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  1. Thanks-- I was taken aback when she held those tablets and asked my age.
  2. Nice Brisk Weather for Pheasant Hunting without having to worry too much about Deer Ticks. If there is a spot open- let me know.
  3. A few days back, I was asked my age when buying ( Coricidin) Cough+ Cold tablets. No problem, I told her and added- age 60.
  4. Above-- the huge Slough again. Hopefully this once popular Trail will be cleared once again. I almost want to go in there for 8 hours with my Hedge Trimmers.
  5. In the pic above-- The ArmStrong Trail as it appears now encroached with Briars. Mostly the whole way.
  6. Next pic is of the Huge Slough. Deer Heaven back here going by the Tracks.
  7. Off Today and took a Short Hike at Stewart.Parked at #76 on the Stewart Hunting Map. The ArmStrong Lane Trail is fairly clear for 200 yards. After that-- very Heavy Briars on either side of the Trail awaits any Hunter or Hiker willing to move further forward. A good 8 Huge Blowdown Trees now lay across the ( Blue) ArmStrong Trail. I had a great workout- lol! The ( Yellow) Spur Trail- which is not shown on the Hunting map is all but gone now. Not even a narrow Deer Trail there anymore although all the ( Y) markers are still there.The Spur Trail is shown on the Hiking Map of Stewart and the Large Parking area complete with the ( Stewart) Sign off of RT. 207. I hunted this area last May and the Trails were almost gone then. Close by past Clark Street where the Military Townhouses are- #78 on the Hunting map is now gone. Only # 77 is still there and you can no longer use Clark Street to reach it as there is a Dead end with new Townhouses. Only one other road has access to # 77 and a sign there Says-- ( Road Closed) just before the parking area! Go figure.. I am just posting this for anyone wanting to Hike the ArmStrong Lane Trail. Right now, it is not worth it. I will post up a few pics .