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  1. Yes I would!!! A cousin sent me this pic yesterday. This buck is 6.5 this year...he's showed up in mid October since he was a spike.
  2. Probably not, that's why I am shooting a Prime...lol. I have to wait til gun season now, but I bet my Nosler BTs will do the job.
  3. That's a really cool buck and he does look pretty darn old too!!!
  4. He's always been a mainframe 6pt . I think he was his biggest at 5.5...them declined some last year. Here he is in 2018...
  5. He's tied for the oldest known buck that I've ever had on cam. I had another 7.5 year old buck last season at this same property but I believe he was killed by a neighbor on opening morning of gun season.
  6. Good eye! He actually did have a nasty looking, apparent gunshot wound there when he appeared after season back in 2014 as a 2.5 yr old. He was already shed out and looked in pretty rough shape but somehow pulled through. I'll post pics later...
  7. Was super surprised to see this 7.5 yr old beast, aka"Big 6" on cam last night. First time getting him since early July...
  8. My favorite sight...the new Prime is officially a killer!
  9. Just got a few of him on my scrape cam when I checked it on the way in tonight. Also had this guy come by at 15 yds this morning. I would have been up in this stand but I was at home watching the kids while my wife worked an overnight...didn't see these pics until after it was too late. My wife is happy though cause I'm the designated babysitter now while she goes after this buck..;)
  10. The deer is from Steuben County, not sure of the town though?
  11. I started doing taxidermy in 2015...mounting 6 heads for friends/family that first year basically for supply costs. I was pretty much self taught using the Rick Carter "Whitetail A to Z" video as my guide. Now, going into my 4th year doing taxidermy for "clients", I've mounted 75-80 heads over the past three seasons. In fact, I mounted my last deer from the '18 season this morning. There is so much to learn in this craft. I really hate looking back at my mounts from the first couple of years...
  12. Best night of the season...saw 8 bucks and 4 does. Two decent bucks but the only two to come within range were a 4 and 5pt