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  1. Yup, seeing that more every year. People with houses on the lakes don't want you near their house I guess. Could be from scumbags littering or being loud. Not much we can do about it, but damn, sure would suck to be them if someone goes through and drowns.
  2. I have been talking about this with one of my ice fishing buddies. People just can't help themselves. They feel like some sort of hero posting a picture of a pile of fish they caught. And, they keep doing it day after day. The whole object of catching perch, bluegills, and crappies is to have some nice fresh fish dinners. My god! Keep a dozen and throw the rest back. No need for it to be an every day thing. It has reached the point that we only share our spots with a select few people because of the game hogs. I like being able to go to few places and know I will get some quality fish, and a lot of them to spread out between us. Or I can take kids to these spots and keep them interested. I have no problem with people using the resources available to us, but if they are throwing out freezer burnt fish or meat, they are keeping too much. Any fish I keep are eaten that night or the next day. This topic is a little bit of a sore subject for me, and I pretty much mind my own business. This nonsense of feeling important because you post a bunch of pictures on facebook is stupid. There are several on this site that I dare say catch as many or more fish as these people, post some quality pictures, keep what they need for a meal or two, or throw them all back. Instead of showing off to all their facebook buddies, they ought to find a few kids, newcomers, or even oldtimers that can't get out like they used to, and get them out on the lakes in the Summer, or the ice in the winter.
  3. I go a lot. I have chased the ice a little this year, but I am good to go local now. I fish for crappies the most, but also enjoy going out for perch and walleye just to change it up. We actually don't eat a ton of fish, so I only keep some when my wife asks. She usually wants perch or walleye, but does like me to keep a good batch of crappies. She even goes out and sits in the heated shanty with me a few times a year, which is always a pleasure because she is not much for hunting and fishing. I go quite a bit by myself, but on the weekends, I like to get together with friends and go as a group with cooking and drinking and just plain enjoying ourselves. I also have a few kids that like to come out and wait for the tip ups to go off. That's about the only time I even put out tip ups.
  4. Treeguy, I can honestly say that I am most grateful for my dad taking me and teaching me the outdoors. It has stuck with me my whole life and I think your son is lucky to have you.
  5. I'm the same way Pygmy. All I know for sure is that some are red, some are orange, and some are green. And I shoot them out of an old westernfield with a mod choke.
  6. The car I have now is the first one that wasn't a standard. It's not horrible like they used to be, but I still lift my foot to push in the clutch quite often.
  7. It is amazing how old some of the country singers can get, and still sing just as well as when they were in their 20's.
  8. I saw and talked with him at the Courtland Country Music Park years ago. I enjoyed listening to him perform.
  9. I stopped at the farm that the lease guys let me bowhunt on. The first Sunday they had 20 bullets between 6 of them. I gave the two guys six .270 shells, which was all I had on me. That got them up to five a piece.
  10. William W Johnstone has a series called The First Mountain Man that is pretty good too.
  11. There are people around me that are scrambling and begging for shells of all calibers. Store shelves are bare and stay that way from the looks. I can't imagine all the city people coming up that usually buy their license and shells tomorrow night.It is usually a huge line at walmart and they have nothing for deer rifle or shotgun shells.
  12. Since I will have a non climbing lady guest, we will be in a portable blind. We will set up in a tried and true spot that is on a saddle overlooking some medium thick thorn apples on one side. The good side is a large finger of hemlocks that leads into some thick, bedding area brush and trees. It is about 80 yards to the hemlocks, and the deer like to travel right up the edge or just inside the trees. Lots of easy shooting before they get to the thick stuff. The other side with the thorn apples has some open spots for shooting as long as they stop. Then it is semi open hardwoods with enough open spots that you can usually get a good shot. The woman has a buck and a doe tag, and I already told her she can shoot what she wants. She will be using my rifle because she likes it and has scored with it before. Pretty low odds of me even picking the gun up because I plan on dragging one or two deer out of the woods because she has shot at two deer with my gun, and both dropped in a heap. Good luck to everyone and enjoy yourselves. Hunt how you like and shoot whatever the hell you want. Don't let other peoples' standards take the enjoyment away from shooting a nice , young buck or a nice fat doe. For me, rifle season is helping others get there deer. It's been years since I shot a buck with a gun. I usually just fill a doe tag and maybe a D-Map if the landowner has a bunch left. I enjoy the excitement and fun, and even the work of helping out friends that struggle to get a deer.
  13. Dark Passage by Richard S Wheeler. It is a book in the Barnaby Skye series set in the days of the beaver trapping times in the beginning of the settling of this country It's not bad and I will probably read a couple more.
  14. Northcountryman, I have used baking soda for over 30 years. Most of my shooting is inside 50 yards whether it is with a bow or a rifle because I hunt in a lot of thick areas that others don't like. It has always seemed to work well for me.