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  1. J sin

    First Shot Daily Pics

    I agree, the coyote at 30 yards is my new favorite to shoot at.
  2. J sin

    First Shot Daily Pics

    My poor mans 3-D course.
  3. J sin

    First Shot Daily Pics

    Not my first shot, actually my final 6 shots after 60 plus shots. 40 yards to finish. The flyer on the top told me to shut it down.
  4. J sin

    Broad head of choice?

    Slick trick fixed and raptor trick mechanicals for compound and toxic for the crossbow if it ever leaves the safe.
  5. J sin

    Looking for a new Pickup

    In all seriousness, I’ve owned two S10 zr2’s, a 08 Tacoma Trd Sport 4 door, FJ cruiser Trd and a 4 runner Limited for the wife, 3 Tundras, 2 rock warriors and a Trd Pro. No major issues with any of the yota’s. Great resale value and a amazing dealer was why I stayed with Toyota for so long. Truthfully I got tired of buying the same truck over again when purchasing Tundras. The Ram is loaded and huge inside, I also don’t need to add air bags to it to accommodate the sled deck unlike the 3 previous Tundras. All newer trucks are a good purchase it truly depends how long you plan on keeping it as to were the expense/value comes in. P.S. The diesel is just so fun to drive
  6. J sin

    Looking for a new Pickup

    In the twelve years I’ve lived in my home, I can count the number of times I’ve left my truck outside. New houses 3rd garage is plenty large enough for my truck. Might even have room for the Hydro Tractor aka the lawn mower. Lol!
  7. J sin

    Looking for a new Pickup

    Why stop with the crew cab...? Go MegaCab and go diesel.
  8. J sin

    Glory Lighted Nock

    I also shop at Brown’s and he suggested these to me last year as well. The are nice being able to shut them off without a tool. The only thing is once you get the right size adapter for your arrow put a small dab of crazy glue on push them in. They will stay in place a lot better. I took two deer last year with these. Huge difference in brightness compared to the nocturnals on my crossbow arrows (bolts.)
  9. J sin

    Baby Biz

    No kid, the blue line is just a shit made up line for us tools close to the ADK Park. Nothing political intended. We need more good people up in the Toga area close to the blue line that hunt and enjoy life. Cheers to you and the misses. Jsin
  10. J sin

    Baby Biz

    Best wishes, to a healthy birth. Poor child will live many miles below the blue line . Come north the air is better!!! Also fewer ticks!
  11. J sin


    3 ounces per gallon, kills every thing the first time around. 40 gallon boom sprayer, no higher than 18-20 inches off of the ground. Rubber boots, Long pants, long sleeves, or a hoodie, with a mask and safety glasses. If it’s windy I don’t spray. I’m not going to waste my time money and effort planting plots only to let weeds take them over.
  12. J sin

    My 2019 plots

    I tried the plot saver ribbon my first year ever planting soybeans, it helped but it just isn’t as effective as the electric fence. Just under 600 to close off a full acre.
  13. J sin

    My 2019 plots

    I’m jealous at how few rocks I see in those pics. Looks great! I had good success with the fence in the past. Only issue was the dam turkeys charged straight through it and broke the wire.
  14. Thanks, the jd planter makes the plots very easy after initial set up and the right seed plate. When I was looking for a planter every two row I found was either a POS or to much money.