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  1. We'll let Phade make the final call on that one...
  2. The only forum buck that I have at home besides your two which I haven't done yet...
  3. I was referring to the buck. Phade...idk? Lol
  4. I'll be adding another very pretty forum member mount to that other thread soon...
  5. I can see less ticks in my future taxidermy endeavors...
  6. Always love your stories. Congrats on tagging out in another state too. You truely are the man when it comes to killing gobblers!
  7. Yep, hunting them like deer on travel routes just hoping to get lucky!
  8. I'm currently playing cat and mouse with a pair of longbeards. They haven't had that much hunting pressure other than from myself. At one time the group was a trio but I killed one of them 1st week. They don't gobble on the roost and don't like calling or dekes (so much for "easy" private land birds). I sat tight with no calling and just dekes out this morning and had them skirt me at about 70yds. I'll probably keep after them for the remainder of the season as they are really pissing me off...
  9. A couple of Joe Coombs wall ped mounts eventually...
  10. Not live...but I helped my dad seal the deal this morning on a late season limbhanger. He never gobbled on the roost but the hunt was over by 5:45. He's tagged out and I have a babysitter now!
  11. Yep...4 longbeards headed to the plowed cornfield behind the picture taker.
  12. He looks good up there. Thanks again!
  13. These two are headed home to my most prolific customer...aka Moog!
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