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  1. I thought the Tekan 2's were awesome until I found out that they are illegal . The blades don't fold back . 
    There not legal anywhere or only in NYS?

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  2. That definitely depends on the weapon. I have XD/M in both 3.8 and 4.5 barrel, and 2 G20's, 5 inch , and 6 inch KKM with a break on it.

    Both MFG shoot lights out with serious Underwood 220 grain Hardcastle ammo.

    I haven't had a problem with anything yet.

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  3. If subsonic ammo is used in the right cartridge it can be silent, no?
    1) No it will never be silent. The closest I have ever seen or heard is 220 grain in 300 blackout, and 158 grain in 9mm. Everything is still over 120 decibels

    #2) considering every suppressor made is illegal in NYS. I dont see this happening.

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  4. It now looks like I will be putting just over 7 acres into clover this year. The other 10 acre area will be a mix of soybeans (6 acres) and a brassica mix (4 acres). I still have an adjoining 10 acre plot that will be planted with alfalfa.
    Where did you get your soybeans?

    I used to get them from QDMA, but did not get to them in time this year.

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  5. Whatever happened to the rule that scopes should cost at least 3x the amount of the rifle.

    I am not a scope snob but have realized nothing makes hunting easier than great glass.

    The cheapest scope on any rifle I own right now runs at least $1000.

    I used to run Leopold, now I run vortex. Minimum PST 2 GEN2

    300 win mag and 6.5 CM run Razor gen 2 4.5 x 27

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  6. [mention=5238]LET EM GROW[/mention] i have the 12ga, 16ga, 20ga, and 28ga 1100 just trying to get the .410 but if you can find one they are so damn expensive.  Tough to justify it right now but i keep looking
    I've been looking for a decent priced one for 10 years. Even one that was best up and I would have cleaned up and re- cerakoted.

    Everybody wants a fortune for the elusive 410, 1100.

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  7. First time in over 100 years in our club we have gone the complete regular season without a buck being shot. We are in 3k, and we have harvested 6 does that were mature but thats all.

    We still have cameras up and have plenty of activity after dark.

    I have counted 5 different 8 pointers that come out between 9pm and 2 am every night.

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