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  1. What a great weekend to be in the woods. Beautiful weather. Zero deer seen Friday, Saturday or Sunday. All three days sunup to sunset sits. If been saying if for years East Otto doesn’t have the deer it used to.
  2. Don’t be surprised when you have bones in a trap. Those nasty MFers are cannibals.
  3. Drove from Buffalo to Binghamton and back to Buffalo today. Deer splattered all over today. Be careful on two wheels.
  4. Bucks were really moving last night I almost hit 4 on my way in. So far a buck chasing a doe blew by . What a gorgeous day to be in the woods!
  5. Gore mark from a bigger buck?
  6. Bucks are on their feet this morning chasing does. Finally seeing deer.
  7. Anyone else hunting 9M (East Otto) very challenging so far. Worst I have seen it in the 30 years I’ve hunted here.
  8. Kicked up a fawn on the way out this afternoon. Only deer seen.
  9. Very frustrating day. Sat at the far end of my property and neighbors were sighting in guns and ripping wheelers. Picked up and moved to the other side. Other neighbor was working on something had music blasting and ripping wheelers. Gave up went back to the cabin . Restart tomorrow.
  10. Sat last night and all day today. Still haven’t seen a deer. One owl and 6 squirrels. I haven’t even seen a track on my 94 acres and cams are dry. Not the East Otto I am accustomed to.
  11. I had my first sit of the year yesterday. It was a great feeling. I only seen one deer a single 4pt.
  12. At least he doesn’t have an ass like this.
  13. You would think that the DEC could come up with a better map to display. I get the confusion. I had the same question.
  14. Done! I also sent it around .
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