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  1. The #'s are in..

    With a 20 ga. no less. That is an awesome load you dialed in.
  2. Turkey's Killed on Decline

    My area finally had a decent hatch and survival rate last year. We are seeing more turkeys this year than we have in quite awhile. It has just been year after year of wet springs for us. i thought last year was more of the same, but come the fall, we were seeing nick groups of hens and youngsters. As for guys running hounds, it is a dying sport. You can't run coonhounds without trespassing. In the old days, you would just leave your gun, get in and get your dogs, and get back to where you could hunt. Now, with all the professional deer hunters, you put your dogs and sometimes yourself in danger. I gave all my coonhunting up before my dog got treed on someone's property and they got it in their head to go out and shoot him. I had a few dogs that were worth more than some of my vehicles, and lets just say, I wouldn't have taken it well. Times and traditions change, and I had to change with them.
  3. Put some turkey loads on paper this morning.

    Those 3 1/2 shells are too much for me. My brother loves them, but he is about 75 pounds bigger than me. I went back to 2 3/4 a few years ago. All I remember is that they were Winchester and only cost 15 bucks for ten, and they shoot fine out of an old Westernfield with a modified choke at 30 yards and under.
  4. Woodcock

    Great job. They are the toughest little buggers for me to spot on the ground.
  5. Recommended Mouth Calls

    Unless I get them for a Christmas present, I always get the Quaker Boys with the aluminum "U" frame so I can bend it to fit better. I also trim a lot of them off. It is what works for me. I have never figured out how they claim the single reed calls are the easiest to use because they vibrate so much in my mouth that i can't use them. Best bet is to buy a pack of calls and try them out. The worst you will be is out $20.
  6. Back in my day......

    All I can say is I lived outdoors as much as possible. I pedaled bike all over to get to the river, the woods, or the park 5 miles away to play whatever sport was in at the moment. During trapping season I lived at my buddy's house and deer season he lived at my house. At 14 years old, we both made over $1000 on mink and muskrats. This was at a time when a good paying job in the area was a little over $200 a week. I wish i could tell you it was all spent wisely, but that would be a huge lie. I was a pain in the ass and got my share of whoopings. There were some memorable ones that my mom and I laugh about now. It didn't ruin my life like they claim nowadays. It was part of learning respect, manners, and that there were consequences for my actions. I can honestly say that I loved my childhood and teen years, and I feel sorry for the majority of youngsters today.
  7. There's a pretty good starting point even if a person doesn't agree with all this man said. Instead, like he says, nobody wants to work together to get to the reasons why this country is going to hell faster than I can remember ever happening. Instead, we keep getting feel good crap that does little to nothing to solve anything.
  8. What are you a sucker for.....

    Add me to the list for redheads. I also married one. I am also a sucker for the smell of gun smoke and race fuel.
  9. What are you a sucker for.....

    This may be a little more serious than was intended, but I am a sucker for kids having fun playing. No matter how bad a day I have, how tired and grouchy I am, or just down on the world in general, seeing and hearing young kids laughing and raising cain can make the troubles of the the day go away and a smile come to my face.
  10. Family Fun On The Farm "Ratting"

    That video was great. They were having a ball
  11. Family Fun On The Farm "Ratting"

    Man! Going to the dump to shoot rats was great. All the great things we did as kids that the youngsters today never get a chance to do
  12. Nice day for a sled hill

    When i was a kid, the 4-H Club and the church used to have family sledding parties at night. It was just outside of town with bonfires, food, drinks, and a ton of people. Somehow, I assume it was generators, we had lights. I just can't remember that part. There were snowmoblies and 3 wheelers with ropes with handles to drag all us kids back up the hill, and once the machines went down, we weren't allowed to go until they all got back. It was good, clean, family fun, and it is a fond childhood memory for me.
  13. Happy wife = no complaints when hunting

    I'll just say that I have a great wife. I hunt, fish, ice fish, and go to the races and demo derbies. It just is not in me to sit around and do nothing. But, this was well known before we got married. I make it up the best I can by taking her out to dinner during the winter every Friday night. She finds concerts or shows to go to, and checks with me to see if there is a special race or derby. Either way, I buy a couple tickets so she can go with me or a friend. We usually take a couple shows or PBR events and stay in a nice motel room for a night or two. Other than that, I hand out money for her and her friends to enjoy themselves while I am out with the boys. Not a day goes by that I don't remember how fortunate I am. We don't have a lot of money, but I make enough for our hobbies.
  14. 2017 live from the lake , ocean , pond , stream, river thread

    I'm done for now. Shores gave up Friday while we were at work. It's nice doing business with the bait shops, so they are nice enough to give me a heads up. Saved us travelling an hour and putting ourselves in danger. Tried a closer lake, but that was already open 6 feet around the shore. Might be done for the year, but I hope not.
  15. 2017 live from the lake , ocean , pond , stream, river thread

    Big Val, we were in the same boat yesterday on Eaton Brook. We Got on the ice just about sunrise, and couldn't hardly mark a fish in our normal spots. We were on foot, so I had to figure if it was worth a big move. From fishing open water in the past, I knew of a 5 foot shelf that doesn't show up on the maps, that rises up on a flat in between two steep drop offs. The only problem is that it is a lot deeper water than we usually find the perch at. We packed up and dragged our shanties out to it and immediately started marking fish. The only problem was they would follow but not bite no matter what we tried. I had a small batch of 4mm tungsten jigs that I just got that were smaller than anything we were trying. That was the ticket. We never caught a fish until 9:30. After that, we were in the perch heavy til we left at 3:00. And these were quality fish in the 11-13 inch range. I honestly believe we may not have caught a fish if it hadn't been for those little jigs.