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  1. Liberals never admit they are wrong , it’s always someone else’s fault .
  2. Your making sense , the liberal’s on this sight have no idea what your talking about .
  3. Do you feel lucky punk ? We’ll do ya ?
  4. Big oil , all the food company’s , lumber company’s , tire company’s , etc. etc. guess they all have us fooled . Funny how when trump was in office it was all his fault now in your eyes sleepy Joe can do no wrong . I’m betting if Trump was still president and the keystone pipe line was still being built we would not be seeing these prices . Carry on …
  5. That and collage loan forgiveness . My truck is down to getting drove once / twice a week if that . My 30 mpg Camry is racking up the miles . FUJB ..
  6. Wife and I both liked the sabers and they had great reviews to boot . But we settled on the old FBI load of 158 grain lead hollow points for carry .
  7. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it
  8. A good example is mine and the wife’s 38+p ruger lcr’s , 125 grain loads were hitting low . Switched to 158 grainers and they shoot dead on now . It was a shame as I wanted to use the Remington golden sabers for our self defense loads .
  9. Yes , I was loading extreme copper coated bullets for my 10mm and I had flyers galore . Bought some full metal jackets to load and big improvement , find a brand that shoots well from your pistol and stick with it .
  10. Being shot is too quick , stoned is more like it .
  11. Well your wheeler uses a vacuum operated fuel pump so yes, when you got it running the engine pulled vacuum and the pump operated and filled the carb bowl. Easy fixes are the best ..
  12. When I had mine done year and half ago I would do laps in the house every 2 hours on top of the PT. With nicer weather coming in a few months you should be able to get outside and do some walking too. Seemed to help keep it loose. I was cursing the first year after having it replaced but now glad I had it done .
  13. Used to shoot 3-D every weekend and shot indoor winter leagues for several years . Really though it’s access to them that’ hampers my interest local club stoped Indoor leagues and 3-D . Son snd I signed up to shoot at a local shop for indoor and we were the only ones that signed up . I have lost interest in Turkey hunting , I bought my tags this years and will go out just not as much .
  14. What I’m trying to figure out is how that other guy got the title, most interesting man in the world for Dos Quis beer . You my friend should have that title .
  15. rob-c


    Interesting , I wonder why if this is true . I’ve got lots of 777 but wanted to get some 209 .
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