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  1. Well, after much reading and researching, I went last night to Bass Pro and picked up the Trophy Hunter 11/111 w/ Nikon 3-9 x 40 in .308. Couldn't be happier with the deal I got really. I redeemed some CC points for $225 in gift cards and got the price down to around $400. Bass Pro's website offered a rebate on it but it turns out that it was an error. The manager offered me an additional $50 off and a $50 gift card after I called them today to let them know. Auburn store, manager was Mike. Seemed like a nice guy and I wasn't too bent out of shape since it wasn't his fault. I liked the bolt on this much better than the AXIS XP II that I had held. I'm taking it out Friday to zero the scope. Let's hope I like it as much after!
  2. You and I must work for the same company, lol.
  3. You sound just like the guy that I share a wall with at work, lol. I wish I were rich so I could buy one of each to fire them and see how they feel but, I'm not. I'll be picking up the Savage Trophy Hunter 11/111 chambered in .308 here in the next couple of weeks.
  4. I live in Fairport (Monroe County) and my family has a lake house near East Bay so I've scouted Lake Shore Marshes area (8F) and plan to hunt there. I'm also very familiar with the Cranberry Lake area in the ADK as I have camped there for years. We have planned a black bear hunt there later this year. I would LOVE to go out with someone, even if it is to scout so I can learn. I'm finding that my biggest obstacles are A ) Access to huntable land B ) My lack of family and close friends interested in hunting. I'm watching a lot of videos, reading a lot, etc. I crave some real hand-me-down knowledge. I've communicated regularly with a DEC biologist that has been very helpful in answering my questions. I even clued them into an error with conflicting information that was on their website :-)
  5. This is the caliber that seems to be widely preferred and was my choice after a great deal of research. It really came down to this, and the 30-06. The .270 & .243 were recommended and had great potential from a ballistics standpoint for deer, but from what I read was a little light for bear. I'm not rich so I'm looking to buy one rifle that is diverse to get me hunting more game.
  6. Hello All, Just thought I would drop a message saying 'thank you' for the add and hoping that you all have great luck and stay safe this (and all) seasons. I enjoy the outdoors and decided to get licensed last year. I'm new to the game but always looking to learn and try things. If anyone ever feels like they want to teach a thing or two, I'm open to invites to outings. I've got 4 kids to feed and I'm hoping to put some food on the table and enjoy some relaxation out of the office. I welcome all tips and tricks! First question is opinion - your preferred caliber for hunting deer and black bear (and why)... one rifle & caliber to cover both animals... and... go! Thanks!
  7. I went Friday night. I saw the post on D&C regarding the store closing. I was surprised as they weren't first mentioned in the filing. I called the store to clarify and the guy that answered told me "not to believe everything I hear in the news". I laughed and said OK. then I went to their website and it is locked on one page saying they are going out of business. A bit confused and driving home from work WHAM1180 ran an update saying that they weren't closing. Having enough of the "Fake News", I decided to go to the store. Banners everywhere say they are closing. Stood in line for 45 minutes to talk to a gun clerk, said previously purchased warranties will still be honored but didn't know how or through who. Kind of ticked me off at the lack of info but it wasn't his fault. Nothing spectacular as far as deals are concerned and with the gun show at the dome Sat & Sun, I held off. Hopefully they reopen under the Gander name, they're supposedly the third highest grossing store in the country which is pretty impressive since they are in a super liberal and restrictive state.
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