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  1. Yes. That part of our history, no matter how dark, needs to be remembered so that we have far less of a chance of ever repeating it.
  2. How'd I miss this? Happy Birthday Larry!
  3. Don't you mean your thong?
  4. I have one of the M100u stands. This will be my first year with it, so I can't speak about hunting with it yet, but it's very comfy and pretty darn light to carry. I've been putting up a few of the chain on brackets so I can hunt multiple spots with it. I just leave the steps on the different trees along with the bracket.
  5. For winter rye you don't need fertilizer. That stuff grows anywhere. For turnips and brassicas, you'll want to use it.
  6. Are you going to use fertilizer? If so, and if you have enough sun, I'd say rape, turnips and radish. If you won't be fertilizing, I'd say winter rye, not rye grass, but the rye grain.
  7. Beans and cow peas always get wiped out on our place. We had some laying around so decided to give it another try this year. This is the first year we have had any luck growing corn. Now that we have the planter I'd like to start using strips of it for screening more than anything.
  8. Lol could have been. It was around 4 when I called him.
  9. This year we did an acre of each. One 1/2 acre plot of beans (got wiped out by the neighbors cows when they were out for 5 or 6 days) and then the other 1/2 acre of beans strip planted into 2 corn/bean plots. All of the corn (3 plots) has been doing well. We just got ahold of a planter this year so we are experimenting.
  10. He's getting a shipment of rape and radish in soon. Talked to him yesterday afternoon. I'll be down buying my stuff this weekend.
  11. I stopped at Gander last Friday. The discounts still aren't that great. I saw a few items that I had been watching that all of a sudden had "original" price tags on them, whereas they never had them in the past. Then they took the percentage off of that price. One item ended up being $5 more on Friday than it was 3 weeks ago when I looked at it. In the last 4 times I've gone there to see about picking up a deal, I've purchased 2 things, and only one of them was any real deal. Work boots for $32.
  12. I went to the farm yesterday to check cams. The corn is looking pretty good considering it went in pretty late. It varies between waist and chest high. The beans are there, but the deer have been hammering them. The fall plots are all tilled and will be planted this weekend weather permitting.
  13. I broke mine years ago. Bled like a stuck pig. Had 2 black eyes for a week or so.
  14. I've found that hair color has little to do with aging a buck. I'm not quite to the point where I'm letting 3 year olds walk yet. Well, except this year, I have a specific target. It would take a complete monster to get my focus away from him.
  15. He's actually only a 3 1/2 according to the jaw bone. He seemed to be a pretty aggressive buck from the trail cam footage I had of him.