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  1. rob-c

    European mount

    I had my 2010 archery buck euro done by him also, he sent mine to tarjac in Waterloo to be dipped. I like the snow camo on them, great minds think alike
  2. One can only hope that NY’er’s are starting to wise up..
  3. rob-c

    European mount

    Very nice, I like European mounts alot. You didn’t by any chance take it to bare bones and bugs in bigflats did you ?
  4. rob-c

    Jeremy K has a birthday!

    Happy birthday sir..
  5. Thanks dB, wife and I are not super competive and we are shooting just for the practice and joy of shooting. So me using this time to re-evaluate my set up is no big deal. But it is baby steps, changing one thing at a time and testing to see the results, heck I have been shooting pretty much the same set up for several years so who knows might come out of this shooting better than ever.
  6. Wife and I shot our spot league last night and taking some weight off the bow helped a bunch in one aspect . I had no pain in my bow shoulder all night, but I do have to add some weight to my diy stab, I had a little to much float. I did not really increase my score but I also did not drop points till the last round.wheres before I was dropping points throughout the night. Next will be turning the bow down, ordered some 340 beman hunter precision shafts , so when they come in I will be getting them fletched up and retuning the bow.
  7. rob-c

    Happy birthday reeltime!

    Happy birthday sir.
  8. rob-c

    Pics of my semi diy stabilizer

    Going to give it a good test this Friday night at our indoor spot league. I shot maybe 20 or so arrows with it Sunday and it felt pretty good.
  9. I built this stab from old arrows and a kit from Hi-tek stabilizer’s. I had bought two of theses kit’s some time ago and forgot I had them . you can cut your arrows any length you want to experiment with what works best for you. You install inserts on both ends and use the screws to secure it together. I used 300 spine arrows to make it as stiff as possible, One thing I did is the center holes I found a 2216 aluminum shaft fit pretty good and found my 300 carbons slid inside the 2216 perfect, I epoxied them together and made a nice super stiff rod. The center rod you have to epoxy in as there’s no other way to attach it. Once I settled on what I liked I figured might as well epoxy it all together and used blue loctite on the screws. You can add anything on the end that you want weights, doinker, simms stab enhancers etc.
  10. rob-c

    It sucks getting older..

    Thats the biggest reason I bought my faktor, I wanted a easier drawing bow than my protec. My old protec was a 65-75 lb draw and my faktor is a 55-65 and drew so much easier with the Z5 cams at 65 than my protec. I knew I would end up having to turn the faktor down eventually.its all good just sucks getting old..
  11. rob-c

    Happy Birthday MPHunter

    Happy birthday sir..
  12. rob-c

    It sucks getting older..

    Haha, she’s out shot me a few times, not sure if it makes me love her more or if I should fear her more.
  13. rob-c

    It sucks getting older..

    See my reply to sodafather and TCIII..
  14. rob-c

    It sucks getting older..

    I agree, my wife pulls 40 lbs with a 25 inch draw and has no problem killing deer. I have no problem turning my bow down but then it’s a double edged sword. I would have to spend money on new lighter spine arrows / but then I would get to buy new arrows and retune the bow
  15. rob-c

    It sucks getting older..

    As posted above it’s a bowhunters league, plus my faktor has the Z5 cams that are super smooth. Thanks for the good luck though I’ll get it worked out , I believe its just time to rethink my set up,guess I can’t shoot like I used too when I was younger..