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  1. biggamefish

    Live From The Woods 2019 Turkey Edition

    Went out early and had to be out early due to family obligations. So about 730 I wrapped everything up and was out. When I heard a gobble close by. So I ran back in and set up quick. Made a few low calls and had one way off gobble back. I thought I must have spooked the close bird. Then the he sounded off and I knew I was in the game. About 1 minute later I saw a blue head come running down the field edge. He came into 20 yards and that's where he stopped. Happened super quick.
  2. biggamefish

    Live From The Woods 2019 Turkey Edition

    It finally came together today.
  3. biggamefish

    2019 The Year of the Longbow

    There are some good classifieds to buy handmade custom bows out there. You can pick up some high end bows pretty cheap. is a good one. You have to pay to get in to the classifieds so it weeds out scammers.
  4. I am looking for a project that I can put together with my daughter. Could be just a frame or frame axles etc.
  5. biggamefish

    2019 The Year of the Longbow

    I can say it makes a hell of a crack, you duck and then slowly look at the tip of your bow!!!!!! Luckily nothing happened when i did it to my bow. Beautiful bow good luck with it. I actually thought it was a stalker by the handle at first glance.
  6. biggamefish

    1st snow blower

    I have an old Ariens, it is an awesome machine it ate a brick one day and didn't even blow the shear pins!! just spit it out the shoot. It is an old model well built.
  7. Looking for a birthday gift. My father got into a book with stories of the Rogers Rangers and seem to really enjoy it. His birthday is coming up and I am looking for more books with interesting local history in them. Same kinda theme not necessarily history books more like an adventure book with good history. Thanks in advance.
  8. biggamefish

    new house

    What did that tiller set you back if you don't mind? I have a b26. Looking for something to till the garden and maybe a small foodplot or two.
  9. biggamefish

    Traditional Archery hunting

    Best thing to do is work on form first. It's a little different than a compound but the basic functions are the same. Don't try for super accuracy at first work your way there. Bad habits are hard to break later on down the road!! I know from experience! LOL
  10. Awsome fish!! I want to know how the deer know season is over!! You see them in all summer in certain fields then season starts they all dissappear then a day after season closes boom they are all back. Probably coincidence but still has to make you think twice about how smart these critters are....
  11. Didn't even see a tail. Pushed one out with the tracks on the snow you could tell it was fresh. On to small game hunting now. My beagles will be happy!
  12. Out pushing now trying for a fat doe with my father!
  13. I have a 54 cal. It makes quite the hole when you smack them with he round ball!!
  14. biggamefish

    salvaging old head for Euro mount

    Soak it in water for a day or so then boil it. Use a pressure washer on it and then clean. I had one this year i just threw into some boiling water it. It came mostly clean before I ran out of gas for the burner.
  15. biggamefish

    Ten Point Poached Close To Our Property

    People never cease to amaze me. They should take his truck and gun! That would make him think twice next year!! In reality he will lawyer up and get the charges dropped or reduced then he will be at the table next year telling his story to his buds before they go out and do it again. What a shame to loose a buck to a piece of scum like that.