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  1. Sounds Great-She is reinstated!!
  2. Just don't carry in the wrong place next time New Friend- lol!
  3. My Best Season was this one-- 2020. My Goal all along was to help Cynthia get her 2 Spring Turkeys. That is what happened. So 12 Days out with Cynthia. And 2 Spring Birds for me. 1 in NJ and the 2nd here in NY. Yesterday the 30th was my Final day out. Pretty beat up here after 28 Total Days out. Slept 8 Hours last night- lol! My Best 21 Seasons - Spring + Fall in 3 States were - 1995-- 2015. Average # of Spring Birds taken were 2 to 3 a Spring. Same as the Fall-- 2 to 3 Fall Birds for 21 Fall Turkey Seasons. I took 4 Fall Turkeys several times during these best years afield. Plenty of " Changes " from Fall of 2015 to Spring of 2020. Both good + bad. A good change . Alot more New + Veteran Hunters are taking up the Spring Turkey Challenge. So that is a Good Change. The more Active hunters we have-- the better. The downside to this is heavily Pressured Spring Birds from Day#1. Of course the EXPLOSION of all Predators you can think of since 2015 makes you wonder how any Turkeys Survive. Since, I Hike year round including Sweltering July + August, I see plenty more Possums, Raccoons, many more Hawks flying around on those early morning Late Spring + Summer Hikes. And of course the Coyote Population has exploded as everyone knows. Coyote Scat on many Hiking Trails seen much more often in the last 5 years. Just my observation as a year round Hiker. And the Fox Population has exploded as well! I am seeing both Red + Gray Foxes in the early Mornings. Cynthia and I saw a Red Fox while Turkey Hunting and just a week ago, I had a Super Hot Gobbler go silent as, I closed in for a shot. I saw a Coyote Running off after catching my Awful Human Scent . No kill was made by the Coyote. Very next day- a Red Fox moved stealthily through the very same area where the Wild Turkey Scratchings are heavy. A Full Grown Hen Turkey is probably no match for a Fox- but a 20lb Gobbler would be Tough for a Fox to take down. Just my observation as, I have been " Batted" by Gobbler Wings plenty in the past. Kind of feels like getting hit by a 140lb Man. Only way to gauge it since, I have Sparred with Hundreds of Guys in the Dojo and all weights- 130 to 300+lbs. A Heavy " Wing Bat" could probably Fracture the Long Thin Muzzle of a Fox. Certainly getting Spurred in the Head of Face would be a Game Changer! I have been Spurred in the Calf as well . Any Gobbler 17lbs and over will probably bring a " world of hurt" to a 4 Legged Predator! I am down to just 2 States now. Looks like the " New Normal" for me will be 2 Spring Birds a Year. Passaic County,NJ has taken a huge Hit in the last 5 years. Deer Herd is virtually gone and Not as many Wild Turkeys . Still this Spring there was an upturn in Passaic County and, I took that Spring 15lb Jake on their opener. Probably the worst change has been in Fall Turkey Hunting. Not because of Predators- but because the Season has been reduced from 6 weeks to just 2 Weeks and those 2 weeks have been pushed back to 3 weeks later-- the 3rd week in October. Hunting has been much tougher because of this. Just 1 Fall Turkey taken since the 2015 Season Change. The Flocks soon change their Roosting Locations and Travel Routes after watching Bow Deer Hunters walk in with Flashlights and Climb into their Treestands for 3 Weeks before the Fall Turkey Season opens. Just my observation- but it is definitely a Major Spook over Time that moves the Birds out of their usual Haunts. Those with Turkey Dogs obviously fare much better. This last change probably does not affect many as very Few Spring Turkey Hunters AVIDLY pursue Fall Turkeys. Hope you all enjoyed the Reflections and observations of a Spring + Fall Turkey Hunting Fanatic. Many, I am sure with have different Thoughts and observations. I have a Hike coming up in an hour. Bowing off the Dojo Floor.
  4. June is quite safe. She was here last year as well.
  5. Many of the Techniques are real however. Palm Strikes are best used in close and while on your Back especially. I have trained this way. They work . Very rare to see them in MMA however. Carradine gives a great example of how well palms work while on your back.
  6. Saw - Circle Of Iron many years ago. Great movie.
  7. " June" -- The Bearded Hen. 5/30/2020 at 6.35pm on my front Lawn.
  8. I enjoyed this Series back in the early 70s. Certainly more reality based as compared to the recent John Wick Movies.
  9. Just affixed the filled out Tag to this Gobbler. Weight- 28lbs- Beard- 13" - Spurs- 2". A possible NY Record!!