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  1. WNY Bowhunter

    From the woods to the wall...

    Just look at the thing. Maybe that's why Brad passed it up? Believe it or not, it's probably the most talked about deer in the shop this season.
  2. WNY Bowhunter

    From the woods to the wall...

    That was your gun buck. David's had it's own issues...
  3. WNY Bowhunter

    From the woods to the wall...

    The box also contained the ears for the freak on the left. I don't think that I would have even eaten that deer...lol.
  4. WNY Bowhunter

    From the woods to the wall...

    Idk, but I wish he would start getting all of taxidermy supply boxes off of my doorstep. Speaking of that, FedEx just dropped of a box from Ohio Taxi Supply with a couple of SemiUp RT mannikins in it. Wonder who those belong to...lol?
  5. WNY Bowhunter

    From the woods to the wall...

    He a little lopsided. It would have been really awesome if his bigger side was matched up.
  6. WNY Bowhunter

    From the woods to the wall...

  7. WNY Bowhunter

    From the woods to the wall...

    Got a call today from my taxidermist saying that my bow buck was ready...!!! Hope he gets his act together and hurrys up on my gun buck or I may take my business elsewhere next season...
  8. WNY Bowhunter

    How long is to long

    There is SO much more to mounting a deer or bear than people realize. You certainly don't just glue a hide to a foam manniken and give it back. There's a whole bunch of steps necessary to just get a cape and form ready to be mounted! Until one step is completed you can't move on to the next. In fact, it's such a huge commitment to get your customer's prized trophy back in a reason time frame that I'm thinking about cutting back the number of heads that I take in next season to a very select few. The truth of the matter is that there's much easier ways to make money then taxidermy.
  9. WNY Bowhunter

    Shed Hunting 2019

    Came up empty during this afternoons short walk, but scooped up #7, a nice roadside shed on the way home.
  10. WNY Bowhunter

    Shed Hunting 2019

    Tiny but fresh...
  11. WNY Bowhunter

    Kudos to WNY Bowhunter

    What an awesome buck, one of my favorite that I've mounted. Pics really don't do him justice!
  12. WNY Bowhunter

    Shed Hunting 2019

    Two more 2.5 year old sheds today, same spot as the last ones...
  13. Very well stated, I agree 100%.
  14. This season I'm gonna sneak up under the roost trees on a mountain bike....
  15. But the turkey sections is nothing but the nonsensical ramblings of Bill!!!