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  1. Looks great! I get some rough looking capes through my shop.too...particularly tick damage in the brisket area. For the best looking mounts, kill.them in early to mid October.
  2. They're brows...nice ones too!
  3. Northern part of Region 8
  4. One of the widest bucks that I've mounted to date. Not too shabby for the final minutes of the last afternoon of late muzzleloader season! Sent from my SM-S767VL using Tapatalk
  5. X2...I haven't bought a fishing license since they split up the "super sportsman" license a few years back. Need to get back into it as my kids are getting of age now.
  6. Thanks. Jeremy is close enough to Jason...lol.
  7. This one's ready to go to his permanent home with the resident trailcam expert!
  8. His grandfather killed the current Yates county record way back in 1939 and his uncle killed the current Steuben County record in 1993. Both were private property though.
  9. Did I say 8P? I meant 8H... lol
  10. No chew marks on these antlers. Often in this area where there are a lot of vineyards the resident bucks will have what look like file marks in their racks from going under the grape wires.