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  1. I guess I'm just not getting it.

    What they " declared" is absolutely useless.

    The declaration says: “The County of Wayne is hereby declared a gun friendly county which shall mean that those properly licensed to possess and carry a handgun shall be able to conceal and carry a handgun throughout the county unless specifically prohibited by statute or owner declaration.”

    There is a nys statute that nullifies this.

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  2. And trump can pardon convicted felons& conmen  
    Biden hasn't pardoned anyone unlike king trump who pardoned all his felon  associates 
    Let's see what happens right before he leaves office. I think you are a little early on this

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  3. cheapest way and easy to do is to buy nuts and start your own trees plenty on you tube on it did it a few years back started with maybe a dozen trees got about 6 growing good now others that did not make it were were bad locations
    What did you figure out to be a bad location and why please?

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  4. Vortex PST GEN 2, 3-15x44 will be plenty.

    I've bought and shot with both the Sig and Athlon. My PST GEN 2 is still better clarity, and turrets are more pronounced when changing elevation and windage.

    Granted it does not rate with a Razor, but if you want something in between look at the new
    Vortex Razor HD LHT 4.5-22x50 XLR-2 MRAD Scope w/Lens Covers/Sunshade RZR-42202, its about $1500, but has better glass than a PST, and not as heavy as a Bronze Razor.

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  5. Tell me about these jobs, their description, and what experience or education is required.

    That's an awful lot of money going to somebody.

    Maybe an interupter is the person that stands between the people shooting and the victims, you know like a bullet sponge.

    "Additional awards to hire new outreach workers and interrupters will be made in the coming weeks. "

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  6. Sorry for the delay in the response.  Thanks for all your responses.  I live on long island so would prefer something within 3-4 hours.  Maybe Sullivan, Delaware, Ulster Counties.  Would like year round access.  Managed to find 70 acres to lease for now in Sullivan but who knows how long that will last.
    What did that cost you for a year, or were you able to get a decent price with s multiple year lease?

    What zone does it end up in?

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  7. It is a real tough nut to crack. Generally wackos do the mass shooting,sometimes with illegal guns even. How do you stop that? There is no easy answer and the gun right folks would do much better trying tryingt come up with some solution or approach to it. 
    It certainly does not help to have as many guns in circulation as there are in this country,but i think Canada is not too far behind in per capita guns but they have a lot less mass shootings.
    And they will be having a lot less guns in one year. That is when the amnesty is up.

    Additionally they do not have a 2nd amendment in their "constitution " so by Trudeau's executive order, there will be no more firearms allowed.

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  8. Yesterday and today’s score from bass pro. My buddy bought a box of .357 for me, too bad it was sig and not remington magnum 
    Yeah I'd like to see that 357 sig fit in that wheel gun. Just don't use a hammer to force it in.

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