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  1. In my 40th year Of Training. It becomes a way of life especially if you have a really good Teacher.
  2. Hopefully next Weekend will have good Weather for more Patterning.
  3. Out for 45 minutes before the Drizzle returned. Clay Pigeons- shot 18 out of 20 with the 12 Gauge Stoeger- P3500 Patterning Target- Held slightly low- 30 Yards with " old fashioned" 2 3/4" shells. 1 1/4 ozs of # 5a. Dead Tom.
  4. Enjoy this video members. Some here may want to try Skeet Shooting for the 1st time. Hell of alot of Fun!!! I started out at age 11 and won my first Junior Competition at age 15. Just me and another 15year old Boy. Both of us shot 48 out of 50 in 2 Rounds of Skeet. I won the Lengthly Shootoff. Won my 1st and only Registered Skeet Shoot in April of 1994. Skeet 12 Gauge Doubles. I need to get back into Skeet Shooting myself. I nowadays just shoot Clay Pigeons with a few buddies with Hand Throwers. Enjoy.
  5. I think plenty of Hunters will be successful. Including alot of newbies. Seems like plenty of Bird sightings this Spring.
  6. I think he clipped him on that 1st shot- then dispatched him with the 2nd.
  7. Sounds Great! I am going down to New Jersey soon and get out and hike around 5.30am and listen. New Jersey should also have alot of Feisty 2 year olds because last year- Gov Murfey Closed down all State Parks + Forest because of the Chinese Virus. He reopened them around May 20th of last year .
  8. Sounds Great! I Helped Cynthia out from May 1st-- 6th + 12 Total days for her to kill her first 2 Longbeards. We are teaming up again although this Spring, I will be in New Jersey more often.
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