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  1. As I’m sure you know the more weight you add to the tip the weaker the spine of your arrow will be . I’d say experiment and what ever arrow set up shoots the best out of your bow that’s the one .
  2. If you ever need some help breaking in those new targets I’ll be happy to make a drive and help out .
  3. Looking forward to watching some archery / shooting and weightlifting .
  4. I would like to make a recommendation for grease , not sure what type you use but Valvoline crimson is a very very good grease. When I was the head mechanic at the bus garage our fleet supervisor had all the terminals switch to this grease and across the board in all terminals ( about 1500-1600 busses ) we saw a huge decrease in parts replacement using this grease.
  5. As others said he’s cool , good luck tagging him.
  6. rob-c

    New bow .

    Unfortunately the powers that be that took over archery talk decided to do away with the feed back. I had several years of positive feed back, poof up and gone .
  7. rob-c

    New bow .

    Have you had your draw length officially checked ? I’m not saying your not a 30 but that seems it might be a tad long for you. Archery talk classifieds would be they way to go for a good price on a bow . Ive sold and bought a ton on there, if you’d like a helping hand pm me and we’ll figure something out. FYI I have my own bow shop ..
  8. 30,000 in a day wow. That just sounds like fun .
  9. Love me some ultimate feast, good choice. I really like the flag stock great looking 22 , happy birthday kiddo..
  10. I know a senior police investigator. He has echoed every thing you’ve said, he’s counting the days till retirement and knows many others that are riding out their short time till they can retire and are not doing anything to jeopardize that retirement . Others are saying the hell with it and are taking early retirement and others are putting in applications in red states to move on.
  11. My dad bought me a H&R single 12 I used it for - rabbit , squirrel , turkey’s. then when I turned 16 ( way back when we had to wait till we were 16 to hunt big game ) he had a gunsmith machine a dovetail mount and installed a rear flip up sight. Killed plenty of deer with that smooth bore and Remington sluggers. I still have it, man I haven’t shot it in many many years. First archery kill was with a Hoyt magnatec and xx78 aluminum arrows .
  12. Off season is in full swing …
  13. I have to say all this my truck is better than yours is funny to me, I’m a Ford guy but No manufacturer None has a vehicle that’s fool proof even Toyota’s. Do a internet search on any vehicle made and you’ll find some one who’s had problems. If any brand is so awesome and reliable then why do dealerships have bays and their own tech’s .
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