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  1. My cameras have been going nuts since yesterday afternoon. I have pics from one of my cell cams of both of my target bucks hanging in my clover plot for over an hour this morning, less than 40 yards from one of my stands.
  2. My cams take over 100 pics a week, sometimes in a day or two. Like I said, I have both. The Spypoint costs me quite a bit more to run and the pic quality and setting options arent even close. I have a Go Cam that’s over a year old, and has been running the entire time. Battery life is insane. A year on a set of lithiums. Can’t say that for my Spypoint. It’s on its third set in the same amount of time with less pics. I also Have a Ghost that has been great for the couple of months it’s been running so far. Burned by Spartan? That’s something I have never heard of. How did you get burned? Didn’t you say in this thread that you were “jumping into the cell cam world”? That makes it sound like the SpyPoint is your first one.
  3. I have A SpyPoint cell cam. They are inexpensive but the service isn’t cheap. Buying a Spartan would save you in the long run. I have 2 of those. Great cams. Light years better than my SpyPoint.
  4. Ive seen some sparring, mostly with young bucks so far. Also, young bucks bumping does around here and there. Most does Im getting pics of have their fawns with them still. Rubs and scrapes are ramping up. 8N
  5. Young bucks are bumping does around right now in my area. Mature bucks arent doing that yet. I grunted at a mature buck Saturday, trying to get him to come to me, he turned and looked, but then just walked away. Snort Wheeze had no effect. I dont think its time quite yet.
  6. I dont mess with them either. It just educates them if they bust you playing around.
  7. Looks like the chilly temps this afternoon had this young buck feeling frisky. The doe, not so much haha.
  8. Ought to be great for daytime yotes and fox too
  9. The only thing about this rifle that I could Take or leave is that it is extremely loud. Not surprising though with the short barrel. Smooth shooter though.
  10. This morning I figured I would Stay out of the woods to keep the pressure down at my place, so I spent A bit sighting in my 6.5 Grendel. It did pretty damn good and after dialing it in a bit, I put Some real nice 2 and 3 shot groups in there. I. The pic, the blue circles are benched 2 shot groups and the red and purple are rested off of a deck railing. The last shot that the blue arrow is pointing to was after the final scope adjustment on the bench. These are 100 yard groups with 123gr Hornady SST loads. Should be plenty good for deer season.
  11. She took 10 mins to walk the final 25 feet into the plot. Crazy.
  12. Just almost killed my nemesis doe. She is old and super spooky. Never quite gives me a shot and has busted me last year a few times and this year once. She did it again. 2 more steps and I’d have killed her but she turned around and left for no apparent reason.