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  1. I have family in Texas and we just went and knocked on a couple farmers doors and asked they were very welcoming to let us shoot some hogs. No license needed on private land.
  2. I’m not going too lie I’ve been bitching about wearing a mask in a store but now that I look at this perspective my case holds no water.
  3. I still have mine from when I was a kid. I also just bought my son and nephew who are both 8 daisy BB guns for Christmas.
  4. Nice deer hope you get a shot at one !
  5. I haven’t tried that one yet or seen it. Niagara produce has the state fair sausage with peppers and onions in it that is phenomenal. And I hate onions!!!!! They are big enough to pull out... lol
  6. Man that sucks! I seen him at the jamboree in the hills and he brought his grandson on stage, he must have been maybe 5 years old and that kid can play the fiddle!
  7. Floor should be fine but the next time you change your oil on your truck take the oil and brush it on the wood . It will help seal it.
  8. Looks like Monday night raw! These dojo’s must be at the WWE training center
  9. I’ve been hunting a rat I seen in my back yard. The slick sob won’t give me a shot. I have a box trap set up hopefully I will get him tonight.
  10. Thanks for the birthday love!!!
  11. The hell you will keep it coming! I damn near fell over reading the Asian name joke!
  12. After seeing all the dead deer on the side of the road in Pennsylvania I’m wondering if they will even have any deer left to hunt.