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  1. OK- If anyone here is busting into a Buck Skull to cook up a Brain-- I don't want to hear about it- LOL!
  2. As far as, I know--- all Public Lands are open. Authority's want people out in the fresh air- but 6 foot apart.
  3. I always wanted to get a Tom done. There are Taxidermists in Florida+ Middletown.
  4. Next Bobcat gets to go on the wall over the Living room TV.
  5. Almost seems like everything gets eaten..
  6. Agree Totally. Seems more common nowadays to see large 2- Man Blinds set-- up just before May 1st or on a late Friday afternoon for a early May Weekend Hunt on a large Prime Public Field. Then you arrive first at 1 hour+ before Sunrise- set up - then see 2 Flashlights coming in to the Field fairly close to you and then as it brightens in the East- you see the large Blind that had to be set up and left the day before by these 2 guys. Then - same as in the video. That Pre Dawn Confrontation Talk. Who stays and who leaves.
  7. Thanks for this video!! This is exactly what goes down on Public Land. 99% of the Time, I arrive First to a Parking Area-- just like the 2 guys in the Truck talking early on. Just me and my Coffee sitting in a parking area at 3.30am. That's my routine for the first 2 Weeks of May on the days that, I go. And, I have also had ( Pre- Dawn talks) with other hunters whose flashlight Approached where, I was already set-- up. Just like early on in this Video. Kind of wish the hunters who have never been on public land would watch this video. Anyone who comes out with a Turkey on Public Lands-- that Bird is a True Trophy. Now about 4 years ago in 20,000 Acre Sterling Forest State Park and a good 1 1/2 miles from the parking area, I was finally climbing a Highline right of way. Now this was on a weekday and not the weekend. My goal was to set-up at the top of the Highline by 50 minutes before Sunrise. So, I had to time my walk in to walk that 1 1/2 miles in to arrive so early. Imagine my surprise when up ahead, I see a 2- man Blind set-- up right where, I was aiming to call from! I had to Turn around of course. Later on there was Gobbling in this area that, I heard from a 1/4 mile away. No Shot Though!! Next day- the same thing. The Blind was set up before, I arrived. OR WAS IT!! More Gobbling in that area and still no Shot to be heard. Turns out as everyone already knows that the Blind was set-- up for Weekend Turkey Hunts and left in that Prime Spot to keep other Spring hunters away. That was the Spring that, finally called in a Gobbler with Fighting Purrs a 1/4 mile away from the Blind on the 3rd day in this area. Karma was working my way.
  8. My Pheasant Hunting dogs over the years absolutely loved Pheasant Livers! And the latest research on Orca Whales shows them ( turning over) Great White Sharks so they are harmless and going for the Shark Liver.
  9. I bought the exact same product last week at wallyworld in a slightly larger 12 FL Oz's. All set now for the Spring Season.
  10. Right!- Guinea Hens. My Brother in law down the road in Campbell Hall has a Noisy Flock visit his Lawn everyday from a Farm down the Road. They eat all the pests- including Deer Ticks.
  11. Another early Spring Gobbler. Found this pic in another Photo Album. On the back, I wrote-- Rainy Day Gobbler. Pic developed on 5/29/2001. Long time ago! That is BEN right there.