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  1. J sin

    Deer processing, Greenfield/Corinth

    PM sent.
  2. J sin

    Deer processing, Greenfield/Corinth

    I know of a place in Galway if that will work for you...?
  3. Live from 6R. My first sit on my newly purchased 82 acres. I’m off for a full week, let the rutcation begin.
  4. J sin

    Ground or stand

    The only ground hunting I do is on opening day of rifle, late morning while doing a few pushes of the local area with family and friends. Hunting from a portable stand has dramatically increased my success in my area.
  5. J sin

    Milkweed Storage

    Fresh purse’s and fresh Milkweed. Thank you again for that great suggestion.
  6. J sin


    Full Camo through the whole hunting season. I look at this way, I've got clothes for everything I do: FR clothes for work, older jeans for tractor work, saw pants for chainsaw work, snowmobile clothes for riding, mtn bike clothes, hiking clothes....Dam,I'm high maintenance.
  7. J sin

    Milkweed Storage

    I just purchased a 3 pack of rubber coin purses off of Amazon. Thank you Sir for that great Suggestion! Cheers, Jsin
  8. J sin

    Whats your go to stand

    Summit Viper SD climber and Muddy’s Vantage stand with 6 sticks are my normal go to. I do have a few ladder stands for my father. I just recently purchased 3 hang on stands for my new property to use in conjunction with my climbing sticks.
  9. If it was me I would leave it alone until the spring. Then disk it a little and put down your clover. Very little growth opportunity if any by putting it down now.
  10. J sin

    What'd You Forget?

    I left my bow hanger in the tree last night. Realized it after I got to the ground and had everything packed back up..... Almost everything.
  11. J sin

    Remember these ?

    No on the first one and yes on the second.
  12. J sin

    The ATVers are back

    I built some screw in camera mounts this year to elevate my trail cameras. Helps to get them out of sight and a hell of a lot cheaper than the mounts that are sold elsewhere.
  13. J sin

    Mock scrape

    No not really... just might be a case a presumptive pissing that's all. To early n u will spook everything away. I walked 5 miles today around my core area. Found two rubs, still a bit to early to worry to much. Don't burn out your areas to early!
  14. J sin

    Horizontal Rub Q and A

    From what they show on The Hunting Public YouTube channel the horizontal rub works very good once it is established. I like what Jeff Sturgis is doing with the vine as a licking branch. I will be setting up both setups next year on my newly purchased property.
  15. J sin

    DIY Ghillie suit

    They sell yarn also for DIY Ghillie suits. I did some research a few days ago.