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  1. Possums are my least favorite animal. Plenty are killed on the Night Roads.
  2. October 1st, 2022 can't get here soon enough! Still- there is ample time for the DEC to increase available Hunter Parking Areas at Stewart State Forest. This has been Tremendously needed since around 2015 when Bow Deer Hunting opening Day was moved back 2 Weeks from mid October to October 1st. Since Stewart State Forest is probably the mecca of Pheasant Hunting in New York and Pheasant Season starts on October 1st- there is now and has been since 2015 a Tremendous Conflict being the 2 Different Groups of Hunters. Years back- someone at the DEC had the Wisdom to see that certain Hunter Parking Areas-- (9) of them to be precise had Enough Land to warrant 2 Vehicles parking at that Hunter Parking Area. The best example is " Scofield Lane" on Ridge Road. 1 Hunter can easily walk at least 1 mile and never see another hunter. Where this Trail ends at the large Ridge Road Parking area was another Hunter Parking area with access for 2 Vehicles to Park. All told the Scofield Trail runs a good 2 1/2 miles and yet today-- 1 Hunter can park and have access to all of it. It would probably take a Short meeting up at DEC- New Paltz in Region 3 to ok writing in on the Orange Hunter Parking Area Signs in the 9 areas of the older Hunting map that they can view-- 2. Obviously the DEC constantly monitors this Site and that is why this Thread is much better then a Letter that only 1 Man Reads very quickly before attending to other things. Room for 9 more Vehicles to park will definitely cut down on the Crowding some. I will bump this post up on Monday Morning as well.
  3. I did not have to put the word- Public in the title. Public was referred to in #1 and 2 and elsewhere... You and,I have been through this before. I encourage you to write a Private Land Fall Turkey Hunting Thread. There are many differences and,I outlined the Public Land ones very clearly. I don't think my Thread above is for you.
  4. 1. If They Don't Gobble- " They" Won't Come. For the most part Mature Toms won't be Gobbling. More likely to hear some Jake " Half Gobbles" "if"- big if you are located in the right Public area before the Flock flies down. 2. Lack of interest being in large part due to Public Turkeys being Tougher to hunt and Locate. Which equals to much less Turkey Hunters out and " about". Most Hunters will be in Treestands and won't be walking or " about". Others will be Bird Hunting. 3. Very Pressured Turkey Flocks by opening day of October 15th. If you look at the NY Fall Turkey Map on page 45 of the Regs guide,I am referring to the " light Blue" area that covers most of New York. If you live in or Drivable to the Yellow area that open on October 1st- you are in Luck and this Thread does not apply to you in the most part. With 2 Solid Weeks of Pheasant,Woodcock,Grouse,etc going on with very good Hunting Dogs- the Public Fall Turkey Flocks will definitely move from their preferred Roosting areas. Bow Deer Hunters climbing up Trees and seen by Turkeys will cause them to move Roost Locations as well as well as Turkeys starting to look up more often into Trees. The Public Fall Turkeys just won't tolerate the new Pressure being put on them inadvertently and will move their Roosting Locations to safer areas. Now- some Tips from a Fall Turkey Hunting Fanatic about where to start your search for very Pressured Public Fall Turkeys on October 15th. Forget the Fields. You need to start your search in and near wetlands,Swamps,and near Sloughs. Be prepared to walk " Alot". You need to Locate and Scatter that Flock to the 4- Winds and call them back. You may have to walk upwards of 5 Miles or more. Put on a Orange Hat in the Wetland areas. Don't risk getting Arrowed. Some Bowhunters will call out- some won't. You need to practice more then just the one call that most Spring Hunters use. That being Long,Loud Strings of Yelping. Fall Turkeys are " much more" vocal then in the Spring and you have to follow suit. Luck out there this Fall.
  5. As much Pheasant + Woodcock Hunting as possible with ABBEY. Hopefully 1 Fall Turkey this mid October. If 10 Hens fly down in front of me again,I will Blast one again. I won't hold out for a Fall Gobbler as the short 2 week Season flying on by. Hopefully, I can help Cynthia again to Bag a Spring Gobbler or 2. She killed a 26+ lb. Gobbler this past May. Hopefully, I can Bag 2 Spring Gobblers on Public myself. And,I might go out for early Anterless this Sep 10th. If it is too Humid- then probably not. It would be nice to Bag a Doe. And September is the Month as,I have written before that while Hiking- both Bucks and Does are often in Tackling Range. Often no more then 30 yards away. And the Peace of the open Public Hardwoods.
  6. The very end of the Preserve is high up at the Treeline in this particular area. That is BEN- Hot on a Pheasant Scent. Around 2004.
  7. It's all good Chef . Worked for Decades in Warehouses with the Toughest Hombres around. Not much bothers me on the internet when one has been through that.
  8. We definitely need new people posting Bugs. A number of the Long Timers get on eachother- especially in the Summer and after Deer Season ends. I could name a good 4- but won't. I know,I have written many Educational Turkey Hunting Threads over the years as many here still even on Private are having a Tough time In the Spring. I am quite sure many Guests have benefited as well. These days,I try to ignore the Picture replys,Crude comments, Laugh faces,etc and continue on. This site definitely needs new blood as the Quote Wars are getting old.. And some members only post in - Political.
  9. You are going to get different responses to this question. Dry conditions, I can wait. Rain- they get cleaned right away.
  10. I feel your Pain. I am probably Most Hated Member on the site and still around. I rarely get comments either on my Threads-- See- I Miss Land Reposting in Land Management. Now,If,I prove someone wrong- then the Quotes pile on with Allies joining in. Early on,I posted up very good Turkey Hunting Info to get everybody out of the " single Digits" of Turkeys Killed. Last new member to join this site was last February. Not good. Owner and a few Mods are MIA. Keep posting replys and throw up some New Threads. We definitely need new people posting.
  11. Here is another picture of the Preserve. Some of these 6 or 7 Fields are Huge. Now you can get an idea of a 3 Hour+ Reposting each August. I took alot of Pheasants in this area.
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