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  1. Wow , this really is a shame that it’s come to this. I feel bad for the mom and pop shop owners .
  2. Kinda funny as Cuomo is trashing de Blasio for not doing enough. Democrats sure turn on their own very easy to shift blame.
  3. Well that was one cool story after another.
  4. I would live in Robhuntandfish town sounds like a fun place .
  5. Myself Ill be on my porch packing all the heat I have on full display, seems most don’t bother when they see your fire power.
  6. So blatantly obvious its a double standard, it’s every Americans right to peacefully protest no problem with that. But if 100’s to 1000’s can protest shoulder to shoulder why can’t we open up the state to get people back to making a living.
  7. Agreed, Corning had maybe 20 and Elmira had 30-40 folks out protesting peacefully.
  8. Agreed, I know some very upstanding black people, but I also know some very lazy no good white people. This country is going to hell because people no matter what color feel they deserve to have everything handed to them with out lifting a finger to earn it , or can do what ever they want with no repercussions.
  9. I love euros, so what are you planing to use for the plaque’s ?
  10. Yep, you could be the Termibunny . I’ll be back........
  11. Now that would be awesome to see a giant pink bunny packing some heat.