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  1. Best part , it’s orange. How many times has one set their knife down in the leaves etc. Then precede to look for it because it blends in so well ? This is what I hear, has never happened to me
  2. Your reply should be , yes ,yes you can , just open your eye extra wide ..
  3. I looked up the specs. The only thing I would be concerned with if you wanted to hunt big game with it is the arrows a pretty light at only 250 grains. It would be fun to mess with though ..
  4. Well that’s just cool, to me the biggest take away from the story is the ( mechanical bond ) used to attach the brass to the stainless. So in laments term there’s a epoxy out there that can keep this case together under 80,000 psi.
  5. You lost me after a short paragraph .
  6. It turned out great, you must have had some highly experienced help. Those painters defiantly are pro’s .
  7. Come on , you know deer can’t read..
  8. I am sure there are hunters that are ignorant about the laws. But to me it all comes down to being lazy. Too lazy to read and understand the laws, to lazy to go out and spend the time to harvest a deer the proper way. Now don’t get me wrong if it’s legal to bait , run deer with dogs in your state, then have at it it’s legal. We all don’t have to agree with the laws and I don’t , but we do need to follow them or use ones vote to change them.
  9. Yep , it’s called pinwheel app. $1.99 I think it was .
  10. Check amazon, I bought 50 grain inserts for my sons Beman hunters (Maifeild is the brand) think I spent $8 for them . Only thing I found is they were a tad light , 48 or 49 grains I think they were .They fit his arrows well and broad heads spun true in them. Pretty sure I saw 100 grainers. Victory makes your elite arrows so I ran the number on my pinwheel app for you again , and 125 head ,100 gr insert , 29 inch arrow puts you spot on for optimum spine for your Bear charge..
  11. They are a interesting design , instead of a pyramid tip make the entire head the pyramid.
  12. No no no, put the corn in your bird feeder. There’s no limit on the size of the bird feeder. If it happens to be a 100 lb feeder then so be it .
  13. Yep that will put a end to guys buying and using it
  14. I had seen this , that’s a pretty good investment.just think what it’ll be worth in 20 more years .
  15. Oh wow got ya, yep time to get into predator hunting .