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  1. See if the video works!
  2. Now the fletchings are done I have to pit the inserts and heads in.
  3. Now we put the fetching on.
  4. The time is getting near now. All the things I need are coming together. My shooting is good to 25 yards and alright at 30. Now I just have to get my hunting arrows done. Put the wraps on then the fletching last night. Go easy on me with my work space i am just getting into the heavy reading!! Lol Here are some more progress pics.
  5. I would not chance that. It might work for awhile but those tips might let loose and ruin his drive to shoot. Bows are scary when they let loose, I know from experience!! There are people that can fix bows but don't know what the price would be.
  6. The moth is only about 3/4 of an inch if that. The picture is blown up pretty good.
  7. So what kinda moth is this?
  8. I didn't look through all the reply's but check out simmons broadheads. They fly excellent and you can get them in all kinds of weights. I currently shoot the tiger sharks at 175 grns with a 100 grn brass insert. These broadheads are devastating on game huge holes and good blood trails.
  9. We are getting peas now. Have tomatoes growing too.
  10. I kept getting that when I searched too. If you look up cow vetch Vicia cracca is similar but has a dark purple flower and is considered a legume. They say it works for cows in pasture. I was just wondering if anybody has run into it or knew anything about it. There seems to be a ton of it around my house
  11. I have cow vetch growing all over my property. My question is. How favorable is it to deer? Should i mow it or let it grow?
  12. These are ramps correct.
  13. interesting I was looking at renting one. I have bunch of stumps and even if it was 50 dollars a stump it would 500 or so. I should buy a small one and go into business!!!
  14. We must be way behind where I am. The fruit trees and bushes are barely starting. I have my sugar snap peas in but they like the cold weather. I did plant sunflowers from seed but they won't be up for a few days so hopefully they are fine. This weather needs to change!!