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  1. The kids did, but yep, thats her name lol
  2. Nope, theres still residue. Vanessa is better than residue.
  3. Honestly if any of you are really interested, Ill post up the real estate link once it goes up. First I have to find a trailer to get my Cat where she needs to go lol
  4. Yes sir! When my father passed last year it did something to me, made me look at life differently. This is one result of that change in perspective.
  5. I dont trash talk about people, so Im not posting that here. Its my decision though. Lots of big bucks in this area, I will have new property before you guys know it, and the cams, fences and tower will have new homes. LOL
  6. Im looking for enclosed, all they have are open trailers. Lots of salt and salt dust on the roads right now.
  7. 2 years ago, but yes. Things did not end up working out between myself and my now ex. Time to move on.
  8. Exactly. Ive been in the same boat many times with critters. Hell, Ive missed fox at 50 yards at night before. They can and do change directions quick. Sometimes I bring the shotty as well as the rifle.
  9. From Treeguys accounts from last year, you might want to use traps with a shorter chain Bob.
  10. Do any of you guys in the WNY area have or know someone that has an enclosed car trailer that would be willing to transport my Hellcat? Im moving in a couple of weeks and have to get the car from its current spot in my garage, to a space I got ahold of in Greece. Im not looking for free, Ill pay of course. I am not driving the car there with salt on the roads.
  11. If you guys need some company this year, give me a buzz. I already have my rifle checked and fresh batteries in my scope, caller and lights.
  12. Yep, Ill actually be right around the corner from you for a while.
  13. If I wasnt in the middle of moving and all of that good stuff, Id consider it.