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  1. Pandering for votes, telling the crowd what they want up hear. Why Oh Why can’t we get a decent republican to get that commie out of office ..
  2. Bunch of us guys were talking at work and some wished their wife’s would hunt or at least shoot some. My wife loves to hunt, but not without some gentle persuasion from me. Growing up her family did no hunting and owned no guns , I don’t think they were anti gun just never felt a need to owne one.They did own a cottage on Waneta lake and my wife did fish . So I started her out with a target bow then talked her into bow hunting, then bought her a rifle then pistols. She loves it all now and try’s to get other woman into shooting, hunting .She has a very upscale job and she tells me stories of other professional woman that find out she shoots/ hunts and they want to know all about it and they think it’s great but they have no one to show them the ropes. So have you or anyone you know helped a female get involved in shooting /hunting? Any female members please tell us how you started...
  3. Ribs

    Mmm , sounds good...
  4. ATV ramp size

    good Idea on the blocks on the front, when we hauled in the back of the truck I would put a tire between the wheeler and front of the box. I have seen to many broken rear windows..
  5. Fall Hunting Products At Walmart.

    I like the Simms recoil pads, their archery equipment works well also..
  6. Happy birthday robw !

    From a rob to a rob, happy birthday ..
  7. Hunting giraffes why not ?

    Hunters vs hunters is the worst thing for the sport of hunting. Would I shoot a giraffe nope. BUT taken legally then have at it. There’s a lot of animals I do not have any interest in hunting , there’s lots of different ways of hunting that I wouldn’t do . But in the end if it’s legal then no one should have a problem with it ..
  8. Finally some good news

    And right dead center is NY city...
  9. Finally some good news

    Let me thumb threw the paper, I would have to spread it out to read in the folds..
  10. deer hunting evolution

    I am only 48 and I remember party permits , we used to sit in the morning and then put on drives all afternoon..
  11. Believe you me he wants to get out on his own just as bad, we have not forced this on him. He’s actually done the apartment hunting all by himself. I will say there’s a certain amount of gratification when you raised your kids right and they become self sufficient and become a contributing part of society..
  12. No dog yet, we had a great golden retriever but he passed. Wife and I are going to travel a bunch now , then later on we will get a pooch.
  13. The worst is you get the kids broke in so they actually pick up after themselves, then off to collage and bam right back to leaving everything laying around. Since he’s been home our grocery bill has doubled. He is a good kid no doubt but dang kids are expensive...
  14. Starting to move the youngest out tonight. He works nights and his next day off is Friday, so moving the big stuff tonight and finishing up Friday after wife and I get out of work. Then it’s party time . We love my boys but we have raised them right and it’s time for our youngest to be his own man..
  15. New bow

    Wow, I went from a 04 Protec to a 2014 faktor and I thought that was a big jump. Congrats on the new Hoyt..