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  1. What's everyone think of this warm weather coming in before the last weekend for most of us? Hoping it's going to open up my honey hole enough to drop some green heads!!
  2. I was wondering how y'all usually hunt big water on a boat. I'm not looking for spots but just tactics or even a conformation that people have had success shooting ducks from a boat in open water.
  3. Haven't seen anything sense the day before opening gun. Walked about 3,500 meters only came across one set of tracks proabbly from them morning.
  4. 5 guys total at hunting camp this year no one has seen a deer sense the start of gun season. Heard tomorrow might be a break in whether a little bit. How's everyone else doing?
  5. I was hoping I could get any information on mid season duck and goose hunting more goose than anything. I've been overseas in the Army for 3 years now so my ability to scout and remember what the birds are doing when and where is pretty much gone. Any tips tricks what you do for this time of season and with what would be greatly appreciated. Also late season tips wouldn't hurt ethier.
  6. @wolc123 that's a solid plan think I might go with an approach like that
  7. @ATbuckhunter Yates county area but willy to make a drive north or south to a higher populated area
  8. No I'm talking about 5H looks like the entire thing Is state land. I'll be scouting it when I get the chance more or less wondering what people have seen there and how crowed it gets
  9. Thanks everyone for the great information looks like I'll be buying a stewart game call and some decoys at the least
  10. I don't want to step on anyone's toes I'm about to come back to NY from 3 years not being able to hunt. And was wondering how the Hamilton area is. I see a large amount of state land and was wondering if anyone has had success there maybe a description of terrain. Also if it's over crowed ? Any info even on bear population would be helpful thanks
  11. @Bowguy 1 @Chris B @martin Thanks for the advice cant wait to get after them
  12. @Rockspek, @growalot thanks for the info trying to get an idea of what i want to put down first
  13. @Buckmaster7600 and @wolc123 thanks for the input guys
  14. what is favorite food plot to plant and hunt over? and when do you put that seed in the ground?