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  1. I Definitely do. My Father instructed me well on all 8 Stations of the Skeet Field starting at Age 11. In addition to Shooting at least 2 Rounds of 25 Clay Pigeons on the Weekends starting at age 11,my 1st Job was as a " Puller". For some here who don't know-- the " Puller" is in Charge of the Cord + Control Buttons. 3 of them-- H= High House, L= Low House, + D= Doubles. You push the D Button and both the High House + the Low House have Clay Pigeons coming out at the same time. Some of the Very Best Skeet Shooters in New York State would often come to the Skeet Fields at the Monroe- Chester Sportsman's Club on the Weekends and, I got to Observe Closely the different Styles of these Great Skeet Shooters. And Tardy or early Pulling was Frowned upon by these Shooters. My Father told me early on-- Don't take any Crap from these Guys. Now everyone had their own " command" when it came for calling for the Puller to hit the Button. I heard everything- YIP, HOOO, HA, HEY, AHHH, PULL IT ,PULL, NOW, COUGHING,ETC,. That's Right - a number of guys would " Cough" when they were ready to shoot at one of the 8 Skeet Range Stations. So it took me 4 1/2 years to Finally shoot my 1st 25 Straight in Skeet at age 14 1/2. That was the year, I won my 1st Skeet Shooting Trophy in the Junior Division. Only 2 Kids competed and we both shot 48 out of 50 Clay Pigeons. I won the Shootoff. I WAS SO HAPPY THAT DAY! SO, I Pulled from age 11 to age 16. Both a Fun + a Rough Job as , I had to be there on the Weekends from 9am to 5pm. Very few Breaks during the Long Day as , I had to Load both the High + the Low House after every round. I actually had to Run to each House as a new group of 5 Skeet Shooters would be waiting on me at Station # 1. And the Dumbest thing, I saw over + over was grown men walking in front of the Low House Window looking for their Spent Shells from Station # 7. My Father made sure from the start that, I turned off both Skeet Machines and release that last Cocked Clay Pigeon before loading up the Chute with more Clay Pigeons. So I shot regularly from age 11 to age 36 or so. Along the way there have been many 25 Straights,a bunch of 50 Straights, some 75 Straights, and 4 or 5 100 Straights in Skeet Shooting. I won just 1 Registered Skeet Shoot-- 12 Gauge Doubles on a Light rainy + Windy day. I was 34 then. I can tell you as a Puller of 6 Years, I have seen Guys " Choke up" mostly at Station 1 - High House-- Station 2-High House-- Station 6- Low House-- Station 7 -Low House-- Station 8 - Low House. That's right-- Station 7- Low House! The easiest Bird to hit. I have seen many Straights Blown right there. Of course Station 8 - Low House had plenty of guys shaking some. And if you are going Straight- you will have to shoot Twice at that Station. I had to be right on that button if a Man was going Straight. No error would be tolerated and, I made few of those. I remember a good friend of my Father's who tried for years to go Straight 25 in Skeet. He was on his 2nd Shot at Station # 8 and a Man prematurely started to enter the Skeet Field to talk to my Father who was behind me and also shooting that Round. I saw the Shooter cast a nervous Glance at this Guy walking on the Skeet Field. He Missed his last Target. Both my Father + the Shooter were Totally Pissed. And this Guy knew better too as he was a Very good shot and competed in Registered Skeet. Today, I shoot pick up Skeet with a few friends and, I have posted Threads + pics of that. My Reflexes at 61 are still Sharp. I think that is due in part to the years of Pulling Skeet. So who here owes their Wingshooting Ability to regular Skeet Shooting?
  2. I remember reading that Marciano did try to make a comeback after retiring from the Ring- but stopped all Serious Training as the Hunger was gone. His Training Camps were really long as well compared to many Boxers. Just that would Burn you out Mentally after a long time.
  3. Rocky Marciano knew when it was just the right time to retire also.
  4. Enjoy the Video Below. Undefeated Rocky Marciano was 49-0. He also had the Shortest Reach of any Heavyweight Boxing Champion. Just 67"! That's why he had to constantly come Forward. Chavez,Duran,+ Marciano all constantly moved Forward. That is how, I styled my Boxing Training- 45 Years now. Enjoy the Video.
  5. I Loved that Movie!!! Been years since, I saw it. Pretty sure that is the movie with the Trap Door in the Floor and waiting Pigs.
  6. Now Dan and a number of others will like the following. I only have a few members Blocked out for Sarcastic + Negative Comments and " Lord Belo" is one of them. He likes to follow my Threads when Boredom sets in. Whatever is posted above this is probably not Positive. Now, I am very much like Trump as far as Counter punching .
  7. In the Video below is Irene from the Field Guide. Fall Turkey Hunting on State Land is Tough as, I well know myself. My Car is still down or, I would be out right now. Been out just Twice to Empty Woods. Irene and, I agreed that Fall Turkey Hunting was so much easier when the opening Day was October 1st. Enjoy her New Video.
  8. 10/26/2020 at 7.38am.--- Just now, I got to Witness up close something that most Turkey Hunters will never see. So with these 5 Young Gobblers-- all born around June of 2019-- there are 2 Sets of Brothers. Fred + Barney who are at the Top of the Pecking Order and 3 other Brothers . So this morning the 2nd set of Brothers came in to eat Breakfast first. All 3 were just starting in on the unsalted dry roasted Peanuts. From the Hardwoods where Fred + Barney still were was heard Loud Gobbler Yelps. All 3 Brothers of this 2nd Set stopped eating and vocalized with Softer 2 Note Gobbler Yelps. One of the 3 Brothers gave out a sharp + Loud Gobbler Cluck and then repeated. Softer 2 Note Gobbler Clucks were given out by the other 2 Gobblers. Then all 3 Brothers of this 2nd Set marched in single File back to the Hardwoods in response to the calling of Fred + Barney. Pretty Damn Cool to Watch + Listen to something most Turkey Hunters will ever Witness! My Car is still down and, I only hunted twice for Fall Turkeys this year with no result-- but today made staying home truly worth it!!
  9. Turkey Book Author Jim Casada has a unique way to keep a Journal. Each Spent Shotgun Shell has a a Slip of paper in it with details on how + when the Turkey was Killed. Last, I checked - he had 300+ Spent Shotgun Shells.