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  1. I downloaded it to go to the blue jays game in Buffalo and didn’t need it. They never even checked.
  2. Thanks everyone! Big 4-0 today. Wife and kids got my Yankees blue jays tickets for next Wednesday. Hope everyone has a great day as well.
  3. It has to be. I was shocked when I seen the schedule this year. The way these two are playing now these later games will probably mean a playoff spot and more tv drama.
  4. Had a blast at the blue jays game tonight. My wife bailed on the game. She had her spleen removed 3 weeks ago and is having a rough go at it. My son’s best friend and teammate came with us and his dad. Marlins 3rd base coach gave the boys some balls. Definitely a memory they hopefully keep for the rest of their lives. Blue jays walked it off .
  5. Anyone go to the blue jays game last night? I have tickets for tonight’s game. Just wondering how getting into the stadium was? Long lines ?
  6. my two pups this morning. Both fighting for space next to me on the couch.
  7. I’m so glad I met with a consultant. The meeting was very educational. He actually lives nearby to my place and had pictures from the 60’s and 70’s of my property I was blown away. Then I get into why we have no oak trees in the area and he starts telling me about glaciers during the ice age and how it still affects areas with growth was very interesting. To say the least I’m very impressed and most likely be moving forward in the process.
  8. I know Brighton park is one of parks they are playing this tournament at.
  9. Is this a long process or relatively quick. By what I mean quick is deer season is 4 months away?
  10. I am meeting with a forester and he did mention percentage. I like the aspect of them acting as a GC for the project opposed to me over seeing because let’s face it they would know I wouldn’t! They also mentioned removal of all tree tops at no charge to be included in the bud is that normal?
  11. Has anyone ever logged their land? I’m meeting a land consultant tomorrow to see what I have. I own 95 acres of mostly hardwood with hemlock and pine also. What are some pros and cons of this process . Also some recommendations on company’s as well if you have them.
  12. We line up on the baselines and tip our hats to the other team. It’s kinda nice but definitely miss the handshake.
  13. Channel 2 was talking about it this morning. Pretty impressive good for her.
  14. We had a good team effort today once the excitement of bills coach Sean McDermott being in the park to watch his son wore off! My kid actually got a hit today with an rbi. I got him not to be afraid of the ball last night by hitting him with a couple balls last night in the yard. Yeah not conventional but hey it worked. We lost 8-5 but from a coaching standpoint it’s all starting to come together.
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