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  1. Live From The Woods 2017 edition!

    Just boarded the plane off for my yearly elk trip to Colorado. It's supposed too be cold cold cold.... teens and 20's in the mornings. Good luck to everybody! Hope to see some pics of some members with some big boys on the ground when I return. KNOCKEM DOWN!!!!!!
  2. Awesome!!!! I watched a 10 and a 12 for 45 minutes last weekend push each other around in a field. It was absolutely amazing.
  3. I feel your pain bud some scumbag stole 2 of mine last year also.
  4. Interesting broadhead find.

    I have them! I have never killed anything with them but they are a great flyer.
  5. New plot deer picts

    Most likely unless he got lucky and spread his jeans.
  6. Driving today and seen this guy about 500 yards out. Glad I had my camera sorry laptop has a virus so had to take a cellphone shot of my camera.
  7. fellow military veterans

    Us ARMY 04-09 ft Campbell camp Humphries soel Korea and the sand box. 15-S attack helicopter repair.
  8. I wish I got vacation its no work no pay for this union sprinkler fitter. Yeah that's right a union without vacation.
  9. I'm a baseball umpire and yesterday I umpired Brandon Phillips son in a tournament. Let me tell you I've never seen a 12 year old hit a ball like he did. Great genetics.
  10. Seroiosly

    What is horrible is someone from the scumbags family will sue and get millions in a wrongfull death suite.
  11. Most recoil in any gun you've shot ?

    Mine is a gun that isn't shouldered but mounted. 50. Cal what a weapon squeeze the trigger and hold on. That was my favorite weapon when I was in the U.S. ARMY.
  12. Water level has receded

    Are these dates correct? Its odd to see a buck still holding his head gear!
  13. Camping World buys Gander Mountain

    I went to the Tonawanda store yesterday and it was packed. I have no idea why so many people in the checkout lines the deals are not deals. They jacked their prices up and put 20% off stickers on them. I recently purchased a pair of keen boots for work for $90 from there and the price on them yesterday was $139. Treestands were jacked up also. Maybe give it another try a couple days before the lights are officially turned off.
  14. All time best movies

    1. Platoon 2. Any Rambo movie.
  15. Who cares what he scores he's a Trophy!