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  1. Time to post this Thread up again for the Fall Turkey Doggin Enthusiastics.
  2. Starting to remind me of the Below..
  3. 8/5/2020-- 8.20pm. Observed Millie and another Hen Turkey fly up to their Roost 20 yards from the House. They both took a running start and only flew up at a 30 Degree angle more or less.
  4. State Game Lands#180 in Pike County, Pennsylvania. Over 12,000 Acres. I took plenty of the Big Ol Birds on this Public Land.
  5. This is going to sound both Funny + Sad. I have 7 Utube Turkey Educational Videos up covering both Spring + Fall Hunting. AND, I HAVE 10 SUBSCRIBERS-LOL! -- No Problem as it was very Fun to do . Maybe one day, I will do Another one .
  6. You definitely want that Fellowship and hope also to kick up a Bird or 2. Cynthia sure got her "Limit" this past Spring!!! 2 Big Gobblers in her very first Spring! That rarely happens for anyone- but her Woodsmanship Skills are already first-rate .
  7. I have so many more old pictures to post here and, I will in time. Reflecting on the early years from the Mid 1990s to as late as 2014. Those were my most productive years in Spring AND Fall in 3 States PA,NJ, + NY. I was banging those Turkeys out Left + Right. It has gotten much more difficult on the Public Lands since Spring of 2015. Everybody + Their Brother are out now-- LOL! I Love those Public Lands Though.
  8. A Gobbler from 2002. I believe that was the year, I took 4 Gobblers in 3 States-- PA,NJ,+ NY. And took another Few in the Fall.
  9. You don't want to be anywhere near Damacus,Syria anytime soon..
  10. Picture was developed on 10/19/2002. So, I took this Hard Won Hen Wild Turkey before that. Sometimes it takes a Week or back Then the whole 4 Weeks to Locate a Flock of Wild Turkeys on Tough Public Lands! My Smile says it all at " FINALLY" Locating a Turkey Flock!! That is BEN. I probably took him Pheasant Hunting before, I cleaned this Hen Turkey. I always hunted Birds as much as possible or at least as much as my late Girlfriend Patti would give the OK.