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  1. Trail Cam Questions

    SD cards need to be purchased separately. I wouldnt Go with either brand you mentioned. I’ve used both and they weren’t worth the effort. For just a bit more money you can pick up some of the lower end Brownings, which are leaps and bounds better than Primos or Stealth.
  2. How About Some Rain

    Well, we have gotten, and are still getting a ton of rain lately. My plots are so muddy now, that I dont think Im going to be able to get in there and broadcast my winter rye this weekend. Im gonna need it to dry up a bit first.
  3. whats your first date for hunting this fall?

    October 1st for me, I dont have much time to hunt anything but deer in the fall.
  4. Oh, and due to the nature of the title of this thread, its headed for the politics section. Please keep this stuff out of the regular forums, and where it belongs.
  5. Deliberate damage means you tried to or actually did, take it apart. I know of guys that have dropped them, sent them back and gotten a brand new scope in return. They didnt even buy the scope new, and Vortex still replaced it. Guess what though, Leoupold's warranty doesnt cover accidental damage, so your statement is pure BS. Heres a screen shot from their site, notice the Warranty Exclusions part. I also included a link so you cant accuse me of altering anything. https://www.leupold.com/leupold-dna/lifetime-guarantee
  6. Lighted nocks. Who uses them ?

    I use them on my vertical bow and crossbow. I have had no real issues with them. I love them because I can get a better idea of where I hit my target and they make arrows easier to find after a pass through or miss. I even know guy that have found their deer easier because of them. I use Nockturnals.
  7. Mushroom hunting

    Anyone know what these are? They dried out and rotted since I took The pic.
  8. Mushroom hunting

    I tried one a couple of years ago. I know people that say its the best thing going, I didnt think so at all. Gross.
  9. Germination question

    No, it shouldnt. Ive grown both in the same plot before. The WR wont get very tall until next spring.
  10. Congrats! Im looking forward to ours being out someday. I know Ill miss them, but we are planning to sell our big house, get the heck out of NY and buy a small house in Tennessee with 1 extra bedroom, and thats it. Once they are out, I dont want them coming back except to visit lol.
  11. My girlfriend does not hunt or fish, she doesnt even really like to shoot, but will here and there with some prompting. Im fine with the way it is. My daughter loves to do all of that.
  12. Lawdwaz has a birthday today !

    Happy birthday Larry!
  13. Germination question

    Probably wouldnt hurt to throw some Winter Rye in there as well. That will come up quick and act as a good cover crop for the clover. Ill actually be seeding my WR over my Ladino clovers this weekend. Just about perfect timing for it.
  14. Germination question

    I believe mine is a cyclone. I keep it in a cabinet that the critters cant get into, so I dont worry much about that. Id be pissed if it happened though lol.
  15. Germination question

    Sounds nice, maybe Ill have to pick one up and give it a shot. I love my old school spreader, but it does have a few down sides, like seed in my shoes and pockets (and not in the ground) and seed tends to get caught where the canvas is stapled to the wood. It puts out a very nice, even broadcast though. Its kinda fun to do some of the work with old school tools too.