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  1. Speaking of fishing. Here’s a little highlight video I put Together for our club from this season. for anyone that knows me, you’ll see my son Evan in there holding his tournament winning 4 1/2lb largemouth from our Honeoye lake tournament. Turns out the kid is a stick!
  2. I Hope you get better soon Larry
  3. Hahahaha. I havent even bought my license yet. I’m having shoulder problems this year that stopped me from shooting my bow, which took the wind out of my sails. Between work, looking for a better gig, Evans hockey and hunting 5+lb smallies, I havent done anything on the hunting front yet. Doesn’t help that I didnt find a lease this summer because I spent my time fishing. …maybe that boat is ruining me. Hahaha
  4. Dont worry, I’ll figure out who it is when I have a little free time to look at IP addresses.
  5. Cuddebacks are sold Stealth still available.
  6. No one reported you. I saw Your posts. You should have received a note explaining it. It was about the language. Make fun of the cenile fascist in chief all you want, as long as you keep it somewhat clean.
  7. Price drop rifle with no optics - $1000 rifle with optics - $1300
  8. Glad to hear it got figured out! You’re welcome!
  9. Ok, so try what I suggested and let me know if it doesn’t help. Your phone browser is basically the same as a browser on a computer.
  10. I dont see them and John said nothing changed with the ad part of the site. I would say the first thing to try would be to clear your internet browser and make sure your ad blocker settings are correct.
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