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  1. This is Mike Aylesworths wife, Edie. Mike passed away Monday, July 25, 2022. I will not be back on this site. If you would like to reach out to me I can be located at: [email protected]

    The following is his obituary that was printed Saturday, July 30, 2022 in The Daily Star, Oneonta, NY and will be printed in The Evening Sun, Norwich, NY on Monday, August 1, 2022

    Oneonta - Michael (Mike/Buck) R. Aylesworth , 54, passed away, Monday,  July 25, 2022.

    He was born December 28, 1967 in Norwich, the son of Bruce “Buck” R. and Lois (Paddock) Aylesworth. 

    Mike grew up in Columbus and graduated from New Berlin Central School in 1986.

    As a young boy he was driven to succeed. He was a hard worker. He never turned an opportunity down to earn some cash. He would travel as far as Utica on his bicycle for work.  

    During high school, he played baseball for the New Berlin Hawks and was an all-star pitcher.  He won numerous awards, local and state.  His team was awarded a New York State baseball championship.  Mike and his friends restored and fixed demolition cars.  Mike was part of his friends’ families. He had many beloved extended family members that always held a very special place in his heart.

    Mike had a zest for life and was the maker of mischief, all in the name of fun.  In his younger years, he had a wild streak about him and defied the odds on more than one occasion. He enjoyed having fun and enjoyed when other people had fun also. He loved to laugh, with his slightly unusual sense of humor he could have tears rolling down his face and still want to laugh more. He loved razzing people and if you could take it, he knew that as a sign to keep you in his circle.

    Mike had several champion coonhounds.  His first coonhound was Jill but his pride and joy was Jake who won him several trophies & monetary awards. Pearl won him a state championship.  He was often asked and was honored to train other coonhound dogs.  He was a member of UKC and PKC.   He loved the southern hospitality during his participation in national hunts at Autumn Oaks in Kentucky as well as many other hunts state and nationwide.  He possessed many of the southern qualities in his old-fashioned ways. 

    Mike had many other interests outside the home. He cast a very wide web that connected him to several bowling leagues and was often asked to substitute. He always showed up and won numerous awards doing so. He enjoyed an occasional tournament as well, always striving to be better than last time he bowled. 

    He was a proud member of the South New Berlin Horseshoe Club and an avid outdoorsman. He enjoyed hunting and fishing and was especially passionate about ice fishing. Hunting was a form of serenity for Mike, he liked the peace and quiet of the forest. He wasn't concerned if he came out of the woods empty handed. He enjoyed online horse racing as well.  He was a hard- core race fan. He favored modified race cars and ventured to Port Royal, PA twice a year with his racing buddies. His love of racing started with his father when he was a child.  If there was a track nearby, he went. 

    Mike did not like to be the center of attention but he excelled at many things and stood out. Mike had a very unique voice and often said he had a wealth of useless knowledge. His random words of wisdom were correct 99.9% of the time. He was straight forward; you would never wonder how he felt. When Mike said he was going to do something, he did it, period.   Although his deliverance was often dry and cantankerous, if you had the pleasure of his presence you learned to love his idiosyncrasies & eccentricities.   If you held a special place in his heart, you knew it.  He had a very special bond with his 'niece' Emmaleigh Marie Excell. He would give her the world if she asked for it. One of his favorite memories with her was giving her pony back and piggy back rides, no matter her age or his.

    Mike's interest at home included: His kindle, his favorite author was William W. Johnstone, he spent many nights and weekends in front of his coffee pot in the kitchen or on the front porch (his happy place) in his easy chair reading his kindle. His library was enormous. He followed the NY Yankees and Denver Broncos. He was part of many online forums.  He always had something recorded to watch at a later time so he could fast forward through the parts he didn't feel were relevant. He was an MMA/UFC fan. He followed AMA Supercross, Motocross, AEW Wrestling, PBA Bowling, Nascar and IndyCar and PBR.  He watched Moonshiners, Gold Rush, Bering Sea Gold, Deadliest Catch, Street Outlaws, Wicked Tuna, Snake City, Swamp People and Outback Opal Hunters faithfully. Because he had so many interests, he always had something to talk about with whomever he was conversing with that day. Sometimes several in a group chat.

    Mike was currently employed at Egli Machine in Sidney, working there for the past 25 years. He took great pride in his work. He exercised the mentality of a true machinist. 'Good enough' was never an option and perfection was always required. Mike talked out loud to himself in almost every part of his day. He was also a stickler for punctuality.

    His loss has been devastating and felt by a large community of family, work, friends and acquaintances.  He will be truly missed and the stories that can be told will hopefully keep his spirit alive.

    He is survived by his wife, Edith “Edie” (Shadel) Aylesworth, Oneonta; his son Russell Aylesworth of Norwich; his stepchildren, Tanner Strignano (Dakota) of Auburn, and Garrison Strignano of Oneonta; his mother, Lois Aylesworth of Columbus; his younger brothers, Kevin Aylesworth (Dan) of Columbus and Brent Aylesworth (Leanna) of Norwich.

    Preceded in death by his father, Bruce Aylesworth.

    At his request there will be no funeral service, however a celebration of Mike’s life may be held at a later date. 

    To share a condolence, story or photo, visit, www.lhpfuneralhome.com, the website of Oneonta’s only family owned funeral home, Lewis, Hurley & Pietrobono  at 51 Dietz Street.

  2. Northcountryman, that is exactly what I mean. It is full of briars and brush. Definitely, a top notch bedding area and hideout. But damn!!! what a mess.
  3. During turkey season I checked out a new disaster area that I found on state land late season last year. I wanted to see how big it was, how thick it is, and the odds of people going in it, or even finding it. It is brutal in there, and I will guarantee someone with me will shoot a buck with rifle that is with me. I will give it a shot during bow season, but it has to be outside of the mess. I can't see any way of going in without alerting any deer in the area.
  4. Nice, solid pike. And, they are fun to get after once in awhile instead of my normal walleye or crappie fishing.
  5. I lied about my age and got fake working papers at 13 so I could put in hay at the farm up the road from me. I received a check for 118 dollars when first cutting was done. We also got called up to the house to clean up and eat like kings every day.
  6. That fish is huge! I watched the video last night, and I couldn't believe the size of it. The rivers and small lakes and reservoirs that I fish will turn out a few 4 pounders every year, but never anything like that. What a fish
  7. I agree with the above about bigger spinners and the suckers below a bobber. Both will get you a bunch of northerns if you are near the weeds.
  8. Good for you. Sure is nice to get a new rifle on the cheap!!!! And, you got a nice, low recoil caliber too.
  9. I can say that I am seeing more hens with babies than I have seen in quite a few years. Seemed like another wet nesting season, but it must have been dry and warm at the right time I guess.
  10. coonhunter

    Buzz Baits

    I use the Pop R a lot in the low light times of day. It's probably my favorite and most successful top water bait.
  11. Congratulations on that brute of a striper Chef. I have caught a bunch of them over the years, but never caught one that big. A true beauty and trophy.
  12. Man, 500 deer off your property. That is something to be proud of. It takes a long time for a number like that to come up. I imagine a ton of work and pride has gone into the property to keep the deer coming back every year. I can't wait to see a picture of the completed knife.
  13. Mine have all been the yellows. I have never seen a black one other than in pictures. I have found them around a few old, dead elms and old apple trees. These are the same areas I look every year, and this year they were abundant and good sized.
  14. G-Man, for whatever reason, I have found more morels in the last week than I ever have in my area. Nice, big ones too. Most years, I find enough for a meal or two over a two to three week span. This week, I have left more than that in the ground. I imagine next spring it will go back to normal.
  15. loworange88, the youngster may end up just like me when I was a pup. I loved sports, and absolutely loved fishing and the outdoors. Hell, quite a few of my early dates involved fishing. Keep giving him the opportunities, while he wants to do it. It has been a lifelong hobby for me.
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