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  1. Sorry with all the post on here I couldn't find any....Still planting clover, beets, corn, etc for purposes of hunting still doenst tell me why its legal.
  2. Can someone please tell me the difference between baiting and attractants and planting food plots. Don't they do the same thing, by bringing the game closer to where you want them....If I putout some corn or acorn rage how is that any different then the guy down the road planting 5 acres of corn and clover or beets...
  3. Just joined this site and was wondering how everyone did in the area. We didn't get anything. Heard a lot of shots and saw a lot of archers, guess it just wasn't the year for us....
  4. Welcome James, I'm Mike from Saratoga. Today is my first day on here also...
  5. Hi all, I too am new to this site. I'm Mike from Saratoga. I have been hunting since about 1995. Just got my wife into it, so that works out great...We've just started bowhunting and love it, just didnt see anything that was in range last year...IN 2010 we hunted state land, which was ok just a lot busier then I cared for....This spring we are going to go knocking door to door, or farm to farm for more private places to hunt.....Good luck all and shoot straight
  6. I just got my wife into hunting and we live in Saratoga. Hunting state land is about all we can find, about 500 acres. Some days the parking area is full others its not. I feel it is hard to scout state land, we head in about april to early august, then map out areas to hunt. We hunt from the ground (bow and rifle, shotgun) tried from ground blinds too. We are now going to do the knock on doors at farms and such to get some more areas(private) to hunt....
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