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  1. Fletch: Post of the day yesterday! way to gut it out-great local deer!
  2. 14 deg. on way in, not much warmer on the way out 1/2hr. ago. NADA, NADT, i never did like stand hunting after a full moon, this reminds me why, i never had any luck on these days. I know studies say they move the same, just not sure i believe that.
  3. my entry into this topic. 2000 gun buck-21 inch inside spread
  4. Now this is interesting, never thought about shooting WITHOUT my camo turkey hat (ball cap style) with the drop down face netting within it. In fact i panic if i think i have temporarily misplaced it. When cover is heavy, net is always down and you have to move for them to make you providing you covered your profile properly. If i get caught with netting up, deer wins. I guess i have adjusted because i practice with hat, have killed 100% of my bow and crossbow kills with this hat and wouldn't be in woods without it.
  5. My apologies Hockey-I was asking for a picture from the front-straight on! I guess was not very clear! LOL
  6. Great Job Rebel, sure changes tone of this forum to what it needs to be! Thank You!