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  1. Was looking into getting the new Matthews Triax. Has anyone bought this bow and tested it out yet? Any thoughts? BK
  2. Boot Suggestions

    Thanks for the input. Heard nothing but good things about Danner.
  3. Boot Suggestions

    Danner does free shipping and free returns. I've heard nothing but good things about them so I may give them a try.
  4. Boot Suggestions

    How did they perform in the cold? Do you normally get cold feet?
  5. Boot Suggestions

    Am I better off getting two pairs then? On light hiking with some thinsualte and then heavy duty mucks?
  6. My boots took a crap on me this year and whenever I walk now in dew my feet get soaked.....Not sure where the water is coming in from so I think it is about that time for new boots. Looking for something that isn't to clunky so I can hike around in them but also looking for something that will keep my feet warm when posted in the tree stand. I hunt all the way into December and my feet are one of the first things to get cold. I had a pair of Irish Setters w/ 800 grams of thinsulate. The boots were comfy to hike in but my feet still got cold when posted. Any suggestions on boots? BK
  7. Elk Hunts

    I went on my first one this year. It all depend on if you want to go do it yourself or guided. I would head over to www.Rokslide.com. It's an awesome resource. I would up doing a 1 week long solo back pack hunt with my box in Colorado. What a tough hunt but also an awesome experience. No matter which route you want to go, Rokslide is hands down in my opinion the best western hunting form out there. Tons of useful info and the forum is awesome. Elk hunting is tough hunting though, especially DIY. I struck out but can't wait to go again.
  8. 203" New York Whitetail (Typical)

    I have a Matthews.....Am seriously considering the new bow tech as I heard great things about it.
  9. 2017 Hunting License

    should be same date that licenses go on sale
  10. Locating a town's WMU

    Thanks! I tried using SLIM before, but the layers aren't loading. Might be an issue with the system I am using.
  11. Locating a town's WMU

    Hello All, I am trying to determine what WMU a town is in. I have a decent idea, but I want to confirm it 100% on a map. The map online in the back of the hunting regs doesn't have the town shown, and when i zoom in to see the roads it gets way to blurry. Does anyone else know another resource I can look at? The town in question is Denver. BK.
  12. Looking to do some overnight hiking trips this spring. Does anyone have any recommendations for the southern tier on a nice day hike where you can set up a little back country camp for the night in the southern tier? I am located down in the city so something within a reasonably drive.
  13. Rubs

    I did not see a lot of rubs this year......A lot less than I normally do
  14. Just heard first shots in 4y..... beautiful morning Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Moose River Plains

    Really can't wait to do a trip like this.