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  1. Agree with every thing posted, here in Steuben county they only give out full carry. So stupid how the county’s are different, but we do live in ny..
  2. rob-c

    My wife is for the birds

    That might be considered baiting .
  3. rob-c

    Happy Birthday WNY-Hunter

    Happy birthday sir...
  4. That article is very very disturbing, my boys are grown. But I can tell you with out a hint of hesitation if they had ever been sexually abused when little , that person would be six feet under. And I would have no problem rotting in prison for it..
  5. rob-c

    2019 Lawn Thread

    We bought a rider several years ago and the wife said right from the get go it’s hers.i spend 1/2 hour tops weed eating and touch ups with the push mower. She loves mowing, we do need to put down something for the dandelions though.
  6. rob-c

    Brought my 2017 crossbow buck home!

    Very nice job, you should think seriously of giving you're taxi a big fat tip..
  7. rob-c

    Guess who got a new/used bow?

    Awesome, nothing like a new bow. So what we’re you shootings before this one ? I bought my wife’s bow and tons of accessories off of archery talk. And yes let’s see some photos..
  8. He knows exactly what he’s doing. Upstaters are mostly republicans and he’s doing every thing he can to get us fed up and leave.
  9. rob-c

    Tractor supply chicken...

    Man I gotta tell ya, you just keep getting better and better.maybe one day the wife and I will have to make a road trip and pick out a carving to buy.
  10. rob-c

    Easter Card pull - a few toms

    That second one with the two toms in full strut is great.
  11. rob-c

    And on Easter this happened.....

    Not the dogs fault, that bunny asked for it, hopping down the bunny trail all Hippity Hoppity. Looking all tasty..
  12. rob-c

    6 more weeks

    Don’t forget the photos when you get em back.
  13. After Reading moho’s post, just a FYI on dmv trailer requirements. If the trailer is over 1000 pounds empty or if maximum gross weight is over 3000 pounds loaded then it must have brakes. I was looking at a few of the older 4 place sled trailers on Craigslist with the hydraulic brakes set up and they are expensive to rebuild or switch over to electric brakes.