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  1. Cynthia- my Turkey Hunting Partner keeping an eye out.
  2. Just parked at 3.45am. They Gobbled Good with this Awesome Moon yesterday. Looking for a repeat performance!
  3. I have had 3 Shots myself against this Chinese Virus. So far-- so good
  4. So Close This Morning. At around 45 minutes before Sunrise ,I heard Gobbling around 200 yards off. Off like a Flash and this old Guy is Quick when he has to be. Around 8 days ago or so,I had another Gobbler in this very area and when he flew down and Gobbled going away- before,I could make a move,I saw 2 Dark Skinny Legs cross over after the Gobbler in a bend in the Woodsroad.-- The Human Kind... So this morning when,I heard that 1st Gobble- off to the races. This Tom was HOT! I got within 70 yards of his Tree. I had to get on all 4s to get to that final Tree and Bushes as a screen. No place to sit. I had to bend over at the Bush. The Gobbler was Gobbling directly behind another Tree in front of his Roost Tree. I was screened perfectly. Out in front and below my position was a open flat in now Heavy hardwoods. I gave out some Tree Yelps and soft- but higher pitched clucks on my custom " Tongue " little Box that,I have a small Cedar striker for. The Gobbler Thundered Back. A few Double Gobbles. Then Putt--Putt----Putt---- Putt! A 2nd Gobbler that was totally silent this whole time saw me slightly move. He was probably a good 20 feet to the side of the Vocal Tom. A clear view of my spot. Out he Flew. Looked like a great big Helicopter. He curled to a line of Trees and the area that,I rushed over from. Meanwhile the Vocal Tom continued to Gobble. Then went silent. That means he aims to fly down. Whoop- Whoop- Whoop-- flew down at a 30 Degree angle and landed in Heavy stuff about 30 yards away from me and out of sight. Safety off- all set. Then Silence. Nary another Gobble. And never came in. Now,I am reflecting like all good Turkey Hunters are known to do. I knew this Gobbler was going to work his way around and meet up with the other Gobbler at some point today. Now Tomorrow, I believe,I am teaming with Cynthia. She wants to hit another Area-- but this area could be better. Possibly a Double if,I have better Luck. Having alot of Fun out there without killing anything. In a kind of " Turkey Hunter Slump". Has to end some time- LOL. Below is a pic of Custom " Tongue " caller.
  5. I know why. Because Deer for you and many here is your #1 passion.
  6. Disagree. Alot like myself like to show what we have taken with a full picture of the Hunter next to the Gobbler. As time goes on- the picture of the Gobbler becomes less important and the person or person in the pic becomes the focal point. I understand that many are very Bashful at revealing their Face. In that case- I dont think the Game- Deer,Gobbler,etc should be showed at all. Just cheapens the picture to see " a Hand"-- " cut off Face",etc next to the Game.
  7. What about this Diesel Shortage,I heard about?
  8. Larry,I have been waiting for your Picture and Gobbler. Soon though,I am sure.
  9. 600 a week. Alot of driving. I am watching every Dime and gallon of gas-lol.
  10. Your 1st sentence does not apply to me. Sounds like you have multiple Private Lands. Now these Sly + Clever Public Gobblers have been hunted by some Deadly Spring Turkey Hunters. So far it has been an exciting Season without yet taking a Tom. And 19th time out so far.
  11. Hope those 2 Turkey Experts dont kill a Bird apiece. There will be Nada Toms for you to try.
  12. 5/15 at 3.30am. Just Parked Light Rain in Orange County. Forgot Camo rain jacket. Going to sit in my SUV as long as possible. Rain is supposed to stop around Daybreak.
  13. Made this video a few years back after walking a good 5 miles and half asleep here after getting whipped by a Gobbler on my 16th out. Today,I am at 17 days and got whipped again after walking " over Hill + Dale"- LOL. Decoy tomorrow and a 2.30am wakeup. Stay in the Game. Keep Grinding.
  14. It is tough to see him. Not as far left as my finger there. 2 close trees with a Small Roundish Black shape. That is him at probably 80 yards.
  15. Since he was at a good distance and not coming in,I wanted to get a pic of him. Tiny round black shape between 2 far off trees.
  16. Taking a rest in the Thick stuff. Been walking a good 2 1/2 hours. Heard 2 Gobblers today so far. The 2nd one gobbled somewhere up ahead a little while back. Waiting for one of them to Gobble again.
  17. No Gobbling at all Today Cynthia. Tomorrow, I will be in New Jersey after Turkeys there while you Fish for Strippers.
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