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  1. coonhunter


    I watched it. All I can say is that I sure am glad that I was not the one eating those body shots. They were brutal and quickly brought an end to the main event.
  2. coonhunter

    Some interesting data on Mechanicals VS Fixed

    I killed a lot of deer with Rocket mini blasters. They were fold back mechanicals and were only 75 gr. My bow speed was only in the 235 -245 range. Unless I hit the off shoulder blade, all were clean pass thrus with blood trails that you couldn't miss. Majority of shots were between 15 and 25 yards, but a couple were 39 and 42 yards. The 39 yard shot went through, the 42 hit the off shoulder and came back out the entrance hole. Both were still easy blood trails, although the longer shot took about 20 yards for the arrow to come back out. Now this is just a quick review for the Rocket mini blaster with the arrow speed from a chronograph. Now I use plain ol Muzzy 3 blade in 75 gr. The only reason I switched is because I am cheap, not because I thought the mini blasters had problems. For the most part, the mini blasters are one and done unless you miss bone completely. Whereas the muzzies I can resharpen or change blades. I can shoot just as far with the Muzzy fixed blades as I could with the mechanicals, and I get good blood trails from them as well. All I can say is practice killing deer. Get used to having deer in range so you can make a good shot whether it is a doe, young buck, or a big buck. When you make a shot, follow the deer with your eyes and mark landmarks in your head that you can walk to because sometimes they may run 20-30 yards before they start pouring blood. For those of you shooting 60 pounds and are uncertain about using a mechanical, I can recommend the 75 gr mini blasters. But remember to change your field points to 75 gr as well. People always ask me why I shoot such light heads, and all I can say is that is what I had when I started. Then, a buddy and I got a deal on a bunch of the mini blasters that kept us in broadheads for years. It always worked fine for me, so I never switched.
  3. coonhunter

    New pup

    You can see some pretty good videos on You Tube of squirrel hunting with dogs. It is a good time with a nice dog whether it is a fiest or a cur. Fun for a father and son/daughter. Any hunting is more fun when you have a dog for a partner. Good luck
  4. coonhunter

    RIP-- Harley Race- Wrestling Champion.

    That's a hell of a tribute from his peers. And they are right. I am one of the fans that didn't appreciate all he did keeping himself and his opponents safe. And, he was the one that got Ric flair over the hump into super stardom.
  5. I remember him. He caused all sorts of chaos in the back and was finally let go for good.
  6. coonhunter

    Top 10 BEST Pheasant Hunting Dogs.

    I know it is not pheasants, but the best woodcock dog i ever followed was a wirehaired pointing griffon. He would be locked on a tiny bush with a clump of hay around it, and you would swear there is no way in hell there is a bird there. Go over and kick your foot around the bush and there would be the woodcock. He loved to hunt and loved people and kids in his down time.
  7. These were definitely the golden age of fake wrestling. The managers causing chaos, challenges, and just plain good guys and bad guys. I loved it.
  8. The only weird thing I can think of that I eat is peanut butter and dill pickle sandwiches.
  9. coonhunter

    Yokozunas Bodyslam Challenge!!

    Definitely a classic! See if you can find when Sgt. Slaughter had the challenge for anyone to get out of the cobra clutch. That went on for weeks before the big climax
  10. coonhunter

    Fort Plain, NY

    Howes Cavern is pretty close to Fort Plain too. It is a pretty cool place, and if the weather is hot, it is literally pretty cool.
  11. coonhunter

    UFC- 239. Face Offs.

    Man! Askren ducked right into a flying knee.
  12. coonhunter

    Fort Plain, NY

    Dirt track racing at Fonda Speedway on Saturday night. They have a kids club to sign up when you go in for free prizes. Probably want ear protection for the youngsters, but it usually is pretty exciting for kids and family. When the nascar trucks are off, Stewart Friesen runs a modified there.
  13. coonhunter


    I'm just a cheapie 3-5 buck a stick dominican guy. I mostly smoke mild to mediums with a Connecticut wrapper. It is pretty relaxing to sit around and enjoy the cool evening with a nice cigar.
  14. coonhunter

    OK-- Name Changes-- Who Has The Record?

    My red headed wife always stays on the borderline crazy line, but I like it. It definitely has plenty of benefits that goes with it. My life is never boring and my friends love to get her wound up. Despite all the crazy stuff, we can easily go out with friends to a casual or fancy restaurant or bar and fit right in and have a good time. For a man as active and full of hobbies as I am, I feel very lucky to have a tolerant wife.
  15. coonhunter

    Geneva, NY is a pretty friendly little city...

    I used to go through Geneva to get to Stanley when I ran hounds in the competitions. I loved it out there because it is a lot flatter than where I'm from, and there was always a lot more coon. I met a lot of good people out there and won more than my fair share of money.