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  1. LOL, that ol Fletch magic works. I will try it next year!
  2. I mean to entertain, LOL. was so warm out i went in light, my drag strap we in my backpack in the truck! Improvise!
  3. I love my vortex 10 x 32's compact, but clear and great field of view.
  4. Same today in 7A-only 4 hr sit NADT (not a dam thing), excluding a black squirrel
  5. You know, small bladders suck for hunting! LOL
  6. Lots of nice deer the last couple of days on here, congrats to all of you!
  7. So, I'm waiting on any plastic trash bagS over the socks reports!
  8. A friend sent this pic. Chittenago, I'm just sharing.
  9. is there anyone else trying to find their snow shoes for tomorrow?
  10. Congrats on an amazing deer. thats going to be one debateable score. Lets us know what they come up with!