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  1. Hi, The Jones Co. does do work for brands, primarily Ford, GM, and Nike. This project is unrelated to any of these and is not sponsored by anyone. As I'm sure you can imagine exploring the topic of death isn't something these brands would want to touch. Yes, the interview will be cut as are all interviews, but I have nothing to hide here. We want opinions on the subject that are true and accurate. Your concerns are totally founded and assure you we're not out to make hunters or anyone else on our show look bad. The topic we're exploring is western culture's disassociation with eating something that has been killed for that reason. To be honest, my hypothesis was that hunters are the most apt to recognize this. The show is about a conversation with people where opinions and encouraged and welcome. Best, D
  2. Hello All, We are looking to interview two hunters for and episode of the podcast The Adventures of Memento Mori that explores the topic of death. The tone and purpose of the show is to normalize the conversation, to address the fear, to recognize that it happens to us all, to share stories and hopefully become a tad more enlightened while having a bit of fun along the way. In this episode we explore the relationship (or lack there of) between eating meat and recognizing that an animal was killed to get it. Also interviewed in this episode is a hipster taxidermist, a farm to table chef, an ethical slaughter organization and hopefully: 1) a hunter who hunts exclusively for the purpose of food. 2) a hunter who hunts primarily for sport. This can be a heated conversation, but one worth having. And one worth hearing all sides. We have no set agenda and gladly welcome all opinions. About me: I was born in Idaho. My family is made up of hunters and I grew up with it. My Dad was actually a butcher and although he didn't really hunt deer he would always be dragged along to dress the animal in field. I fish but don't hunt. I spent five years in the USMC. I don't believe in hunting for sport. I would, however, only eat meat from an animal that I took. If you're up for good conversation and would like to be a guest on the show we'd love to hear from you. We are looking to record in the next week and it would be even icing on the cake if I could accompany you on a hunt. Interested? Please send an email to DS Moss at [email protected] Write "Hunter" in the subject line and include a couple sentences about yourself and if you are either 1) a hunter who hunts exclusively for the purpose of food. or 2) a hunter who hunts primarily for sport. Best, DS
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