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  1. I don't think Crossbows are cheating in any way. If full inclusion with early Archery- more Hunters like me who have little or no interest in Deer Hunting would be out there . I know my interest would skyrocket with Crossbows included with Archery.
  2. Right! Marciano could Punch at all Angles and would Double up Punches with the same Arm as well as continuous Hook Combos with Both Hands. He was Taught to fight out of a Low Crouch and would dip low left + Right and come up with Punches. Coming forward- Marciano would dip his upper Body to the Right to be less of a Target. I try to do this on my own Drills. And, I always work orthodox + Southpaw with step in punches and punching in place of course. Glad, I am still at it at 61 .
  3. Yup-- one of the very best . Always coming forward. I have tried to add how Marciano moved + Trained to my Style since I am his Height.
  4. My Fav Fall Turkey pic back from page 6. If walking out with a 21lb Spring Gobbler is exciting- try walking out with 31 lbs of Plump big Jakes! Miss those days..
  5. That is near Sundown. Those Hens probably have a favored Roost area nearby. Good info for next May.
  6. This could lead to something. South Syria just north of Israel has a huge military buildup. Just before Biden unfortunately steps in. Israel is launching defensive counter strikes. The US + TRUMP will always defend Israel. Will Biden?... Anyway if you know your Bible- go to Isaiah 17. DAMACUS- which is near to this military buildup in Southren Syria is going to be Flattened to rubble with no inhabitants. This could escalate as Turkey,Russia, + China back Syria. Keep Jesus in your Hearts People!
  7. Hope everyone enjoyed this Topic. Of course all of us have our individual Thoughts .
  8. My Nephew and, I had a talk about Joe Biden on Thanksgiving. He clearly is talking better since the Dem Debates! In the 2nd Debate with TRUMP- Biden tired after about 30 minutes. I think 30 minutes is Bidens mental ceiling. He got tired.. The small eyes seemed to get smaller and long pauses ensued. Now my Nephew brought up a Drug called ADDERALL- a smart drug used to boost brain function complete with amphetamines. Remember what Trump said before the 1st Debate? That Biden would take a pill that would turn him into Superman! So, I don't know if Biden is on ADDERALL or any number of Brain Boosters at CVS that an Aide would pick up. He is clearly a different Man for a good 30 minutes. Reporters to ask questions are picked by his Team. What the Hell!!! And total Respect showed to Biden. Meanwhile Trump is Disrespected by Reporters to his Face! No one should ever disrespect the President of the United States!! Evil Josef Stalin would have such a person up against a wall later on and facing a Firing Squad back in the 1940s! Tell you what-- Irans Top Nuclear Scientist was just killed and Iran is blaming Israel. Iran is promising to strike back. This is not the time to have Biden in office as President..
  9. I just found this old pic in a Photo Album. Check out the size of this Spring Gobbler!
  10. Back in the late 1970s, I believe- there was a special Vote to be taken at the Monroe- Chester Sportsman's Club regarding Leasing close to 1,000 Acres of Black Dirt Land in and around Pine Island,NY. This was going to be a major + for Deer, Turkey, Pheasant, + Small Game Hunters. I can't remember all the particulars as far as how much the Lease would be. Dues would have to go up - but it was doable. What, I do remember is that the Clubhouse was absolutely PACKED! All the Indoor Pistol Shooters came out in Force. None of them were interested in this big Hunting Lease. I knew that the Hunters would lose the Vote. And we did. There were some low murmerings back + forth and Dirty Looks. Pistol Shooters carried the day + the No Vote.
  11. Not all Hunters are into Hiking in their off Season and even less Hikers are into Hunting. Now, I am talking about Hiking- not Scouting because there is a big difference in how you move about and most especially how you observe your surroundings when you Scout as opposed as to how the Hiker moves about and observes his/ her surroundings . Now even a Hiker is seen as a potential Predator simply because of our Eye placement. All Predators have their eyes fixed close together in the front of their heads and all prey Species can identify this. And of course Prey Species have their eyes set further apart. Everybody here know that. Now , I myself Love to Hike as well as hunt. When, I Scout my body Language is different. I am acting more like a hunter. So what does the Hunter do that the Hiker doesn't that Mark's that person as a Hunter and how is the Squirrel involved in this? When a Hunter first sees his prey- he will Stare intently at it. Those 2 key words-- ( Stare intently). Then the Hunter will move forward slowly- stalk forward and slip around bushes, move tree to tree, Bellycrawl ever closer. So-- the Squrriel sees all of this. The Sentinel of the Woods has identified your Body Language as that of a Hunter . And that Squirrel lets all the wildlife know that a Stalking Hunter is close at hand by vocalizing his Long + Loud Shrieking Bark. One after another. Now years back when, I did more Belly Crawling- the Shrieking Barks were more intense and more then 1 Squirrel would be involved. And when that Hunter nears his Prey- he does something else if he is standing that will bring more Long + Loud Barks from our Eagle Eyed Tree Rat. The Hunter will Hunch ever so slightly Forward. Shotgun at Port Arms and stare even more intently. The Wildlife will soon know they are being Hunted after a few days of seeing 2 Legged Predators stalking slowly about in the Pre- Dawn and then all day. Now when, I Hike and one of my fav destinations is the Indian Hill Trail. It is roughly a 2 Hour Loop up and around and down. Never once have, I have had a Squirrel bark at me while, I Hike. And the woods are Louder with vocalizations of alot of birds + wildlife. I often get close to deer without much effort. So what is the Hiker doing Different out there that Marks that person as not being an immediate Danger? Well-- he or She is moving around faster. Fast footfalls and breaking Twigs. Talking,Coughing and wearing very often bright colors . When, I hike, I am also observing wildlife + scenic sights. The Hikers head will move around faster will observing and this does not bring any of those Long + Loud Barks from the ever present Squirrel. The Squirrel knows you are not hunting. The Hunters head will move around ever so slowly as he stalks forward. Again- Body Language of the Hunter. Since, I am a life long Hiker, I am going from my personal observations. And as Turkey Hunter who often is aggressive about it - again, there is a marked difference in how the Squirrel views you and your motives. Take a mid morning Hike this March and see for yourself.
  12. Decades back when, I was in my mid- teens- my Father used to take me to the Monthly Gun Club Meetings. Now at the Monroe- Chester Sportsman's Club- the Kitchen had a large opening in the wall in the back of the building so members could be served food for Special occasions and after some Gun Club meetings. Tom S would prepare food + Coffee,etc and that was his station also to fire off questions at the President and any Chairman who in turn gave their monthly reports. Skeet+ Trap Chairman , Pistol ......., Rifle ....... Now Tom S only shot indoor Pistol. Any Future Funds being put to the vote for additional Club hunting land was sternly and LOUDLY rebuffed by Tom who would poke his head out of the kitchen window and Finger point at who was talking. That is just one example . Any number of people on any subject and 2 Men would be going at it. The President hammering that Gavel down 3 or 4 times. No one came to blows- but coming up with the Dick + Mort Fictional Story was pretty easy-LOL!
  13. The Deer know they are being Hunted . Spring Gobblers respond by Gobbling much less by Day # 4 after seeing one after another 2 Legged Predator sneaking up close to their Trees. Day # 4- That is when the Spring Hunting gets much Tougher.
  14. I think so also. I didn't like the Rocky movie with Tommy Morrison. The 1st Rocky was Believable.