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  1. Trail cams have been kinda quiet lately. Let’s see if anything pops out Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Does starting to group up in the fields
  3. The squirrels probably dined on it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Thank you-Pre 64 Winchester Model 70 in .308
  5. I know this deer is not very big but I dropped it because the farmer and his wife that allow me to hunt their property love venison and I haven't been able to provide them with any in a couple of years. Some interesting things about this deer/hunt. When I was coming in at about 5-45am I bumped about 4 deer out of a field. This deer was the first I had seen since then, the first deer sighted during daylight. The photo of the deer walking is the deer I shot. He walked right past one of my trail cams and I shot him literally 1 minute later. I had my Tactacam and GoPro all set up to try to get the whole thing on video. It was about 10:12am and I had just poured a coffee and taken a bite out of a chicken sandwich my wife was so gracious to pack for me. I caught something out the corner of my left eye and there he was about 40 yards from me. He was just "there". I had no time to think, I shot him when he was looking right at me, a second more and he would have seen me or got my wind as I was on the ground. I literally dropped the sandwich put him in my sights and squeezed. I didn't have time to activate either camera for fear he would see me with the extra motion. Anyhow I am grateful to be able to harvest a buck and provide the landowners with venison for the winter.
  6. Seeing many coyotes on trail cams--3 in one pack the other night
  7. Grampy & GreeneHunter get a look at this guy
  8. yup non shooter unless last day and no meat!
  9. sherlockgael


    I don't what else it could be it was at the far back of a field and no one else goes there
  10. sherlockgael


    Asking the experts out there your opinion(s) on the size of the buck that made this rub. Thanks
  11. Just got trail cams reset and installed--a few doe on the SD card from the past few months-no bucks as of yet but hope to see some from now till opening day.
  12. Haven been really able to get out--just getting over bronchitis Did pull some pix from my cameras--2 bucks have survived to date-I don't think there has been much pressure I did see a buck chasing a doe the other afternoon so I guess the rut is still on in the 4H area Quite a few does around