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  1. Looking forward to tipping a beer or two with you all....
  2. rob-c

    Broad heads

    I would shoot them , sure look 100% legal to me.
  3. 2 of my favorites from our new lease .
  4. rob-c

    Reloading Guru's

    Back when I was hunting with my 357 Blackhawk I was working up a starchy load for a 180 grain hard cast bullet. I started low and worked my way up to the max load that was 13.5 grains of 2400. I finally worked up to the 13.5 and shot 6 from my revolver and had sticky extraction from the cylinder, no flat primers observed , but I backed it down to 13.2 for my hunting load. So basically in nut shell one just has to be conscious of what effects his load has on the case, primer , gun etc.
  5. rob-c

    Reloading Guru's

    You did not mention the make of the projectile, myself I shoot Speer , Hornady and Swift so I buy their individual reloading books . I also shoot hard cast and extreme copper washed bullets and I use my Lyman book for that. You may want to pick the specific reloader manual for your bullet of choice. As others have said lots of variances between manuals so pick one and stick with it . Others have given solid advice already .
  6. Kinda sort of , I just winged It and planned on most who said they were coming. Looking forward to meeting all you guys and girls.
  7. Ok guys and girls I put in a 18 person reservation 4:00 this Saturday the 22nd so we are good, if we get more we can steal some chairs.. I also put in the notes it was for ny hunting group if they have a hostess to seat .
  8. No words of wisdom, but what ever you get, photos please ....
  9. You could stay the weekend and make a nice little trip out of it. You cant put a price on that much fun ...