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  1. Tasco at wal mart 28.99 I have 12 of them and they work fantastic.
  2. I mean being able to shoot in a residential area without swat being called
  3. Wish NY would open a rat season. But I’m not eating them...
  4. 1 small piebald spike taken by my cousin. 1 deer in 95 acres. Had chances but not what I was looking for. 9 short months and we get to do it all over!
  5. Excalibur crossbows are the best! Lightest and most durable. You will bling be disappointed.
  6. Wondering if anyone is in the East Otto area has a bulldozer? I need my driveway to my cabin done. It’s seriously like a tank path.
  7. i have been looking into straight talk wireless. Phones are very under priced. I don’t need top of the line phone. Price is very comparable with spectrum as well. They use Verizon towers as well as spectrum so there shouldn’t be a drop off in coverage. I’m just nervous to switch! I currently pay 298 a month for 2 smart phones a dumb phone and an I pad.
  8. They don’t offer phone insurance or I would’ve made the switch a year ago.
  9. Good thing you don’t have carpet on the floor. That would’ve made for a long cleanup!