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  1. Cory

    Colorado hunting changes.

    Yes there are some units like down south in Colorado that have very low elk population where it is a draw. You are correct in the northern zone where I hunt is all otc. Last year when I walked into the cabelas in Colorado I didn’t have to specify what unit I was hunting.
  2. Cory

    Colorado hunting changes. ....
  3. Cory

    Colorado hunting changes.

    All bull tags are over the counter and good for any area!
  4. Cory

    2 million dollar pistol

    I have the 2 million ! Now only if I could get a pistol permit!
  5. Cory

    Colorado hunting changes.

    We hunt 25-26 and 34 up north outside of eagle. No guide all public lands!
  6. Hey guys for anyone who was thinking of going out for a hunt this year they have implemented some new license rules they may have priced me out of my yearly trip out west. The price of a deer buck or doe is $396.75, cow elk &496.75 bull elk $661.75. All non resident fees. $10 habitat stamp plus a $9 non resident processing fee that is new. If you are denied your license application all but the $10 habitat stamp , $9 processing fee plus an additional $15 return processing fee. But wait that’s not the kick in the balls. You now have to purchase a qualifying license to even apply for a license that is non refundable. The qualifying license are a spring turkey license for non resident is $151.75, or a non resident small game license for $81.75 you do not have to buy a qualifying license if you only pick up an over the counter bull tag. So if you were or are thinking of heading out some info to pass on. Add your plane fare plus lodging food car. Etc. I don’t have to pay for any car lodging or food due to hunting with family and friends it’s the license cost that maybe getting me. I might just finally give it up heading to Colorado and just start heading to Tennessee to deer hunt. My buddy moved from Florida and bought a couple hundred acres on the Alabama Tennessee border that he keeps asking me to come down.
  7. Cory

    Busy Day in the NFL

    Full swing , I like what you did their sir good job!
  8. I watched . The game is what I expected very unpolished. Qb position from the 3 games I seen was very poor. I’m just glad we have football during the nfl off season. I’m not a hockey guy and can’t stand basketball. Lacrosse is awesome but gets no exposure. The one thing I really like is players having somewhere to showcase talents where before they had nothing. I hope the league survives!
  9. Link won’t open
  10. The strength he possessed was uncanny.
  11. Cory

    Coyote hunting

    Western coyotes are small and straggly looking. IMO eastern coyotes have a more uniqueness to them!
  12. Cory

    Great Day Today, What'd YOU Do?

    My boy is seven he would probably smear it in his face like he was doing with the mud.... I don’t know where he gets these crazy ideas
  13. Cory

    Great Day Today, What'd YOU Do?

    Picked up massive amount of dog shit the snow uncovered for me.
  14. Cory

    Time to lose the weight

    I’ll start a new thread tomorrow and tag you .
  15. Not to bad in downtown buffalo right now. Here is a picture from my job site. Sorry it’s sideways I have no idea why it does that!