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  1. Hoping to a speedy recovery.
  2. I carry a lcr revolver, I do carry a stripper clip with me ..
  3. We don’t want to go that far in debt this late in life.
  4. Wife and I decided to go for a drive and we went up past our lease and there’s a for sale sign on it. 2 years in on this one , I was looking forward to this coming season as we were really getting the deer pattens down. Well glad we found out now as we had plans to build some natural ground blinds and put up a few more ladder stands over the summer. Not sure what I want to do at this point, really don’t want to lease again as this is our 2nd lease lost in 5 years. I have a state forest 5-10 mins from my house so we may be scouting and hunting it.
  5. He works in the cancer ward, he’s actually had 2 patients that they thought may have had corona but came back negative on the virus, thank god.
  6. Thought others could appreciate this, my son is a RN at university of Rochester medical. He’s the one towering over everyone else. So proud of him, but worried also.
  7. I agree , I’ve been laid up from my knee replacement and yesterday I was healed enough to finally get out and walk around So I went to the grocery store with the wife, I was a little surprised on how nonchalant people were about staying away from others. I was on defense the entire time.
  8. I bought my 10mm at the beginning of this month and needed to order everything to reload for my new caliber . Usually I order from midway USA but they are out of cases and projectiles and their price on dies and turret plate and powder measure were a little high. So I went direct to star line brass and ordered my cases with free shipping, direct to xtreme bullets for those , titan reloading for my dies and powder measure, eBay for the turret plate and powder riser. Just FYI titan reloading was cheaper than amazon even with the shipping cost . Now I wait.....
  9. I Would say it was a 2 car crash, fricken huge ..
  10. It’s Trumps fault ... Cuomo is doing a pretty good job at blaming Trump, for the lack of supply’s .