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  1. To me it is a huge amount. You guys obviously make a ton more money than me. $1700 would set me and my family back a couple months to catch up. By no means am i condoning jacking deer, but that is a big amount for shooting a deer from a car.
  2. All I can say about my hunt today is," Where the hell are all the hunters?! " I heard one shot all day. Deer were moving great long into the morning. Weather was chilly, but not bitter. I just don't get it. I saw over 20 deer today from stand, including 4 different bucks. And that is not including all the deer I saw driving home. I was hunting my own land that anyone can hunt if they ask. It's just a thick, 3-4 acre swamp with some apple, oak, and beech trees on a small ridge above it. It's just so frustrating that fewer and fewer people are enjoying a sport that a family or a group of friends can all do together.
  3. coonhunter

    Visual or audio?

    I prefer audio by a mile. I rarely hunt where i can see good enough to shoot more than about 60 yards. I like when I see a deer, it is already in range, or close to it. This year has been wet most of bow season, and snow most of gun season, so the hearing them coming hasn't worked out too well. In all honesty, i think I get more excited hearing them coming than i do when I actually see them.
  4. coonhunter

    Why.....why do you stay?

    My wife is the only thing keeping me here. Her parents are both alive and in good health, so here I will stay. She puts up with a lot out of me, so this is one price I pay to even it out a little.
  5. Thanks Halfnelson for reminding me how old I am. Loved the video, but I can't remember ever seeing Mick Jagger that young! Man that was a long time ago, and the song sure does apply to hunting.
  6. coonhunter

    Give King Andy your Facebook Password

    I can't believe all the people that think this is a good idea. A local news station had a facebook post and there were several people that thought it was a perfect way to find terrorists and whackos. Just writing the "whacko" would probably flag me for something so I couldn't get a gun.
  7. coonhunter

    Early hard winter?

    I will agree with wishing the temps were a little colder so the snow was light instead of a sloppy mess. I love winter, but like the lakes to freeze up with solid, black ice like last year. The driving through slop and having to clean it up after work is not fun at all. This year has been my year to be wet in the stand, whether it be rain or snow. Saturday I got a little greedy thinking the rain was going to hold off. Nope, I was soaked almost through by about 4:00. I'm pretty good about not getting cold, but that was the second time this year I have been cold sitting on stand.
  8. coonhunter

    Amazon Fishing

    Thanks for taking the time to tell this story and put up some nice pictures.
  9. I sat all day in 7M on my old stomping grounds. Finally I saw a couple decent bucks. They were strictly on a feed mode, eating a mix of apples and brier leaves. Does were in the same area and they didn't even go near them. I didn't see a deer until 9:30, and then I saw 11 from then until 1:00 with 3 of them being bucks. Then it died off until a little after 3:00. From then until quitting time I saw I saw 8 with two bucks being repeats from earlier, and probably the others were repeats as well. Darn near perfect day for sitting with mild temps and wind. I heard a few shots as I was walking out, and they were the only shots all day.
  10. coonhunter

    Shoot or pass?

    Right choice by far. If you doubted the success, you were absolutely making the right decision. I have lost a couple hunting buddies due to me wasting a day tracking down their piss poor decision to take shots like this. My honest opinion is that at least 3/4 of the wounded deer stories are from people that feel they have to shoot, whether it is a bow or gun. Lots of times there just isn't a shot, or they shoot too soon because of pressure they put on themselves. The two biggest bucks I ever saw from a stand I had to let walk due to brush on one, and the other went by 3 times chasing a doe and would not even slow down even though I yelled at him the third time. Brush and running deer don't match with a bow at all. Let your buddies run their pie holes, you know you are right in this case.
  11. coonhunter

    I buried my dog Maximilien today

    Sorry for your loss Goosifer. Sometimes it's tougher to lose a dog than you ever thought possible. They are a part of your life for so long it is almost the same as losing a family member. One thing is that you always have lots of fond memories to draw on. My family has lost two in the last 5 years and it was tough to go through.
  12. coonhunter


    The real t chill, they are the exact ones. I am 5'6" and the small fit me perfect, nice and tight, but big enough if that helps at all for a size guess. The weather I don't think will make them soak through. I have pulled fish from the hole and not had them soak through. I like them because you can still use your hands without a bunch of bulkiness, and if your hands start to get cold, just put them in your pocket or muff with the handwarmers.
  13. coonhunter


    Clam Ice Gear makes a thin, knit glove that works pretty well. I can't remember what model they are, but you will be able to tell when you see them. They are waterproof to an extent, reasonably warm, you can still get heat from handwarmers if needed, and you can shoot with them on. I remember they were pretty pricey, but I am glad I bought them.
  14. coonhunter

    My deer

    Good for you Paula. Glad you had some success early in the season. Maybe you can double up with a buck now! Good to see another woman shooting a .270 for deer. A lot of girls and women have used my .270 to shoot deer for the youth season and gun season. None have had issues with the recoil, and never had an issue with stopping power.
  15. coonhunter

    Antler restriction

    Like crossbows, antler restrictions are a touchy subject. Both sides have strong opinions on the subject. You have every right to state your case and others have the right to back you up or disagree. It would be simple if everyone would do it voluntarily, but with time so valuable for a lot of people now a days, it doesn't always work out. you are at the mercy of your neighbors to some extent. Wait until you start to see a few 2 1/2 year old 8 or 10s, and harvest a few. Then, you get to thinking about letting them go another year, and the neighbors shoot them because they have never gotten a nice buck like that. That's when it really starts to punch you in the guts. It is fun as hell, but it is a slow and sometimes painful process. Good luck and I hope it all works out for you.