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  1. Hey Everyone! I just uploaded a new video to my YouTube channel! If ya'll enjoy watching whitetails in the rut then you need to watch this! One of the coolest encounters that I've ever been able to video! All filmed off the back of my horse. Note: this is not on a deer farm. These are all wild free ranging whitetails! I'd love it if ya'll would give me some follows on my hunting pages! You can follow me on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube at Cross Over the River Outdoors! I hope Ya'll enjoy the video! God Bless!
  2. 2018 LIVE from the Woods! Its that time of the year again! This is our 9th year for doing this thread and its always a lot of fun! Post in this thread using your smart phone (or other device you can get to the internet with) from your stand / woods with your thoughts, current conditions, pictures, sightings, etc. Don't forget, the site is accessible via your mobile device and there is even an app - Tapatalk enabled! Lets see those pics! Bonus to anyone that LIVE streams from the stand I'll give it a shot.
  3. Hello Everyone! My name is Louis Backlas. I'm 27 years old from Wyoming county NY and I'm an avid bow hunter and outdoors man. I make hunting videos and have a YouTube Channel called Cross Over the River Outdoors. Feel free to go onto my channel and subscribe to it! Click on the current video link to watch a bow hunt with team member Konnor McCowing as he takes is best buck to date! Most of my videos that'll you'll see on my channel are bow hunts done off of horse back! All fair chaise NO high fence hunts! You can also follow me on Instagram and Facebook @ Cross Over the River Outdoors! I'm
  4. Hey Everyone! This is Louis Backlas/ Cross Over the River Outdoors. I just posted a new video to my YouTube channel that I though ya'll might get a kick out of! Have you ever used a decoy to hunt whitetails? If you haven't before you might want to start! I woke up one morning and look out my front window only to find that my 3D deer target was in pieces all over the front lawn! A fired up buck decided to take his frustrations out on the target! this took place sometime in November during the peek of the rut. Hope ya'll get a kick out of it! Follow along on my adventure
  5. Anyone ever hunt taconic Hereford? Was in there this weekend and it has a good amount of deer sign but nit sure if there will be to much activity during bow and then rifle season.
  6. Can anyone recommend a good tick repellent that doesn't stink too badly? I typically spray my gear and clothes and check myself over very thoroughly when I get home. I also have my wife look me over to get a second set of eyes and to have someone check spots I can't see. This weekend I went out for about 5 hours on Saturday afternoon. It was pretty warm so I sprayed and checked. Thought I was good when I was done but I woke up the next morning to a tick chomping down on my junk (yeah, that junk). I take tick nosode and tick pathogen regularly so I wasn't too freaked about infection. I got it o
  7. Hello folks. I'm a novice hunter from almost Central NY. I live amongst the cow fields about 20 minutes south of the ADK park. I'm here hoping that I can learn from those who know more than I do. That's probably most of you. LOL. This is my second season and so far I still have all of my tags. I have a rifle but I'm not comfortable shooting it in the area I hunt due to people being near. I'm hoping to fill at least one of my tags before Dec 19.
  8. Just wanted to post a video of one of my successful bow hunts this year. Something about documenting your hunt and self filming adds even more of a rewarding feeling to a bow harvest when it all comes together. *Disclaimer* I don't think I'm a "pro" nor am I trying to be just love filming and tinkering around with the editing. The audio on the video from my second doe harvest is much better than this one, I figured out a few tricks with the editing software recently and I'll have that one done by the weekend. You can skip through the talking parts if you want the shot happens around the 3:20
  9. I have a cabin in Davenport NY and I am looking for some land to lease for hunting. I would prefer it to be within a half hour of Davenport. It would be me my two brothers and one other friend. We all have been hunting since we were kids and are very responsible and respectful. If you would like to contact me to talk about some property you might have or somebody you might know. My cell is 609-868-7290 or you can respond to this by e-mail.
  10. We often talk about when the best time is to go hunting (for deer), I have one word, NOW! These next two weeks plus are considered some of the best times to be out in the woods, simply put the doe are coming into heat and chasing has already begun. If you have the chance to hunt these next two weeks get out, it is some of the best times to catch that elusive buck in daylight. This is also a great time to try doe in heat lure and some calling and even rattling. I don't use many loud and aggressive calls but if you do this is a great time to try it. This is the time of year you can even ca
  11. This is a new thread for State Park hunters. This big woods deer hunting experience is ideal for SOME hunters. I especially enjoy the park....with snow. Muzzleloader season is easy to look forward to at the park.
  12. 2015 Obsession Knightmare GT 27in draw, 28 ATA, 60-70 lb limbs. Sweet shooting bow with only about 100 arrows through it. Asking 650 bare, have a montana black gold rush 5 pin and a truglo slider pendulum I could part with if wanted.
  13. Anyone else with me and has been hunting with the bow during the regular season? Finally got one down a few days ago been a rough season thus far.
  14. I have just retired and looking for some property to deer hunt. I am not familiar with NY hunting. How is the deer population in the Adirondack area? I am a responsible hunter,primarily bow. any response would be appreciated. Thanks, Brian
  15. Well after about a month straight of hunting with no shot opportunities today I was finally graced with the opportunity to take a shot at not one but two does within five minutes of each other. My friends and father call me the doe master for a reason, I may get buck fever but does never get past me... until today. I made a terrible shot at 22 yards on the first doe very high no vitals hit. The way I was shaking you would think I had a 12 point standing in front of me. The second a clean miss hair trimming at 18 yards. I think the first high hit got me inside my own head and I subconsciously t
  16. Hey guys, Just wondering how many of you qauter and pack your deer on ice. Usually I hang for a few days or qauter and place in a fridge but at my hunting camp that's not an option. I've heard of people packing deer on ice for a few days up to a few weeks and was wondering how many of you tried it. Also if you bag the qauters and pack ice around or just put the meat in on bags of ice? I can't imagine direct ice contact on meat would be a good thing.
  17. I've recently been testing some fixed blades after shooting mechanical broad heads for the past three seasons. Ulmer Edges were my go to until they were discontinued. Last season I tried out a rage which I was very unimpressed with, mine prematurely opened on a nice buck resulting in a non lethal poor hit and my friend had an extremely poor blood trail due to lack of penetration. I did have a quick ethical kill with a shwacker but I want to get away from mechanical heads. Recently I have shot Slick trick Vipertricks, Slick trick Mags, Ramcats, and DRTs. The DRT hit 4 inches low at 20 out of a
  18. I've recently been testing some fixed blades after shooting mechanical broad heads for the past three seasons. Ulmer Edges were my go to until they were discontinued. Last season I tried out a rage which I was very unimpressed with, mine prematurely opened on a nice buck resulting in a non lethal poor hit and my friend had an extremely poor blood trail due to lack of penetration. I did have a quick ethical kill with a shwacker but I want to get away from mechanical heads. Recently I have shot Slick trick Vipertricks, Slick trick Mags, Ramcats, and DRTs. The DRT hit 4 inches low at 20 out of a
  19. Hi there, I have heard that there are a lot of deer around Cayuga Heights(Ithaca). I am a bow and crossbow hunter and would like to know, where I could get information,as if there are public land available or private land that the owner could give permission to hunt on their land? Is there some place that we could stay to hunt? I am from suburban Montreal, Qc. Canada. 5-6 hours drive in between Regards Frank
  20. Hello to All, I’m new to these boards. I’m an old fart bow hunter from Vermont looking to hunt more of New York this year. I spend a lot of time in the Lake George Region Adirondacks area. I’m looking to hike some new areas in Region 3. Been down to Deposit in Delaware County fly fishing the Delaware and it looks like the area holds some deer. Was wondering if anyone could offer advice for Bow Hunting on public land. Does public land get a lot of pressure during the bow season? I’m sure it does for gun. Anyone hunt Kerryville State Forrest? Any advice on this area or any ot
  21. Checked my camera at a spot I let sit for a few weeks and caught a few pictures of this guy. Four days apart mid day, and all the doe groups are finally broken up here with the exception of a young doe and her fawn. Fingers crossed he comes out pulling an all day sit today and Sunday.
  22. Well guys wish I was posting this on happier terms. Many of you may remember my last post when I shot low on a nice ten point. Well I have a friend who has been begging me to take him out as he lost his spots from last year. I took him out and he shot two deer on one of my spots. Today he asked again because he needed meat for a family member who can't hunt this year due to injury. I agreed trying to be a good friend and took him out and sat in the same tree together at the spot where I had the encounter with the ten. I said shoot whatever you want my only condition was if the ten point comes
  23. Hey guys, Last night I got lucky and had an absolute monster 10 point walk out at 5. The only shot I could take was a quick right shot in a lane before he hit thick cover. Upon releasing the arrow I thought I saw it go low and back kind of in the gut/liver area (wasn't happy about that). Anyway I gave him time went down and found my arrow completely greased from top to fletchings in heavy fat and a light pink chunk of what looked to be organ on the ground with blood. Other than that no blood and he ran into the thickest stuff imaginable. My buddy who had a similar expierence said that with a
  24. Wow New York Hunters, time flies, its that time of the year again! Bow season in NY starts in just a few days for the Northern Zone Folks and on October 1st for the Southern Zone guys. I hope everyone had an fun summer, had time to shoot your bows, sight in your rifles, setup their stands and get everything ready for this season. We wanted to point out a few important threads on the HuntingNY.com site to check out. The 2015 "Live From the Stand / Woods" thread is up and ready for posting live action from the woods, 6th year in a row! -> http://huntingny.com/forums/topic/29242-live
  25. I'm looking for and would be interested in a lease in either of these two counties, any help would be appreciated. Thanks for all your help!
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