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  1. So wife and I are going anyone else want to go? We are not flat out riders but go along at a good pace. We usually stay on the easier trails.. would be fun to get a group of us ny hunters together..
  2. Honda pioneer 500

    Have you thought about looking at Yamaha ? I think if you were to do some research that you would find Yamaha’s reliability rating is right up with Honda’s. Plus Yamaha’s cvt set up is one of the best if not the best.
  3. Honda pioneer 500

    You may want to google Honda electric shift problems, belt slippage is to me way overblown, unless of course you fill the cvt compartment with water..
  4. Fill in the blank

    Common sense
  5. Moose snow plow

    man shows just how powerful they are..
  6. That’s on my list of trails to do some day..
  7. The future of deer hunting

    Land to hunt on is going to be the biggest battle or affording it. Second is not getting the instant gratification, setting in a tree stand for hours and hours only to see one deer will not cut it for the younger generation . Even though there’s tons of critters and things to observe when passing the time. My oldest likes to hunt but my youngest could care less, he liked to shoot but hunting he says is boring. My oldest herd him say that and he gets it , he says it’s all about the excitement of when you will see a deer..
  8. that's part of the fun though
  9. only reason we registered ours was to be able to ride in P.A . as for the dollars from registrations going towards trails,,,,, Cuomo wants econ officers to pick up trash in the city so what's that tell you ....
  10. What's your dream outdoor trip?

    Alaska moose hunt. but will not happen, just to much money. but my others are mule deer, pronghorn and hopefully a elk hunt ,should be doable for myself and my wife in the near future now..
  11. AWD vs 4WD

    the one thing you need to think about is ground clearance, awd will not do you a bit of good if the vehicle gets high centered. if you are dead set on awd then maybe you should be looking at something that has the ground clearance similar to your jeep.
  12. That’s just wrong in so many ways ....
  13. Yes , and by the way I am 6-3 to give perspective of the ice I am standing next too
  14. We had a town evacuation because of a ice jam in the cohocton river. we stayed and rode it out, it’s our fourth flooding since we have lived in our house. No major damage to our property but others did not fair well.. the second picture is my shed , it sets 2 feet off the ground..
  15. The snirt run is on our to do list, I have rode since I was a teenager, but my wife has only been ridding a few years. She’s getting more confident, so we are slowly doing more and more trails ..