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  1. Found my second hanger ever this morning. A little while later I came across this stud hanger. My new biggest typical shed to date!!!
  2. Also found another baby deadhead...
  3. Found my first set of the season this afternoon. Unfortunately, they are several years old. I believe they were grown in 2015. I had this buck on cam in 2016. He was killed that fall and I actually mounted him...
  4. Only a little baby deadhead yesterday...
  5. #12 and 13 One of my target bucks that I call Big 6 Jr.
  6. I'm guessing he was laying out there in the open for 4-5 months now but was easy to spot now with the goldenrod being flattened from the snow.
  7. Not a clue. He disappeared from cams in mid October. The mennonites who farm the adjacent field found a 2.5 yr old 8pt laying dead in the field while combining corn in early November with an arrow wound in it's neck. This one probably suffered a similar fate I'd guess.
  8. Had a productive little walk this afternoon with my little shed hunting partner. Feels good to finally get back on the board but sucks to find one of your trailcam bucks this way...
  9. I've had my hands on 5 local Steuben County bucks in the past 15 yrs that have grosses scored from 183-191" and several more that have broken the 170 mark. However, even here in one of the state's more renowned "big buck areas" our age structure sucks...for both bucks and does any more. Most of the local processors still look they're running a baby buck nursery after the first week of gun season!
  10. Some real beauties on this thread! I arrowed my best buck on 10/2/15 at 12 yds. Awesome hunt...had 4 bucks in range at once with another buck at the base of my stand. I wasn't sure how I was even going to get drawn back on him. He grossed just over 140 nontyp with only a 13" inside spread!!!
  11. Don't believe so. Cool buck though!
  12. Cloverfields that are typically productive are coming up dry (as expected by the weather)...red oaks are the ticket it seems.
  13. Been really slow around here...still a decent amount of snow in the woods. #9 and 10
  14. Don't you hunt 8P near Urbana SF?