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  1. First of the season while checking cams today...
  2. Buy one of those and that "mancave " buck is as good as on the wall!
  3. Could be? Killed two giants and then disappeared. Must be a result of all that legal baiting out there...
  4. This one had got to be legit though...
  5. Think he's got an uncle out your way in Sullivan County that has all the booners in the record books...
  6. That would be cool if it sprouted antlers...they would get larger with age, just like when they're still alive in the woods.
  7. They sell antlerless shoulder mounts on ebay for under $200. Same concept, just add the rack you want. The plastic ones look alot more realistic though...
  8. Any pics to post from previous years?
  9. Just like those stupid cheesy fake skulls. Hey LetEmGrow, let's try one of these with your buck!
  10. Same company as Revolution taxidermy forms..
  11. You'll be on the hook once they come out with a wall pedestal version!!!
  12. Definitely a unique idea. Personally, I'd never buy one because I know a guy who could mount my deer at cost for less than that...
  13. Hmmm...interesting. Look forward to your review.