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  1. Yosemite Sam is our lab, then the 2 beagle are Yukon Cornelius, and Elmer Fudd. The oldest beagle will be 16 this year he did his fair share of rabbit hunting . Now he likes to dream about it which he earned.
  2. What kind of brooder do you have? We have a tiny one it works but not good. They are super expensive and I don't do it enough to spend 100 dollars on one. We hatched one last year and another one was fully developed but we think it drowned when the first one hatched and bumped it.
  3. So you know what they say about the best laid plans!! Sometimes they get better!! My winter project has now turned into a get my other bow out and just practice practice practice!! I need my takedown for the fall hunting trip! What trip am I talking about?? Well my wife was nice enough to get me an elk tag in Montana for my birthday!! So now I am on "get into shape mode and shooting out to at least 30 yard comfortably". Should be a good trip as long as the world isn't still in lockdown! I might ride my bicycle out there if I have to! LOL
  4. We didn't do it. We were going to create the Empire State building but my daughter lost interest. I was ready to have some fun with it!
  5. Dont listen to dinsdale, unless you want to spend money. Wood turning is very addicting! Just like wood working!!
  6. I love wood working. The dice are a really cool idea. Here's some thing I have been working on! Started like the first photo and finally turned the bottom off this weekend.
  7. Just under 15 yards for now.
  8. Moog I thought the right shift was too weak. I have also been told when you are starting out in tuning don't dwell on the position of the arrow in the target but pay attention to where it is hitting. The fine tuning comes later. Low right as I have been seeing should be a lighter head and lower knock point. Now i could be wrong in my thought it has been awhile since I read up on tuning arrows. It seems like tuning is right goes left and down is up sometimes!!!! Lol
  9. Got some more time ended today with a knocking point at 1/2. Arrows are closer. My fletched arrows are hitting where I want. But want a better result. Last round was the picture and that was pretty consistent.
  10. UPDATE. Finally got around to shooting this little bow. I like to shoot with 2 fletched feathers and 2 bare shafts to tune . Basically you want to get the bare shafts shooting in the same group as the fletched feathers. I only spent about 20 minutes shooting and my bare shafts are shooting low compared to the fletched ones. I started by moving the knocking point around. I started at 1in. then moved it higher but i think I was getting a false reading. I then brought it down to 3/4 but I ran out of time to get a good answer. Hopefully I can put some more time into it tonight and take pictures as I go along.
  11. I have been canoeing and kayaking since I was young. I did some white water kayaking but my shoulders didnt like the roll. My father and i have been white water canoeing since i was in high school. That stuff is fun but nothing better than taking a morning or evening cruise on a calm day.
  12. I saw her shoot at Denton hill. The focus she has is amazing!
  13. Samick is a good starter bow. If you really dive into searching bows you can get some pretty nice used bows cheap. Length wise she could handle a short bow without a problem. Her draw wont be long enough to get finger pinch on a shorter bow. Longer bows seem to be more forgiving though. What I mean by that is you can get away with more form error and still shoot relatively well. Weight wise starting lower is better. Make sure she can draw and anchor without struggle. To much weight in the beginning and people tend to pick up bad habits that are hard to break down the road. Let us know what you decide.