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  1. That is a giant. I have never even came close to that mark. I have weighed a bunch of them and the full fan birds usually fall in the 17-19lb. range. Congrats on a beauty.
  2. Yup, I got one for Christmas. I thought it might be nice to have on the days it is about 40 degrees and misting or raining lightly. They are the days that chill me the most. I can take the cold a lot better than most people, but I sure do like the advancement in clothing.
  3. Don C really wrote it out well. Believe it or not, I have never even shot a crossbow. As long as I can draw my bow, they hold no interest for me. I just enjoy the whole killing a deer with a bow. I don't even get excited killing a deer with a rifle. I enjoy the excitement and frustration of hunting with a bow. I do use pins, a peep, and release, so I don't claim to be hunting primitive. It's just what is fun for me. Most of my buddies use crossbows, and some of them love them, and a couple of them hate them. But, they all agree that they can shoot 40-50 yards with ease if they have the open space in the woods or fields to do it. It doesn't bother me a bit. Everyone deserves to enjoy hunting in their own way.
  4. I've been pondering this topic for quite awhile. I guess it really isn't close for me. It is the base layers for the cool to cold temperatures during bow season. It was always a pain in the neck when you got weather cold enough that you needed to wear more clothes to sit in your stand. Now, long johns helped for sure, but I usually still needed to add a hoodie or something similar. Then, if it really got cold, I was forced to wear a coat that was heavier and bulkier. It made it hard to draw and hold form. The performance clothes that have improved more and more. Hell, I can sit all day in a climber in cold weather with a coat on that is soft and pliable, and it allows me to draw and hold with no worries about the string hitting a sleeve, or a damn string from a hood going up into my cam. None of my clothes are the expensive stuff either. They were all bought from guide gear or on clearance.
  5. I can't wait to dig up some leeks for potato, ham, and leek soup. Mine looked like they were still a week away or maybe a little more. I always save some for pickling too.
  6. Good luck Bill. I hope you start the year off good, and it gets better as it goes for you. No matter what, you will be doing your favorite hunting.
  7. I have tons of them in my area. Picking leeks is part of my turkey hunting. I would say I take a couple hundred every year. You would be hard pressed to find where I took them from there are so many.
  8. I like a good thunderstorm just before dark when they are getting ready to go to roost. This seems to scatter them up a bit, and they seem more likely to come in quickly.
  9. The Undertaker has been a hit whether he played the heel or the face for a couple decades or more. What a show his entrance was in person. Probably my favorite ring entrance of all time when I saw it live.
  10. It does make you feel good when the old youth hunters contact you years later asking for some help to get back going to the woods. A lot of my rifle season is spent with old and new youngsters, and I enjoy that much more than pulling the trigger.
  11. I thought it was set up and scored on the assumption that the right hates gays, abortion, and wants the rich to get richer. Mine came out just to the right of Northcountryman, and that is not even close to my leaning.
  12. I had a hand in moving a couple barber chairs. Lawdwaz is right. They suck to move. They are big, heavy, and awkward as hell. As for those atlas balls, Moog can be glad he is capable of moving them. I don't think I could even roll that big one across a cement floor. Dang Moog!!! That is some awesome core and body strength.
  13. Then he is froze to him when they get off. Damn!!! That movie is such a classic for my teenage humor
  14. I smoked a Romeo y Julietta 1875 today that I bet has been in my humidor for at least two years, and probably more. It just happened to get overlooked or passed on for a long time. It smoked like it was just bought fresh. My humidor is on my dresser, and I just check it every night so I don't need the more advanced hygrometers. I'm just rambling a little off topic because, although I knew a cigar store or warehouse could keep them fresh, I had doubts on whether a relatively cheap home model would keep the cigars good for so long.
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