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  1. 12/14/2019 at 2.10pm. Light Drizzle. -- BUBBA! This is the Lead As well as the Largest Jake. Hard to believe he was born just 6 Months earlier!!
  2. I am looking forward to all the Coyote Threads that will soon appear.
  3. This looks to be one the best cards put together in awhile. Colby + Usman looks to be an even match. I am picking Colby. Nunes vs Germaine might be a Shocker. I don't think Nunes will run right through Germaine without getting caught with something big. I am picking Germaine in a upset. Faber is back and, I think he will win his bout. And Aldo , I think will win. Those are my picks. Everyone is talking about this card!
  4. Is Quaker Creek a restaurant? I am only 20 minutes or so from Pine Island.
  5. Chuck Norris always had the right answer in regards to his Skills-- I Am Pretty Good. That describes me, I guess for both the Turkey Hunting and mma . Still-- I like that low ranking in my profile. It keeps me on my toes. Cynthia is getting my best spot for Toms. Hopefully the 3 guys she got Deer for won't find out about this area. I have a New Swamp to Scout out this Winter for May.
  6. Same here! My Profile Ranking reads-- WORLD'S WORST TURKEY HUNTER!
  7. I was just reading a few chapters in - Turkey Calls-- An Enduring American Folk Art by Howard Harlan as well as the chapter on calls in the book-- The American Wild Turkey by Henry Edwards Davis. I was looking into the History of the Custom Box that, I purchased from Callmaker Albert Paul in 2006 for, I believe it was 200 Bucks. The Box is a Henry Edwards Davis Series and is made from a Aged Holly Box and a Ebony Paddle. Now Henry Edwards Davis had a good Friend-- Lee Howard who owned an original Gipson Box and used it exclusively in his Turkey Hunting career. Now many have tried to copy the original Gipson Box which also had a Patent. Henry Edwards Davis tried to copy it but could never duplicate the unmatched Tones in the Gipson Box as the wood was hard to identify. Possibly aged Apple. What Davis finally came up with is a Box made of aged Holly and at the suggestion of Tom Turpin- a Ebony Paddle fit loosely so the Paddle could also be Tilted. When this Box was shown to Lee Howard and his close friends- all Die hard Turkey Hunters-- they all said that the combination of Aged Holly with a Ebony Paddle equaled the unmatched Tones of the Original Gipson Box owned by Lee Howard which enabled him to take Scores of Old Gobblers. And that is what Albert Paul duplicated in his Henry Edwards Davis Series. I have hesitated to take it out as it is a True Custom Box. But come Mid April, I will. The Tone of the Yelp can best be described as Very Raspy as well as Rakey at the same time if that makes sense . Hope a few members and Guests enjoyed the somewhat Dry reading regarding some History.