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  1. " Those we love we never lose, They are beside us unseen but always near, missed and very dear" Sorry for your lose and know that we all are here for you at anytime.
  2. I went on a diy bow hunt this year in South western Montana. It was awsome to say the least. You can do it on a shoe string budget or go full send on a outfitter. You will pay though if you do the outfitter and guide. My biggest expense was airfare. You can go to Africa cheaper than some of the outfitters out west. If you have any specific questions let me know. I am no expert but I can let you know what worked for me and what didn't.
  3. I have a b2650. Love it its a great machine. I got a front loader and fron 6' snowblower hydrolic shoot with 0 hours for a few grand more! Price seems a little high with that many hours.
  4. Couldn't imagine dragging for a mile in this stuff! Nice being out!
  5. Last day hunt. Went out for a doe to help out a friend and I miss!! Good night out though and a fun season.
  6. Good luck to everyone out this morning. Specially those who haven't connected yet. It can change in a second. Good Iuck guys and gals.