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  1. Great book, terrible war. Crazy times that's for sure.
  2. Yes sir, Those bb&b wings where great and they have a good selection of beer to wash everything down. Thanks for the recommendation. Maybe we can meet up next time.
  3. I'd say that one was a nice 10.
  4. I think I need to buy so.e property here!!
  5. I am gonna go for some wings tonight hope to be there for 6 if anybody cares to join me.
  6. I am game to meet wherever. Probably wont be till after 6 or so though.
  7. Going to be there Monday through weds. As long as the snow holds off.
  8. Just for work. Wanted to know what I was heading into!
  9. Does anybody know how much snow is on the ground in buffalo?.
  10. Not to mention you don't have to have that straight tree! So many time i have been that's the tree but the lean is to much for a climber!!
  11. Man if you can smell estrous driving down the road you must be one hell of a wing man in a bar!!! Lol