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  1. I liked that video a lot. Interesting to see the reactions both ways.
  2. I cleaned up the yard and one garage. Then I got my ice fishing stuff all cleaned and put up for the year. I can tell you, I own way too much fishing stuff
  3. I'm like BowmanMike. I start my peppers, tomatoes, and some flowers inside. I do this so that I can get the peppers and tomatoes that I want, instead of whatever the nurseries have. Also, peppers seem to do a little better with a good start inside just to get a headstart on the hot weather.
  4. It was one of the best cards in awhile. I still can't believe the belt can change hands on a DQ. I thought it would just be vacant until they could fight again.
  5. I would split mine up with a 45/70 lever gun and a new turkey shotgun. The 45/70 is just a lot different than my other rifles. I have shot quite a few rounds through my buddie's Henry, and although it is a pretty stout recoil, it is a fun gun to shoot and packs a good wallop.
  6. Yup, it is so frustrating to watch them come right up and drop back down. I have been getting most of mine on small tungsten jigs as well. I guess if I had to pick a hot color, it would be pink and white tipped with spikes. I have been getting nice perch in the 10-12 inch range almost every outing. The crappies just seem all over the place. One time you catch 15-20 of them in an hour, and the next, I pick up a couple in three hours. Glad the perch and bluegills are cooperating a little better. It is just nice to be back out on the ice. Now I need a nice, strong young man to drag my
  7. Wow Treeguy, that sure is a beauty. I have been hit and miss on the crappies so far this year. They have been running big, but not as big as that. Are you getting them on a certain color, or are they all over the place like the ones I have been getting?
  8. Yup, seeing that more every year. People with houses on the lakes don't want you near their house I guess. Could be from scumbags littering or being loud. Not much we can do about it, but damn, sure would suck to be them if someone goes through and drowns.
  9. I have been talking about this with one of my ice fishing buddies. People just can't help themselves. They feel like some sort of hero posting a picture of a pile of fish they caught. And, they keep doing it day after day. The whole object of catching perch, bluegills, and crappies is to have some nice fresh fish dinners. My god! Keep a dozen and throw the rest back. No need for it to be an every day thing. It has reached the point that we only share our spots with a select few people because of the game hogs. I like being able to go to few places and know I will get some quality fish, a
  10. I go a lot. I have chased the ice a little this year, but I am good to go local now. I fish for crappies the most, but also enjoy going out for perch and walleye just to change it up. We actually don't eat a ton of fish, so I only keep some when my wife asks. She usually wants perch or walleye, but does like me to keep a good batch of crappies. She even goes out and sits in the heated shanty with me a few times a year, which is always a pleasure because she is not much for hunting and fishing. I go quite a bit by myself, but on the weekends, I like to get together with friends and go as a
  11. Treeguy, I can honestly say that I am most grateful for my dad taking me and teaching me the outdoors. It has stuck with me my whole life and I think your son is lucky to have you.
  12. I'm the same way Pygmy. All I know for sure is that some are red, some are orange, and some are green. And I shoot them out of an old westernfield with a mod choke.
  13. The car I have now is the first one that wasn't a standard. It's not horrible like they used to be, but I still lift my foot to push in the clutch quite often.
  14. It is amazing how old some of the country singers can get, and still sing just as well as when they were in their 20's.
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