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  1. I’m glad my team (team 4) picked up my slack. I’m like the guy that goes 0-27 in the playoffs!
  2. No deer sightings in 2 days! Back out to Utica tomorrow for work probably done for the year! Weird weekend hardly any shots heard.
  3. Nobody is having anything except my in-laws and I’ll pass (worlds worst cooks). My neighbor at the cabin called me today and asked if I wanted in on a deer drive that starts at 2 with the Amish folks . I’m a little skittish on doing this with the Amish those guys shoot everything!
  4. Great pics! What equipment are you using?
  5. Anybody ever hunt it? I’m going this afternoon. Is there a good amount of deer in this area?
  6. I here what your saying. For some reason 9:45-10:15 is when my woods come alive. That’s when the bucks come thru. I can’t explain it either!
  7. Lost my sanity and broke my heart all in one day!
  8. I had this problem with my Remington 30-06 . It wasn’t an ammo problem it was a firing pin problem. After sending the gun back too Remington twice it’s finally fixed!
  9. Opening day tomorrow boys and girls! I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve every year! Good luck to all shoot straight and knockem down!
  10. I tell ya I’m working in Utica and did a lot of work in Rome. So I went to herb phillipsons last week and seen the empty store. I loved that place. Don’t go to bass pro in Utica I was very disappointed in the selections they offer.
  11. Quite a log jam we have damn near everyone is 5-5!
  12. Light snow in Utica . This damn work thing sucks I should be in a tree! Good luck to whoever is out.