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  1. Yesterday I broke it in by smoking a prime rib, shrimp and smoked baked potatoes. Everything turned out great!
  2. My girlfriend bought me a smoker for Christmas. She noticed I was looking at the Masterbuilts and got me the 40” one. This thing is huge! I’m gonna clean and season it tomorrow, then I’ll break it in smoking a prime rib on New Years. Venison snack sticks will be happening soon!
  3. We didn’t get much snow, and our place was protected from most of the wind by the wooded hill across the street. We lost power for 4-5 hours Friday night and then again yesterday. Had to deal with an air lock in the well system yesterday morning also. Our driveway is a giant sheet of ice. I’ve spread 250lbs of salt so far. I have the hill pretty well busted up but the top area between our house and barn is going to need more. Could be a lot worse. Stay warm everyone.
  4. Happy Birthday Wolc! Merry Christmas as well!
  5. Yeah I figured I’d test it with the loads and see how it does. If they don’t work very well, he will just get used to regular loads lol. He’s shot my 308 bolt gun before and was fine with it, but it has a brake and weighs more than this rifle. I’m sure he will do fine, he spends a lot of time laying other kids out and taking hits on the ice during hockey games. A little recoil shouldn’t scare him.
  6. I have a Rem 7400 308 for my son. It was my Dad’s rifle, so it’s special to him. My Dad didn’t take great care of it, it has maybe 10 rounds through it and is pitted everywhere because he left it in his attic. We are tearing it down and sending it out for Cerakote soon. I’ll get some reduced recoil loads and an adjustable stock to fit it to him correctly.
  7. Next year will be his first year hunting instead of tagging along. Crazy how fast time goes by.
  8. Final gun season sit for my son and I. Trying to fill a doe tag on state land.
  9. For Christmas this year, I am buying my son his lifetime hunting and fishing licenses. How does this work? Do I need to take him with to get it? Can I do it online? Do they give something to you or do they just send the license each year? He did pass his hunters ed course already. Just wondering what I should expect.
  10. ATN X-Sight HD 5-18x smart night vision scope. Includes sunshade, IR illuminatior and carry case. Everything works as it should. This is a great way to get into night vision, and has served me well. I am moving to thermal and won’t need this any longer. $350
  11. RSV has been around forever. Just been going around like crazy for the last few weeks. It will run its course. Hope you both feel better soon.
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