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  1. coonhunter

    Fur and feathers

    Post this request in the small game section too. Someone may be able to set you up with some pheasant feathers as well.
  2. coonhunter

    Some 2018 Youth Hunt Photos

    Good to see that the girls are joining in on the fun and excitement. I have had mostly girls the last couple years. They shoot my 270 more than I do.
  3. coonhunter

    Been Waiting For This!

    Both of you enjoy your hunt together, and I hope she piles up a nice one to share with you.
  4. coonhunter

    Is technology helping or hurting the hunt.

    I am mix of old school and modern. I use my phone for work mostly, and that is only occasionally. If my wife didn't get me a smart phone, I honestly wouldn't have it. I am a face to face person, so I have never been a big fan of phones. I am not ignorant enough to not realize they are useful at times, but I am not one to live in my phone like it seems the majority of people do. That said, I love my kindle, and spend a ton of time reading 20 feet up in a tree. I also like to chat on walkie talkie with whoever is with me so I know when they leave the woods, shoot something and need help, or just to share a little information. Does any of this help or hurt me? Don't care. Like others, this is how I hunt. I have always had a book or magazine in the stand.
  5. coonhunter

    Favorite stand snack

    Hell, I have an extra pack for food and water. And that's not counting my thermos of coffee. I take two ham or roast beef and cheese sandwiches, two bottles of water and a bottle of juice if it is warm, some fruit, and some sort of candy. Some days I eat and drink it all, some days I have a lot left over. But, i can't stand sitting in a tree wanting a drink, or listening to my stomach growl.
  6. coonhunter

    are you into sports?

    I go to a ton of dirt modified races from April to October. Hit up a few bull riding events during the year also. As for watching on tv, I do a lot of recording and fastforwarding to watch football. I love hockey, but usually can't sit for a whole game until the playoffs. There never seems to be enough hours in the day for me to do the things i do, plus watch tv.
  7. coonhunter

    What'd You Forget?

    No hot hands for me yesterday. For some reason, last year I put the empty package back in the mesh side of my pack instead of my garbage container. The rain and cold had me reaching for them early, and it was a surprise to find an empty package.
  8. coonhunter

    first deer

    I do love seeing first timers with the huge smile on their faces. Happy for both of you.
  9. I will say that I probably got a little too much joy and laughter out of this.
  10. coonhunter

    peep size

    I am in the club of just draw, anchor, put the pin behind the shoulder, and fire. Until now, I have never even heard of using the housing for anything but holding my pins.
  11. coonhunter

    seggested reading for sitting in the stand

    I read a lot in stand. Used to be books, now it is a Kindle. I am an avid reader and i figure if i am going to be sitting there doing nothing most of the day, i might as well be reading.
  12. coonhunter

    2018 mushroom hunting

    Crappyrice good score on those hens. It has been a good year for mushrooms, but that is a really nice batch.
  13. coonhunter

    Luna and Kunox's Tracking Journal 2018

    I do love these stories and all the pictures when guys are finding shed antlers. But I will always be a sucker for a working dog, having trained several for coon and rabbits and hares. I appreciate the time and effort it takes to become a team.
  14. Pygmy, even my wife is laughing at that classic!!
  15. I spend from April to October going to as many dirt track races as I can on the weekends. During the week I enjoy fishing the southern tier rivers for walleyes after work off and on all spring and summer. I will say that with the heat this summer, I did a lot less fishing. Once the lakes ice up, I am ice fishing a lot, mostly for perch, crappie and bluegills. It is probably my favorite hobby now because I can get more interested in trying it out. And, I love getting kids out there running tip ups when the pike or pickeral are hitting minnows good. Nothing gets kids interested quicker than success and bigger fish.