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  1. Rocky Point on opening day can be noisy .Numerous parking spots,many hunters, with multiple organized deer dives occurring. Deer will be moving all day (especially today with the weather being terrible). Opening week is usually very busy.
  2. I am going out tomorrow as well, reserved the one car spot at Henry"s Hollow in Southampton. Where are you hunting? Having never hunted in Pa, I do not know what you mean.
  3. The deer herd in Putnam County has been severely reduced due to EHD.
  4. It depends when and where you are hunting. I tend to sit all day as I know multiple drives are going on ! WEAR LOTS OF BLAZE ORANGE!
  5. Week Day stand by hunting is the way to go.
  6. in any event, there will be a lawsuit regarding the 2nd amendment which SCOTUS will render a ruling. God help us!
  7. OK, resident deer biologist, lets hear the options
  8. My point is this, flu vaccines have proven effective over the years. I made no mention of the Ebola virus nor have I rendered an opinion concerning it! Do yourself a favor and read up on "pandemics as they relate to flu viruses beginning from the turn of the twentieth century" and how flu vaccines have have "HELPED" to prevent such! Get a flu shot! The members of this site and those who view it would be greatly disappointed if you succumbed to the flu!
  9. Perhaps you should carefully read what you refer to before rendering an opinion!
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