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  1. I have two pieces of reloading equipment that I no longer use. Both work perfectly but are just collecting dust now. 1) Frankford Arsenal Brass case dryer - $35 2) Cabelas Vibratory case tumbler - $35 I am in Nassau.
  2. Hello all, Haven't been posting much over the past year but I have still been browsing. Anyhow, I recently bought a new piece of property and was looking for any recommendations for handheld GPS units. I don't know much about them but I am looking for something that I could use to map property lines, atv trails on the property, as well as camera/stand locations. Let me know of any recommendations that you may have. Thanks.
  3. Well said. If a doe is a trophy for you, good for you. If a 12 pointer is a trophy to you, good for you. The only person that has to be happy with the deer you take is yourself! Don't let another person prevent you from shooting a deer you would be happy with.
  4. DaveJr.

    AR's suck

    This. Just about every year since the AR's were put in place, we have seen bigger deer on camera and have been more successful. In 20 years of hunting the same 40 acres, my dad never saw anything bigger then a 6 pointer. In 2015 and 2016, I shot 8 pointers both years and this year my dad shot a nice 8, the biggest ever taken on our property. They have definitely worked in my area at least.
  5. My dad shot the biggest deer of his life this morning.
  6. Well I guess I'll be the first to post. My dad shot the biggest deer of his life this morning at 7:22. He christened the new hunting rifle I gave him a couple years ago. Deer dressed out at 170 lbs. Clean heart shot.
  7. I have had deer walk right through my shooting path... while I was shooting. If I hadn't spotted the deer, I would have shot it. This is one topic that people think way too much about. Every time I head upstate to the same property I hunt, I always shoot during the summer and winter, I generally stop in september for hunting season, I almost always see deer that night.
  8. These are the arrows I'm using, $65/dz cut to length, inserts glued in and shipped to my door. Between my dad and I, we have shot about 5 dozen, with no issues. With my skill level, I wouldn't be able to tell a difference between cheaper and more expensive arrows anyway. And they will kill. I shot my first deer with one of these this year. https://www.ebay.com/itm/311665638698
  9. So I just checked the pictures from the camera I put out over the gut pile from the doe I shot on Oct. 17th. These are some of the better pictures. What do you think the weight is on those coyotes and the bear.
  10. Seen 1 doe at first light and about an hour and a half later saw a shooter 7 point that I have been after walking the complete opposite direction. He was walking through some thick brush at 25 yards and I couldn’t get a shot on him. Pretty decent sized body on him too. Hoping he comes back today! Dad saw 4 does so far.
  11. Well it looks like I'll be doing some serious predator hunting this winter! I have been getting a ton of pictures of coyotes and foxes but never more than one at a time.
  12. In case you don't see it. There is some sort of growth on the back right leg of the deer on the left. Any idea what this could be?