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  1. Or-- for the easiest Turkey around- just hunt at Four Seasons High Fence operation..
  2. Enjoy this one! AtBuckhunter sent this to me. I have taken some Fall Turkeys in the Air as well.
  3. I am going to go out tomorrow instead. Those Wet Pheasants are going to run mostly today
  4. Very Crowded especially since 2015 when the Bow Deer Season was moved back to October 1st. Only about 78 Hunter Parking areas at Stewart.
  5. Cynthia told me there is not as many Deer at Stewart as many years back. She says it is over hunted as far as going for Deer.
  6. In past years in Early October, if,I arrived at 4am or later,I might be behind 20 Vehicles already parked on that main access road off of Rt. 207.
  7. They will try. In years past,I would arrive at 2am. The Excited Pheasant Dogs were Vocal at that hour
  8. Just took a nice Bike Ride at Stewart State Forest. Took the picture below at 11.15am. Looks like 2 Pheasant Hunters have arrived early for tomorrows opening day/ October 1st. They have a Longgg Day and Night ahead of them. DEC still has the Gate Locked up right now. Hopefully- what is left of Hurricane Ian will move further East out to Sea as Orange County is supposed to get some rain tonight. I will be out somewhere tomorrow morning also looking for Pheasants and the Wily/ Woodcock.
  9. Hall of Fame Pitcher- Don Drysdale also Hammered 25 Homers in his Pitching career.
  10. I am offended. I am contacting Burmjohn about this most negative of Threads-LOL! TEDDIE- Super Chucky.
  11. Thanks! Looking forward to getting out there on October 1st. Today,I have to make sure that,I call in for my " hip" number as ,I need that for Woodcock Hunting.
  12. My Father gave me the " Low Down" back in 1974 when,I was 14. 49 years ago when,I first started to Pheasant Hunt. Pheasant Releases were done then and still on a " Week Of" basis. The Releasers- most often then as well as now were Retired Guys from different Gun Clubs. Only these Men,their family's, and very Close friends knew the Actual Pheasant Release Day. If only,I was a part of that group- LOL! You more or less have you guess when a Pheasant Release would take place and be there at Dawn- the very next day. Usually,I guess right just once each year in the Months of October, November, and December. It is what it is. Back in my 30s,I arrived early at one of my favorite places at Dawn. No one was there. As soon as,I unleashed my Dog at a High Line -- my Dog kicked up a Cackling Rooster Pheasant. Another few minutes and my 2nd and Bag limit of " 2" Pheasants was taken After a long walk out and nearly to the parking area- a long line of a good 7 Trucks and cars pull in. About 10 or so dogs and at least 10 Old Farts like,I am now get out and mill around a bit. Oh- you should have seen the Long pissed off looks on their Retired Pusses when they saw me walk out with a Full Vest of 2 Rooster Pheasants. Tail Feathers sticking out to keep them unruffled and straight. Sometimes Karma works in your favor in this guessing game of " what day will the Pheasants be put out". Looking forward to my 49th year of Pheasant Hunting and hoping to " guess right" at least once this Fall. ABBEY IS STOKED AND READY TO HIT THE PHEASANT FIELDS!
  13. Got another cutting in today on the Sewer Line. It must run a good 1/4 mile. Timed myself today with the Hand Mower. Took 1 hour and 25 minutes. Must be close to the limit of that Small gas tank. Actually found another Long hidden manhole cover obscured by the heavy canes that,I cut back more in that spot. Water Dept can't miss it now. Great workout! Now that the Horrible Humidity has run its course,I am doing alot more outdoor work without Sweating Bullets.
  14. That makes sense. In the Book- The Wild Turkey/ Biology + Management on page 63 is a Sentence that has stayed with for Decades. A TURKEYS ABILITY TO RECOGNIZE INDIVIDUAL TURKEY VOICES " IMPLIES" THAT IT COULD LEARN TO RECOGNIZE INDIVIDUAL HUMAN CALLERS. If a Hen no longer hears her Gobbler - perhaps her nesting is put off until she chooses another Tom.
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