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  1. Hope the Authorities get a handle on that Fire soon. Plastics burning is very Toxic in the air..
  2. Unbelievable Documentary! Learn about about the Man who had No Style. Just kept coming Forward like Duran + Chavez. Short at 5'10" with the Shortest Reach of any Heavyweight Champion at 67". I tailored my style after Marciano because,I am 5'9" with that same Short Reach. Enjoy on this Windy + Dreary Day.
  3. Turkey #123. A Plump Hen who weighed out at 7lbs after Cleaning + Dressing. Taken on 10/25/2021.
  4. Dry Roasted Unsalted Peanuts cut some in a Coffee Grinder and standard Birdseed of several varieties.
  5. And today-- Giving Back as,I have for a good 8 years. Walked out in the pouring Rain to feed these Turkeys at 8am. A good 15 or so. No Hunting down here.
  6. She is all ready to hit the Oven. I came up with a Full Fan. One of the Brood Hens. Cleaned + Dressed out weighing 7lbs.
  7. Got it I think,I will just put the Bird in my Oven Pan and cook that Jenny at 300 degrees for an hour or so.
  8. I think,I will Skin this Bird Larry. Those Legs should be Tender as this is a Young Jenny. I usually don't eat the Tough Stringy Meat of an Adult Turkey.
  9. Cook this Jenny up Tonight. I knew this past Friday where they were Roosting.
  10. I had to reverse a Decision about not taking a Hen Today. There had to be 3 Brood Hens with a Flock of a good 20 Young Turkeys. I heard perhaps 3 or 4 Jakes Roosted further away. All the Turkeys close to me were Hens. At least 12 or more. Probably more. They all Flew down within 30 yards of me. I had one Jenny separate and lowered the Boom. Now Orange County is supposed to be hit with Heavy Rains starting tomorrow and more into the week.. Probably my last morning to get out after the Fall Turkeys as Friday is the last day. Yup- I still keep records. I used to take a Notebook into the Gym with me for Decades. Old habits die hard- lol! This is Turkey #123. I made just a few Tree Yelps on my Jackpot Glass Pot. Get a few pics up.
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