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  1. In my option based on those two pixely photos...same buck.
  2. I've go a new electric hoist in my garage that I need to break in...
  3. All shot by family, same property?
  4. I took my New York State big buck club scorers class with him back in 2019.
  5. Your does produces some of the biggest deer in New York every year. To be technical though, that deer was killed in Ontario County and just mounted by a taxidermist in Marion LOL.
  6. Dang, I knew your bucks got big quick up there in Monroe county, the land of giants!
  7. They are different, just came through together. It's the first time I've gotten pictures of that 9pt but have multiple angles of the 8pt in pic 1
  8. All 5 are in fact different bucks. Buck 1 is a 8pt, buck 2 is a 9pt and 3 is a 10pt
  9. These threads are always kind of interesting. Pics are all hot of the press from a card pull today. I should add they are from the Southern Tier/ Western Finger Lakes Region. I do not know definitively the correct answer to the ages of any of these bucks other than suspected history with several of them. Buck 1: Buck 2: Buck 3: Buck 4: 4 Buck 5:
  10. Maybe here? You don't catch man 6.5 year old bucks on their feet at 1:00 in the afternoon. You can see my hangon in the background...
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