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    Archery, handguns and hunting with them. Reloading , tuning bows, atv riding and cars

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  1. rob-c

    Tough guy

    You get the award for best preseason cam picks so far.
  2. rob-c

    Looking for a new Pickup

    Ok you got me ...
  3. rob-c

    Looking for a new Pickup

    Wow not nocking where you guys live, but I’d be damed to have some one tell me where I can or can’t park my truck at my own house.
  4. rob-c

    Looking for a new Pickup

    One thing to consider is doing some research on IIHS crash tests , the new Chevy / GMC did not fair as well as the #1 rated Honda ridge line , F150 and Ram . Toyota Tundra came in last .
  5. rob-c

    Boonie hats are here who’s next ?

    Now that’s funny .....
  6. rob-c

    Indycar at Pocono

    Looks like a good time, always wanted to go to that track, but I’ve never been there.
  7. rob-c

    Elevated blind build

    Nice .....
  8. rob-c

    Happy birthday rotorooter23

    Better late than never , happy birthday sir ..
  9. rob-c

    Boonie hats are here who’s next ?

    Oh come on, if it’s tasteful isn’t it considered art ?
  10. rob-c

    Boonie hats are here who’s next ?

    Well it is a medium .....
  11. rob-c

    Boonie hats are here who’s next ?

    Hey you can’t see in my window from the legion ....or can you ......
  12. Ordered 2 from midway USA as they had sizes to pick from, amazingly I only have a medium sized fat head.Got a multi cam and all terrain tiger stripe camo. Wife says I look cute in em.
  13. rob-c

    Latest Pull

    Well that buck will certainly get one out of bed during hunting season. Jerry I truly hope you get him, good luck..
  14. rob-c

    Hunting my land just got 10x easier

    Work smarter, not harder. Nice bridge guys.. Give it a hunting season and let the deer find it. You just made a pinch point for them to cross. When I hunted my cousins property we had the same situation. After we built the bridge early spring, I walked over it the opening day of archery and it was loaded with deer tracks. Up went a ground blind ..
  15. rob-c


    According to the scanner they had multiple trees down as well as high tension wires. I know they started cleaning up last night, if I had to guess I would think they would have it open today .