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  1. Grand island tournament today. We held the best team in the area to 6 runs thru 3 innings and knocked them out of first place due to run differential. Boys showed some serious fight today! Yes we got 10 runned but it shows our progress.
  2. No bullshit I hit one onto the 290 off of that diamond! I sure do miss my softball days. I played on some real good teams!
  3. Last time we went to Cleveland we couldn’t remember where we parked the car. It was a scary walk around to find the car. Good luck in the tournament.
  4. We lost to south Buffalo in the semi finals. All in all it was a great weekend . The boys definitely gained some experience. We have grand island tournament this weekend. We got a real tough draw so I am curious to see the team against the cream of the crop in WNY.
  5. We are 3-0 in pool play in the Eden 10u tournament. Our last game we were up 4 in the last inning they score 5. Bottom of the inning they walk our first 2 batters. Then the next two kids watch strike 3. Now 2 outs runners on 2nd and 3rd my son is up and rips the first pitch into center field . Walk off . Such a great feeling as coach and dad! Hopefully we can pull it off tomorrow.
  6. I had the honor of coaching our house league all star game tonight. We ended up winning 7-6. If was a lot of fun and the kids really enjoyed themselves.
  7. Cory

    MLB 2022

    Watching the Yankees game last night I heard a stat that surprised me. I dont remember exact record but in the last 25 games Boston had the best record in baseball. But could only manage to gain a half game on the Yankees.
  8. I have a cousin that lives in Maine. Sent this picture this morning.
  9. I love my blackstone! I got mine on an online auction last year for $100. I do have to say when it comes to cooking steaks I like the propane grill. I need that flame grilled taste.
  10. Cory

    Keto diet?

    I took the holiday weekend off with the diet . I had 3 slices of pizza, hash brown filled with sausage gravy and my moms Mac salad. Weighed myself this morning and lost a pound. That was encouraging. Stay with it boys!
  11. If I lived in Albany I would be at the show with you! I am in the same boat the boys just want to sit at someone’s house playing cards. Not to mention I have zero friends who will go to any type of show with me.
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