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  1. I dropped the freak side to this set while I was walking around yesterday. I didn't have time to look for it but after an hour of searching and retracting my path, I finally managed to re-find it this morning!
  2. Former forum member's 150" Ontario County bow kill...
  3. Productive hour walk after work tonight...
  4. I might mount one or two every season but this is one of the most pronounced double patches that I've got in.
  5. Another early season WNY bow buck...
  6. You should break that in in MO next month. I know someone who might be able to guide you...lol
  7. Same one...but this time it's the end product with the finishing work done!
  8. You'll love the 171" mainframe 8pt that I'll be putting together soon!
  9. Just finished this one today. The buck was taken a few seasons ago and the member decided to turn his euro into a shoulder mount. His bow buck from this past season will be posted in a couple of days too!
  10. My own personal buck from last season was 8" ETN too. Had a hard time finding a form that I liked for him so I ended up going with a wall pedestal.
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