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  1. I am going to alter my recipe somewhat...I have always used a very simple recipe.
    Simmer the heart with a bayl leaf until done...
    Allow it to cool in it's own broth...
    Slice the heart..Layer it  in a nonmetal container, layer of heart, salt&pepper, layer of sliced onions, etc.
    Cover with a brine 50/50 water and cider vinegar....Keep in fridge..
    I do like tthe idea  of the cider/sugar mix and the pickling spices....
    I agree exactly with this recipe, I did 8 hearts this year and by Valentines day they will all be eaten.

    The cider vinegar is apple cider vinegar correct?

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  2. I thought the Tekan 2's were awesome until I found out that they are illegal . The blades don't fold back . 
    There not legal anywhere or only in NYS?

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  3. That definitely depends on the weapon. I have XD/M in both 3.8 and 4.5 barrel, and 2 G20's, 5 inch , and 6 inch KKM with a break on it.

    Both MFG shoot lights out with serious Underwood 220 grain Hardcastle ammo.

    I haven't had a problem with anything yet.

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