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  1. I keep my AR talk to the AR threads. You however have 2,500 posts of pure crap spread across every thread you touch.
  2. Say whatever you wish, seems like there is no off button on that mature expert hunter mouth of yours. What I said in the first PM is exactly what I said in the thread, I asked you if you just toss the deer in the oven. Sorry you got so offended you had to resort to that PM. I have respect for all hunters, just not you and your BFF. Keep bashing others on the site, you are doing a phenomenal job.
  3. Aww don't like it when the shoe's on the other foot.
  4. Sometimes I get you two BFF's confused, however you both are about as useful as tits on a bull, spewing the same BS. You both made references to those that don't hunt like you guys as girls and or not real hunters.
  5. For my boo Steve: http://huntingny.com/forums/topic/20137-for-steve863/
  6. Steve, Thank you for that nice PM you sent me, your true colors are really coming through. Funny how you keep calling these guys here sissy's and girls for hunting how they wish to hunt when the only one pulling the childish crap is you. Moved our chat over here because you continue to de-rail that other thread and pretty much every single thread you participate on this site. For someone that just passed their "milestone" birthday you would think you would be a little more mature. I don't have anything to prove to you or others here, however since you "asked" so maturely here is a pic I took. The wife just finished setting up some holiday decorations the other day. I don't have a "trophy" room, but this is my family room. I've been hunting roughly 20 years with a few years off here and there.
  7. Sorry I don't trophy hunt, so not sure what you mean.
  8. Again have you even been to a butcher or a Taxidermist in the area of AR's? You have no idea what you are talking about, I frequent a few butchers in the area to see what is going on, they are just as busy as they were a few years back. Now its all coming together... Since you don't have an ATV you bash others that do, since you don't have a tree stand you bash others that do, since you don't shoot big deer (nor see), you shoot the little guys. Easier to drag and butcher, sounds like someone is being Lazy. Anyways I don't want to de-rail this thread any further then you did already.
  9. Right, bigger deer with more meat are putting them out of business. Before making more of an ass out of your self then you already did go ahead and visit any butcher or taxidermist in the 3H area. Curious, do you just throw the whole yearling in oven? I mean why even bother cutting it up?
  10. How long does it take to butcher up those yearlings? can't be more then a few min? I don't need to post pictures of AR Zone bucks, just visit any butcher or taxidermist in the 3H area. But then again you wouldn't know or need of one those anyways.
  11. I wouldn't post pictures those 50lb'r yearlings either.
  12. He already spent it on salt licks and other bait.
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