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  1. WNYBuckHunter

    Glory Lighted Nock

    Ive never had an issue with them. I actually have a small finishing nail that I push into my wrist sling, and use that for turning them off.
  2. WNYBuckHunter

    Glory Lighted Nock

    Those are basically the same as Nockturnal. You wont regret buying them. I love them.
  3. WNYBuckHunter

    Getting back into cars

    A lot of guys put blue painters tape on that area before they go to the track. I’ll probably do that next time.
  4. WNYBuckHunter

    Getting back into cars

  5. WNYBuckHunter

    Getting back into cars

    Had a few hours before the rain starts today, so I finished Off the old tires before she goes in for new ones tomorrow. Haley went with to capture it. Now I have Some cleaning to do lol.
  6. WNYBuckHunter

    Hunting my land just got 10x easier

    They will use it. Deer are lazy. One of my buddys has a similar bridge at his place. Deer used to jump across the creek all over the place. After the bridge went in, the vast majority of deer traffic for a couple of hundred yards is on that bridge.
  7. Well, throw and grow is a bit of a farce IMO, you still need seed to soil contact. Scratch the surface with a rock rake or something and toss it down. It will grow.
  8. WNYBuckHunter

    Stand height for hangon

    I base my stand height on the area which Im hunting. My general rule of thumb is 15-16 feet, but some situations call for lower or taller stands. I had a spot that was pretty good in the past where the stand was only 7 feet up, and others that are close to 20.
  9. Im not 100% on the nitrogen, but it makes a great cover crop and allows the clover to grow with less browsing pressure when its small. I have generally found that when planted in the fall along with WR, Ladino really starts to come through the following year. Heres what I found with a quick search on an Ag site: C. Cover and green manure crop: Fall sown rye holds more snow and rainfall than does a bare field. It also preserves soil moisture in the spring, since there is no spring seedbed preparation. It provides fall, winter, and spring soil cover when the potential for wind and water erosion losses are substantial in plowed fields. Rye as a cover crop fits well into many erosion control programs. Land going into potatoes, soybean, or corn can be protected over winter by a rye cover crop. Rye can be also used as an emergency cover to fill gaps between other crops, or if a crop is removed early because of failure, rye can be seeded to protect the soil until time to plant the next crop. It can also be used as a winter cover crop for continuous minimum tillage corn when the corn crop is harvested early. When corn or soybean are sod-planted, rye can be seeded in the fall and then killed with herbicides prior to planting. Rye should not be grown between crops of wheat or barley, unless it is completely killed before wheat or barley are planted in the spring. As a green manure crop, rye is particularly suitable because of its winter hardiness and its rapid growth early in the spring. It should be plowed or disked when about 20 in. tall.
  10. I use Winter Rye every year, and it works great for me. The last few years Ive been planting it along with Ladino clover to get my clover plots started in the fall. The deer love it, and so do the turkeys during early summer when the heads pop out. Ill be planting some next week where I am expanding my current clover plot. It also works great if you have a failure in an earlier planted plot. Stuff grows on everything, Ive had it grow in my shoes that I wore while planting it, the frame rails of my ATV and the bed of my truck. The fact that its cheap helps as well.
  11. I was able to get some Cleth to try and control the weeds and grasses in my clover plot, and Im wondering if it is too late to use it this year. If it is, Ill just mow the plot one more time and then spray it in the spring. What say you?
  12. WNYBuckHunter

    My 2019 plots

    Yeah I love the tiller so far. Its a Howse, and its fully adjustable side to side by just loosening a few bolts. I have one issue to work out with it though, theres a slip collar on the main shaft that butts up to the gear box and keeps the shaft in place. The bolts that hold it to the shaft (kinda like set screws) have come loose when going through unbroken ground, and the shaft slips out of the drive on the end. I think a little loctite on those screws should take care of that. The tractor has been flawless so far. I have one more plot to go over with the tiller and trails to mow, and then I have to do an oil change and whatnot to it. One of the best things Ive ever spent money on actually.
  13. WNYBuckHunter

    My 2019 plots

    I havent Been down to the plot but something triggered my cam this morning. Probably a bird. Plot is looking great though!
  14. WNYBuckHunter

    Spy Point Cam's????

    I have a Spy Point cell cam. Its a pretty good starter cell camera. The images it transmits are ok, enough to tell what the deer are most of the time. Over the winter it needed some kind of update where it needs to be manually powered off and on. I havent had a chance to get to where it is and do that though. I probably wouldnt bother with another one, Id spend the extra $ on a Spartan for cellular. For a high risk area though, it would probably be fine.
  15. WNYBuckHunter

    FYI boaters..

    How about we stay on topic?