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  1. Time flies does it not- lol. Just turned 63 in September.
  2. So now you are against Lawdwaz?! How many could be on your Ban List? Let's see- Chef ,blackbeltbill, Grampy, and now Larry as well. I guess it is ok for you to swear up a Storm. No one will call you out. You remind me of the Rich- Skinny Little Guy trying somehow to be Tough. Wait a minute-- I saw just 1 complete picture of you years back. Same as above... Continue on with the Multiple bashing,I guess and,I will continue to post some here on this site. Now Mayor, I have a Hike in a bit. I won't see your quote until later..
  3. Great Story above! 63 here and have already seen plenty of guys pack it in and Hunt no more. I started in 1974. 2022 is my 49th year of Small Game Hunting. All the hardcore Grouse and Woodcock Hunters from the 1970s are Long Gone now. The Traditional early Breakfasts at the Local Diner with many Hunters are a thing of the past. Good Memories though.
  4. I have sent no pms... These past 2 years your Anger has run amok. And neither Mod called you out... YOU are the problem here. Now you want Multiple Bans. People can use 2 Sites if they wish.
  5. Now that,I retired last year at age 62,I have more time to contribute to all 5 Sites that,I am on. You read that correctly- 5 Sites. After 40 years of Heavy Lifting and Back Breaking Work on the Receiving Docks and in Warehouses- plus a 7 year stint at Walmart- the feet go up. I was the walmart Shoe Dept Man as well. Unlike most wallyworlds,I helped you the customer out. I was back in Receiving as well. Probably unloaded over 300 - 50+ foot containers by hand in 3 years back there. Only one Man unloads by hand. 2 Hours max is your Time Limit. The rest of the crew is on the Line and both sides. Tip-- check the " back" of Boxes of anything you plan to purchase in Electronics... If you were Lucky- you only had to unload by yourself twice each week. It was hard to keep the younger Men back there. They " disappeared " often within weeks- lol! Plate is Full here as well. I have a million books and am the Author of 4- Self Published Books. There could be a 5th. I might go back to Teaching the Martial Arts again. We will see. And,I will be out this Saturday. Cynthia got me motivated to get out there. And She this past May Killed a 26.1lbs Gobbler on Public. That is correct. The Heaviest Gobbler,I have ever Hefted! And,I have taken a few 23lbers- so,I knew She had taken " Rodan"! I will have a Camo Neck Gator on to keep warm this Sat. Upcoming pic. Luck out there this Sat!
  6. Bingo! I still post on this site. Probably continue some to the end of May 2023.
  7. I will be out. The more " Drivers" around the better. Cynthia personally picked out a spot for me. A 3- Stake ground blind,a Book, my Walmart Step Stool for a Long Sit . Best 20 Bucks,I ever spent. I have a 3M Anterless Tag also. Anything Brown Running past me is in Trouble. Out for Meat/Horns- a bonus.
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