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  1. Sign me up! 60 year old older Dude here. Now let me get back to watching -- MR. ED.
  2. I would say my All Time Fav Temp Range for Pheasant and Woodcock Hunting is right around 35 Degrees to 45 Degrees. I really don't enjoy Pheasant Hunting below 25 degrees and, I won't run my Sister's Dog beyond 50 degrees. We are all different. What are your Fav Temps to Pheasant Hunt?
  3. Sorry to hear this.. Hope it is minor when you see the DR.
  4. This pic is from October of 1996. A Plump Hen called to the Gun.
  5. In the pic above is my Brother in Law-- Mark with a Dandy old Gobbler. I believe that beard hit 12". He misses the Spring + Fall Turkey Hunting. He got injured bad on the job about 8 years ago and is on SSD. All too common today.. He was a Master with the Pot+ Peg and never used anything else. Mark always took his 4 NY Turkeys in the 2 Seasons. I believe his final Tally was 68-69 Turkeys. We used to Double up in the Fall alot. 1 Bird each and come back another day and another 2 Birds. The Pot + Peg is my #1 go to call as well followed by the Box. And both Mark and, I never cared for the Mouth Diaphragms. I taught him to use natural voice calling to finish the deal when a Bird came in close.
  6. Seems to be plenty of Rabbits along the narrow roads at Stewart-- my Fav place. Crowds are thinning plenty already. Go to it with the ( finally) cooler temps here.
  7. 60 years old here as well. Still Lifting weights as well- lifelong passion!
  8. Let's see some Pictures of the Fall Turkeys. Maybe a story as well.
  9. We hello fellow practitioner! There are a number of us here. Been Boxing since my early Teens. Isshin-Ryu Karate for 381/2years and my Sensei also taught solid Aikido and Standing Jujitsu in a Tight Standing Clinch. My Sensei - John Deblasio teaches Wing Chun now . I got promoted to Black Belt in 1986 after 4 1/2 years of Training by his Sensei-- Gary Alexander.