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First Deer of the Season


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I guess its a little late to be getting my first deer of the season haha but here's the story

I was hunting behind my house in a little 4 acre wood patch. I know the deer are back there, but I hadn't scouted the area since bow season. I sat back there for about an hour and a half and didn't see anything. It was about 3:30 pm and I got a call from a friend of mine. He said he saw a doe across the street from where I was hunting. I knew I had to move really fast since there was only and hour left of sunlight. I got over there around 3:50 and saw the doe. She was on the bottom of a ridge and I was on top. The wind was perfect and she didn't smell me. I put the crosshairs of the 68 yr old rem. 870 on her chest and fired. But I forgot that when shooting downhill, your apt to shoot over. So I missed the first shot. She trotted maybe 15 yds and I let another one go. She jumped litterally 5 feet in the air and I knew I hit her good. I watched her bed down and figured she was dying. I waited 15 minutes or so and tracked her to the bed. She was dead. Not a huge doe, but hey theres only one weekend left in the season. I'm content with at least getting a deer this season

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