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  1. Everyone likes a good firefight in a movie ..

    Platoon by far is the best IMO! Followed closely by any Rambo movie. This is a tough question because there are some very good fire fights in a lot of movies.
  2. Transporting Your Harvest

    I use to own a Nissan xterra and one opening day my 2 uncles shot bucks 5 minutes apart on opening day. So the next day (Sunday) I had to come back from the cabin for work so I put the seats down laid a tarp down and put them in. I couldn't get the smell of dead deer out of the damn truck. The smell just got worse a couple months later so I traded it in for a pickup. But my first car was a 89 Buick Regal and I got my first buck in 99 as a 18 year old know it all and I was so proud of that deer! My old man helped me tie it down to the trunk and I paraded that boy all over buffalo.
  3. For the WNY,Tim Hortons folks

    Guess she was having a shitty day!
  4. help for my fat head?

    A couple guys that I work with have prescription safety glasses and they get them at Walmart in there vision center. Hope this helps!
  5. I've have really been digging lock house vodka. It's so smooth. It's always nice to support local products. It's distilled in buffalo! I like to mix with grapefruit. It's fantastic after a long hot day. Don't worry the hot days are a coming.
  6. Great first safari

    This is a bucket list item for me! I would love to get a blue wildebeest.
  7. Throw N Grow

    I tried it last year it and it was bright and plentiful early . As soon as October hit the stuff turned into rag weed super quick. I used some stuff from gander I can't remember the name though sorry!

    I've heard garlic works.
  9. For Or Against Full Inclusion

    I apologize westChester is downstate I was under the impression anything that is not in the 5 boroughs or Long Island was considered upstate.
  10. For Or Against Full Inclusion

    Fare enough but one last thing cuomo lives in westChester county and it is considered upstate!
  11. For Or Against Full Inclusion

    Seems you need to do your homework before calling people out. The governors desk is in Albany it's in a little building called the the state capital building. Second of all the crossbow full inclusion bill #S1386A S7508 B part KKK are bills brought to the senate by senator gallivan. These bills failed to reach the senate floor for vote. Therefore would not have made it to the governors desk in the State Capital Building in Albany NY! Now back to regular scheduled programming!
  12. Bedding areas

    I've been told deer hang tight next to roads in winter time do to the road salt they can't get enough of.
  13. Roadkill

    I just drove from buffalo to Pittsburgh for a baseball game with the kiddos and I was absolutely shocked on the amount of dead deer on the roads in Pennsylvania. I counted 23 from Erie to the outskirts of Pittsburgh.To me it seems that in NY you really don't see many roadside casualties until the bucks start running the doe. If you drive that way be safe and be alert!
  14. For Or Against Full Inclusion

    I'm all in on crossbows! From what I'm told by a dec officer that is a friend of mine is this year they're not going to be any changes the liars in Albany can't come to an agreement. But next year the decision on crossbows will be in the hands of the dec and they will implement the rightful use of crossbows. He also told me the silly rule on #200 draw weight will be lifted also.