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  1. This makes more sense. Could you image the outrage from the bears fans after they ran him out of town. They just drafted Fields I think the bears brass will force the new coach in him.
  2. Some talking heads are saying this is the Game and that will be better than the super bowl. Let’s just hope for a great game. I will post pictures from KC. Go Bills!
  3. I just scored a couple free tickets for the game. My first time going to KC. Any recommendations?
  4. I’ll be at the game. I see this game going either the pats in a blowout or we win by one or two late on a field goal. Josh Allen in cold weather isn’t very good. Blows my mind the pegulas invest a quarter billion on a kid that has bad circulation and doesn’t like the cold. Then they plan an over priced open air new stadium.
  5. Quick check in. I’m totally fine and have been. I can’t believe I have to isolate/quarantine because I had a stuffy nose. Also this is the 2nd time I have had “Covid” and no one else in my house got it.
  6. From my experience the deer hunter numbers are way down in my area and so are the deer herd numbers. Every year it’s getting more and more scarce. We went almost all of bow/crossbow season without seeing a deer. Out of the 4 of us that hunt my property all gun season we seen 10 deer. Where I am in east otto that’s unheard of. Opening day you would see 20 deer in the first 15 minutes. We border state land. My neighbors and the guys on the lease pipe line property have the same story.
  7. Middle of December 2020. 13 months ago.
  8. I just looked this up and holy shit a game changer. Interesting to say the least.
  9. @Biz-R-OWorldhow long do I quarantine for with Covid now? I have basically just a minor cold.
  10. I’ve had the mildest of a cold the last couple days . I don’t feel sluggish or any lack of energy at all. Wife made me take the home test today. I didn’t believe it so I went and got a rapid test and I have it again. I am vaccinated . Does anyone know how long I have to isolate/quarantine or whatever we call it now ? 5 or 10 days?
  11. Who am I paying @UpStateRedNeckor @corydd7. Sorry I’ve been sick the last couple days.
  12. I didn’t see any deer today. I did have a hawk come soaring in and snatch a small squirrel. Pretty cool to see. What a great day to be in the woods. I don’t think I’ll ever say I hunted New Year’s Eve in just a hoody and it was 50 outside again!
  13. It’s not over yet! Giseki is going to go for 19 catches 150 yards and 4 touchdowns. After yesterday I thought no way are you going to catch me. Boy was I wrong. Good luck in the final!
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