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  1. WNYBuckHunter

    2012 Ford Raptor

    Generally speaking, the quality of lift has more to do with road manners than height, up to a certain point of course. When I lifted my truck (8.75" in the front, 5" in the rear), I paid more for a quality lift kit rather than going the inexpensive route, so that I would still have a good ride. I did go with stiffer shocks than factory, because I didnt want it to be quite as cushy. My truck still rides better than most 3/4 or 1 tons do from the factory, but I have the look and clearance that I wanted. As for brakes, I upgraded mine to the police duty pads, drilled/slotted rotors and steel braided lines to give me good braking regardless of the larger/heavier tires. I went from factory 33s to 35s and did not change wheel diamiter, but did change to a much wider rim, so the setup is a bit heavier than stock. You can go with a larger diameter lighter weight wheel to cut down a bit on rotating mass. I am actually going to step things up a bit more soon with a 3" body lift and 38" tires. Ill be moving to larger wheels that are as light weight as I can get so that I wont lose too much braking. I will be re-gearing the truck to make up for the larger tires though. Currently I am running the factory 3.55s, and will be going to 4.56s, which should get me right about to stock final ratios with 38s.
  2. WNYBuckHunter

    14' 1984 Sea Nymph Boat & Trailer

    Culver, can you shoot me over her info?
  3. WNYBuckHunter

    2012 Ford Raptor

    I fixed his title
  4. WNYBuckHunter

    2012 Ford Raptor

    Needs some type of carpet installed where there shouldnt be one....
  5. WNYBuckHunter

    2012 Ford Raptor

    Congrats man! Great looking Jeep! Youll love those Nittos. I run Trail Grapplers on my Ram. I think the Hellcat has NT555s on it. They make awesome tires.
  6. WNYBuckHunter

    Vortex Strikefire II

    price is $179, not $140
  7. WNYBuckHunter

    Getting back into cars

    I have a Crosstrek and I get right around 29-31 average.
  8. WNYBuckHunter

    Getting back into cars

    True. The weak points on the earlier Hellcats was the driveshaft and axles. You can break them even with a factory setup. The culprit is really wheel hop though, and most guys that break them are running with the wrong settings for the trans and suspension, which causes wheel hop. If you dont get off of the throttle quick, and instead try to power through it, youll break things. Another thing that will start breaking driveline parts is when guys use beadlock wheels. Id rather let the tire spin just a tough on the rim, it softens the shock to the rest of the drive train just a bit. Beadlocks will improve your 60 foot times by a touch, but its not worth the risk to me.
  9. WNYBuckHunter

    Getting back into cars

    Talk about ruining a perfectly good car!
  10. WNYBuckHunter

    Getting back into cars

    What tires you run doesnt affect how much power you put down, it only affects how well you can use it. A factory Hellcat with the A8 puts down roughly 620 to the wheels, and without drag radials, you can break the tires loose at just about any speed. Ive done it at 60mph in them on regular tires.
  11. WNYBuckHunter

    Getting back into cars

    Talent my friend, raw talent.
  12. WNYBuckHunter

    Getting back into cars

    For trucks or going fast, Im all Mopar, but I do like my Subaru for daily driving. Pretty comfortable, great gas mileage and its AWD, so perfect for winter.
  13. WNYBuckHunter

    Getting back into cars

    Oh yeah, I love driving a stick as well. If I was just using it as a street cruiser, Id have bought a stick car, but I want to do a bit of racing with it.
  14. WNYBuckHunter

    Getting back into cars

    Thanks, yep, thats where she is. They are delivering it to me lol.
  15. WNYBuckHunter

    Getting back into cars

    The autos are faster and can handle more horespower when I do decide to start modding it. Guys are running 900+hp to the wheels with stock transmissions.