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  1. This is good news, Thing are starting to heat up! Lets go team 2!!!
  2. Pulling blanks lately. Deer must be in "Lockdown". Or I am just not picking the right spot. Tonight is going to be the night..
  3. They get smart if you are wing shooting them with a shotgun. You will get a couple shots off and they will circle the first time or two then they fly off. They come back but it seems to be sporadic. They seem to move to the next farm then come back later in the day or the next day all together. Get them while they roost and it like shooting fish in a barrel.
  4. That's awesome Dave, I hunted Pine Bush and still do its a great place. Your buddy is right there is a lot of temptation there! Private land on the edge is going to only get better as the season goes on. The deer get pressured big time and get pushed out. If you can stand putting your gun down for the first week of gun season i bet you will see deer you dream of!!!
  5. There is no end to music, man you could do a 1000 page thread on this stuff!! Legends like Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, The Cars, Tom Petty, to the New stuff Like Cody Jinks, Stained, Uncle Lucas, Volbeat Etc.. The list goes on forever. One thing I love to do is listen to music!!
  6. You can be arrested for trespassing even if you did not see any posted signs. Your hunting license does not give you the right to trespass on private property. It is your responsibility to find out who the land owner is and ask their permission whether the property is posted or not. The New York State Penal Law makes it an offense to enter any land without permission. All property is owned by somebody. The lack of posted signs, fences or other man made objects does not imply that you may enter to hunt, fish or trap. It is your responsibility to obtain permission to enter private lands or waters. Public lands and waters may or may not have restrictions that can be found by contacting the municipality owning the lands. I think this is the big take away from it. People own the land if it is not state owned.
  7. I have always been in the thought of mind that you want all of the energy of the bullet to dissipate in the deer. I get the 2 hole idea for blood tracking but I would much rather the bullet not to exit and the deer to drop within site!
  8. You don't have to post your land with posted signs as i understand it. You can't just walk on people's property without permission.
  9. Were Doe permits always a (use during any deer hunting season). I swear they used to be during gun only and you could fill them whenever only in a bow only zone?