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  1. Yeah I’m still kicking. Had a lot going on.
  2. To the “guest” that keeps reporting posts in the forums, and telling us we should delete peoples accounts, etc. We will make determinations on that kind of thing on our own. I am actually not even going to consider looking at the reports that come from anyone other than our members anyway, so you’re wasting your time.
  3. Just Google it, a quick search gives you an explanation of what it is, and also all kinds of articles about those messages being fake news. https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/janelytvynenko/dont-believe-stafford-act-texts
  4. 3 posts in and your calling other members names? This is your ONLY warning. Follow the rules or your time here will be short.
  5. Thats what Ive been working on since the middle of last week actually. Just about have it all done and ready to go.
  6. I, and my team could easily, and actually more efficiently, run the whole company's IT structure from home. I would have far less people disturbing me while Im in the middle of something by walking into my office.
  7. A few months? Im pushing my team and vendors to have our capability increased by almost 5 times within the next 3 weeks.
  8. Yessir, and yes it is. We are always swamped though lol.
  9. Our company has done the same. No visitors on the property, no non-essential travel, no face to face meetings with vendors, etc. Our annual leadership meeting/event has been postponed indefinitely, you have to notify your manager if you do any travel on your own time, etc etc. My #1 priority right now is to shore up and expand our capability for people to remote in and work from home.
  10. Race has nothing to do with it from what Ive seen. We have a mix of different races, etc here and there are offenders from every race.
  11. Dont get me started on how gross alot of people are. Every day at work, I see people leave the shitter and walk right out the door without washing their hands. Even more of them I see at the sink, getting their hands wet, but not using soap. Lots of people that dont seem like they would be that way. Im pretty close to going from handshakes to fist bumps at this point.
  12. Same here. We cant even have face to face meetings with vendors now. I was supposed to go to a Sabres game tonight with a vendor and had to cancel. With the way the Sabres are playing, that might be a blessing in disguise. Our company has even said that if you are going on any personal vacation, you have to give travel details to them so they can determine if you can come back to work after your vacation is over. If they deem that you have to stay away for 2 weeks, it comes out of your vacation time.
  13. Its a 1.5lb first stage with a 4.5lb second stage. Ive used them before, they are nice. DPMS was bought up a few years ago by the Freedom Group, aka Remington. I have read that Remington is looking to focus on their Remington and Marlin brands and doing away with the rest. Its a shame really. Bushmaster will also get the axe.