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  1. Pheasant Season until the end of February in Orange County. Going to take ABBEY out at least 1 more time.
  2. Indeed Woodsmanship. And,I have Scouted 4 Times already in 2023 . Jan to Late April,I keep a written log. For those lacking Woodsmanship and Hunting MUAs with Expert Mouth Diaphragm Callers about- a Custom Box will even the Playing Field and up a Novices chances.
  3. RODAN-- Just had developed at CVS - 2 Throwaway cameras from 2016 + 17. Happy as all Hell to have a few pics of this Tom! 22lbs,12" Beard,Spurs a Smidge over 1 1/2"s.
  4. Awesome. Take her out to the Turkey Woods this coming May. She will be Hooked!
  5. I hope Trump starts his Public Speeches in the Fall of this year. I see even more momentum for Trump as time goes on.
  6. Well 2023 Marks the start of my 50th year of Pheasant Hunting. Today,I took Sweet ABBEY up to the great Habitat of Indian Hill in Sterling Forest State Park. She got on several scents amid the Indian Heads- but these veteran holdover Pheasants would rather Run then Fly. Time Flies! My only regret is growing up in a area that had Zero Wild Turkeys and 2023 Marks only my 34th year of going for the Bigger Birds. Below,I snapped a nice pic of ABBEY this morning.
  7. Looks good in the corner there.
  8. Trump will Definitely have my vote in 2024. Next 2 years will move fast.
  9. Trump is the Man! This might be the only subject you and,I agree on. I made a Video while wearing my MAGA Hat as well.
  10. Excellent post!! Those Southeastern Turkeys have been hunted by Generations of hardcore Turkey Hunters,Outlaws and Poachers, and Men regularly killing over the Legal Limit in the Spring. And the whole Southeast is a Destination for out of State Veteran Turkey Killers who every Spring take their Limit. That is one reason Mississippi had to change their very early opening day. Arkansas Turkey Killers flocked to all the MUAs. As well as other out of Staters Decades of that equal Lockjaw and reduced Gobbling and Suspicious Toms staying up in their Roost until that see a Real Hen below them. Add the Nationwide Declining Turkey Numbers and hordes of Hunters wanting to Emulate the success of Traveling Utube Turkey Killing groups on Public Ground and Silence will Prevail. Now-- up in the Northeast-- all of the above is happening... Certainly the situation was different in 1990 when,I started. Very Few Turkey Hunters,Vocal Gobblers,And Toms marching in from hundreds of yards to the Call. Right around 2015 or so- there was a marked difference in the Spring behavior of Hunted Toms Now Northeast Turkey Hunters have caught up to our Southren Brothers. Everyone now is a Turkey Killer. By May 4th- Lockjaw on the MUAs. It is what it is. These are the Tough Birds,I want to Hunt to test my skills . Those who hunt on Large areas of Private- consider yourselves very fortunate indeed with our now educated and evolved Tough Turkeys.
  11. I need to get down to Florida and try my hand on one of these Shutmouth Gobblers.
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