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  1. 5/19 at 5am. Just sitting in my parking area. Light Rain that is slated to stop around Sunrise or 5.35am. I have my Walnut Gibson Owl Hooter and a Power Crow today.
  2. Yup- my late Girlfriend Patti would call me a Redneck. Very Booksmart- Hundreds laying around- but weak on Technology. And,I still have no Home Computer. Now if the Cops had to enter my place and said--- WHERE'S THE COMPUTER?!!-- I would Truthfully say-- What Computer??
  3. Enjoy this Long 45 minute video on these Courageous Fighter Pilots of WW1.
  4. Waiting on a Sly Gobbler to show his face.
  5. I have always kept written Records of all my Turkey Hunts-- both Spring + Fall from 1990 and covering 3 States- PA,NJ,+ NY. I believe, I have over 50 or so Journals in a big box . And,I also keep 3 well worn-- Records Journals. The chief importance of keeping " Handwritten" Journals in your own unique writing style is more for your immediate Family after you have passed on. Combine that with pictures and a more complete history is revealed. Always my practice of taking out the old Kodak 27 picture throwaway Cameras from 1990 in my first Turkey Hunts. I continue to find old packets in different Boxes. Never too late to keep a Handwritten Journal. Sometimes just a quick few lines of time and place. I also look back and reread what areas were very good as far as Gobbling and on what dates. This is one major reason that,I was able to put up good numbers of Turkeys Killed. Just some Reflective Homework. Perhaps this Thread will help out that one person- member or Guest.
  6. My New Turkey Decoy. Guaranteed to bring positive results on the most Pressured of Heavily Hunted Public Lands.
  7. I may not get a Tom- enjoying myself though. I already killed 123- so just happy to be out. I am on a few other Hunting sites. The Obvious pattern being that members who want privacy as you say are also the ones who instigate and want to argue. You don't see this behavior on Facebook Turkey Hunting where everyone's face and name is up front and center.... I am out now and relaxing for tomorrows Turkey hunt. My " Disagree" emblem all set . Quick and easy.
  8. Cynthia- my Turkey Hunting Partner keeping an eye out.
  9. Just parked at 3.45am. They Gobbled Good with this Awesome Moon yesterday. Looking for a repeat performance!
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