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  1. WNYBuckHunter

    Earth scent / No scent / what scent

    Scent free clothes wash and drier sheets for me. Scent killer spray before I head to the woods. Last year I tried some "earth scent" spray and got busted everytime in similar conditions that I had not been busted before. I have also tried those cover scent wafers in the past with similar results to the spray I tried last year.
  2. WNYBuckHunter

    Spartan Go Cam

    I registered the SIM. Camera got signal a couple of miles down the road (drove down there), so I know it works fine. AT&T let me unregister the SIM, so its good to go for the next owner. I did not complete the registration on the camera (has to be done on the camera menu). My property gets very little cell signal.
  3. WNYBuckHunter

    The ATVers are back

    Time to call the Sheriff/NYSP
  4. WNYBuckHunter

    The ATVers are back

    I started making mounts like that a couple of years ago. A few tips on them, use all stainless hardware, use wing nuts instead of regular ones, and a lock washer helps them not to slip.
  5. WNYBuckHunter

    The ATVers are back

    Hinge cut a couple of trees and lay them across the trail. You might want to do the same down the hedgerow for a distance on either side of the trail. Mount your cell cams high (10 feet or more) and make sure you keep the batteries swapped out. Youre also going to need to get law enforcement involved.
  6. WNYBuckHunter

    HELP squirrel in my wall

    Bucket o death gets my vote
  7. WNYBuckHunter

    Here's a good one!

    Smell has nothing to do with it. Deer bed and hang out in standing corn, the combine pushes them out. I cant even count how many deer Ive killed that combines have bumped out of corn fields.
  8. WNYBuckHunter

    chefhunter86 2018 Whitetail Classic Entry

    1. Yes. Each person that entered has his/her own thread to put their entries in. 2. It helps!
  9. WNYBuckHunter

    Montec Crossbow Broadheads

    I used to use them. They made a pretty noticeable hissing sound when you shot them, so I stopped using them.
  10. WNYBuckHunter

    Happy Birthday Belo

    Happy Birthday!
  11. WNYBuckHunter

    Ever see them this aggressive this early?

    I have trail cam pics of 1.5 year olds sparring and dogging does as of a week and a half ago. The older bucks (3.5 and up) have just been scraping and rubbing so far.
  12. WNYBuckHunter

    Need advice!!

    Get down and go to the arrow, and look at it. What you do next is going to depend on that. Noone on here can tell you what the recovery percentage is, as none of us were there to see the hit. The area you circled on the picture encompases everything from a dead deer in less than 50 yards, to a non-lethal meat hit lol.
  13. WNYBuckHunter

    WNYBuckHunter's Outdoor Journal

    I havent Been out hunting yet, and haven’t spent much time in the woods working due to family issues, but igot out the other day to check a few of my mock scrapes. All of them are torn up with the licking branches I wired up being used as well. I freshened them up with some Smokey’s and some pee in each. I checked Some of my cameras while I was There also. Between 3 cameras, I had Close to 7000 pics to weed through. The food plots have been hammered hard, both look like a mowed lawn at this point. I spent Some down time today weeding through pics, and what I found made me very happy. 90% or more were daytime, with a large portion being mid day. I have a very large population of does that spend a ton of time in there, and now the bucks are showing up with regularity, morning, mid day and evenings. I have A solid 8 point that I figured was 3 1/2, but have been told that it’s more likely to be 4 1/2. He’s just past the ears, has good mass, what looks like a kicker on one tine and some great brows. Another that I got long distance pics on one cam, is just downright big. Very wide with great mass, but I cant See his tines. He should actually be on one or two other cams from where he seemed to enter and exit the plot, so I’ll have to see when I check Those. There is also a 2 1/2 that has a 4 point side on the right, a huge dagger on the other side, and what seems to be a 3rd antler in between them. I’d actually like to Take him early if possible. He would be pretty dangerous to another deer while sparing or fighting. Here’s a pic of that one, I’ll share the others if I put One of them on the ground.
  14. WNYBuckHunter

    Spartan Go Cam

    Brand new Spartan Go Cam AT&T 4G (model GC-A4GB) camera. I took the cam out of the box to power up and see if it got signal at my place, but it does not. Camera was immediately put back in box. $400
  15. WNYBuckHunter

    Any opinion? 4 pointer

    Young buck, but if he trips your trigger, take him if you have the chance.