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  1. I won't ănswer any more Quotes on the topic of Róost Shooting or Shooting down flying Turkeys. What,I wrote on my original Quote was sufficient. It is important that beginners or struggling turkey hunters who choose the 2 options above are not judged harshly by their péers. It might drive them from the Sport.
  2. I disagree.. In New York both Róost Shooting and Wing Shots on Turkeys is Legal. For the Beginner or someone who has been struggling for years to take a Turkey and is in range--- one of thêse 2 options will break the ice for that hunter. My 1st Turkey taken was a flying Jake at the tailend of my 5th Spring. So,I know firsthand. Obviously this happy young man is proud of that Gobbler. And,I am happy for him. Now as a Veteran Spring and Fall Turkey hunter,I Don't Roost shoot Gobblers. I did shoot a handful off the Roost early on as well as Fall Flying
  3. Both Buckmaster and I also firmly voice our opinions. As do many It leads to 5 pagers often.
  4. The Following has popped up in Social Media about the vaccine. I will let Greg Laurie in the video below explain it as hordes of people won't take the vaccine because possibly.. Tune in below for 2 minutes.
  5. And while " this" is going on- the Southren Border has a big sign up-- COME ON IN.
  6. I believe he said 164 Million Americans have taken the Vacine so far.
  7. Love this song. Brings peace into my life.- Enjoy.
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