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  1. I find the ultra bright led wash the blood out. I like to carry an older flashlight. The blood sticks out alot better.
  2. Next weekend should be a good one for opener around 4h. Deer are still pushing and does dont seem to really be accepting. Still seeing does by them self's and buck just wandering.
  3. At 20 it's going to be a cold sit! Let's see who can make it all day!
  4. That's out west I am far east. Deer are still just cruising. Saw a bunch of does in the fields this morning and not one buck in the fields or bothering them. Bunch of different groups too. Its amazing to hear what's going on out that way and see how much father behind we are this year. I am guessing a week or so.
  5. Just a question to see what everyone else is doing. With the deer in the seek phase do you hunt the GOOD spots with only a good wind or will you go in with a marginal one. When I hunted state land I didnt pay to much attention because the deer came from ever which direction. No patterns at all. I do watch the wind if it is a trail/funnel etc. and try to hunt only a good wind.
  6. Got one this morning looking at the back hill. This pic isn't doctored either!
  7. Wind just did a 180 and that wasn't supposed to happen!!!!!
  8. It's a secret from the oldtimers!! I was sworn only to tell the closest to me!! Had some errands this morning that's all. Lol
  9. Not a good idea. Only because of the reaction you got. It unnatural to the deer to all of the sudden smell a huge cloud of doe urine I would think.
  10. Just had a red tail come through the woods like an owl! Super silent.