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  1. rob-c

    Climbing stand do's and don'ts

    ^^ this times a 100 ^^ I bought the straps the bow holder and insulater strips for all 3 of our climbers, well worth the cost.
  2. rob-c

    Climbing stand do's and don'ts

    All the above advice is excellent, one thing I do is I have my pull up rope cut to 22 ft long . This way I know when all the slack is out of it I am high enough.
  3. rob-c

    Happy birthday nybuckboy !

    Happy birthday sir..
  4. rob-c

    New guy

  5. rob-c

    Ho hum, another new guy

  6. rob-c

    DEC News Flash

    I was just in the local Walmart the other day glancing around the hunting section and came to the half bare shelf’s where they had loads of powdered deer bait for sale. Illegal to use but not to sell..
  7. Well first sit on our new lease was not bad. I had 3 doe walk past on my left at 30 yards, no shot. Had a hawk land in tree behind me and I got to watch him hunt for a bit . Wife only seen a grey and a red squirrel.
  8. Wife and I are heading out for out first sit in our new lease . No cell service so hopefully I will be posting when we get back ..
  9. rob-c

    Remember these ?

    Same here. So we’re old just not dirt old ..
  10. rob-c

    Christmas Cookies

    Now that gave me a hood laugh..,
  11. rob-c


    Fixed blade yes you can, we had to set up a ground blind to hunt a apple tree so I had my son shoot through the screens a bunch in the back yard . we made sure we kept it tight and it didn’t affect the flight. But in a ground blind with all screens up it hinders seeing well in the last legal shooting light. So we ended up pulling the screens down in the direction we were expecting to shoot a deer. We would dress waist up in black to blend in with the inside of the blind. Seemed to work well ..
  12. rob-c

    Climber stand guys

    Nice job, looks sturdy no doubt...
  13. rob-c

    ny bear attack

    Said on the news this morning the guy wrecked his atv . Why lie ? I don’t get it.must be he was a democrat ...