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  1. I have cooler bags to put into suit cases and freeze the meat before I get on the plane from Denver to Buffalo and it stays frozen. Your baggage isn’t in a temperature controlled compartment on a plane and stays cool. I know anywhere from Florida to Buffalo is a lot quicker and depending who you fly with is direct flights.
  2. Wow nice fat girl you got. Congratulations! I’m having tag soup.
  3. Season over for me. Seen lots of deer but didn’t connect on my target. Neighbor killed mr. big last week. Ahh well that’s hunting.
  4. Excalibur is the only choice imo. Can’t beat the durability, accuracy, weight and being able to change your string if need in the field.
  5. No one of the guys has family with a ton of land. He said a conservation officer came and checked the house. From my understanding the officers do this to all the farms.
  6. Couple guys I hunt with in Colorado went to Texas deer hunting and one guy shot this then got fined plus the deer was confiscated. Too small all deer must have a minimum 20” spread.
  7. No after 3 encounters with him unfortunately I didn’t connect. The opening day encounter haunts my dreams still. I had him at 30 yards as he was in the pines about to come out and never knew a deer was behind my and started blowing. Neighbor across the street got him Tuesday. My heart sank.
  8. Wife and youngest put ours up yesterday while I was up at the cabin. The dogs hate the nut cracker
  9. My cousin knocked this piebald down this afternoon chasing the world’s smallest doe. I seen them then heard the shot 5 minutes later. 70 yard shot with iron sight 30-30
  10. I think the bills get to 11 wins! And I am eating crow for my Allen comments from a month ago. He his developing nicely.
  11. About to head up to the cabin . Might head up to lazy acres to hunt the corn fields tomorrow . It’s been extremely dead around my area lately. Now I have to decide shot gun or rifle. Some areas are extremely thick.
  12. Man I haven’t seen that movie since I was probably 10 years old. I remember watching that with my mom because that was one of her favorite movies growing up.