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  1. Just wanted to give you a heads up because the law is dumb. No reason to get your daughters hopes up only to find out that NY laws wont allow it. Personally I feel the same way you do. I actually think that letting a kid start out with a gun would be the best way to do things. Bow hunting, whether its vertical or crossbow, just has many additional aspects to it over gun hunting. I have no idea why NY insists upon dropping them into the most challenging season first. Sorry to derail the post. This post and review actually has my interest peaked in this bow. I may have to see if I can find one to shoot and see how I like it. The price is alot better than the one I have been figuring on getting.
  2. Google is your friend
  3. What do you mean "of age"? You cannot hunt with a crossbow any sooner than you can hunt with a gun.
  4. Is this the Faktor 30? Faktor 34? Faktor Turbo? 2014 or 2015?
  5. Happy Birthday Moog!
  6. I have a Cough Silencer that you are more than welcome to try. It was the most worthless thing Ive ever bought. Hunting or not.
  7. Just when I thought Id heard it all....
  8. I wouldnt bother stuffing with a grinder. I have done it that way before, and you end up with an air pocket down the center of the sausage, which makes the meat dryish when you cook them. If you go to Gander right now, their 5lb vertical stuffers are $49 with 25% off.
  9. I could understand a random daytime cougar sighting here in Monroe County, they just shut the biggest cougar bar in the area down, so they are wandering around aimlessly looking for new feeding grounds here.
  10. Looks like a dog
  11. Mike Rossi did not quit the forum, he had a hissy fit, posted all kind of crap on here about John, so I called him on it and banned him. He asked to be allowed back after I did so. I told him no.
  12. I wont be out this weekend, Ill be camping with the kids and theres no where to fish where we are camping. I may be going up to Black Lake to fish a tournament next weekend with a buddy though. I have eaten bass before, its not my favorite, so I just toss them back.
  13. They were both misinformed about hitches
  14. The only way they can ticket you for it is if the hitch or ball is blocking the license plate. Obstruction of the plate is illegal, so that is most likely what the ticket was, the hitch just caused the obstruction.