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  1. Won’t even raise the bow on a doe ! That’s what brings the bucks in. But do your thing fellas!
  2. That’s a lot of weight on the first wheeler. No wonder they rutted up the path.
  3. Colorado also has some big whitetail. In Colorado whitetails seem to be pushing the mule deer right out. Talking to a couple ranchers out there they say see a whitetail shoot it. They are cross breading with mule deer. One guy in our camp shot a doe that was half and half. Mule deer ears with a whitetail and the the prettiest coat of ever seen.
  4. Week 3 (Oct 11-17) [email protected]_______________ Score __________ Date ________ Thread and page #__________ ___________
  5. Chi Sox I feel is the team that has it this year! I said it in the beginning of the season.
  6. I forgot to play a defense and lost by one point.
  7. We won our fall ball championship tonight going 7-1.
  8. Forum name Cory Week 2 (Oct 4-10) Hunter [email protected]____________________________ Score __________ Date ________ Thread and page #_________ ___________
  9. The deer are definitely on their feet this morning. Must have seen 50 on my ride from buffalo to Rochester this morning. Knock em down boys!
  10. Goex Fff is good stuff that’s what I use. Quick question were did you find it? I had to go to Pennsylvania last time.
  11. Ohtani wants to win. Sounds like he wants out of Anaheim! Cashman get in the phone.
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