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  1. Best survival rifle ever made

    I'm going with a 12 ga.
  2. Who has winter trail cams out?

    I do and I need to pull the cards soon.
  3. Argument Over Shortening Gun Season

    No worries, if King Andy has his way we will be throwing rocks during gun season...... I hunt for 5 days with a gun every year for deer and a safe full of deer rifles. That is a bad investment plan on my part. I live in a county where we bow hunt from 10/1 to 1/31 every year (Suffolk), same as Westchester. With limited hunting access Suffolk and Westchester took 4500 reported deer in 2016 out of 213,000 statewide. Bow alone in 2016 took 40% of the total deer harvested in NYS. So there is no doubt in my mind that for the limited range of archery tackle, it is really effective for managing the herd. As far as reducing season time and favoring bow, PA is contemplating this in south regions (again). Kentucky did this years ago in the eastern part of the state. That is they shortened up their gun season considerably and lengthened bow. They produce lots of nice deer. But I'm not sure taking the time back from the gun hunters helps much at all. Tennessee has really long archery splits in their seasons as well and they take hammers out of the western part of the state on the Mississippi state line.
  4. Bumping Deer

    update.... morning hunts walking in just be for sunrise, have not chased deer out yet. Afternoon hunts are overall better than mornings. Many deer still around. Thanks all for the advice.
  5. How was your success rate st camp?

    Awful, 16 hunters. Total of 70 tree stand sits, 4 deer. All doe. Did better at home with the bow.
  6. Off Hand Shooting Technique

    My meaty this year was low light 70 yards inside the fiddle sticks off hand. She was on the move trotting uphill along a stone wall that was 90 degrees to a ridge. The first round with the scoped BAR missed her, I watched one of the saplings explode. She paused at an opening and I drilled her in the boiler room. I agree, slow and deliberate trigger pull is everything.
  7. Carbon Express Mayhem Hunters

    The weight per inch is less than the Nemesis I use to shoot. The total arrow built weight for the CE Mayhems is 431, the Easton was 436.
  8. Diamond Carbon Cure

    Thinking of unloading my Diamond Carbon Cure that I bought two years ago and seriously looking at the new PSE Beast ECS. My buddy has the Beast ECS and loves it. I have shot it and I am really impressed with it as well. I like the Carbon Cure, I just don't love it. I have a Diamond Dead Eye, that is a 2013 bow that I love. Truth be told I always hunt with the Dead Eye and rarely with the Carbon Cure. The Carbon just does't feel like a bow should. Anyone with a similar issue on a carbon hunting bow? The speed in the carbon's isn't as burning hot as it is does with the all aluminum risers.
  9. Deer know

    Send him down to Suffolk. He's legal for 5 more weeks!
  10. Carbon Express Mayhem Hunters

    I can't find an Easton arrow I like anymore. The Nemesis was my go to arrow for three seasons. They stopped making them. The Bloodline was a close second but not as durable as the Nemesis. Years ago I shot CE's. Never really had a problem with them, I just fell in love with the Nemesis. Anyway, now that I am inside my last dozen Nemesis, I figured I'd make an effort at looking for something that will replace them eventually. Anyone have an opinion on the CE Mayhem Hunters? Reviews look good so far. I bought a dozen 350's last night, out of the box they look great with Blazer vanes and Bulldog nocks. I have not shot them yet. Any first hand experience would be great. Thanks and Merry (almost) Christmas.
  11. Christmas humor

    these are amazing
  12. New Bow for Next Season

    The new PSE Vapor series are really nice. Have you looked at them?
  13. quiver

    The G5's are super quiet and on the lighter side.
  14. Ticks are active in cooler

    Temp doesn’t seem to bother them. Rule of thumb down here is as long as the sun is shining the ticks are biting Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. 31 pt beast taken in Columbia County

    High fence is totally BS hunting. Pay enough and they can get you a wooly mammoth somehow if you need to anchor one. Not impressed and Im glad the story broke. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk