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  1. My hands always get wet when I put them in the muff........ I need to see a deer I’m getting loopy....
  2. Awesome. I love my pit bull . She is the biggest baby on earth. Not a mean bone in her body. I hate the wrap that breed gets. It’s all in how you raise them. He’s a beauty I’m jealous.
  3. From my experience if your shooting from a treestand practice from an elevated platform the bolts seem to shot differently than from on the ground. Good luck! what part of the state are ya hunting?
  4. Guess I should’ve seen that coming lol... my old man worked in prisons for 35 years. Him and his CO buddies would’ve been more PC.
  5. It is such a tease working at this site. Deer and turkey run all day thru here. Good luck to who is lucky enough to be out on this gorgeous morning.
  6. The biggest buck I have ever seen was out that way in Geneseeo . I was about 12 and my dads jail buddies were pushing this patch of woods and out he came. My old man missed with the smoke pole. First and only time I seen him literally cry. It’s was on Monasteries land if any of you guys know where that is out there. Man what a deer! They do have some bruisers out that way.
  7. Who cares it’s for the kids use the stand. Don’t ask don’t tell! Just like the army use to be.
  8. Exactly! Who remembers wins unless it’s the end game with a world championship.
  9. I have never tried but always wanted to. But then again i don’t process my own deer and the butcher skins them in less than 5 minutes. But in Colorado you must skin the animal before you drop it off or they charge you like 100 bucks.
  10. This one only . This is the facetweet and instabook. I don’t do those other sites .
  11. @turkeyfeathers I promise to make it too the next forum get together and buy you a pint of whatever frosty beverage you desire.
  12. As soon as he calls me back hopefully I can make it mine.
  13. Still hunt under the same cherry tree I’ve hunted since I was 12 opps I mean 16. I missed a lot of deer from under that tree.