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    Archery, handguns and hunting with them. Reloading , tuning bows, atv riding and cars

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  1. 8 or 10 , best of luck tagging him ..
  2. Something stinks with this post ….
  3. I like a beer on a hot day just as much as the next guy, but if you can’t wait till after the hunt, somethings off.
  4. That right there is what’s wrong with this world now a days.
  5. Well we got rained out and packed it in at 6 . Wife had 2 doe in the neighboring field (not part of our lease ) and they just wouldn’t come in. I had 3 doe behind me in a field on our lease but they also would not come in for a shot. Still happy though we’ve only been out 3 times on this new lease and we’ve seen deer every time . Still early yet .
  6. Misses and myself are heading out for our first afternoon sit , good luck to all ..
  7. Love me some venison but canned is just so so good .
  8. With pending shortages of goods food etc. looming , I’m going to fill tags this year, I would feel a lot better if I knew I had a bunch of canned venison and a bunch sitting in my freezer in the next few months .
  9. My stock 5.0 with the 6 speed averages 17.8 , I set me cruise around 75-78 usually . So I’d say your not doing bad. When buying a truck the milage is the last thing I consider. It’s amazing what HP increase one can get from just a tune , I keep going back and forth on doing mine. I’ve got some mods to do to my atv this winter so maybe after I do them I’ll give my truck a little love .
  10. I work 4 - 10’s with Mondays off, so I’m doing the 4th,5th 1/2 days off hunting afternoon. Then taking 9th , 10th off , 11th is Veterans Day so I’ll be off 6 days including my 3 day weekend . Then taking 16th , 17th and 18th for another 6 days off. I’ll probably stick to my 3 day weekends over firearms and then take a day here there for late season / holiday M/Z .
  11. I sincerely hope those who voted for this pile of dog crap are seeing what a terrible mistake they made .
  12. Best of luck tagging him ..
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