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  1. 22 LR for yotes at night

    Thanks, I don't wan to use high-power at night because of the noise problem. I'd be calling them in after dark and shooting not any further than 50 yards.
  2. 22 LR for yotes at night

    Evening y'all- what you think about 22 LR for nighttime note calling? Using something like a CCI Minimag.
  3. Bumping Deer

    I think that is my only chance. They also don't spook unit the flashlight hits them,.... maybe go in without any light. The walk through the opened won't be an issue, but going through the woods I can use a red light instead of white? Thoughts? Also as the moon changes their movement times should as well..... Right?
  4. Pursuit Channel

    Watched Wall Hanger last night. Its a husband and wife team bowhunting monsters. Great production quality.
  5. 280 Rem Ruger 77 Skeleton

    Thanks Pygmy. The caliber has always been interesting to me. If I did my homework right, when it was first introduced it was called the 7mm Remington Express and was their answer to the 270. Correct. For some reason it wasn't popular until they re released it in the late 1980's as the 280 Rem. A friend uses it for deer and has always had good results at all ranges. For me it will be a NY and Virginia deer round. The rifle I had once before in 7 Rem Mag. I wasn't a big fan of it then, but I think with some more years behind me I might light it better now.
  6. 280 Rem Ruger 77 Skeleton

    I'm guessing it fits in somewhere between 270 Win and 30-06. Not as much zip as the 270 and a bit less terminal energy than the 30-06? I will probably shoot factory through it. Not set up for 280 reloading yet. What weight is preferred, I'm thinking 140 grain?
  7. How Much SNOW Ya Got??

    under 2" and its rain mixed now. Messy.
  8. Pursuit Channel

    The wife made the decision to switch from Optimum to Fios. I was not happy at first, loosing the Outdoor Channel. I then discovered that Fios has the Pursuit Channel. After a solid week of watching it, I like the programming better on Pursuit. Anyone else watch that channel?
  9. New Rubs Appearing

    One of the guys from my club land up in Delaware was hunting there the last few days. He swears new rubs are showing up on trees that were not previously rubbed. He texted pics and some were still oozing sap. Seems a bit strange that this would happen now.
  10. Bumping Deer

    Its not bedding they bed the other side of the road or in the river bottom. Its a funnel to feeding.
  11. Bumping Deer

    I wish, it gets into very shallow creeks and piss streams, some just a foot wide and a few inches deep. Feeds tidal marshes to Northeast of the stand a 1/4 mile away. The bottom itself where my stand is is think with scrub oaks and briars. Lots of swamp maples and some clump birch. Its a nasty area.
  12. Bumping Deer

    I'd like to, but the spot is the spot and I can't really change the stand spot. Maybe hunt another area for a while and let it settle down?
  13. Bumping Deer

    It's residential with a 3 acre lot that backs up to a river bottom. The furthest point from the driveway is 100 yards as a crow flies to the stand. They've never been in there this early. That is what has me wondering if they are just on an earlier cycle for now and it will switch back as the moon phase changes. IDK, but hoping.
  14. Bumping Deer

    its feeding for them.