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  1. Very cool, but you may not want to post your kicking them out, don’t forget the rent relief is still in action
  2. Good thing I’m not serious
  3. Every job needs a foreman ..
  4. I would love to hunt turkeys with my SRH 44 mag .
  5. As others said shoegoo , I used it on a old pair of lacrosse alpha’s. I decided to use them for my atv mud riding boots after I fixed them and they lasted for another 3 hard years of use. Make sure you clean the boots well and rough up the rubber very well to give the goo something to bite on.
  6. So glad you didn’t make Funniest home videos . Feels good nocking projects off the list ..
  7. My youngest is a RN at Strong , he just transferred to the E/D from the cancer center and loves his job. Nursing courses and of course the the dreaded NCLEX is one of the hardest exams he’s had to take. But he has impressed me with how smart that kid is . You’ll do well, machinist are some of the smartest people I know. Best of luck to you.
  8. Whits castle , Taco Bell both rockets in the gut ..
  9. I had one of the biggest bucks I’ve laid eyes on jump out of his skin when I braaat at him. I was at full draw he was 32 yards and walking broadside I did my braaat just loud enough for him to hear it and he turned tail and bolted out of there. I’ve stoped 2 bucks by hitting my grunt call and try to use that when ever I can.
  10. I drive 60 miles round trip for work , we switched to 4 - 10hr days beginning of covid so that helps cut a day off . So right now I rotate between wife’s old Camry 30mpg and my f150 17.8 mpg. When gas hits $3 I’ll drive the Camry full time..
  11. Im good for some time. I few coworkers are realizing that they should have gotten into reloading before now. They are finding reloading supply’s here and there , but as others have stated I’ve learned to buy over the years stocking up especially when there was a sale on projectiles etc .
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