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  1. Happy birthday gentleman....
  2. Cool Tree.....

    It’s ok the way it is in the photo , it’s when it points straight out is when you would need to be worried ..
  3. Cool Tree.....

    On my cousins property we used to hunt we had one very similar to that except no hole in the back. I am 6-3 280 and I could fit in that tree. It was my dads favorite spot , he had a little fold up chair he would sit on inside the tree. He shot a lot of deer from his natural ground blind..
  4. I agree, I am not a fan of cleaning up the deer/ area and presenting the deer for pictures. I much prefer the natural way it happened , blood and all. And by the way thats a nice buck..
  5. Every Which Way But Loose-- Lester vs Bikers.

    clint eastwood is one of my favorite actors....
  6. Fathers Day

    My Boys wanted to do a bonfire / cook out Saturday night so we did that. Good food , tossed the pig skin around, played some kanjam and tipped a few back with my boys. And I got some work done around the house so it was a good weekend..
  7. One or the other

    Give up the gun no doubt.
  8. Booboo paid me a visit

    On a quiet summer day you can almost hear the banjos...
  9. Booboo paid me a visit

    he probably didn’t run right away, because he was trying to figure out why this naked guy with just his socks on was coming at him yelling
  10. Happy Birthday Single_shot!!!!!

    Happy birthday sir ..
  11. Ways to Silence Your Bow

    How old are your string and cables ? Old stretched cables and string will throw off a tune a bunch. Sims limbsavers are very good at getting rid of vibration and noise. Do you use a drop away rest? Is it hitting the riser shelf ? How’s the condition off your string stop ? Does it look worn out. if it were me I would start with a good tune ( new cables and strings if over 4 years old ) and go from there. Then the next cheapest would be some limbsaver stuff..
  12. Pistol cartridge for Black Bear

    I just went and checked out the smith, that is a nice revolver. If you do get it post up some photos..
  13. I assume this is in a subway. if it is , the sad part to me is the person videoing is so comfortable living with rats in filth that it’s fun to watch ..
  14. Pistol cartridge for Black Bear

    Just remember the lighter the gun the more recoil your going to get, especially with hot loads ..
  15. Bet you just needed your second cup of coffee this morning.