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  1. Rifle for my daughter

    Just bought a new house, theres no stretching this budget lol
  2. Rifle for my daughter

    Yeah Im thinking thats what its gonna be. The Ruger Americans look nice, and arent much more, but noone has them in stock.
  3. Rifle for my daughter

    Oh I know they will shoot. I have lots of experience with ARs, which use them. I just didnt realize the Savages had them.
  4. Rifle for my daughter

    She can handle recoil, she hunts with my 12ga turkey gun lol. Ive never been big on lever guns. I have one that barely ever leaves my safe. I keep saying Ill hunt with it, but its only been in the woods a couple of times. Honestly, I dont like shooting it. I keep it because it was given to me by my dad
  5. Rifle for my daughter

    TC makes a great rifle, but the only leftys they make are the Dimensions, and thats way above my price point.
  6. Rifle for my daughter

    I didnt even know that the Savage had a barrel nut. Thanks for the heads up on that. Unfortunately, Howa doesnt make a left handed action.
  7. So my daughter's 14th birthday is coming up shortly, and I want to buy her a deer rifle. She already knows what shes getting and is very excited about it. We looked at a Savage Axis last time we went to Bass Pro, and she liked the look and feel of it. I found one of them online for $285 shipped. I just wanted to see what else I should have her look at before I buy one. Here are the qualifiers: -Bolt action -7mm-08 preferred (possibly .243) -Left handed -Less than $500 -Black synthetic stock (thats what she wants)
  8. Drones

    As long as the trees have no leaves on them, you could easilly use a drone with a hi rez camera on it to fly over the trees and look down to find trails, scrapes, etc without ever entering the area and leaving scent. Combine that with Google Earth and a topo map and you could figure out exactly what tree, etc you want to hang a stand in without ever stinking up the area and putting pressure on the deer.
  9. Drones

    Yes, really. We are talking about scouting, they are illegal to use for hunting so theres no sense in even discussing that. How would it not be fair chase to use one for scouting?
  10. whats your usual turkey decoy setup?

    Im relatively new to turkey hunting, but what has worked for me so far has been 1 or 2 feeding hens with a Jake. I position the jake a few feet away from the hen(s), and keep it so that the jake is facing toward the hen(s) and the hen(s) face away from the jake. Worked like a charm for my daughter's hunt last spring.
  11. What's for dinner tonight?

    fixed it for ya
  12. Favorite Hunting memory

    I have a ton of great memories, but at the top of the heap is opening day of youth Turkey season last year when my daughter shot her first gobbler. Ill never forget her reaction and the smile on her face when she walked over to her bird. It was a great hunt!
  13. Quiche

    Did you just eat a quiche?
  14. What's for dinner tonight?

    Took me a few just to see the food in that pic
  15. Quiche

    I like the old trucks, but for everyday driving, I like the fancy stuff. My Ram is paid off, and wont be going anywhere, and will be placed into toy status before long. In a few years I may end up buying one of the new ones for a daily driver.