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  1. 2017 live from the lake , ocean , pond , stream, river thread

    Nice mixed batch of fish. I wish I had a youngster to drag my shanty yesterday. We went to a new place yesterday and had a long drag out. Come to find out, people were parking about 50 yards from where we were fishing in a little side pull-off that we didn't know about. We did get into a big batch of 10-12 inch perch, with my brother's girlfriend catching the most by being patient while we drilled holes trying to stay on fish.
  2. 2017 live from the lake , ocean , pond , stream, river thread

    I'm right there with you on loving ice fishing. My brother and I have had some great luck this year already. Seems nice to have good ice early, and it has stayed so far. For the first time ever on Sunday, my heater wouldn't work because we had a long drag at -1, and the propane bottle got too cold. I had to put it in my coveralls and then shake the hell out of it. Thankfully it fired up and we were able to stay out.
  3. What's your dream outdoor trip?

    Funny thing for me is that it isn't even a hunt that I would like to do. I would like to go to Alaska to fish salmon and halibut. At the same time, I would like to see the giant bears working the rivers for salmon.
  4. I tell people," Don't worry so much about killing a deer that you forget to enjoy the hunting and friends."
  5. Iced gold

    It's supposed to warm up this week too, so other than water on the ice, the fishing will continue to get better and more comfortable outside the shanty. We will be after perch this weekend on a couple small lakes/reservoirs. We have a bunch of crappies in the freezers and it is time to get a couple good batches of perch and a few walleyes.
  6. Marty Stouffers "Wild America"

    Paula, I always loved his voice too. He was a great narrator for his own show.
  7. Can dogs withstand this cold weather ?

    I had hounds and beagles for years. Most of them wanted no part of being in the house. Fresh hay/straw and a good doghouse is what they wanted. There were a few that came in and stayed when it was cold, but most just wanted to stay in there coops. I worried about it a lot more than the dogs did. I can say that these were working dogs, and in some cases, worth a few thousand bucks. They were on high quality food, and they were working dogs that were used to the outside. The little dog we have now is worth about 50 cents, and I have to put a coat on her and she can't take the cold for more than 5-10 minutes.
  8. Good hr. Of fishing.

    That's a nice darn day. We haven't been after the perch yet because we have been hitting the crappies really well. We will get after the perch and walleyes soon.
  9. Another Gut Pile - Bone Yard - Scavenger Thread

    Oh, and Curmudgen, I have always enjoyed the hell out of all the pictures you post for the studies.
  10. When I fill my car up, I always but a ticket for whichever one is higher.
  11. Another Gut Pile - Bone Yard - Scavenger Thread

    Well Curmudgen, I have to go with the expert, especially when you have pictures to show me. I will have to go back to never seeing a golden yet. I have no idea why I thought this one was any different from the other ones we have seen over the years.
  12. Another Gut Pile - Bone Yard - Scavenger Thread

    Curmudgen, if this was a bald eagle, it had no white on its chest or head. I am far from an expert and maybe their chests darken up before their heads turn white. I was 40 yards away with binos, and even with it being in the river bottom during a snow squall, I was sure it was a golden eagle. The color sure looked right even with snow sitting on its back. But, mistakes happen. I know it was the first time I ever thought I saw one, and we see balds almost every week flying the river. Even today we saw a couple of immatures go flying through heading south towards rt. 8.
  13. Another Gut Pile - Bone Yard - Scavenger Thread

    Curmudgeon, two weeks ago we saw a golden eagle in a dead tree right beside the river in Sidney at work. We frequently see bald eagles there, so we assumed it was an immature bald. After a few minutes I was thinking it was huge to be an immature bald, and I got out some binoculars. I was right. It was the first golden eagle that I have knowingly seen.
  14. Off Hand Shooting Technique

    This is a tough one for me. I have always been good at it, and to try and break it down as to the why and how, I don't know. I can say that I never even shot a rifle with a scope until I had shot thousands and thousands of bb's, pellets, and .22 shells through open sights. Hell, probably the first hundred woodchucks and squirrels were with open sights. Once I had a scope on a .22 and a .22 mag, I couldn't believe how far a person could shoot and be right on the money. I guess my advice is practice a lot, and find out what is comfortable to you, and works. Hit a wall that you feel is inadequate, get someone there with you that is good at shooting offhand. There is a good chance they can pick something small that you are doing to get going ahead again. And, clear your head. Shells are cheap and you can get more. Don't let a bad session get you down.
  15. Staying home for New Years or party hardy

    My wife and I are going out to Texas Roadhouse with friends which is nice because we all work different hours and it is not often that we get to do adult stuff all together. Funny part is that the men don't drink, so we will be the babysitters for the women after they have a few cocktails.