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  1. $26 , bought the bag from amazon.. trying to decide if I want to put a wheel turn handle on it or not, it turns pretty easy the way it is .
  2. Bought the jack from a local scrap yard for $6 got it home and I hit it with some brake clean. the base is scrap 7/8 plywood, drilled four holes in jack base to screw the wood base on with 1 inch deck screws . I cut the wood for the top just thin enough so I would have tap it in for a tight fit , I then drilled one hole on each side of jack top and used deck screws to hold that . Sprayed it with some black paint .Then added the bag, it’s from a little company in P.A. Called Protektor they make really nice leather rest bags .. Wanted to do two but they only had this one scissor jack that was decent.
  3. Two thumbs up on the lights. Just a FYI if you want high quality tires for a good price check out the Kenda bear claws. I run them on my 2wd Suzuki and both our kodiacs . Great all around tire ..
  4. Is it hunting?

    When your packing s snubnose revolver, a double tap is always a good thing
  5. Not an emotional guy, but...

    That’s awesome, love these type of stories.getting misty eyed for your kids ,grandkids nieces or nephews etc . doesn't make a mane weak, if anything it makes him more of a man..
  6. Deer Sightings

    We had a very warm archery season again and warmer temps in early gun again, so the warm temps plus the fact that alot of gun hunters hunt hard the first week then taper off I believe are the cause of lower numbers shot . This cool weather we are having now ,and the storm fronts moving in will get the deer on their feet.
  7. Its about that time..

    Is that why I am fat
  8. Its about that time..

    Yes sir will be out scouting and roosting some birds this weekend and next till opener. Nice game camera photos by the way...
  9. Unfortunately there’s a ton of douchebags on the internet and in life. I myself have a ton of respect for you not letting anything hold you back from doing what you love..
  10. Dinsdale you don’t happen to have this type of build do you
  11. Non hunting bob is the oil guy , 2 - f150 forums , Yamaha atv forums Hunting/ hobbies interest Archery talk , ruger forum, firing line forum, 24 hour campfire,cast bullets forum , beartooth bullets forum, Hand gun hunter magazine forum . Used to go to Ny firearms.
  12. 8 Year Anniversary Coming Up

    Well you could, just bring a baggie to pick it up..
  13. 8 Year Anniversary Coming Up

    I just googled it and your a hour away, heck yeah nothing like a ny redneck party..
  14. She makes me laugh

    It’s like she’s done that before...
  15. Biggamefish is right . Those small game adder points work well, had a buddy that used them ( I believe they were Bateman adder points, pretty sure Lancaster archery carry’s them ) behind some Simmons tree sharks ( there like 180-190 grain heads though ) on his trad bow for turkeys. Give the Simmons shark broadheads a look, they have lighter but the tree sharks are like a 2 inch cut 2 blade head. Any turkey with a bow is special, but two thumbs up to one taken with trad gear.. hope you get one..