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  1. Have a Safe season and Just enjoy the time with family and friends !!!
  2. Super Mag , where abouts German Flatts or Illion area ??? I'm up by Ridge-runners in Salisbury , tough up therre ...
  3. Thanks Guys , trying to get my pop a buck , may be his last year , bodies failing can't really walk much . Anything in particular ??? Doe estrus , buck gland or curiosity scent
  4. Hunting in Foothils of Adks , would you bother using scents to attract bucks or possibly spooking them OR just use cover scents to hide you and have the element of surprise in your favor ???
  5. Just got off the phone with my neighbor , she said they had.6- 8 on the ground and expecting to to warm slightly but don't expect it to be gone .. Hopefully deer are in the kitchen (food sources) and I'll sit my dad by some fields .
  6. Hey guys , headed up to Camp this weekend , I know there's snow now but will it be there Friday ??? How's activity been ??? Thanks for any info
  7. NANUK

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    Thanks Guys , hopefully I'll get some input , I normally hunt New Jersey , where I live but my Camp has been good to me in the sense of memories with dad and my boys.
  8. NANUK

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    Hi All , I currently belong to several forums and haven't seen this one till recently and thought Id give it a try . I hunt in the Northeren Zone in foothills region above Little Falls NY in the town on Salsbury , great Snowmobling but hunting not so much . Any way I've been up that way 22 years and have taken a couple of deer but not many seen . Hopefully I can learn some new things and perhaps shed some light myself Thanks Nuk