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  1. A new gun is a new gun, no matter the use. I like it ..
  2. Now that was good, only thing that would make it better is the 6 yr old girl waiting for her turn laughing at you.
  3. I have no problem shooting a doe early season, mid season or late season. I’m deer hunting....
  4. I also recommend a rinehart 18-1 or a rhino block. Myself, son and wife have hundreds of broadheads shot into both.
  5. Nice photos, your daughter is a cutie..
  6. So sorry to hear this.
  7. Very nice, and yes I like the dark rack also. Who did you’re taxidermy ?
  8. Shooting a bow is addicting . Congrats .
  9. Typical democrat don’t do as I do , do as I say.