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  1. Put the ball in the V. That simple.
  2. I have one and like it.
  3. The ones I've killed with it never complain. Right bullet in the right spot = meat in the freezer.
  4. Been shooting one for a few years. A few bucks have been taken with it. I love the gun (short and light) the deer don't like it too much. I've thought about upgrading over the years but just don't see the point. Shoot 2 pellets and Barnes with great luck but it will eat anything you feed it.
  5. I've hunted with a Ruger bolt action in the 7.62 with good results. It will get the job done.
  6. Glad all went well. Hopefully she's feeling better soon.
  7. Barnes or Federal Trophy Copper. Hold together and punch through.
  8. Anyone use one this year? How'd you like it? I'm considering getting one to play with this year. Thanks
  9. New in box. Bought and never used. $225 TYD (will ship USPS with insurance) or $200 local (Albany area) PM me questions or offers
  10. Got it done today around 2pm. First day in the woods was a great one
  11. Hope you and the family get better soon.
  12. Depends on how bad EHD has hit my area. But yes that's the plan. Freezer needs filling.
  13. The Wolf is a great muzzleloader.
  14. Not even close to being ready this year!
  15. Bows in great shape. Thought I could make draw length work but just too short. Will come with Trinity rest. $650 pick up locally (Albany/Greene County) $690 shipped
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