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  1. She sure is different looking . Thanks for sharing.
  2. I was with a good friend last Summer at w"%$#@×t . We went from the Pharmacy to the Fishing Section. He says to me- Yo Son- Damn Dude from Security following me around again. See Dude with the black. Sure enough< there he was lurking around a endcap. Now my Friend goes 6ft and 320lbs with beautiful " Fish On" Tattoo. Everyone here would like this guy. Unfortunately he is Big + Mean looking. I have the same problem. Same Guy followed me to Lawn + Garden at a later date when,I was there to buy Flowers. Go figure- LOL!
  3. You really cant profile like that though.
  4. Some of the comments are from 5 Months ago. Ammo is probably gone now.
  5. My Favorite Tree- the Flowering Dogwood holds it's small fruit well Into the Winter.
  6. I remember when Vince was talking to Roman Reigns last year and said that he worked your Father and both Wild Samoans really hard. I believe he mentioned " Alfa" as Roman Reigns Father.
  7. Never had a problem with them Cynthia. Slow + Strict with proper usage and no problem.
  8. You keep this up and you will pass me on by in the- ( disliked member) category where I reside with Versatle Hunter + a few others . You say , I ( Steer someone wrong Information wise). Again as far as Turkey Hunting goes- what, I put there in Threads gets results for me and anyone willing to do what,I wrote .
  9. I have been working out with Cables since about 1976 along with my Heavy Weight Training. My Fav Cable exercise to this day is- " The Archer". I work both sides of the Body of course.Left foot and Left Arm forward and Right Foot + Right Arm forward. I still at age 61 can use all 5 Cables in this exercise pulling back a good 4"s. The Cables are 20lb pulls each or 100lbs total. I usually do about 3 sets of 12 for each side. This exercise really targets the Rear Delts + upper Back Muscles. This o e exercise helped me out tremendously in Martial Arts Grapping practice. I also was happy to win a 3rd place " Best Back" award in one of my contests while heavily working out with cables. Other exercises,I still do are " chest pulls"- which is pulling the cable handles to each side . And,I really like the 1 Arm upright row with one foot through the handle. Care must be taken- lol! And 1 arm curls. Picture of my Cables coming up below. So- who else enjoys working out with Cables?
  10. I have to admit- you are coming after me pretty good. 3rd Weekend now. Jan 3rd in Robs Thread- Calling Them In From Long Range on page 1. Jan 16th+ 17th of my Thread- New Turkey Shotgun on page 2. And now on this Crossbow Thread. Your first 2 sentences above make clear that you are coming after me in a personal way for the 3rd weekend. Let's see, you have called me insecure a few times. Incorrect, - out of Touch, an expert, + more. I listed the above to clue in regular members of what is going on in your Long quotes regarding posts,I wrote. It will probably continue on especially on the weekends. No problem- good entertainment for the members. As far as Turkey Hunting Goes- no expert here as,I already wrote. However everything, I have done and wrote about is backed up with Pictures. Many with my Face in the pictures. But my guess is that you will never show your Face next to all your Toms this coming Spring...