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  1. That was one of the most satisfying videos I’ve ever seen. I hate those damn things!
  2. I have no clue who this is. Supposedly taken in WNY.
  3. Sure was a windy day for sure. Saturday looks to be the same. It’s been a tough season weather wise in the western part of the state.
  4. I’m hunted yesterday morning. Had to pack it in early because of bills game and dinner at 3. I didn’t see a deer but it was the most eventful 4 hour sit I’ve had in a long time. Across the ravine I see a long bushy tail . It was quick. I figured small yote. Boy was I wrong. I hear a weird growl and screech from in the gully. I see some movement coming up it’s a porcupine. He’s waddling quickly. Being chased by a fisher. I’ve never seen a fisher before. The fisher got whacked by the pine. This interaction with the fisher lasted about 45 minutes. Great day for sure.
  5. Had a doe standing at my back door this morning. I got to the stand and after 10 minutes seen a big body moving my way. It was a big doe and her fawn. I thought about taking her. But when she 30 yards out I seen her licking and grooming her fawn. I couldn’t do it. Only heard 2 shots all day. Both my neighbor. He shot a small 8.
  6. Just made it Springville. I had to detour around rt. 77 semi trucks off the road. Only 3” of snow here. But 5 miles north 3’. Crazy how these snow bands set up.
  7. I’m going to take 90 get off in pembrooke then take 77 to 39. Just talked to my neighbor out there. He said you can still see the tops of the blades of grass.
  8. I’m going to leave around 11am tomorrow and hopefully make it to my cabin in East Otto. My neighbor said maybe 3” on the ground there.
  9. Here are a couple pictures of a bucks I’ve seen in the last week or so. Two mile creek rd path.
  10. I live in the Tonawanda area and enjoys walking the trails and seeing the deer. Some real big studs around the area. I really hope these two scumbags are located and prosecuted to the fullest degree of the law.
  11. After I received a one week f word suspension I stayed away from this site. After returning from suspension I did notice light postings and none of the usual guys. Had no idea about another site. I feel like the fat kid at prom. No one asked or told me. Guess I’m staying here since I wasn’t invited. Not a bad thing . Maybe with the lighter numbers I won’t get suspended again. Just joking @Wny buck hunter. Seriously I have no complaints.
  12. I am truly hoping the weather man is wrong and we won’t be getting a couple feet of snow along with high winds. Might not be able to make it to the cabin.
  13. You wouldn’t happen to be shooting a Remington 783 ?
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