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  1. Something I’ve been wanting to do is take branches from a old fake Christmas tree and use them around a stand .
  2. Not 100% sure on this one , I could see a hunter or hiker etc. getting shot. Having hunters looking for a upright human figure to shoot at doesn’t seem like a good idea.
  3. Yes , that’s why I wanted first hand experience.
  4. You should have posted this under the speeding ticket post .
  5. Well at least you kept it small for your first one.J/K I like it ..I’ve got 4 thinking about a sleeve myself.
  6. Well if we’re going there, then Chuck Norris can take all 3 on at the same time .
  7. Thank you this is what I was looking for.
  8. What’s your thoughts on these ? Do they actually make a difference from standard 209’s with 777 ?
  9. Agreed , but I remember as a kid my dad watching John Wayne all the time. I’ve watched Rio lobo as many times as I’ve watched Dirty Harry .
  10. Let’s have a little fun who’s your guy ? It’s difficult for me as I really like them both but I’m giving a slight lead to Clint, I can watch his Dirty Harry movies over and over. Spaghetti westerns, Any which way , escape from Alcatraz , Grand Torino he’s done a bunch of good ones .
  11. Always love looking at your taxi work .
  12. What we did with our boys is started with just shooting. We set up a shooting gallery - clay pigeons , balloons printed paper targets of animals that they would shoot with the BB gun. Then bought youth bows and purchased a couple extra 3-d targets- fox & a porcupine to go with our deer and turkey . And don’t forget the balloons , and set up a little course with those . Our local gun club put on youth shooting days and we went to those and always brought the boys to shoot 3-d and the paper league. The best time we ever had was when we went to the R-100 shoot they absolutely had a blast shooting all the different 3-d targets . When my dad was alive he would take one of the boys and I the other, we would let them have their own Turkey calls to use and they would carry their bow or BB gun on hunts with us. We didn’t kill many animals but it was fun and we always did breakfast after the morning hunt so we could compare notes about the hunt . We started the boys at about 6-7 shooting BB gun’s then at 8- 9 we bought them archery gear. The biggest hurdle with keeping kids involved with hunting is when they get into high school and other activities take over. Both my boys were 3 sport athletes and very involved in extra curricular activity’s so there wasn’t much time for them to hunt. My youngest drifted away from hunting but still likes to go shoot the guns with us . Good luck and remember keep it fun.