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  1. Cory

    2019 Gun Buck

    Nice unique deer he looks great.
  2. 95 acres but I border state land so it’s hard to keep deer in the area!
  3. If I had 3 wishes I would be the richest man in the world , world peace and I would wake up with Jessica Simpson!
  4. I Came across This site too look at the pa elk heard and it’s pretty cool. They have cameras all over the place for different animals! I haven’t caught the elk on cam yet hoping to hear some elk screaming.
  5. Is that a black panther in his lighter summer coat? I hear the DEC released some but are denying it
  6. Forgot to mention earlier if it’s your own land and allow snowmobiles tell them no during that week. But anyway the way winters have been is their even enough cold weather to freeze the ground with snow to do this?
  7. If you are so worried about snowmobiles hunt a different spot ! I’m pretty sure snowmobiling isn’t allowed on state property.
  8. Flint lock only or muzzleloader without scopes. Keep it traditional like pa and out west!
  9. Way to piss on my wheaties biz good morning to you too!
  10. You are all screwed Lamar Jackson won me my buffalo bills season ticket holders fantasy league last year and I’m going to ride him into another championship!!!!!
  11. That’s a pretty big dog. Hope you get a crack at him!
  12. Hold on I have to check with my wife to make sure $20 is ok!!!! she’s fine with it playball!