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  1. Wow you’ve never heard of the Rompola buck.
  2. Got this in my email, really don’t know what to say ..
  3. Man , you can tell the season is winding down. A car trailer thread goes off the rails to guys jealous of others property.
  4. How about contacting Uhaul ? Or do you need the truck to haul it to?
  5. Sorry to hear all this, best of luck and keep plugging away.
  6. I did a DIY variation of that on 3 of my bucks. I made a backer panel from 1/4 inch plywood cut to shape .Attached the skull plate to it, filled around the skull plate with body filler, sanded and had them dipped. The wood panels are black walnut.
  7. They said the type in my joint class but I don’t recall what it was. It’s a good one I do know that. The hospital I am going to , their knee and hip surgeons were voted as one of the best in the country .
  8. I read your other post, I hope they can get ya fixed up. Good luck .
  9. Oh I know I’ll be up walking that night, then be going home next day. I had a lot of plans for the spring time and just wanted to be further along in the healing process by then. The ortho gave me a shot of the synvisc in June didn’t do a thing.
  10. Well , my new scheduled day is now March 3rd. That’s a full 12 weeks, they said he may be back sooner and I would be moved up. They gave me the option to go with another ortho but they all were booked out till the end of January beginning of February . Wife and I discussed it and Reynolds has such a great reputation I really didn’t want to switch . Kinda sucks as December would have given me a full 6 month recovery before spring hit, but it is what it is. I’ve put up with my knee like this for many years so what’s a few more months.
  11. Is that a drumstick ice cream cone that he’s putting a hurting on? Yum..
  12. rob-c

    My Buck

    That’s awesome , a video and he’s hanging on the wall.