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Found 6 results

  1. here is link Edited some footage of our insane goose hunt dropping birds left and right with non stop fly overs! Please watch and let me know what y’all think.. and like and subscribe if u don’t mind it makes me happy!
  2. Hey Everyone! I just uploaded a new video to my YouTube channel! If ya'll enjoy watching whitetails in the rut then you need to watch this! One of the coolest encounters that I've ever been able to video! All filmed off the back of my horse. Note: this is not on a deer farm. These are all wild free ranging whitetails! I'd love it if ya'll would give me some follows on my hunting pages! You can follow me on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube at Cross Over the River Outdoors! I hope Ya'll enjoy the video! God Bless!
  3. Hello Everyone! My name is Louis Backlas. I'm 27 years old from Wyoming county NY and I'm an avid bow hunter and outdoors man. I make hunting videos and have a YouTube Channel called Cross Over the River Outdoors. Feel free to go onto my channel and subscribe to it! Click on the current video link to watch a bow hunt with team member Konnor McCowing as he takes is best buck to date! Most of my videos that'll you'll see on my channel are bow hunts done off of horse back! All fair chaise NO high fence hunts! You can also follow me on Instagram and Facebook @ Cross Over the River Outdoors! I'm just an every day hunter with a love for sharing my hunts! Hope ya'll enjoy the video!
  4. I'm looking for feedback on which pistol cartridges are ideal for dispatching black bear and deer. I need a good sidearm to carry along for tracking and dispatching wounded game. I will always rely on a rifle or shotgun if I believe the animal's wounds are marginal. But for those situations where the animal's wounds are fatal but it life still lingers, I would like a reliable, widely available and effective pistol cartridge for dispatching it. The cartridges I am considering for this application: .357 magnum 10mm auto .44 magnum .41 magnum .454 casull I would prefer a revolver for its simplicity and reliability for shooting big cartridges. As well, I really don't see the need for anything more than 6-8 shot capacity for this use. That said, I would consider a semi-auto if the case for 10mm's usefulness can be made. With regards to the magnum cartridges and bears: I've seen a lot of people preach that "bigger is better." And while I acknowledge that something like a .44 magnum or .454 casull are well-regarded for killing big game, I would prefer a cartridge that is adequate for handling black bear rather than one that is overkill, if that makes sense. I have given .357 magnum much consideration for this reason. I would like to hear feedback from those that have experience with these cartridges, or perhaps others that I haven't considered.
  5. Hello All, We are looking to interview two hunters for and episode of the podcast The Adventures of Memento Mori that explores the topic of death. The tone and purpose of the show is to normalize the conversation, to address the fear, to recognize that it happens to us all, to share stories and hopefully become a tad more enlightened while having a bit of fun along the way. In this episode we explore the relationship (or lack there of) between eating meat and recognizing that an animal was killed to get it. Also interviewed in this episode is a hipster taxidermist, a farm to table chef, an ethical slaughter organization and hopefully: 1) a hunter who hunts exclusively for the purpose of food. 2) a hunter who hunts primarily for sport. This can be a heated conversation, but one worth having. And one worth hearing all sides. We have no set agenda and gladly welcome all opinions. About me: I was born in Idaho. My family is made up of hunters and I grew up with it. My Dad was actually a butcher and although he didn't really hunt deer he would always be dragged along to dress the animal in field. I fish but don't hunt. I spent five years in the USMC. I don't believe in hunting for sport. I would, however, only eat meat from an animal that I took. If you're up for good conversation and would like to be a guest on the show we'd love to hear from you. We are looking to record in the next week and it would be even icing on the cake if I could accompany you on a hunt. Interested? Please send an email to DS Moss at [email protected]. Write "Hunter" in the subject line and include a couple sentences about yourself and if you are either 1) a hunter who hunts exclusively for the purpose of food. or 2) a hunter who hunts primarily for sport. Best, DS
  6. The other day was very stormy. I got picked up from school and it was raining....Got dressed up and in car by 3. We started making our way into the woods. Its raining bad now and the wind picked up like crazy. Out of nowhere....hail! No joke it was hailing on our way to thge stand. They were the size of a raisin about. I got to my stand and the hail still going and i hear air raids. Not sure if for hail or tornado. But they were definetly in another town/county. My dad let me at the base of the tree till the raids and hail stopped while he walked the 80 or so yards to his stand. The hail and rain and wind died. I got up into the stand, hooked up, and the wind started again. It wasnt too bad. but i was in a real thick tree that wasnt very tall and lots of big branches so i thought i would be fine. 20 mins passed and the clouds go away and its sunny. 5 or 6 minutes later, the bachelor group of 6 come out right under my stand..pretty cool i see them right after hail. Then out comes the yearling 4 i named buddy. Ive seen him withing 20 yards every day ive hunted that property so far. The rest of the day i saw does. Think its crazy the activity right after that. Would you hunt on a day like that?
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