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  1. I’m looking for some suggestions on what trees would be good to drop or hinge for winter browse. My soybeans are pretty well gone and the turnips and radishes are getting slim. Thank you you in advance. Cheers, Jsin
  2. Thank you Sir, I agree with the why wait for technology thought. With that being said do you have any suggestions as to a make of camera that could get me started? I like the idea of purchasing a cuddeback with the potential to link it up with other cameras down the road, having one brand to use and work with....?
  3. At this time I run 6 cameras, across 200 acres.
  4. I’m starting to research wireless trailcamera set ups to equip my new property. Looking for any input as to what cameras people have and how they like them. Cell service isn’t a problem, theft shouldn’t be too much of a concern. I like the idea of the cuddelink system, but I just wonder if the technology will get better in the near future to push out my purchase. Thank you in advance for any suggestions. Happy New Year, Jsin
  5. Could you please provide a current review of your cuddelink cameras. Try to do some research on them.


    Thank you,



  6. If possible could he or you post a review of the scope in the gear forum...please
  7. J sin

    Deer processing, Greenfield/Corinth

    I know of a place in Galway if that will work for you...?
  8. Live from 6R. My first sit on my newly purchased 82 acres. I’m off for a full week, let the rutcation begin.
  9. J sin

    Ground or stand

    The only ground hunting I do is on opening day of rifle, late morning while doing a few pushes of the local area with family and friends. Hunting from a portable stand has dramatically increased my success in my area.
  10. J sin

    Milkweed Storage

    Fresh purse’s and fresh Milkweed. Thank you again for that great suggestion.
  11. J sin


    Full Camo through the whole hunting season. I look at this way, I've got clothes for everything I do: FR clothes for work, older jeans for tractor work, saw pants for chainsaw work, snowmobile clothes for riding, mtn bike clothes, hiking clothes....Dam,I'm high maintenance.
  12. J sin

    Milkweed Storage

    I just purchased a 3 pack of rubber coin purses off of Amazon. Thank you Sir for that great Suggestion! Cheers, Jsin
  13. J sin

    Whats your go to stand

    Summit Viper SD climber and Muddy’s Vantage stand with 6 sticks are my normal go to. I do have a few ladder stands for my father. I just recently purchased 3 hang on stands for my new property to use in conjunction with my climbing sticks.
  14. If it was me I would leave it alone until the spring. Then disk it a little and put down your clover. Very little growth opportunity if any by putting it down now.