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  1. Till the start!

    Hey guys sitting here wishing it was deer season. Count down till opening day is 246 more days!!!!!!
  2. Checked cams......few bucks

    Nice bucks! Hopefully you can connect on one of the coyotes as well.
  3. Hunting goals for 2018

    I'm taking a year off from going to Colorado this year I've been 5 years in a row. So this year I'm deer hunting in Tennessee. My buddy just moved there and has a couple hundred acres. They pulled some decent bucks out of there this past season and it'll save me a couple grand by going there. But I want to finally get a walk hanger here with my crossbow! I have my uncle coming from Alaska to bow hunt this year and I'm hoping he connects as well. Good luck fellow hunters on all of your goals!
  4. Your hit list buck finally shows up...

    My target buck usually shows up in the bed of someone else's truck!
  5. Show us your pup!

    My too rescues. My baby girl (Denver) is pit and boxer mix so I was told and the little guy (teddy) so I'm told is border collie pekingese. Both great dogs and both get car sick.
  6. Saw Robins Yesterday! Are They Lost???

    Usually when I start seeing robins that means spring is right around the corner. Could it be? Warm weather is on the way?
  7. Primos Proof 2-1?

    I bought a couple of those cams last year and they don't last very long. Well I can only speak for 1 that seemed to get frozen in the winter the other got stolen. It just stopped taking pictures batteries brand new just malfunctioned. After reading reviews it was a common problem. But if you get 6 months out of them you should get some decent pics.
  8. Today’s chuckle

    Lol nicccccceeeee.....
  9. Who remembers

    Can I bitch about how the bills just got robbed of a touchdown? F$&@ing New England
  10. On a hunting forum no one said "grandma got ran over by a reindeer "! That's my favorite close second is merry f@?$ing Christmas by Dennis Leary.
  11. I sinned......

    What's the difference between leaving a gut pile in front of a camera and putting old food in front of a camera? Things that make you go hmmmmmm!
  12. Don't work out that way your dad or uncles won't make you the first and only call to drag there deer!!!!!!
  13. CT Buck - Might go 200" Gross

    Should have let him grow another year or 2
  14. Live From The Woods 2017 edition!

    Well that's a wrap for me this year. 2 does spotted all day and too far for shots. Season wasn't a total lose! I got my first muley in Colorado. I would love to be out next weekend with the smoke pole but my son turns 6 on Friday with the big shindig Sunday at the gym. So good luck to all my brothers and sisters that will still be going out.
  15. Lost my eyes and brains

    Mice. I've seen a mouse eating another mouse that got caught in a trap. Those nasty things eat anything!