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  1. Good stuff Chef. I am named after my Father's Brother. He was at the D- Day invasion. He made it inland and died on the 2nd day when the Halftrack he was in hit a German Mine.
  2. Congrats to her!! My Best was a 700lb Half Squat in the Power Rack. I was only 22 at the time. None of us used Belts or Knee Wraps back then. TG,I stayed away from the Steroids. I train like a MMA Fighter today . Hope she keeps competing!
  3. Unfortunate Road Kill for this Buck. 3 Points on the 1 Antler. Took this pic 1hour ago near Goosepond Mt. State Park--" No Hunting Allowed" This Stretch of Rt. 17m between Chester + Monroe has too much Road Kill of Deer every year around this time.
  4. Funny how Will set up next to those Carpenter Bees and Zapped them with insect Repellent!
  5. Uncocked. My Father would have killed me back in my mid Teens if,I left a Gun Cocked.
  6. Turkeys will Hone into that Field with the waste Corn Get a few pictures.
  7. I will be Tuning in here all Day. Let's have those Deer Pics!
  8. I know Squat about Deer Hunting- but Pygmy has hunted all kinds of game. He Knows his stuff.
  9. This might be the Video that saves your Life Rob. Something to think about. I enjoy reading about the many members varied interests on this site. It would also be Boring as Hell if only Hunting + Fishing was talked about .
  10. It will be Crowded with Pheasant Hunters as well as Hikers on the weekends.
  11. Good Video to Watch and Learn even if you are carrying 24/7.
  12. If you tried Sterling Forest- you will need a $5 Hunting permit available at the large visitors center on Long Meadow Road. Ask to see the Manager and ask about good Deer Areas.
  13. Bashakill gets Crowded with Hikers and Birdwatchers because of the Breathtaking Wetlands Views. I would Try Sterling Forest. Alot closer to you and much less Crowded.
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