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  1. Welcome. You will find a lot of land down in southern tier catt county( east Otto franklinville zoar valley). Up north Niagara co has some nice spots as well. Pendleton off of bear ridge has some public usually crowded around the first week of deer season though. Alabama swamps has good amount of land but have heard some crazy stories about run ins with some of the natives up there though! Good luck!
  2. Very interesting I like the whole being able to keep your powder dry. This would probably eliminate miss fires!
  3. @Chef. Officially won the internet today with the ben Franklin post. Thank you sir that was awesome!
  4. Have you ever watched roger raglan? He does most of his hunting from the ground! Maybe you can pick up a tip or two from watching him.
  5. I love my cams just to know what’s out there is great. I run cameras for security purposes also.
  6. I’m not going to lie I’m pretty excited about this. Looks like we will start a new new year tradition!
  7. I’m not going to lie I’m pretty excited about this. Looks like we will start a new new year tradition!
  8. I hear you on the salt water fishing. It totally ruined fresh water fishing for me!
  9. I have my own land also. I will probably hunt it hard during bow and after the gun opener. After the gun opener seeing a deer around my area is very bleak. From my understanding is she would do rounds around the land to make sure nobody hunted it. She was a tough woman! Here’s to hoping I guess!
  10. Any member ever hunt down in Kennedy Chautauqua county? My buddies mom recently passed and left him the house and 140 acres. My buddy does not hunt and said go ahead and hunt just share the meat. The land has never been hunted in the 43 years my buddy has been alive. What I’m basically asking is good deer numbers? Only thing he says lots of bears!
  11. So sorry for your loss. Not looking forward to the day I have to do it!
  12. I haven’t seen this posted here yet so here it is. What a stud. https://www.fieldandstream.com/story/hunting/bowhunter-sets-new-york-buck-record/
  13. Is this a farm deer? If you do kill a farm deer will it count in being counted in the record book?
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