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  1. Got a bad hit in a deer about an hour ago bumped him as I though he expired in the field but wasn’t the case. Do you think the meat will spoil over night? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. No would buy off of amazon, but if I had the option to save some money I would. Basically the same price between the two sites.
  3. Anyone happen to have a Cabela's discount code they aren't going to use?
  4. Hey All, I just got done finishing the basement and built a small room for all my hunting and shooting gear (my man cave). I want to put in a corner bench unit to put a bow press and reloading press on. Any recommendations for a corner unit? Also how does everyone mount their presses to be able to remove them after they are done working do free the bench space back up? Thanks for any tips on what to do with the space. Pics below for reference. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Anyone know anything about this camera? Am going on a trip to Thailand and wanted a good camera to remember this journey but also use for my hunting expeditions? Wanted to get through Costco due to their return policy in the event I don't like it. BK
  6. Hey All, Anyone have a recommendation for a food dehydrator. I want something good quality that will last. BK
  7. BKhunter


    Dude that's awesome!!! This is one of the hunts I can't wait to go on one day solely for the meat. I had a buffalo rib eye in CO this year and hands down best steak I ever had. If you get one on the ground get as many cut that way as you can! Can't wait to hear the update come hunting season. Good Luck!!!!!
  8. Hey All, I just moved to Long Island and planned to shoot the league at C&B archery this summer but just found out they closed. I used to shoot at Pro-line in queens, but I will never make it there on time after work. Any recommendations for another archery shop close to the Massapequa area that has a good league and is a good place to shoot? BK
  9. I just like applying as in those states as it isn't to bad of a drive and I have a family member that lives up that day. I mean I hope to draw one of these days but moose isn't one of my bucket list animals.....YET. I'm sure as the years catch up to me I may start having to apply to NB.
  10. Hey All, Any one have any recommendations for which New Hampshire Moose units to apply to? I apply to Maine, but want to expand my odds. BK
  11. It will all be electronic music I have a feeling
  12. After the snow I saw the scraps get refreshed hard where I am in 4Y and some rubs. You could see all the fresh shavings on top of the snow.
  13. I was out the last two days of bow and all opening weekend. The last day of bow I saw a monster and some spikes all with does and sniffing their rears with a lot of action all day. The next day for the gun opener the deer disappeared and all I saw were two fawns and one spike it was strange. Maybe they went into lock down as I didn't hear a lot of shots either.
  14. Hey All, I was looking to get a stand alone sausage stuffer as I'm not a fan of using the grinder. Can anyone recommend a good one? I'm thinking I only need a 5 pounder but am open to suggestions on why a larger one is better. Mike
  15. Thanks I appreciate the help!