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  1. If you build a gun do you have to register it?
  2. He’s doing what every politician does he’s catering to the higher ups to get money. As soon as this is over he will be back to bashing Trump and taking guns!
  3. Looks like my job site in Pennsylvania is getting shut down! Silver lining is the wood shed will be filled super early!
  4. I’ve been on the road working in Peters township Pennsylvania and no talk of us shutting down but they did just shut down the shell cracker plant down here. Wife is a nurse and can’t leave the kids home alone so she has been off.
  5. I leave a camera up all year more less for security reasons to see who comes down my driveway! Good healthy doe heard a beautiful coyote and let me know if anyone knows the tresspassing scum! Also a cool picture of me driving up the driveway imo!
  6. I’m going to save my money because I’m in the market for the ultra rare “AR-14”!
  7. Everything those stores have to offer can be purchased online thru Amazon . But if amazon can’t beat their price, then take the add to a competitor and they will match. Screw those commie bastards!
  8. I am since I’m laid up with the flu. I like some of these rules especially allowing the quarterback to be hit. Austin proehl drafted by the bills a couple years back looks good for Seattle. I’ve noticed a lot of ex bills in this league. Must be why we sucked for so many years!
  9. I did something similar my boy loves him so baseball.
  10. Congrats. But let’s be honest here. You shipped it to work so the wife didn’t find out.
  11. You guys made me hungry. I’m not attending any party’s or watching the Super Bowl this year. My flight leaves Tampa at 730 and I land at 1030 in Pittsburgh for work.
  12. My stomach is flat the L is silent!
  13. Tasco at wal mart 28.99 I have 12 of them and they work fantastic.