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  1. Evan and I are out today. Heard all kinds of gobbling first thing. Had some Tons sounding like they were headed our way and then silence. Haven’t heard a peep from either of the 2 flocks that were sounding off earlier. heard some shots in the distance about 15 mins ago.
  2. Day 2 of youth season. We decided to move back into the woods to see if we can get close enough to them. Heard some light gobbling just after first light again, same as yesterday. We shall see. Also, it looks like Evan takes after his sister in the sleeping in the woods category.
  3. We had a fun morning. Kinda quiet early on, and then around 9 we had a gobbler sound off pretty close, but in the woods. For the next 45 mins we listened to and called to what sounded like 6 or 7 birds that were not far away, but they just would not come out of the woods. I tried everything with them. I would call and they would answer and we would go back and forth over and over. Then I tried the silent treatment and they just kept gobbling. We did catch some movement through the brush, and could see multiple birds back in there, but just couldn’t get them to break cover. Evan was shaking like a leaf the whole time! He’s definitely hooked. Tomorrow we are going to the same location, but will setup in the woods this time.
  4. So far we have heard a few gobbles, and a shot earlier that was a ways away. No birds spotted yet.
  5. My son and I are in the blind watching the woods wake up on his first Youth Turkey season! I picked up one of those 270 degree see through blinds, and sitting in this thing is pretty wild. Almost feels like we are sitting in the field in chairs out in the open. Haven’t heard any gobbling yet, but I’d bet they will start stirring soon.
  6. Turkey season is upon us! Let’s get this started!
  7. Damn, I’m sorry to read this. That is just awful. Sorry you had that happen. Glad to hear everyone is ok.
  8. I haven’t been on here in a bit. Im very sorry to hear this Dan. My condolences.
  9. I’m still hunting yotes and fox, though not as often as I hoped.
  10. Yesterday I broke it in by smoking a prime rib, shrimp and smoked baked potatoes. Everything turned out great!
  11. My girlfriend bought me a smoker for Christmas. She noticed I was looking at the Masterbuilts and got me the 40” one. This thing is huge! I’m gonna clean and season it tomorrow, then I’ll break it in smoking a prime rib on New Years. Venison snack sticks will be happening soon!
  12. We didn’t get much snow, and our place was protected from most of the wind by the wooded hill across the street. We lost power for 4-5 hours Friday night and then again yesterday. Had to deal with an air lock in the well system yesterday morning also. Our driveway is a giant sheet of ice. I’ve spread 250lbs of salt so far. I have the hill pretty well busted up but the top area between our house and barn is going to need more. Could be a lot worse. Stay warm everyone.
  13. Happy Birthday Wolc! Merry Christmas as well!
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