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  1. Yes, with a call to Jeremy I’m sure he could help you out.
  2. Just thought I would throw this out to all of my fellow food plotters. I recently came across a great source for seed and fertilizer from a some what local company Tri Valley Crop in Sprakers just west on Canajoharie. Great source for seed and fertilizer. The salesman Jeremy is a very knowledgeable source when it came to advice on what I should be doing on some new property. They don't have a great website but are always helpful when I've called them with questions. Cheers, Jsin
  3. Quality pole saw?

    All of my handsaws and blades for my pole saws are silky. http://www.silkysaws.com/Silky_Saws/Pole-Saws_2 But as a semi retired tree guy, I've used and abused a lot of saws of the years.
  4. Building a long range rifle

    Ok, quick update. Thank you to everyone for their input. Except the spitball poster(J/K.) I took the time to really think about my immediate wants/needs when it came to hunting and shooting. I did fall into lust with the Weatherby 6.5-300 but once I found out how much a box of ammo was that lust diminished. I knew last year going in late MZ season I needed to upgrade my old black diamond MZ...and I didn’t. So I carried my crossbow and most likely gave up a couple opportunities for a late season freezer filler. So I went out and picked up a CVA Acura and will mount my Nikon in-line on that for the upcoming MZ season. Then in conversation with a colleague I mentioned that I was looking for a new rifle to start shooting a little distance with. He just happened to have a Howa 1500 houge 6.5 that only was shot a dozen times. Good deal and it will fit the bill. I ditched the stock scope on it for a Vortex HsLR 4x16x50. Prior to this my wife tells me she wants/ desires a better carry gun while running and biking.... Here comes a Glock 43. So needless to say I just spent a couple nickels and took care of a few wants/needs. Again thank you all for your suggestions. Cheers Jsin
  5. Building a long range rifle

    Yes sir, multiple areas to practice out to 650yds. I like the idea of the 6.5 for those longer than normal range days (less abuse on the shoulders.) As far as game that I will be hunting, deer, elk, perhaps a bear or two. Maybe a 6.5 might be the way to go... Thank you
  6. Building a long range rifle

    Thank you sir, this is great information!!
  7. Building a long range rifle

    Long range to me is 400yds - 650yds. But will your spitball travel 400yds and kill something....lol.
  8. Building a long range rifle

    Already have a 308 Kimber Adk. Comfortable shooting that up to 250yds. Just don’t think that gun is really a true long range gun.
  9. Building a long range rifle

    A good mix of both. Obviously paper punching at the start but definitely a hunting gun.
  10. Starting to give some thought to building a long range rifle. I’m leaning towards a 300 win mag. I kind of a Kimber Dork, since finally needing to buy my own guns. I want a caliber that will be readily accessible for years to come. No African hunts planned in the near future. North American only game. All input or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  11. Summit climber

    I've owned a Summit Viper for 5 years, it has changed the way I hunted. Solid stand, very versatile. Using it with the bow you just need to keep the rail a lot lower for range of movement. I was even able to use it 8 weeks after rotator cuff surgery. I'm actually going to transition this year to a Muddy vantage point stand with sticks. The summit will still be in use.
  12. Toxic broad heads

    I found this in the garage today. This was from my buck this year. Steep angle shot not a pass through shot it was hanging out of his stomach lodged in the ground when I recovered him.
  13. Toxic broad heads

    Yes, I've used these with my crossbow for a couple years. I've Taken three deer with this broad head. As far as durability I've reused one. They come with a metal stamp out to readjust them if they become tweaked a little. I have tried them with my bow, it was a mid season test and I didn't feel like a readjustment to the bow was a good idea..There are a few videos on YouTube of the damage they can do,it looks like a 12 gauge shotgun entry hole.
  14. Soybean questions

    I’ve planted soybeans both ways(broadcasting and a planter.) Hands down a planter is the way to go. This past year has been my best year. I purchased a single row planter and got a soybean plate also installed a hot zone fence around just over a acre of planted beans. 2 acre plot, using real world gen 2 beans. With great success. Good luck with what ever you decide.
  15. About to buy first ML - thoughts?

    I just held this gun last night. Very nice ML. I might be purchasing one this spring. How did he like the gun?