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  1. Guns you want to buy next.

    I keep threatening to buy a 45/70 just because it is completely different than anything else I have, and they are fun to shoot.
  2. In Hand? Hung? Or Just Laying To The Side?

    I am a hanger. I just sit back and relax in my stand. Once in awhile I will get a deer that sneaks in, but I just stay calm and wait for a chance to get my bow or gun down. I am high enough or hidden enough that I rarely have a deer spot me.
  3. Freaks of Four Seasons.

    That is a good post about the blood flow producing the massive antlers. For some reason that simple fact never registered with my thinking on great genetics.
  4. Live From The Water 2018 Edition!

    Wow! Two 10#s boated on the same day with family is about as good as you can do for trophies.
  5. Holy Heat wave

    Put me in the group that is not a fan of hot weather. I might bitch a little about shoveling and snowblowing, but very rarely do i complain about it being too cold. I can always put more clothes on in the cold, but hot weather like this, is just too much. It doesn't stop me from doing stuff, but it sure does slow it down.
  6. Live From The Water 2018 Edition!

    I'm jealous of you wooly, getting to take the kids out like that. They make fishing so much fun. Doesn't take long for the little ones to get the hang of things either. I like taking the little ones out ice fishing because there is usually lots of action, and always a chance of a nice one on a tip up. They love being in the shanty, and they love it when a flag goes up.
  7. Which hot dogs?

    As a matter of fact Turkeyfeathers, Webers is my favorite. There is another one i always pick up when i go up to Pulaski steelhead fishing that is a little darker.
  8. Let’s talk coolers

    I am a cheap person by nature. This last Saturday I had a Coleman in my trunk, in the direct sunlight, with my drinks and 1 bag of ice. It was in the 80's, and I dumped ice out when i got home at 10:00 that night. I know it didn't cost 100 bucks, but I can't remember exactly what the price was.
  9. Which hot dogs?

    I'm a Hoffman man. I love them bbq'd with sauerkraut, cheese, dill pickles, and a good horseradish mustard.
  10. 25 years ago

    I'm sure most of the world class mounts I have seen over the years were replicas. I wouldn't know for sure because I didn't ask, and I would never touch one. I'm not obsessed with them, but it is pretty cool to see the amount of antler it takes to get to 180+.
  11. 25 years ago

    I'm with you G man. I have always thought the Jordan buck was the most impressive rack i have ever seen. It's just a matter of personal preference I guess. I can remember a huge 11 point that Stan Potts got a long time ago that was another one that really impressed me.
  12. Every Which Way But Loose-- Lester vs Bikers.

    That sure was a great movie. Sad to say it sure was a long time ago, and I watched it at a drive in.
  13. One or the other

    I would give up the bow. As much as I enjoy hunting for the bigger bucks in bow season, I enjoy the company of gun season, getting new hunters out, helping old hunters get another buck, getting the kids involved and killing deer. Some move on to bow hunting, but most don't. I just like the idea of sharing success and helping hunters out plain and simple.
  14. Tying The Knot.....Literally

    Congratulations Rob. I don't know your new wife, but if she can put up with an outdoorsman, she is a special one. Women are plentiful, but great ones are tough to find.
  15. 2 Boxes For The Shelf Only.

    Nice ones Bill. It still amazes me how some of these guys can make a fully functioning call, and at the same time , make it a work of art.