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  1. Risk Assessment: ticks

    I am thinking of hunting the island a little this year. The ticks always kept me away, but I bought sawyers and hope it does the trick. I had a tick buried in my back this may and took a cycle of doxy lymes scares the hell out of me. What does everyone on the island do when they get a deer down. Do you all butcher it in the field and then just transport them home in coolers? also do you bag and immediately wash your hunting gear at the truck? I'm trying to not bring any ticks bad with me to the house at all costs.
  2. Benelli SBE 2 - Choke Tube

    Hey All, I have a Benelli Super Black Eagle 2 and am looking for turkey choke tube recommendations. Can anyone recommend anything? BK
  3. 2018 Quebec Spring Bear Hunt

    Have been wanting to do one of these hunts for awhile....looking forward to seeing the updates.
  4. First Chuck Taken for 2018

    Anyone ever try cooking them? Someone was telling me they are pretty good and have seen come people online cook them up.
  5. Toronto ideas requested

    This place is supposed to be very good. http://www.antlerkitchenbar.com/ He's also been in the news lately with Vegans protesting his restaurant. https://www.eater.com/2018/3/28/17171962/toronto-chef-butchers-deer-vegan-protesters-antler
  6. Man I hate ticks!

    I'm currently going through this now. I had a tick dig into me two weekends ago and was pretty deep. I wasn't sure if he got into me that day or the day prior. The doctor recommended treating me as if the tick did have lymes. I never take any meds so i rather lean on the side of caution and take the antibodies. He had me on 100mg of Doxy which I am just finishing up. From now on I'm using sawyers and being more diligent each time I come out of the woods. That was a scare I didn't like.
  7. Tick Prevention

    Thanks TurkeyFeathers. The reviews on that stuff look great.
  8. Tick Prevention

    Was upstate this weekend and wound up getting a tick on me. I don't think he was on for too long, but it was long enough for him to borough into my back and cause enough discomfort for me to notice him on the car ride home. Long story short I was at the doctor getting it dug out and was prescribed a dose of antibiotics in the event it was a carrier of lime. This is the first time I had a tick that deep in, and I don't want to have to take antibiotics each time I get a tick latch on to me. I may be freaking out and the doctor may have been overly cautious, but Lyme scares the hell out of me. I wanted to do some scouting this year out in LI and I know there are a ton of ticks out there. Can anyone recommend some good prevention methods beside the obvious off deep woods which I like to avoid putting on while hunting? Also their thoughts if I jumped the gun on the antibodies? I' m one of those people that don't even like taking advil so this is bother me that I had to take this stuff. BK
  9. Spring Bear?

    I highly doubt NY will get a spring bear season. CO doesn't even have one and that population is starting to get out of hand. It was voted out years ago and from what I am hearing they don't think they will be able to get it reinstated.
  10. Self guided elk hunt

    I did a DIY elk archery trip last year in CO. One thing I can say is make sure you're in great shape. A great resource is www.Rokslide.com. Awesome western hunting forum with tons of information. Happy to be a resource and answer any questions you may have. Shoot me a PM anytime. I came out empty handed, but it was an awesome experience. I also went in solo and was my first time ever western hunting. BK
  11. Was looking into getting the new Matthews Triax. Has anyone bought this bow and tested it out yet? Any thoughts? BK
  12. Boot Suggestions

    Thanks for the input. Heard nothing but good things about Danner.
  13. Boot Suggestions

    Danner does free shipping and free returns. I've heard nothing but good things about them so I may give them a try.
  14. Boot Suggestions

    How did they perform in the cold? Do you normally get cold feet?
  15. Boot Suggestions

    Am I better off getting two pairs then? On light hiking with some thinsualte and then heavy duty mucks?