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  1. HAvent seen any here in 3s hope for the weather to cool down some it was hot out there today
  2. I usually walk in on the north side opposite of the swamp, should midway in be better or go a little farther
  3. I've recently started hunting DEP property in westchester county over the past two years, mainly big peninsula on kensico resivour and turkey mountain in Yorktown. I was able to do some pre season scouting but not much. While scouting I'm looking for heavily used trails, dropping, scraps and rubs and while I have found some, during hunting then the past couple of weeks I haven't seen any deer in both locations. My main question is am I missing something? Should I be looking for anything else? Or how far into the properties should I be going and is the distance I travel going to be different in the morning than the afternoon? Thank you in advance chris
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