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  1. Gander sucks even as the doors close. Not too shocking. Did you notice what discount they had on camping gear by chance? it was 10% before.
  2. Still? I just got an email yesterday that they were bumping everything up to an additional discount. Up to 40% off is what the email said.
  3. Looks like Ill be solo the next 2 weekends, as my daughter wont be able to go out with me. I am going to go see if I cant bag one this year. Maybe Ill take Evan with me if his little butt will get up early enough.
  4. Lol, possibly
  5. Hmmm, 3 posts and youre already taking personal shots at people. Youre gone.
  6. Please keep all offers in PMs.
  7. We just had one spotted and verified by the DEC in Bristol. Just down the street from my place.
  8. Yeah it sucks, especially since the kids got it for me as a Christmas gift. People just have no class, its easy, not yours, leave it alone. This is on private land and whoever it was drove their truck right out onto a field to boot. None of us that are allowed to be there do that, as it just pisses the farmers off. Good luck with getting your daughter her first bird!
  9. I have had alot going on and havent gotten out since I took Haley for youth weekend. I attempted it Saturday and discovered that my ground blind had been stolen, so that kind of took the wind out of my sails and I didnt bother yesterday. Im hoping to get Haley in the woods one more time next weekend, and I dont know if Ill even bother hunting myself this year. I dont really care though, Haley getting her first bird was enough of a successful season to me.
  10. Haleys package came a couple of days ago. Just waiting for her to be home with me this weekend so she can open it up. Shes very excited!
  11. Ive never had ceviche, but looked up some recipes. Ill have to give it a try. Mahi is by far, my favorite fish.
  12. Great pics and great catch! Had to be some mighty fine eating!
  13. This is a thread about the bill, not another debate on full inclusion. Start your own thread if you want to do that.
  14. I agree. Ganders biggest issue though, is that there is simply noone working the store. I can never find anyone that can answer any questions, or be helpful in any way. My comment about the guy in the gun department was based on the fact that I told him exactly what I wanted, and he ordered the wrong gun anyway. Luckily, it will do the job, but it wasnt exactly what I wanted. I never have issues buying guns anywhere but there. The only reason I go is because sometimes they carry things that I cant easily get elsewhere.
  15. If you know where the birds are roosting, try to go out a couple of mornings with binos or a spotting scope to scout them from a distance, and see where they are going, and generally how long its taking them to get there. Thats how my daughter ended up with a nice tom in her lap opening day of youth season. I had been watching the birds for a while, found where they were roosting and a general idea of where they were going. The week before youth season, I was watching them almost every day. They seemed to be in one specific field at 7:30 almost every single morning. She killed her gobbler at 7:33 am.