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  1. I have a MinnKota Maxxum 24v 74lb bow mount trolling motor that’s no longer being used since I upgraded Motor works great and is in good shape. $400 obo
  2. Yeah it’s mint, and hard to find in this condition. They discontinued this series of ranch rifles in 04 IIRC. I’ve seen only 1 other for sale in the same condition. I really Wish the box hadn’t gotten ruined.
  3. My father bought this rifle new in 2001. It has never been fired, and was always kept in its original box until that was destroyed in a move. The rifle is mint. Not a mark on it. The original magazine was separated from the rifle and has a couple of small surface rust marks on it, but they can be cleaned up or just replace the Mag if you are worried about it. I have no interest in it, using sale to fund something else rather than continue to consume space in my safe. $1500 obo buyer pays transfer. In person sale preferred. I am in Monroe County.
  4. Forgot I had These kicking around. Figured I’d put them out there for someone looking to do some plinking. $20/box of 20, I have A case (1000 rounds). no shipping, local pickup only.
  5. Evan wanted to go out and do some bobber and worm fishing yesterday afternoon and evening, so we headed to Honeoye. We went to a couple of spots and hit some bluegills pretty good. Just a few minutes before it was time to head to the launch, he hooked into a pretty good largie, and had a good fight on ultralight tackle.
  6. I tested everything out the other day. Trolling motor worked great, but the graph was blanking out every so often. We did some diagnostics to it and discovered that the switched power I had Connected it to was only putting out about 10 volts, and these units are picky about the power they need. Today I ran Direct power to it and that seems to have solved the issue. I also Put my NMEA backbone together and linked the Ghost to the Carbon. Now I can use the autopilot, and can create waypoints just by hitting a button on the foot pedal rather than bend down to the graph all the time. I a
  7. I’ve seen some stuff about them but haven’t done one yet. Keep forgetting to talk to my buddy and see if he’d like to do one.
  8. We ran drops and neds, only 1 hit on a drop and it wasn’t either of these. it wasn’t all that windy yesterday and we were getting beat up in certain areas. How bad it is will depend on wind direction. Hopefully we get lucky and there isn’t any wind.
  9. Fished Henderson Harbor today with my buddy to start scoping things out for our 2 day tournament in July. We got some pretty good intel and hooked some good ones. I’d like to make one more trip up before the tournament to check some other areas out. Good day overall.
  10. The old trolling motor sold before I had A chance to post it lol. It was a basic bow mount MinnKota. I’m going to sell the old graph as well, that is an old basic Lowrance black and white. I can get the model number a little later.
  11. Trolling motor came in today, graph came yesterday, so I spent the evening taking the old stuff off and installing the new. The NMEA kit that I ordered To connect the trolling motor to the graph for GPS, autopilot (not sure what they call it), and the programmable buttons didn’t come today like it was supposed to, so I’ll install that later. I’ll be on the water tomorrow to test things out. The deck looks a ton cleaner now, which is a nice bonus.
  12. Figured I’d do a little update on the boat now that I’ve used it a bunch. A buddy in the club gave me a slightly upgraded trolling motor a couple of days after I bought The boat. Basically just a more variable speed version of what came with it. It’s been better to control than the original one. Yesterday I ordered the first two of the big upgrades I’ll be doing, a Lowrance Ghost trolling motor and a Lowrance HDS Carbon 7 graph. Eventually this graph will find its home at the console, but for now it’s going up front to tie in with the Ghost. All of the stuff should be in this week or early nex
  13. When did I say Anything about hunting waterfowl with a rifle? Shotguns are semi auto also. As far as shooting running deer goes, I have no issue with it when done in the right circumstances. I have taken multiple running deer over the years. Rinella promotes firearms, he is a brand for guns and ammo.
  14. Took Evan to Honeoye yesterday. We had a great day and both ended up with sunburns lol. Water temps are rising fast down there, 66-68 degrees yesterday. Most of the Smallies were on beds early and then moved to the shade later in the day. A few largemouth on beds as well.
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