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  1. coonhunter

    Geneva, NY is a pretty friendly little city...

    I used to go through Geneva to get to Stanley when I ran hounds in the competitions. I loved it out there because it is a lot flatter than where I'm from, and there was always a lot more coon. I met a lot of good people out there and won more than my fair share of money.
  2. coonhunter

    1st Time in Over 21 Years

    Wow! That is true master craftsmanship. I knew through reading your posts that you were very knowledgeable with old and modern hunting rifles and marksmanship, but had no idea that you were an expert making wooden arrows as well. You are truly a master at hunting weapons. Thanks for posting the pictures to give people like me a small view of the process.
  3. coonhunter

    2019 Fungi / Wild Eats

    I have already picked a bunch of leeks. This year is the most I have ever seen, and I always have a lot of them in my turkey spots. I made up a big pot of potato and leek soup, ate some, packaged some, and gave away a few bowls to friends.
  4. Storm, my turkey gun is just an old westernfield 12 guage my father used for deer hunting back when it was slug guns only. I shoot 25-30 yards with no issues with cheap, 2 3/4 turkey loads. Most shots are closer as I stay in the woods as much as possible when i turkey hunt, using terrain for getting closer shots.
  5. coonhunter

    Making diaphragm call cheaper now...

    Mowin, I did the same damn thing many years ago! I stick to the Quaker Boy calls because I know they are aluminum. What a sick feeling in the gut to hear that snap.
  6. coonhunter

    Do You Like To Team Up Or Spring Turkey Hunt Alone?

    I like to partner up and call for a buddy or a first timer. I have another buddy that we set up together for the fly down, and if things don't pan out, we go separate directions to make a go of it solo. He has a nice ridge, but damn, is it ever tiring walking it. He is probably the biggest diehard turkey hunter I know. Great spot to dig up a good batch of leeks too.
  7. coonhunter

    My New Turkey/Pheasant Pump Shotgun.

    You better get it ready Bill. I have the same gun and the darn thing kicked as bad or worse than my old 12 gauge westernfield, so i went back to the old reliable with 2 3/4 shells.
  8. Most of the snow in the open is gone or minimal. Still some drifts and snow in the woods. Piles of snow from plows is probably still there, but should be manageable.
  9. coonhunter

    Bear hunting with dogs in Canada video

    I have been at quite a few bear trees, and let me tell you, it's is a miracle that that bear treed close to the road. Most of the time it seems like, they are on the other side of a big beaver pond with no road on the other side. I love watching and listening to a pack of hounds working a bear track out to its conclusion. If it trees quick, it is usually a cub. For every quick tree, you will have a dozen long runs and some of those end up with no tree at the end, or you are scrambling to catch dogs before darkness sets in. Even if you have no intention of shooting a bear out of a tree, it is worth your time to go out a couple days with the hound hunters just to see the excitement and the hard work that is involved.
  10. coonhunter

    The Warriors-1979- Bathroom Fight vs Punks.

    Definitely an older movie, but it is still a good one. Couldn't even take a guess how many times I have watched this one.
  11. coonhunter

    How would you rate yourself as a turkey caller ?

    I consider myself pretty good at it, but when I hear my buddy working a diaphragm and a slate or box at the same time, I feel like a rank amateur. The best I can give myself is a 5 or 6.
  12. coonhunter

    Song Of The Day

    I have seen so many of these bands when I was a young buck. You could see most of those bands for 7-10 bucks when I was a teenager. All except AC/DC. We used to bitch because they cost 14! But, what a show they put on. We never missed them. You knew you were going home with your ears ringing, and you just couldn't wind down for quite awhile. They were the best show for show, never saw a bad one from them.
  13. coonhunter

    Back in the day

    Thanks Water Rat for digging around for all these memes. They do bring back a ton of childhood memories.
  14. coonhunter

    Reading Books In Our Off Time-- Becoming A Lost Art?

    Just ask my wife if I read a lot. I couldn't even guess how many books I have on shelves and packed in boxes. They are probably 90% fiction, with the majority of them being westerns and assassin books. William W. Johnstone is by far my favorite western author with a lot of Louis L' amour mixed in as well. The kindle is a savior for me. I still go back and read my paperbacks, but almost all of my new books are on the kindle. No more finding space for all my books because I probably read 100 books or maybe even more in a year.
  15. coonhunter

    Live From The Water 2019 Edition

    Now that is an absolute awesome day! I once hooked 8 and landed 6 in Altmar and I thought that was about as good as you could get from shore, but you more than doubled it.