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  1. Thanks everyone! No birthday buck again this year but I'll be back after them tomorrow...
  2. Here you go, same appletree...7.5 yrs old. Oldest buck on the farm. He's yours!
  3. Checked a cam on the way to my stand tonight that I haven't in a while and found this from the 16th. Time is off by an hour...should be 6:41 not 7:41 but he must be bedded fairly close!
  4. Despite a slow start to my taxidermy season, there are some real beauties roaming around here in Region 8 this year!
  5. It was tough to put a cam here since the deer would be so close. He stood just off frame for several minutes with part of his left side exposed. I knew exactly who it was before I scrolled to the better pics!
  6. The buck that I was most hoping to see back on this farm finally revealed himself this morning. I set a cam on a hot appletree on Sunday in the rain just hoping that this buck or something else good might be lurking. Ended up getting 900 pics in 3 nights. No history with this buck other than he showed up in late January several times on cam and then disappeared. I had one sighting of him back in July on a neighbors beanfield
  7. Pulled a couple of cards on the way to the stand. Kinda windy and nasty but I got a couple of pics to warm me up. Think I might call the guy "[email protected]*k" which is what I said when I first saw them...
  8. Awesome buck. Good luck! I too have my sights set on a droptine buck this season. Every time my new tactacam shows a notification I quickly check the pic to see if it's him. Haven't got him on the cell cam yet, but its only night 3...lol
  9. It's two different deer. I kind of like the first one. He's a beast! Which scores highet on the Biz Scale? Lol. There is another buck up there too with a big drop on his right side that I haven't got pics of yet. I Saw him a couple of weekends ago...
  10. I got up to the top of the winery property this morning and there was a youth hunter already there. So, I pretty much just circled around and pulled cards and left...
  11. By the end of the first week last year I think that I'd already taken 6 deer in. This year, I haven't had a call yet (which I'm perfectly fine with)...
  12. I hardly use any forms from McKenzie. Usually I consider them a last resort. They are the most expensive forms on the market and have the most expensive shipping too.
  13. Joe Coombs 9700. Same form Phade's other wall ped that I posted, just turned the opposite way.
  14. The latest from the red barn chronicles: a beautiful Missouri 8pt...
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