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  1. Heard just 1 Gobble today.... still very early.
  2. ALRIGHT! Sounds like a great Season. I must have walked a few miles myself as,I am down from 228lbs to 216lbs since April 24th. All for 1 little 14lb Jake- lol.
  3. Good Luck fellow Black Belt. Get a a big Gobbler and start Training again.
  4. Hunting close to the " Black Dirt" with Cynthia. Heard a few far off Gobbles. I was Gobbler Yelping today in sets of 3.
  5. BurmJohn will probably keep the cash going for another " Auto-Renew". Or not . Who knows... Last "Approved" member was - mikelicc who joined on February 26th of 2022. Nearly 15 Months ago. When the Owner is MIA Forever and no New Members being approved on a regular basis- that is a major Red Flag ... You may need a Plan B or Not.
  6. I heard no Gobbling today. Next time out,I might hit some Fighting Purrs and some Gobbling with an Orange Hat on. Birds are Super Pressured on Public by now.
  7. Yup,I zip Tie my Turkey Legs. Still have 1 Permit left. So does Cynthia- so,I will be helping her again as much as possible.
  8. Sounds like you will be out on Monday. Luck to you.
  9. Cynthia is going with me Tuesday in search of her 2nd Gobbler.
  10. Great- but throw up a Picture of you and the Gobbler. Only Dan is exempted from posting his Turkey Pics.
  11. Cynthia connected on a nice 20lb Gobbler today- 5/9/23. 10" Beard,Nearly 1" Sharp Spurs of a 3 year old. And 20lbs. I used the Tom Gaskins Box to call him in.
  12. Smart they are to burrow in the Cattails.
  13. Yesterday,I was out with Cynthia. I made a few Lucky Finds of a empty Turtle Shell and a Shed Antler.
  14. Took a 14lb Jake this morning. A Gobbler was coming to the Yelps from my Uncle Dickie Box. A Hen flies down and takes him away. Next- 2 Jakes are coming in to that Box. They start walking in the Wetlands and,I drop the lead Jake.
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