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  1. Looking at the south eastern part. Haven't nail anything permanent down as of yet
  2. I think this is mine and a buddies first pick for next year also only we are heading in with bows. If we don't get idaho we will probably fall back on Colorado. Good luck on your draw.
  3. I bet this is someone we know on the forum trying to stir thing up!! Made a new handle and posted. Best way to remedy this is not to respond!! Anyway Congrats BELO on the deer and Welcome aboard 8FHUNTER.
  4. 33 deg right now and no wind. Good luck to you and everyone else out this morning.
  5. If the does are there the bucks will follow. They have one thing on there mind the for the next couple of weeks.
  6. I always look at the nose. If it looks long you should be good. Short noses equal small deer.
  7. I wasn't on stand. Watching them from my house. Hopefully today I can get you some points.
  8. 32 degrees and we have a light FROST on the ground. Hopefully its everywhere so we can stop thi EHD. Good luck everyone. Deer are starting to move
  9. Just watched a deer eat some mushrooms. Must be heading to one of those crazy parties tonight. First time I have seen them eat shrooms.
  10. Good luck, I will be out also. Hope fully the buck get the memo and want to dance.
  11. I find that if I decide to shoot and say man that's close to that tree I hit the tree 90 percent of the time. I think you actually focus on what you don't want to hit so you hit it!!. Like psyching yourself out before you even go for the shot.
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