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  1. Well made it out tonight, only second time, and finally I have something to contribute to this thread. lower right of photo is a scrape that was not there last weekend and upper left is the ground blind we set up in August . 20 yards away, a camera will be going on the scrape tomorrow. oh and no deer seen tonight.
  2. There are way worse things we could be spending our money on..
  3. Ok if you were the typical fat guy you would have packed two lunches..
  4. When we first seen our little piebald I did some research. Typical traits of a piebald, 3rd down..
  5. I go through hunting lease network and it’s the same , very hard to get ahold of anyone.
  6. I would like to see the vehicle, betcha it’s totaled..
  7. archery talk has NY hunting thread going and this was posted on it..
  8. Yes, very happy this storm is moving through. It’s still super thick on my lease . 30 yards tops for sighting anything.
  9. The bow course has been around for a long time, I started in 91 and I had to take it. Not sure how your friend got his archery tag.
  10. No way around it, the archery course is separate from the ny gun course.
  11. Criminals have more rights in this state than we do.