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    outdoor sports, motorcycles, flying, raising American Blackbelly Sheep, civil war history, knife making, hunter saftey instruction, BBQ'ing, classical music, treasure hunting withe the metal detector, fly fishing, building wooden boats.

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  1. answer the question, you can't all you do is attack what you can't understand
  2. pitbull you refering to as: Win. model 12 riot gun loaded with #4 Buckshot? call the county coroner.
  3. Big Scam these days, dress up a little girl in a Brownie Scout Outfit, send her up to ring the doorbell, and the driver of the car, watches, no one answers, little girl goes back to the car and your packages, (from Cabella's) goes down the road. Let's see where this topic goes...
  4. how many times has a boat been used to commit a crime? A mongrel dog in my sheep pen gets shot ! BUNDY is ok.
  5. .410 shell with # 8 shot, 12 gauge shell loaded with #8 shot, both produce a velocity of 1,100 Feet Per Second, pellet energy is exactley the same. The .410 is 1/2 oz. shot, 12 gauge is 1 oz. simple
  6. Call the local Sherrif's Office. Let the county prosecutors office make a decision. Too many variables involved. Simple and keeps you off any hook.
  7. I like nice people. Nice people make me happy. Nice people get invited. Nice people just make life better. If the shoe fits.
  8. Even a small NY cedar swamp can be a true challenge. But we never get lost, we always find our deer. It's hilarious. How about the call by some frantic weenie about not knowing how to gut a deer? Figure it out say I... after being told what an expert hunter and rifleman this looser was. keep laughing
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