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  1. blackbeltbill


    Nice wall collection!
  2. blackbeltbill


    My Browning Recurve that, I only shoot with. Not good with it.
  3. blackbeltbill

    The 28 gauge shotgun

    Same here. Looking forward to hitting the Pheasants fields with ABBEY. Also am looking forward to nailing some Woodcock with my Remington 870 20 Gauge. ---- HOT SCENT- HOT SCENT- COME ON LITTLE GIRL- FLUSH EM UP--- CACKLE- CACKLE-- BOOM!
  4. blackbeltbill

    Taco Bell Toasted Chedder Cheese Chalupa Food Review.

    Ryback is tops for food reviews and, I know Rob here enjoys the videos.
  5. This is going to be a TOUGH deal for sure! If you are not lucky enough to live in the Countys in NY where the Fall Turkey Season opens up on Oct 1st- see Regs guide---and you don't have a Turkey Dog-- most here-- you will have to Reflect and Think ahead about where the Flocks will be Roosting because they may just change their habits and normal roosting area. Now, I have nothing against the Bow Deer Hunters-- but after a solid 18 days of Turkeys watching Humans now walking in their home ranges and seeing Hunters climb Trees or Hearing them Climb up-- The Flock will Alter where they will Roost. I usually get out 1 or 2 days before the Fall opener for a solid last scout and look for ( Dinner Plates)-- Scratchings. I get out before the many eyes can see me if the Sign is super fresh! I would tell a new Fall Turkey Hunter to avoid the Hardwoods that are near Fields where plenty of Pheasant Hunting has been going on for a solid 18 days Straight. Hardcore Pheasant Hunter here as well-- so the Turkeys will have heard plenty of different types of Bells. I have a Swiss Bell for ABBEY. Fast moving Bells as well combined with some barking and Yelling Pheasant Hunters. Positive Yelling mostly. I do it myself often-- Good Girl ABBEY-- Flush that Rooster up! But, I Digress-- my point being that no Wild Turkeys will be anywhere close to an area with alot of Pheasant Hunting going on. Same with Rabbit Hunting.Again- nothing against the Rabbit Hunters-- but Turkeys will be a Country mile away after hearing 2 or 3 Beagles closing in. It has happened to me alot at Stewart in past Fall Seasons. So your best bet is to get out on the opening day- October 19th and move into the deeper open Hardwoods and Swamp areas. I love to hunt Spring Toms in and near Swamps. The Birds will be there in the Fall as well. Now October 19th is a Saturday!! That will be the 3rd weekend of Bow deer hunting,so they will be out as well. If you can't find a Flock early- very common- you will need to walk slowly around and call using Lost Yelps and Kee- Kee- Runs. Hopefully at some point you will hear Turkeys or See them. You might get a shot without breaking up the Flock to the 4 winds. I advise wearing an Orange Hat while walking around in the Deep open Hardwoods or Swamp areas. You can always switch to a Camo hat after breaking up the Flock and calling the Turkeys back. For new Fall Turkey Hunters out there- member or guest- sometimes you might hear a Bow Hunter yell out. This is fairly common if you walk around long enough in the early mornings when the Turkeys themselves are moving around. Just remember-- you have every right to be slowly walking around and they will have had 18 solid days already. Now a good time for a Fall Turkey Hunter to sit is getting close to late Afternoon. Plenty of Tree Shadows and Shade. I don't like to sit more then 20 minutes in the Spring-- but a late Afternoon Fall Turkey hunt could see me sitting for up to 2 hours. It is hard to overcall in the Fall-- so keep Yelping every few minutes. Luck out there.
  6. blackbeltbill

    NYhunting support

    Count me in! I will be a Moderator for 1 week. There are some people that will get -- The Ban Hammer!! Just kidding- lol! Now BIZ had a good idea-- Kickboxing Matches with Muay Thai rules added . Again-- just kidding- lol! Trying to wake up before, I Scout this morning.
  7. blackbeltbill

    NYhunting support

    I will steer clear.
  8. blackbeltbill

    NYhunting support

    That's ironic. I already wear 2 extra large shirt size.
  9. blackbeltbill

    NYhunting support

    HA! This is a case for Judge Judy!!
  10. blackbeltbill

    NYhunting support

    Glad, I never ordered any items. I was thinking about it some time ago .
  11. blackbeltbill

    Bear hunting success

    Congrats!! Great story.
  12. blackbeltbill

    NYhunting support

  13. Lunch Post: Those 2 Male Triceratops battering eachother with the Brow Horns almost reminds me of 2 Bucks going at it. Good thing the thick ( Frill) prevents injury!