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  1. Looking to buy my first hunting property but will also likely used it recreationally for atvs and snowmobiles. How much land do I really need? I’ll likely do a small food plot and try some other Manangement ideas to attract game. My extended family owns large acreage tracts so I’m somewhat jaded when it comes to anything less than a large parcel. Presumably people can get some pretty good hunting on a 10-20 acre parcel? 10 seems very small and 20 I’m on the fence with so looking for some first hand experiences Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. A house I'm renovating and is vacant recently had the basement flooded. Almost a foot of water in the basement. After pumping it out I found that the float got stuck on the Sump pump so it wasn't working. Understandably nobody can see my basement, but does it sound reasonable that just a Sump pump failing could cause a foot of water in the basement? I would think that even with it failing the basement still wouldn't take on that much water but i don't know. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. djc225

    People who steals stands

    Seriously guys? Wtf. I hate this as much as the next guy but are you really going to shoot at someone for taking your Property that cost less than $500??? There are a lot of scum bags out there and they should get what they deserve but I'm not shooting at anyone for taking a stand. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Seeing any turkeys???

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    State land safe,

    Yea, my private land is just that, private. 1,000 acres and surrounded by other large parcels that others rarely visit. When I back in the deep woods I know for certain where everyone is and there is almost no possibility of someone else being out there. Thanks to everyone who offered valid responses. Guess I'll be going out with a stand.
  6. djc225

    State land safe,

    I've always hunted my family's land and have just recently begun hunting various stay lands during bow season. I'll sometimes see 4-5 cars parked, so it's clear that others are out there. I'm a spot and stalk or still hunting guy just don't like blinds or stands. Is this safe on state land, especially in rifle counties? I'm very hesitant. Also I feel like I'd be apprehensive to EVER shoot at anything while on public land, because in reality I can never know for sure what's behind my target. Are my concerns valid?