogs have caught a couple of rats outside as well. Ive done the bucket-o-death inside and caught a few mice, and had some poison in a few spots, but there doesnt seem to be much indoors. I cant do the bucket outside though, we have bears that keep tearing up the neighbors bird food, have been in our barn, etc, and we dont want to attract them.
  4. Yelling Goat rendevouz part deux

    I have a crap ton of traveling for work coming up, but as long as Im in town, Ill be there.
  5. One or the other

    I would have to give up bow. I can make gun hunting into almost the same challenge as bow hunting, in that I could choose to keep my ranges very short. I cannot take a deer at longer ranges with a bow though. Bow hunting is more about the challenge for me, gun hunting is mostly about the comradely with my hunting buddys and putting meat in the freezer.
  6. AR10 308 - would you be satisfied?

    Off the shelf? Absolutely. A sub-MOA AR15 off the shelf is going to be a few hundred more unless you get some killer Black Friday deal lol.
  7. AR10 308 - would you be satisfied?

    You can buy them off the shelf that will shoot sub-MOA, or you can build one (AR15) for $800 or less, depending on how you source parts. An upper with a good bull barrel, free float handguard, and everything else can be pretty standard. An AR10 is going to cost a bit more. Ill put money down that Moog can have his rig shooting sub-MOA with the right bullet and load combo.
  8. AR10 308 - would you be satisfied?

    I dont care how many youve shot. Doesnt mean you know much about building them. They are very easy to build into a sub-MOA rifle for a relatively low cost, and using many standard Mil-Spec parts. Its really not that much more expensive than a bolt gun, and they will hang with any bolt gun at the comparable cost. I could put one together for the same money as I have into my Remington 700 deer rifle.
  9. AR10 308 - would you be satisfied?

    If you think sub-MOA is good for an AR, and that they wont hang with a bolt gun, then sorry, but you have no clue about AR platform rifles.
  10. Odd pics - tumor?

    They are warts, and they fall off, usually before fall.
  11. Who owns a camper?

    I have owned quite a few campers. Currently, we have a 25ft Wilderness, which my girlfriend had when we got together. Some advice on them, first and foremost, do not let a salesperson talk you into a camper that they say your truck can tow. Make sure for yourself first. So many people are sold trailers that have a dry weight thats at the edge of what their tow vehicle will handle because the sales-douche told them their vehicle could pull it. Look at the GVWR for the trailer and base it off of that. Dry weight is with no tanks filled, no options on the camper, like A/C, etc. As soon as you fill the propane and water tanks and load 1000lbs of crap in there, you are over the capacity of the vehicle. Also pay attention to tongue weight, and dont exceed the payload capacity of your vehicle. Second, tow with a good quality weight distribution hitch with sway control. I have used a few types, and by far, my Equalizer hitch has been the best. Dont skimp on it, the extra money is well worth it when your trailer isnt wagging back and forth in windy conditions or when you pass a semi. Next, look at the construction of the camper, particularly the roof. I would never ever recommend a camper with a flat roof. It will leak at some point, and that stuff is not fun to fix, been there, done that. Look for a domed roof with a 1 piece rubber membrane or fiberglass roof. As with most other things, you get what you pay for. Cheap campers do not hold up. These things take a fair amount of abuse being towed all over, loaded and unloaded, and then they sit out in the weather all of the time. The low end models will start breaking alot sooner than better quality trailers. last, as far as floor plans go, just keep in mind that kids are in and out of them all the time, dragging dirt and crap in with them. If you can get one with a separate outside door to the bathroom, and an outdoor kitchen, I would go with that. Bunk models are nice, but generally speaking, most of them now just have the bunks open to the kitchen or dining area. Unless you are going really big, like 33 feet or more, youll have a really hard time finding a separate bunk room. I would suggest getting something with beds for everyone though. Folding out the couch or converting the table into a bed is doable, but its a pain in the ass on longer trips. The camper we have now is like that, and it sucks to have to wait to cook breakfast or move around the camper until all of the kids are up and around.
  12. So who's getting out this weekend for opening of bass season

    I used to use Pork-o trailers on all of my spinner and buzz baits because Bill Dance used them. They worked very well, wish I could still find them in the stores. I also have a set of Flying Lures, youd be shocked how well they work. Caught my biggest bass in a tournament a few years ago on one. Sluggos are another bait I still use that many guys dont. I picked them up because of some fishing show when I was young. Those things are just plain awesome. I also use alot of cheapo baits that catch fish as well as the name brand counterparts do.
  13. Why ?! Gene pool at its finest

    I dont think she meant any harm. She, or whomever dared her to do it, should pay for the exhaust to get fixed.
  14. Why ?! Gene pool at its finest

  15. Why ?! Gene pool at its finest

    Oh come on, you never did anything dumb when you were young? Id put money on it started as a conversation about how big the exhaust was and somehow turned into a dare or bet. Add a bit of alcohol to the situation and there ya go. Good gravy, some of you guys act like you were never young and dumb. Alot of silly things such as this have absolutely nothing to do with parenting. Doing dumb stuff is part of growing up. Hell, theres plenty of adults that still do silly stuff like that.