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  1. The right bullet with the proper amount of practice, will kill any animal with any caliber.
  2. rob-c


  3. rob-c

    25 years ago...chasing a Bronco

    I was 14, I remember watching it and thinking what a dumb ass..
  4. rob-c

    New Broadheads

    I am switching myself , wife and son to the black hornets this year. The holes and damage they are leaving on deer are comparable to mechanicals. Magnus is a outstanding company, I used to shoot their stingers and they honor their warranty no questions asked.
  5. It’s a very well run and laid out atv park, tons of riders utilize it and I’ve seen many out of state riders come and enjoy the trails on their big events they put on. I would guess probably 100+ atv-utv’s easily there on Saturday.
  6. rob-c

    Any History channels , Alone fans

    That would be NOT.. tough way to go. I liked him, was hoping he would last. I told the wife, what are they supposed to eat. Seems as every thing is loaded with parasites.
  7. rob-c


    Agreed, honestly I have only seen the run of the mill gardener, and really have no interest in learning the others.
  8. rob-c


    Now that’s a gift..
  9. rob-c


    Well that’s cool, let us know if he goes on the show.
  10. rob-c


    Wait ,Shouldn’t they be cleaning your car ? I know , I know , hard to turn off the (taking care of the off spring dad mode ) . Even on father’s day weekend .
  11. 357 mag from a black hawk for me . 60 yards with a 180 grain hard cast through both shoulders, she went maybe 40 yards.
  12. rob-c


    I don’t know my snakes , but I would have walked away too.
  13. rob-c


    Hope all the dads have a great day.
  14. It was a good time, I could here my youngest hootin and hollering. We had fun.