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  1. eagle rider

    30 yard group

    I am new to them. I had been shooting G5 Dead Meats. I want to switch to forward deploying heads.
  2. eagle rider

    CE Mayhem Arrows

    I got tell you, I am so impressed with the CE Mayhems. I was a died in the wool Easton guy before this. When they stopped making the Carbon Nemesis I was heart broken and bought up whatever I can find. Walking through Walmart I found these CE Mayhem Hunter's on clearance. I bought two dozen of them and paid a shop to cut and insert them for me. The CE's far and away out shoot the Easton shaft! Groups are much tighter, there is better penetration on the target and the arrow seems to be all around tougher but than the Easton is. I could not be happier with these Mayhem's.
  3. eagle rider

    Wasp Broadheads

    I had a Chinese made Rage two blade come apart on me last year. I think the rear deploying heads can be flaky at bad times. I like the fact that Wasp is made in the US. Not overseas.
  4. eagle rider

    Building a long range rifle

    I did this twice with two custom shop guns. One is a 270 WSM out of the Weatherby CS, the other is on a 700 Rem action made by Red Hawk Rifles in Grand Junction Colorado. That is a 30-06. Hands down if I were to do it again I would have built two with Red Hawk. The quality is superior to just about anything else I have shot. For about $2200 I have a blue printed action, cryogenically traded fluted barrel, with a Timney trigger in it. The bolt is spiraled, the bolt handle is skeletonized. The metal is all black oxide finished. Stock is a B&C medalist. I put a Monarch UCC 3-10 by 40 with Leuplod B&R. It shoots .25 all day long with Nosler 150 gr and RL19. I have taken many deer with it. What I wanted was a lightweight rifle in a 30-06. What RHR gave me was something I never would have imagined owning at 6.5 pounds. There are two other custom builders that I would look at as well. Hillbilly Rifles in Vermont and Dixie Precision in MS. Both are making very fine custom guns for not much more than you would buy an off the shelf Mk V for.
  5. eagle rider

    Any Members Here Into This Expensive Hobby?

    I'm in that one too..... just waiting to see how nice a nursing home they'll pick out for me.
  6. eagle rider

    Any Members Here Into This Expensive Hobby?

    no,.... i'm into this one.....
  7. eagle rider

    Guns you want to buy next.

    Old Skuul for me....... 1- BAR Mk 1 grade 2 1969 vintage in 30-06. That would make #3 for me. 2- Weatherby Mk V outfitter deluxe in 270 Roy. These were 24" barrels. 3- Likely a new A-400 12ga. 28". 4- Older Model 70 Featherweight in 270 Win or a 700 Mountain (the one they made in the late 1980's) same caliber.
  8. eagle rider

    Guns you want to buy next.

    Thinking you are a Ruger guy????
  9. eagle rider

    30 yard group

    I have not really. I just try to shoot a dozen arrows a day from the summer through the season. Not all the groups are this consistent. Target shooters want to shoot many arrows as tight as these at targets far off..... bowhunters want to shoot one well placed arrow into a target as close as possible when we need to I suppose. But practice makes perfect.
  10. eagle rider

    30 yard group

    That was a bow I was thinking about selling but changed my mind lol. 70 pound Diamond Carbon Cure. 350 CE Mayhem Hunters 30" with 100 gr head (Wasp Jackhammer). Has an Apache drop away rest and a single pin Truglo Rover sight.
  11. eagle rider

    30 yard group

    Its part of my my morning therapy. 12 arrows daily between coffee and bowl of Cheerios keeps everyone who crosses paths with me safe throughout the day!!!!!
  12. eagle rider

    Risk Assessment: ticks

    x2 on Rhino Skin. I've been using it for five seasons now. Won't go in the woods on LI without it. No ticks get through it. I hit my stuff with Sawyers once in the early part of the year around Oct. Also, knee high rubber/neoprene boots (I use Mucks) sprayed with permethrin. They are endemic out here. Nothing you can do about them. If you don't want ticks near you stay indoors.
  13. eagle rider

    30 yard group

    No flies on this one......
  14. eagle rider

    Spider wire , fire line and braided lines

    It's true I have nicks in my teeth from synching braid splices lol. A good set of angler pliers or a Leatherman tool is the way to go. Great feel for live lining bait. Eels, spots, and snagged bunker. Just watch the seminal tackle, too many swivels isn't a big advantage and can make for some messy knots. One ball bearing or barrel to a leader with a snap is perfect for blues, big stripes and albacore. But even for the big stripers I'd rather tie to like 60# flouro and avoid wire as much as I can. Speaking of which when you hook up on false albacore braid is the way to go every twitch that fish makes when he's pealing off your line is instantly felt in the rod tip. You'd never feel that on mono.
  15. eagle rider

    Buck rubbing already?

    I wish, by us velvet seems very much in tact still. This pic was taken last week. The buck was fresh, I had passed that corner 30 minutes earlier and he wasn't there. So as of a week ago, no rubbing in Central Suffolk.