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  1. New Hunting Arrows

    Had a similar thing,.... CE Mayhem arrows at Wally's.... .97 and arrow. Bought all three dozen they had left.
  2. quiver

    recommendations on a light weight 4 or 5 arrow quiver please. The bow is a carbon riser so the lighter the better.
  3. 2017 broke tine 9 dipped euro ready for wall

    All but one of the deer I shot last year were donated.
  4. 2017 broke tine 9 dipped euro ready for wall

    oh he was a scraper. I have pics of him locking horns with other deer.
  5. New Shotgun! French Affinity 3.5

    I waterfowl a lot and I have to say the Italians know how to make guns to knockdown birds. I have two Vinci's that smoke ducks, an old M1 Super 90, and a Fabarms XLR5 Waterfowl. The XLR5 is my only gas gun and It doesn't miss.
  6. New Shotgun! French Affinity 3.5

    I have owned I-12's the predecessor to the Affinity and the Intensity guns. These were pre-Benelli/Beretta ownership. They are reliable guns and the recoil action is hard to beat for running clean on high volume shooting like water fowling can be. Good luck with it.
  7. Wall coming along nicely

    LOL,.... They are little F18's coming through the trees for sure. We hunt them in Maryland in October. Fish Unlimited on Long Island does my work.
  8. New, unfired Savage Arms Model 10 Predator 243 Win (box and papers included) with VX1 (3-9x40 BDC). Two extra mags. Asking $900 (plus shipping and FFL.... if your FFL requires I send it through mine). Great gun for chucks, yote's and deer. It has the Accutrigger and Accustock systems by Savage. Just looking to thing the safe out a little bit. PM if interested.
  9. Wall coming along nicely

    so far these two drakes (buffy and a woody). Looking to get a teal aded on this season.
  10. Great bow purchased at a local shop, just the carbon is too light for me. I like an aluminum riser. It was never hunted with only a back up bow and shot rarely and never abused at all. I will sell it stripped for $350 (+ shipping unless local pickup) or set up with G5 quiver, Truglo sight, NAP Apache rest, and Limbsaver stabilizer for $500. Prices are fair but firm. The bow is a year and a half old.
  11. It's Time For The Colonoscopy Pep/Prep Talk

    never thought the prep was a big deal. It's ain't like hangover squirts. Overrated. There are worse procedures. Plus the anesthesia meds are great! Good luck. Hope it all works out well.
  12. Pistol cartridge for Black Bear

    as a primary 45 Long Colt with 250's or a 44 Mag with 240's. I have had them both in Blackhawks and Redhawks. They are great guns.
  13. before and after.....of bow harvested buck from 2017. Meat went to Hunters for the Hungry.
  14. What's become of the .325 WSM?

    I worry the same way about most of the WSM ammo line. I have two 270 WSM's and it seems like commercial options are getting less and less. I guess its hard to knock the standards off the top for what it is most of us do. Truth be told I hunt with and enjoy to shoot my 30-06 BAR's more than anything else. In the Southwestern NY region that is more than enough gun. I'm amazed that more and more exotic flat shooters still get developed. Some of the Nosler rounds are amazing but are they really necessary???? I kind of feel like this was the fate of the RUM's as well. Of the WSM's the 325 always seems to have the least traction in my mind, although I do agree that it occupied a nice niche. Truth be told on deer and black bear what can that 270 WSM do out to 300 yards that 30-06 can't?
  15. Best survival rifle ever made

    I'm going with a 12 ga.