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  1. I used one this season. It was a big help.
  2. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Any terrain features you head to first when looking for a track?
  3. Grunt tube and drag rags have worked for me in the past. And Evercalm a lot.
  4. Man can we just start another thread for this BS? Real pain in the ass for those trying to see how guys are making out. Seriously!
  5. Yeah I probably should have put a few more options. Just wanted to get a feel for how many were getting it done from the ground this season.
  6. Those that found success this season did you do it from a stand or from the ground? I'll go first. Both mine have been from the ground no blind close range.
  7. Love it and the grade A free range protein!
  8. I use the heated vest from Amazon. Really helped a lot keeping warm. I highly recommend. Also just got a set of the heated socks but I haven't tried them yet. If you don't like send back for refund.
  9. Filled my 3C doe tag at 4pm. Still hunted. Shot her at 15 yards with just a hemlock between us. Dropped where she stood. Congrats to everyone filling tags.
  10. Used a heated vest today I got on Amazon. Huge help for sitting today.
  11. Broke the new gun in. Got a small 6 around 2:30. Going to eat well.
  12. Called an audible. Just picked her up and sighted in. 7600 308 carbine.