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  1. These are great Pictures! Easy to get lost driving through West Point. I took a wrong Turn Decades back and ended up at the very Top Building. Long curving road up . Opps Wrong Turn!
  2. This is Graphic,I won't upload it here. Go to- Indisputable With Dr. Rashad Richie-- Cops Ridicule Disabled Woman As She Dies Of A Stroke. Things Need To Change...
  3. 3/4/23 at 6.45am. My 11 Turkeys are looking good! 3 big Jakes, 2 brood hens, and 6 Jennies. No Hunting down here. Giving back for 12 years now.
  4. Very nice picture of the Young Lady with her Gobbler. I am often out in late May because I help others over the years. I may not get Bird #2 until the last week of May . Happens every year. I absolutely love being out there though. No problem at all.
  5. Enjoy the weekend! Hope her Boxing goes well. Perhaps she might use a few of my tips. I took my share of hits- but not too much as my Defense was and is solid. Women were Favorite Students. Many take Self Defense more Seriously then a Man full of himself.
  6. The major factor driving the Hordes to the MUAs/ Public is the Gobble. Pure + Simple Put the excitement of that Gobble in a Mans ear who has a Rifle while ( Others) are also approaching the source of the That Heart Stopping Sound all in Full Camo. Muscles Twitching- ready to take that 80 yard shot with a .22 mag at the first sign of a Black Bird Form. The above is a recipe for another Turkey Hunter-- also on a fast approach to that Gobbler to get Shot . Full Camo head to toe . Each Man with totally different Woodsmanship + Calling Skills level- from ( 0 to 10)- who knows who will make that Fatal Error when that Heart Stopping Gobble is heard and several Hunters move ever forward- hunched down and at Port Arms- ready to fire. Good off Season topic. Rifles will never pass for Turkey Hunting in NY.
  7. Enjoy I shoveled 2 Big Driveways after waking up to this.
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