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  1. I do know GM has a class action lawsuit on the 15-16-17 transmissions. Just a FYI. Hope you get it solved soon.
  2. For all of us that grew up in the 80’s this was a right of passage movie. Man brings back old times. Amazon has a bunch of 80’s movies listed to watch.
  3. If I had to guess, he got caught by a corn combine .
  4. I was looking forward to some juicy steak photos
  5. You need to 86 that chair, you’ll be doing more sleeping than hunting.Tower looks great..
  6. Might as well be patient and find what you really want then.
  7. You say it’s surrounded by big woods, have you looked or do you know who owns adjacent property and are they hunters? If they are hunters and you want to shoot bigger deer they may also want that. If you and say 3 other property owners had a few hundred acres combined you could easily let smaller bucks go and start growing some mature deer. I suppose you have to look at how much work youre willing to do to bring it around to you’re standards verses what you have now.
  8. Ok ,well that makes sense. Has your friend harvested deer successfully year after yr from this property ? Any good bucks hanging on his wall ?
  9. The big question,is your friend a hunter and why is he selling ?
  10. First I love that you reused stuff you had laying around to make your stand . Second If it were my stand I wouldn’t worry about painting the outside, the deer don’t care one way or the other they’ll get used to it.
  11. That’s awesome, looking forward to the trophy photo.
  12. Pulled these of my 14 f150 I bought , there too heavy for my needs ,as I only tow about 3500lbs. In great shape . $350 for all 4 , Goodyear has them listed for $209 new each.