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  1. If the fur is nice, Ill have them tanned. If theres any mange, they take a free flight into the bushes.
  2. Plus it feeds the critters. I have no idea why some people go through so much trouble to dispose of guts lol.
  3. I do the same as Culver described, and I gut them where they fall. All I use is a knife, no saws required until Im processing them.
  4. When that happened to me, it was because we had a couple of days where it was cold in the morning, went up to 70 degrees in the early afternoon, and back down to 30 degrees and snowing in the late afternoon. An oddball situation, but not out of the realm of possibility.
  5. You are still loading the bullet/sabot from the muzzle, so I would think that it would be legal here.
  6. Not from what Ive read and seen in the videos. One time use as in once you fire it, its done and cant be reloaded. After a hunt you can take it out, put it in your bag and then use it again on your next hunt.
  7. One time use. Also remember, you can only use them in a rifle designed for them.
  8. That looks pretty sweet. I wonder why you cant get them here? I know there are tow behind flail mowers available in the US.
  9. I use BH209, always have. I will say that I only had that happen once in 3 or 4 years of hunting exclusively with my ML, but it can and does happen, sometimes at the critical moment. Would I use one of these new setups? Probably not. Its more important for me to be able to fine tune my load and live with the small chance of having a misfire.
  10. See, I dont agree with that. It does solve the issue of the charge getting moist, which I have run into. When I hunted with my ML all the time, I would have to take care to keep it outside in the same temps overnight, etc when it still had a charge in it (remove primer at the end of the day) so that condensation from temp changes did not happen inside the barrel and cause the load to become moist. Despite my efforts, I had a misfire on my first ML buck due to a couple of days of wildly swinging temps, it would have cost me the deer if I wasnt pretty quick at reloading it. With this new system, at the end of the day, you dont have to discharge the rifle or remove the bullet to keep the charge dry, you just open the breech and pull it out, leaving the bullet/sabot in place.
  11. We use a DR for trail mowing at one of the farms I hunt. Its great for narrow areas or trails that are too wet for the tractor. That being said, it is not a brush hog by any means. It will cut the same size stuff as a comparably powered push mower. The advantage to it, is you dont have to walk, which makes it great for wet areas, and getting things done faster than if you had a walk behind.