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  1. Thanks for the heads up, definitely don't want to make that mistake
  2. I'm new to the New York area and new to whitetail hunting in the woods, Coming from Arizona only hunting muleys on foot never a stand or blind. Any advice to a first year whitetail hunter up here in ny? I live in Poughkeepsie and am hoping to hunt somewhere around dutchess county, rifle or bow, I plan to do both if I can.
  3. Thanks for the help, let's hope I give your guy a call this fall
  4. Anyone ever hunt taconic Hereford? Was in there this weekend and it has a good amount of deer sign but nit sure if there will be to much activity during bow and then rifle season.
  5. Anyone know of a good place to have a deer processed in dutchess county? It is my first year in the area and Am planning my hunt for the fall and want to find somewhere to go if I am successful this year.
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