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  1. 7.62 x 39 still available. Will trade for some 30-06 or.243
  2. I've dropped a few with a Ruger Compact M77 7.62x39. It will get the job done
  3. Fletch what do you think of the Sniper Lite?
  4. Again 579 rounds of 7.62x39 for some 30-06 or 44 mag ammo
  5. I want an Excal but NY and their 200lb rule really put a limit on which models
  6. Jaeger the reverse draw bows are nice. Grampy the raptor is a GREAT crossbow for the money. Light, narrow and fast.
  7. Glad no injuries. They are no joke. How are you liking the Vengeance overall? Hear mixed reviews.
  8. Interested to see what setups you guys are using
  9. 579 rounds of various 7.62x39 for 30-06 ammo.
  10. Went with an X Bolt in 30-06. Man can that gun shoot. Loving it so far. Thanks again
  11. Thanks guys. I'm going to think it over a little longer.
  12. Heavy woods/mountains. I would like to stay in the $1k range. The kimber Adirondack is looking real good though.
  13. I have a Ruger M77 compact in 7.62x39 but want something with more power.
  14. Any suggestions? Looking at the Tikka,anyone have one? Thanks
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