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  1. One big thing that Grampy wrote is to stay off the blood trail. It seems like every time I go to help someone trail, I have to hunt for blood almost the whole way because they walked right in it. My best advice is to take your time. It is not a race. Always know where last blood is in case the deer circled back or turned off the trail. You can slowly circle the last blood until you pick the trail back up. Don't be afraid to take a couple minutes and study the woods in front of you, and off to both sides. If the deer is not dead, lots of times it will be bedded to the side waiting and watching. You may get a kill shot if you can spot it before it bolts.
  2. I prefer hunting with my bow. Gives me time to unwind and really relax. And, I like the up close aspect of it. For actual fun, I like the camaraderie in the regular season. I enjoy all the deer being killed and butchered up. I love all the first bucks and first deer, the good food, the beer drinking and card playing at night. Just a fun season.
  3. I'm in the same boat with G man. I like the setting up and moving around, trying to get a target buck in range without spooking him, or stinking up a set up. I enjoy helping others to succeed a lot more than myself, whether it be with bow or rifle. There is a good chance that I let walk the biggest buck I will see this year on Friday morning. It was the right choice for me because I am trying to get a kid from long island a shot at this buck. His father and the rest of the guys have been more than generous letting me bowhunt this farm that they lease for the very low cost of scouting and setting up a few stands for them. It is the least I can do as far as I'm concerned.
  4. 39 legal years of hunting for me. Like a lot of you who grew up in the country, I got quite a bit of experience before I turned 14 hunting with my dad. All I can say is that I sure am glad and feel fortunate that I grew up when I did. My family was never very well off, but I sure got to learn the woods and waters.
  5. Grouse, super glue and I have had a longstanding battle over the years. To this day, I don't know how it will end every time I have to use it. I have been stuck pretty bad quite a few times!
  6. Great job. Already showing he can keep his nerves in check long enough to make the shot.
  7. This is my favorite running post during the big game season. I will always enjoy hearing about a trainer and his dog working together to achieve a goal. Good luck to all three of you this season.
  8. Hopefully, whatever you get, you are better than me at remembering the damn thing. At least once or twice a season I leave my quiver up in the tree, or at the base of the tree when I am leaving. You would think it might happen once, but I do it every darn year.
  9. coonhunter


    Nice, both are quality fish
  10. Grouse, I take a lot of kids and newcomers hunting. Get yourself a good sized pop up. Put it up where you know you will see deer most of the time, and take her for a few 2 hour sits. She won't sit still for very long, she will talk, she will have to pee,well, you will be amazed at how much a kid has to say and do in a couple hours. Keep it short and sweet, and don't really plan on getting a deer. It is good to plan ahead. Have snacks for both of you to share. If you carry a thermos, get one for her and put whatever she will drink in it, so she can do the same as you. Find out if she wants to watch you kill a deer beforehand. If she does, be prepared to use up a tag when the opportunity comes because she will be begging you to shoot it. Some years, for the youth hunt, I will have two girls in the blind with me. It is usually a fiasco with them tee heeing on their phones, oohing and ahing when squirrels and turkeys come out. They always get a deer before we are done. Sometimes it takes a couple sits, and sometimes they will both score on the first morning. All I can say is that having kids along makes hunting so much more fun.
  11. Hey Biz, how did those yellow tomatoes come out? Were they too mild, or did they taste the same as the red ones?
  12. Nice! I haven't seen one in years.
  13. I still have my Bear "Lights Out". I threaten to get a new one every year, and never do because it works every time. Still use Beman with 75gr Muzzys at 62 pounds. Nothing fancy, but gets the job done. For rifle, I just use my Mossberg 100 ATR in .270 with 130gr Winchester, whatever the cheap, grey box is. This rifle is usually in the hands of a lady or youth hunter, as I usually only shoot a couple does during regular season. I always like to help others that are less experienced, or have little time because of work or little kids. And, I have a couple good sized pop ups that kids are always welcome to sit in with me and/or their mother. We always have a good time.
  14. I don't even have a clue how many deer and other animals I have butchered or been part of a group butchering. My father showed me how to skin and quarter before I was even old enough to legally hunt. I like the fact that I know there was no hair touching the meat, and it is definitely the right deer. I am also a firm believer in getting the backstraps out and in the house for someone to prep and get cooking while the deer is being quartered, so we can have some great eats before the final cutting gets done.
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