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  1. You better get it ready Bill. I have the same gun and the darn thing kicked as bad or worse than my old 12 gauge westernfield, so i went back to the old reliable with 2 3/4 shells.
  2. Most of the snow in the open is gone or minimal. Still some drifts and snow in the woods. Piles of snow from plows is probably still there, but should be manageable.
  3. coonhunter

    Bear hunting with dogs in Canada video

    I have been at quite a few bear trees, and let me tell you, it's is a miracle that that bear treed close to the road. Most of the time it seems like, they are on the other side of a big beaver pond with no road on the other side. I love watching and listening to a pack of hounds working a bear track out to its conclusion. If it trees quick, it is usually a cub. For every quick tree, you will have a dozen long runs and some of those end up with no tree at the end, or you are scrambling to catch dogs before darkness sets in. Even if you have no intention of shooting a bear out of a tree, it is worth your time to go out a couple days with the hound hunters just to see the excitement and the hard work that is involved.
  4. coonhunter

    The Warriors-1979- Bathroom Fight vs Punks.

    Definitely an older movie, but it is still a good one. Couldn't even take a guess how many times I have watched this one.
  5. coonhunter

    How would you rate yourself as a turkey caller ?

    I consider myself pretty good at it, but when I hear my buddy working a diaphragm and a slate or box at the same time, I feel like a rank amateur. The best I can give myself is a 5 or 6.
  6. coonhunter

    Song Of The Day

    I have seen so many of these bands when I was a young buck. You could see most of those bands for 7-10 bucks when I was a teenager. All except AC/DC. We used to bitch because they cost 14! But, what a show they put on. We never missed them. You knew you were going home with your ears ringing, and you just couldn't wind down for quite awhile. They were the best show for show, never saw a bad one from them.
  7. coonhunter

    Back in the day

    Thanks Water Rat for digging around for all these memes. They do bring back a ton of childhood memories.
  8. Just ask my wife if I read a lot. I couldn't even guess how many books I have on shelves and packed in boxes. They are probably 90% fiction, with the majority of them being westerns and assassin books. William W. Johnstone is by far my favorite western author with a lot of Louis L' amour mixed in as well. The kindle is a savior for me. I still go back and read my paperbacks, but almost all of my new books are on the kindle. No more finding space for all my books because I probably read 100 books or maybe even more in a year.
  9. coonhunter

    Live From The Water 2019 Edition

    Now that is an absolute awesome day! I once hooked 8 and landed 6 in Altmar and I thought that was about as good as you could get from shore, but you more than doubled it.
  10. coonhunter

    I need to up my compass navigation skills

    A compass is a coonhunter's best friend. For years, that is all I used to get back to my vehicle in the dark. Sometimes I would be way in there, but a compass would always get me back to the road I entered on. As long as you had some sort of landmark, like a pond, hill, field, or even a logging road, i could come out reasonably close to my car. Once the handhelds came out, and I finally took the time to figure one out, I switched to that, but still always had a ball compass on my coat for back up.
  11. coonhunter

    Old Saying's

    He's as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.
  12. coonhunter

    Knife Steel

    I think you did a pretty good job with the video. You spoke clearly and I could understand you perfectly. Post up some more as you make them, if you get the time. I think you have a darn good voice for these types of informational videos.
  13. coonhunter

    What is this ? Bright and shiny

    I know it!!!! Sure is nice to see the sun a couple days. I think that is the reason for the winter blahs. All the trees are bare and it is dark and dreary most of the winter. Get some blue skies and the sun shining, and almost everyone's mood improves.
  14. coonhunter

    Whole Forum Meet Up Dates

    People need to remember that high school graduations are late in June and maybe the beginning of july. Hate for people to make plans and then get an invite for family members that are graduating. I plan to make it for a few hours no matter what the dates. It is always nice to meet people that are like minded about hunting and fishing and the outdoors in general.
  15. What a disappointment. I have to admit that I thought Lawler was out in real time, but obviously, he was just going limp to relieve pressure from his head and jaw. Askren took a beating when he got dumped on his head, but he looked to have the fight back under control. What a sportsman Robbie is though. took it like a man and shook Herb Dean's hand.